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Found 25 results

  1. Hello fellow captains, i'd like to ask you what do you think about the lack of introduction of maps in World Of warships with this poll. It came to my mind by the time that after 7K games I am starting to get tired of the same maps and i think WG should do the effort on creating new maps, and keep introducing new maps all the time. This game is supposed to be evolving patch by patch and update by update and i think WG has left a bit forgotten the map creation. I know from other games that other companies allow fans and people that love their games the opportunity to create maps and doing polls to see which one is great and playerbase would like to play, then be introduced into the game (like WG did with some camoes that were created by players and introduced into the game). Maybe our playerbase is more focused on new game modes and premium ships or lines that are going to be introduced and I feel that the map creation and introduction was a bit forgotten. Thank you for the time you'll take on answering the poll and i hope it's easy to understand by everyone cause english language is not my main language.
  2. Oely001

    Map Design - General Thoughts

    Hi, with this thread I want to discuss some general topics about map design. It's not about graphics, it's about how map design interacts with game mechanics and gameplay as a whole. The reason for this thread is quite simple: most maps in WoWs are... bad. So bad that they influence gameplay in a negative way. And I think this bad map design is not accidental. I hope some of the devs read this and join the discussion. I will start from a very general approach and then go into the details. So be prepared, there's some text ahead... Tactics in a F2P game All military tactics are about reaching one goal: Concentrate superior firepower at the main point of action. To achieve this you need: Intelligence. Initiative. Proper coordination of your forces. In WoWs there is another aspect which comes from the fact that there are two victory conditions: 1. Killing all enemies. 2. Winning by points. Both conditions interact - at least at high level gameplay - in that way that you can try to trade HP for winning points. This interaction can be quite complex on a tactical level. The aspect of coordination is the most delicate one in a F2P game, where teams consist of players of different levels and who normally don't know each other. In general, good map design should balance tactical complexity with easy access for inexperienced players. What does this mean? Tactical complexity means there are different goals which conflict to each other, for example you have to sacrifice map control (intelligence + initiative) to get a certain cap. Easy access means that new players intuitively make the right tactical decisions and don't run into "traps" only experienced players recognice. While tactical complexity is quite appealing in competetive gameplay, it has disastrous effects in random gameplay: The lack of either intelligence, initiative, or coordination - or of all three - makes tactics simply nonexistent in battle; the game degenerates to a simple shooter lottery. I think everybody who played at least some battles in WoWs knows what I am talking about. As you cannot force players to do something specific, map design should at least make good tactical behaviour more obvious. Coming back to the first paragraph, what is "good tactical behaviour" in WoWs then? Concentrate your firepower on a small part of the enemy force. Numerical superiority is highly self-energizing: More firepower on less targets, less counter-fire. That doesn't mean massing your ships at one spot but at least not to spread out the team over the whole map. Dictate the enemy the terms of battle. Initiative is highly rewarding, as long as gameplay does not favour defense over offense too much. If it was so, the game would be utterly boring. Keep pressure on the enemy up to retain initiative. Ships have limited speed, they should not give away their influence on the battle by sailing into the off. Play your ship to its strengths, try to mitigate its weaknesses. Use your ship's strengths to mitigate the weaknesses of your teammates' ships. This is often called "teamplay". Play the objectives; this often refers to caps and earning points. What is good map design? Good map design includes: Maps must be fair; no side should have a decisive advantage. Maps should offer multiple tactical ways; otherwise the map becomes boring. Maps should give both sides enough space to maneuver. The map should not be reduced too much by inaccessable parts, "death zones", etc. Maps - as a whole - should not favour certain ships or ship classes. This would interfer with ship balancing. Maps should encourage players to make good tactical choices; see above. The means of map design are: Islands. In WoWs islands are simply blockers: depending on their shape, islands block movement, (ship-to-ship) vision, shells, and