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Found 10 results

  1. Maracher

    USS Massachusetts

    Moin, Ich eröffne einmal den ersten Thread zur Massachusetts :-) Wir stellen alle Details zum Schiff vor: -Geschichte -Schiffswerte im Vergleich zur Alabama und North Carolina -Verbrauchsmaterial und Verbessererungen -Tarnungen und Signale -sinnvolle Kapitänskills
  2. Mikhail__

    USS Massachusetts

    Czy ktoś się orientuje o co tu chodzi? Taki sam okręt jak Alabama tylko w większości lepszy?
  3. Kapitein_IGL0

    Massachusetts type line

    Hey all, I played around with the Massachusetts some time now and I like it a lot. I dont play the secondary build though. I play it as a defensive hard point, bow in and push when opportunities arise. So the German tree with all the secondaries doesn't seem to be a match. Can you tell me which BB line plays most similar to it? With the mentioned play style that is. I know I should play Massachusetts with secondaries, but I use my 11 point new York captain in her Thanks!
  4. I tend to have very low (6000-10000HP) secondary damage with Bismarck/Tirpitz. Massa makes 2-3 times more. I have IFHE on Massa, but no IFHE on the Germans. Would IFHE on Bismarck/Tirpitz make a difference, or simply Massa is that much superior? Here are my commander builds:
  5. ABED1984

    Tirpitz or Massachusetts?

    Both ships Tirpitz or Massachusetts have good secondaries but which is more reliant than the other especially in T10 MM?
  6. The_Drunk_Hussar

    Georgia vs. Massachusetts

    With the conclusion of ranked sprint, I managed to gather enough coal to afford the Georgia. My dilemma is the following: is it worth it if I already have the Massachusetts? I love the Massa, she is fun in secondary build and even if the main guns shoot all over the place, sometimes they produce a superb spread, and hit hard. Having so much fun with the Massa I was thinking to acquire the Georgia but is it worth it? Bigger but fewer guns, much better speed but higher tier, tough in the Massa most of the games are with/against tier 10 ships. It took me some time to gather all this coal, and to be honest I would not like to waste it on something that is very similar to a ship I already have. Thanks!
  7. I've played a lot of all secondaryships and tested all kinds of builds with them. At least 300k xp in all of these....and this is the basic style I have developed while playing these ships. So here are some quick tips for the people who have no experience on secondary ships. PS. My honest opinion is that Kurfurst is by far the best of them for this purpose. Feel free to discuss. I am sure everyone has their own versions and builds.
  8. Hi guys In this topic i would like to talk about secondaries survivability overall and especially about these on the massechusetts. Those of you who has massa know about she's gimming - She has worse accuracy of main guns that hers competition but instead has improved accuracy on secondary guns and faster reloading health - all intended to made her a good brawler. Ofcouse to made it happen you have to have at least captain with 18 skill points and invest them in advanced firing training, manual fire control and inertia fuse for HE. Ofcourse take into consideration that experienced captain on this ship is.. quite not enough to be successful in average game. You also need to get close enough to the enemy to use them and it is not as easy as it may seems because of tier VIII matchmaking which in ~68% samples is put up to games with tier IX and X - where games are played on larger maps with streched ranges.. So to the point -> Recently in my games i have a large numbers od destroyed secondaries even - when like in this case - i am almost out of battle My secondaries are dying no matter what i will do and this is not a big amount of damage and not done by a large caliber HE As you see those are baltimore HE shells - not high caliber from battleships ofcourse i have whatever i can to increase survivability -> Still that is not even close to the survivability of secondaries on the Bismarck/Fredrich der Grosser. So i have a question mainly focused to the wargaming staff - How can i be successful brawler if after a brawl i lose half of my secondaries armament? or sometimes 2 or 3 turrets even before brawl starts. How can i be successful brawler if my secondaries are not suited for taking any damage? Why these secondaries are so fragile if that is the only gimmick this ship has? Best regards Fodder
  9. USS Massachusetts Die USS Massachusetts (Wiki /Armada / Review / Geschichte) gibt es noch bis zum 20. August im Shop. Es gibt folgende Pakete mit den entsprechenden Dublonen/Euro Werten. Die ausführliche Auflistung jeweils zum ausklappen: Massachusetts - Standard (45,76€) --> 285 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission) --> 387 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, mit XP-Mission) --> ------------- (mit Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission) --> ------------- (mit Kapitän, mit XP-Mission) Massachusetts - Kapitänspaket (60,75€) --> 348 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission) --> 424 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, mit XP-Mission) --> 367 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission) --> 443 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, mit XP-Mission) Massachusetts - Admiralspaket (72,49€) --> 404 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission) --> 468 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, mit XP-Mission) --> 501 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission) --> 565 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, mit XP-Mission) Massachusetts - Admiralspaket II (72,49€) --> 404 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission) --> 467 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, mit XP-Mission) --> 501 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission) --> 564 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, mit XP-Mission) Hinweise: Archiv: Gruß Schorsch
  10. Oï ! On avait entendu parlé d’un cuirassé ressemblant à l’Alabama, le Massachusetts, il y a bientôt un an. Du coup... Où qu’il est passé le Massachausette ? On a plus eu de nouvelles pendant un bon bout de temps quand même.