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Found 8 results

  1. St4rKeeper

    Loose Loose Loose ....

    Hallo Zusammen ... schafft Ihr es auch 14 mal hintereinander ein Match zu verlieren? Spätestens nach dem 7. loose in Serie ist es einem so scheiss egal dass man nur noch Schiffe in die Schlacht schickt und ein bisschen dmg macht und dann extra draufgeht. Die Chance so einmal zu gewinnen ist IMMENS grösser! Kriegt es Wargaming nach 3 Jahren echt noch nicht hin ein einigermassen Balance Optimierter Matchmaker zu Programmieren !!! BUHHH !
  2. PPKinguin

    Share your drunkest MM

    Alright guys, this just happened and it was so funny and sad at the same time that I had to share with everyone! Behold the mighty drunk MM. Now count the BBs per team. Thats right, 8 BBs on my team, 9 on the other side. 17 BBs! 6 Yamatos! So what happened to you?
  3. zordage

    Good way to make the mm work

    Hello my idea is first and only thinking random battles. To start with rank 1 and 2 get this one all for them self. And now the rank 3 ship will play with ships from pool of players that fit in to the fromula. So here i is rank 3 ships will get rank 2 ank rank 4 Rank 5 ship will get battles with the system few rank 4 and rank 6 and son will make a old man happy when some of the stuff i say gets used
  4. KRBeC

    MM and balancing in CBT

    Hi guys, a lot has been written about MM so far and here I have something more. Before you start to cheering up, rising your thumbs up saying "yea, MM sucks", or before you start some hate-post about this being yet another MM-related thread, please read what follows. I would like to gather some useful (hopefully) information that may help WG with game improvement, not a battle between those who likes current MM and those who hate it. First everyone should remember this is still closed beta test. There is not so many players in, so however good MM could be,it simply has limited options to work with right now (second weave of CBT invite might improve this a bit). The aim is obviously not to let you stay in port waiting for game forever, rather have some imbalance than no game at all. And last but not least we are here to test it, it may not be perfect but saying "it sucks" won't help devs much with improving current state. Also I would like all those "mm sucks" who have wrote about MM earlier or are going to write about it to read this post and think about it before they write (might be good for you to prevent from making a fools from yourself) So lets get to something more specific .... Balancing the entire battle setup - key feature of MM and source of some problems. As far as I can say MM is trying to balance the game as team vs. team. This is good, but problem comes when you play the class that is erased by given setup. I do play mostly CVs, so I will focus on those mostly. And would be glad to have here some decent feedback on MM from those of you who specialize on other classes. I can say that for other ships (from my point of view) the balance is not such a problem, since other classes may help you, but still it could be troublesome to have is highly imbalanced (e.g. 2 more DDs in domination map). Other problem is having imbalanced number of players to balance overall strength of teams (quantity vs. quality). In case of capping enemy base or middle one, quality usually rocks (shoot 'em up), in case of domination more ships provides quite an advantage. CVs Talking about CVs, your game is mostly affected by quantity and quality of CVs in both teams. Other ships cannot go directly for your planes and hunt them down, you just need to be careful and not to get close to group of enemy ships with decent AAs or a cruiser with activated defensive fire. But what really can take you down and ruin your game are enemy fighters. Considering your primary enemy is enemy CV, here comes other problem - higher tier CVs hare hell of a stronger fighters. It is not as big problems as some players seems to feel it. Yea, if you have your Independence and enemy Saipan is on you, ordering your fighters into direct dogfight with enemy fighters is suicide (or rather a 6time murder). For those of you want to try it, believe me, its useless, I have tried it several times and in best case I got one enemy fighter down. Just use other ships (cruisers best) as a cover and lure enemy into them, maneuver your planes the way enemy have no air coverage, its harder, but playable. The problem comes when you are out-tiered and outnumbered at same time (or just have 2v2 in terms of CVs and both your CVs are out-tiered). Here the game almost ends for you and you will have hard time hiding your planes behind your ships (even worse if you have Langley since lower tier ships lack proper AA defense and cruisers bellow lev6 have no dual purpose batteries (and thus not defensive fire). And here come crucial MM problem for you, since it is possible to get CV balance like 2*Saipan vs. 2*Independence or even worse. Unlike situations, where MM has just 2 CV to put into game with say 2 tiers difference (Saipan v Ranger), there is a way to balance it - in above mentioned case it could be easily balanced by having one Saipan and one Independence at each team (bellow some screens from MM, that might be balanced better with no need to wait for more CVs to get in queue). Now the change of CV balancing would definitely affect overall game balancing. However cruel it may be now for you to play in totally CV-imbalanced game, the deficit your team have (say one less CV and lower tier on top of that) is balanced by surplus in other roles (e.g. stronger BBs that rock it out through the sea). Still I would say it is worth the effort to adjust it somehow since for the unlucky guy with CV in “wrong team” the game is basically over before it actually starts. screens (selection of few game where better balance of CVs could have been made): other classes I'm not focusing on other classes much so my experience in this field is not sufficient to provide such deep insight. But so far my opinion is that as log as it is balanced among BBs, CLs/CAs and DDs as a whole, a imbalance in one class is not that big problem (not saying it may not provide some advantage to one team or the other, but as for example BB I don't need to fight enemy BBs and die cause they have surplus n both quality and quantity. I may easily chose for some narrower corridors where DDs of my team (superior in numbers and tiers to enemy) may help me. Anyway for other classes (and could be even for CVs) I would like to know opinion of those of you who focus on them and have good knowledge of their gameplay. ----- Yea and one more thing at the end ... thanks to all of you who read it this far.
  5. TheodorosK