torpedos. To use other words, islands nullify certain game mechanics. Side note: islands do not block radar and hydro. Caps; they are part of the second victory condition, which is winning by points. Positioning of spawns. Islands are of course the most important part, although the game works even without them (map "Ocean"). Their effects are: Blocking movement: With small islands this effect is quite trivial, but it becomes problematic with bigger landmasses: They generate "inside, no out" situations (see map "Sleeping Giant", A-cap) or "outside, no in" situations (see map "Okinawa", A-cap), both not much to be desired. In addition, bottlenecks tend to favour the defender too much as they can be closed effectively with very few ships. Generally, blocking movement should better be created by the enemy himself and some small islands he can use for cover. Map designers should take a very careful look when deliberately using Islands to gain this effect. Blocking (ship-to-ship) vision: Generally speaking, this effect favours ships with bad concealment and penalizes ships with good concealment. Concealment consists of two parts (standard value; bloom when using weaponry), this eventually has to be taken into account; same with ship classes. Standard concealment is some very important value for ship balancing, so islands should in general not interfer with it too much, except for cruisers which often have too bad concealment for their intended role (supporting destroyers). Suppressing the gun bloom is problematic with battleships, so placing islands where they can be used that way from battleships only should be avoided. As a rule, map designers should use islands more to give players opportinities to break contact (chains of small islands) instead of blocking vision on the approach (large landmasses). Blocking shells: In WoWs you have three ways to avoid hits: Dodge shells; be invisible; use islands for cover. Islands should only supplement the other two ways but not make them superflous. That means: no fortifications. However, some ships rely on this third way, which are mostly cruisers. As a consequence, islands for this purpose should be used at places where cruisers can use them effectively, even if they have limited weapons range. Parking behind an island and not beeing able to shoot at something makes a ship pretty useless. Blocking torpedos: This may be a sidenote, but very flat islands which only block torpedos can be fancy at some places. Caps are the other main tool in map design. Caps refer to the second victory condition (points), and the general question how much emphasis is put on this second victory condition. In Standard Mode it becomes a simple defend-only condition, which favours passive gameplay massively; this topic will not be discussed here. In domination mode the question is: Do I place caps at the tactical least favourable places to make the second victory condition as much separated from the first one (sink all enemies) as possible? Or do I place caps where ships should go anyway, just to give players some sort of guidance and reward? While most maps in WoWs currently seem to prefer the first way, I would strongly recommend the second way, at least in Random Mode (see above). Caps are mainly a necessity to make both teams move (that may be different in competetive gamplay). For destroyers caps are of course of much higher interest, maybe even more important than fighting enemy ships. Destroyers are fast, fragile, and very valuable; the team which loses its DDs first often loses the battle. Therefore caps should not be designed like "DD traps". Last but not least positioning of spawns: Spawns can determine tactics; this should be avoided. Scattered spawns encourage team scattering; that should also be avoided. Diagonal arrangement of spawns seems to work better than a vertical arrangement. Status Quo What is wrong with current map design? My answer is: It contradicts to fundamental parts of good tactics: It encourages team scattering: Scattered spawns; caps at the very sides; landmasses which split the map into parts without a (realistic) possibility to move from one part to the other. It encourages camping: Too much cover at back sides; many bottlenecks. It offers inexperienced players many opportunities to move into positions where they are useless: Misplaced caps; "death zones" in map center (= all run to the sides); cover in least usable locations. It does not improve class balance: Not enough cover for cruisers; too much cover for battleships; bad island design around caps. It does not reward teamplay but enforces class Separation: Separate "playgrounds" for battleships, cruisers, and destroyers; lack of cover for cruisers at important positions. Just go through this text again, you will find a reason in almost every paragraph. It already has become a lot of text. I would like to discuss this theoretical stuff on current maps to make it more understandable.
  3. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    Requesting map statistics

    Hi is it possible for WG to include some kind of map statistic into yr profile? I dont have a clue which map im performing best and which one I need to improve..(so a kindof W/L per map).. should be a welcome thing to look at.
  4. Hi everyone. I've come back to WoWs somewhere in June after a long pause because of various frustrations i had with the game. And so i reinstalled and was pleasantly surprised to find out when i randomly queued for battles with my various ships that WG has been busy implementing a pretty big number of maps (imo). However, lately i keep seeing only about 4-6 maps max. It's always the same - Strait, Two Brothers, Solomon Islands, Big Race, Neighbours. Very rarely do i ever see any other ones. I haven't seen an ice map in like ... a long time. Mind you, i play in the 4- 7 tier range for now (no tier 8s or higher yet). Well anyway, i read the latest update release notes and i was genuinely pissed and sad when i read stuff like "X map is now no longer available for tiers Z-Y because teams were taking too long to get to the action." What? Why? Why is that such a bad thing? I don't want to fight on fishbowl maps. Even so, i already consider that matches end way too fast as it is, especially when cap ticket rates are so darn fast if you control 2/3 or 3/4 flags. There's one instance i remember: i was in my Ark beta and when i barely got out of base, merrily shooting at targets and suddenly - match over and it was my first win of the day too. Suffice to say, the rewards were a pittance as i barely did any damage. There needs to be some mechanism that limits matches from taking too long (i.e. 20 min time cap) which is all and good but there also needs to be one that prevents them from ending way too soon too. And i bring this up because the small maps exarcebate this. I honestly don't like the direction where WG is going with these decisions. Anyway, rant over. Thanks for bearing with me. Anyone else feel this way?
  5. hullahopp85

    map rotation - how is it working?

    Hallo fellow sailors! I have a question: How does the map rotation work in the current build ( Or is it any rotation at place? How often do you get the same maps? Do you feel that you always get the same map or can you prove it with stats? Does differant gamemodes on the same map affect the rotation system? For me, it seems like random, but sometimes I can get the same maps over and over again in t5 matches. It can be a little frustrating. Especially if you are on the loosing team. But it would be still boring if I would win all of those matches. I have attached my last 4 matches. All of them were domination, exept the last one, which was capture the enemy base I guess. I hope I opened this topic at the right place. And thx in advance for your input Hulla
  6. elblancogringo

    Wargaming, when will we have new maps?

    Hello everybody, I'm just wondering if anybody has news about the addition of new maps in the game? We all know that there are maps which are horrible for cruisers, like tears of the desert, or ocean. We need more maps, especially high tier, with less open seas. Could wargaming add more maps, especially high tier, designed in this way? Cheers
  7. OdensSpear

    Hotspot Domination Map

    I really dont like the Hotspot Domintaion Map..... Except from that the game is very nice
  8. As there is rather limited discussion about maps, lets see what the community thinks about the existing maps. Please choose 2 most favored and 2 least liked maps. As the focus is on map design and related gameplay, amount of bugs on the map should not be a criteria. As an example, even though Islands of Ice is bugged as hell, I believe the map is quite good .
  9. Azakeit

    New maps when ?

    Hello, It has been a while since new maps were introduced into the game, are there any plans to add new maps soon ? Do you plan on making a contest for community maps ?
  10. nambr9

    New Map - 0.7.1

    I think its really beautiful. What do you guys think?
  11. colonel_duce

    Bigger maps for T8-10

    Hello colls, first, i must say that i have only 3 T8 ships (NC, Bismarck and asian DD) and that i do not enjoy those battles at all, because i am constantly put against T9-10. Those battles are completely different than lower tiers. Been thinking about it and what i do think as a factor is, that maps are for such ships too small. You can`t really hide, anyone can reach you, radars everywhere, so instead buffing/nerfing ships, what about buffing maps? Make them like 50% bigger? Make some breathing space for DDs, for flanking? With bigger maps, ships would have to spread out, DDs, could have fun again, CVs could at least spot. I don`t like to snipe with BB, but whenever i move ahead, i loose around 50% HP or all.From my point of view, maps are small. What do you think?
  12. Captain_Breeze