    MM from hell

    This is getting worst and worst. There is no excuse to have us play this kind of games and split teams so uneven and unfair. Have the BB evenly spread and the DD numbers same at least. Is it so hard to be done?
  6. Hi all, Preface Note: This in NOT intended as "elitism" of any kind - I don't condone it at all - it is just simple sieve to teach players the basics before they advance (in most cases way way way too fast) to higher tier gameplay. What if WG WoWs use the sieve for high tiers (Tier VII, VIII, IX and X) that would simply not allow player to enter combat unless he/she has combined WinRate in type (Destroyer / Cruiser / Battleship / Carrier) above 50%! In other words if some player, for example, has combined WinRate for all DDs below 50% he/she would not be able to play Tier VII / VIII / IX and X with DDs at all for time being and game would inform the player about that fact if he/she tries to press "Combat" button - also the game would instruct the player to play lower tiers and rise the WinRate in type before trying to play higher tiers. That way such players can train their skills in lower tiers and ONLY play higher tiers when they are ready... I know this is not "perfect" but it is at least something... what do you think guys? Leo "Apollo11"
  7. KapteinSabeltann

    Suggestion for improvement of matchmaker.

    Hi ppl. So currently there is a lot of concerns about balance in games, especially so in high tiers where BBs and DDs seem to rule. Although changes to CV's in the current patch might sort this a little. A recent change to the MM have been to match equal ship types if it can. Aka; if team A has a Fletcher then team B gets a fletcher too. I think this is a decent start in regards to improvoing matchmaking but there are still severe problems. Watching iChases last video about DD-intensive high-tier games illustrates such a scenario: : Now: I think the MM could be further improved by matching ships by ROLES, not just class or mirroring like it is now. For instance I never play my Cleveland anymore, it was maxed for AA but all the other nerfs to it made it no fun to play, and I hardly ever get matched against CS's in it. Therefore I just let it rot in my harbour - I actually LIKE playing support which is why I maxed it for AA in the first place. What I suggest is: define role-rules for MM. Ex: it a game has a lot of DDs (especially at high tier) then have the MM prioritize CVs for that game, even lower tier ones as their spotting becomes very important. If a game have CV's in it - try to add a AA support cruiser or two on the teams (this way the poor U.S. CL/CA's can be more useful), making game experience will be more consistently enjoyable. And so on and so forth. What do you guys think?
  8. didighost

    Match Maker

    Queridísimos desarrolladores de World of Warships, Una tras otra actualización (insisto en "una tras otra"), estamos viendo añadidos al juego que, en gran medida, ni influyen ni dejan de influir en la jugabilidad (léase "mejora de la jugabilidad"). Muchas veces os he leído decir "hemos añadido tal cosa a petición de los jugadores", "...y esta otra a petición de los jugadores". Pues bien, hay una petición a la que no haceis ni caso y ésta SÍ que mejora la jugabilidad (que digo yo que es un aspecto vital en cualquier juego, no?...uy es verdad que a vosotros sólo os interesa el dinero). Y esa petición es: CHEQUEEN URGENTEMENTE EL MATCH MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Es una petición popular ya y debe hacerse con urgencia! Ejemplos: 1. Diferente número de dd's en mapas de captura 2. Habiendo más de 23000 jugadores conectados, por qué c.... toca jugar con dos tier de diferencia!?!?!?!? Realmente 23k jugadores no da para jugar el mismo Tier?!?!!?!?!?! A ver si cuidais más la comunidad de jugadores, que es la que os da de comer y os dejais de actualizaciones inútiles y que no aportan nada salvo contenido para crear jugadores más inútiles y para sacar dinero.