    Tears of the Desert Map Change

    And not before time......but do any of you know when this might be?
  13. hebi08

    Maps auswählen

    Hi zusammen, mal ne kurze Frage, hab bei der SUFU nix gefunden. Weiß jemand ob es in Zukunft eine Funktion geben wird, mit der man auswählen kann auf welchen Maps man Spielen will und auf welchen nicht. Evtl. auch mit der auswahl der Spielmodi? Kenne das ganze aus z.B. Battlefield. Dort kann ich auswählen auf welchen Maps und welche Spielmodi ich spielen will. Wenn es dazu noch keine Infos gibt, was würdet ihr davon halten wenn soetwas eingeführt wird. Denke mal dann hätten wir auch nicht mehr so viel mimimi über die Maps und Modi, da ja jeder nur noch das Spiel was ihm gefällt. Grüße Hebi
  14. corpDemon

    Hotspot-worst map yet

    I think the title is pretty self explanatory- I consider Hotspot map worst of them all (rivaling even the worst of WoT maps, such as Stalingrad or Swamps), both because your team starts off split (with absolutely no balance in how it splits-one side may be only bbs, the other only dds), and because of the map layout. Seriously, half the battle both teams try to reassemble, the other they rush to decap, with one too many idiotic victories/losses due to capping, or worse yet, draws. Point capping is even worse, as everyone is trying to capture and hold points, making them prime and easy dd prey. BBs always try to go down one route with most open water (as logical for their survival) and take themselves a good 5 minutes out of the battle, while they steam towards that route and have weak shootouts there. Thanks to the terrain, CVs cannot reliably torp mid and decap, but can reliably outflank and rape the same bbs that went that one route (1 line). And all this is not counting when the mm makes x vs 2x team or the like- the level superiority never comes into play, as most shootouts are in less than 10 km ranges, where quantity greatly outweighs quality. In short I hate that map, and viewing the chats on that map, so do other players.
  15. Hello all who takes the time to read this. I normally wouldn't post whine threads. But there have been some minor and major annoyances. And I bet other people might have these as well. The opening post will be quite a bit long. It is also written from the point of view of someone who plays destroyers for the majority of the game. I enjoy these little buggers and dislike the slow and lumbering game play of the battleships and cruisers feel more like victims more than anything else. Now, if you look at my stats (they are public) you'll see that I 'only' have +/- 900 matches in a DD and 'only' 1800 matches in total. This does leave me open to the 'git gud' and 'get more experience' argument. While this is not as much as an argument in and of itself, I do believe that I have taken a fair bit of time to learn the game mechanics in details. That said, even if I lack experience, my performance is consistently slightly above average. It is my intention and hope to play/get a game that is as balanced as possible. It is not my intention to promote making 1 class overpowered compared to the other classes. However, I cannot be entirely without bias. The post is split up in several 'subjects' as per below. Concealment and Stealth firing RADAR/hydro Torpedoes Damage from battleships Maps Closing 1. Concealment and Stealth firing The general mechanics to concealment are actually quite well thought out in my opinion. With the exception of a few ships (Shimakaze and Conqueror spring to mind). However, lately it seems like concealment is not nearly as valuable as it used to be. Concealment is being countered in a number of ways. Soon there will be another change in the form of the smoke changes. What these changes entail is not really set in stone right now (to the best of my knowledge). So I will skip over them. As for smoke counters it is not just the usual suspect of hydro/RADAR. But also simpler things like torpedoes, torpedo bomber planes, radio location and shoot 'blind' with a spotter plane. In the old days the concealment had another option. The ability to shoot ships in the open without being seen or shot at yourself. This used to be the base concealment +4km for destroyers. However, ships like the Fletcher could get a range of up to 15km. This means that it had a maximum detection of 5.8km+4km=9.8km. Meaning that everything after 9.8km it could shoot at without it being seen itself. Now the Fletcher was a bad ship to do that with, since it had incredibly slow shells. But there were other Destroyers that were quite good at doing that. While I understand and agree that you should be able to see what is shooting you from the open or it creates frustration. It did damage destroyer game play amongst each other. The way it worked before the nerf was 2 Destoyers entered a cap together. They eventually detect each other and a short but severe firefight started between them and their supporting cruisers. Effectively starting the engagement. Torpedoes would be spammed if there was time. The loser was the Destroyer that got destroyed or smoked up. By smoking he was basically forced out of the cap. Staying in it and wait out your smoke gave the other DD oppertunity again later to scout you, kill you and smoke up himself. Since he did not have to use his lifesaving cooldown. The victor on the other hand did not have to do anything but dodge torps. The reason for this was that at this point, the DDs allies were all out of range to spot or in/behind smoke. This left the winning DD with the cap and still a remaining consumable. The problem with the current mechanics is that there is almost always a ship within 11,8km (stock Fletcher gun range as a reference). This means that when 2 DDs spot each other early game BOTH need to smoke up and play passive or they will both be taken down. Below is an example scenario of what I meant. I have taken full-stealth Fletchers with stock range module. This means 5.8km concealment and 11.8km gun range. The green Fletcher has the old system applied to him, the red one the new detection system. The removal of stealth firing did more than just remove the ability to fire from stealth in the open. It also ruined DD combat between the DDs. There is not really a way to outplay each other anymore. You both need to smoke up and hope for lucky torp hits or a detonation. I suggest to change it to a hybrid of both mechanics. Meaning that the direction you shoot at, you are detected for your maximum gun range (if not blocked by LoS blockers). But for all other directions you get the flat increase as per previous mechanics (4km for DDs, 6km for CLs and 10km(?) for BBs). This means that you can't shoot ships from the open without being detected, but you can still fight the fun fights like you used to be able to do. 2. RADAR and hydro RADAR and hydro are implemented as counters to smoke wielding ships. Be that either destroyers or cruisers. This is an ability that I applaud. Every game should have ways to balance and counter each other. The existance of RADAR and hydro itself is not a problem to me. The problem for me is the way it is working at the moment. RADAR and hydro are both complete i-win buttons. If a ship is in smoke, you just pop RADAR and he will be detected for the duration of the RADAR as long as the RADAR lives. The problem with this is that there is hardly a counter play to this. If you look at ships like the Des Moines or Belfast, their RADAR range is incredibly close to their concealment (not even talking about the Black which has RADAR range higher than its concealment). Which means that these ships can creep up to a smoke, RADAR and kill them without being seen (if they play it right). The only counter for this currently is staying at least 10km away from both or hide behind an island and using that as armour. Another problem is that RADAR is absolute spotting. With that I mean that it can spot everything and everyone within the range. This is a bit counter intuitive. This isn't a problem when there is just 1 or maybe 2 RADAR ships on a team. But when you get 3 or 4 or even 5 this leads to being perma spotted. It is incredibly difficult for a high tier DD to play when perma spotted. Especially if the team isn't pushing either. You are basically forced into supporting role only where smoke is actually a detriment to your own team more than anything else. The third problem is the fact that matchmaking doesn't take RADAR into account. RADAR is an extremely powerful tool that completely counters DDs. It is not rare to see a team consisting of Moskvas, Missouries and Des Moines's versus a team of regular BBs, Kutuzovs and RN CL's. This automatically means that 1 team completely counters the other team. One is smoke dependant, the other team counters smoke. The last problem is that RADAR is also able to look further than the view restrictions when encountering a cyclone. With this I point to stealth firing and why that is a problem. Furthermore, a cyclone is a complete counter to DDs as well. Since they can't see ships before they can RADAR and kill the destroyer. If a RADAR ship is spotted in a cyclone but can't spot himself, just activate the RADAR and kill the tresspasser. The DD in question is not able to counter it since it is possible he did not even know the cruiser/BB was there to begin with. For this I suggest that RADAR isn't able to look through solid rock. I also suggest that RADAR and smoke is taken into account in the matchmaking, RADAR function should be decreased in a cyclone as well (it is nearly useless irl in a cyclone as well). And since switching on a RADAR is like switching on a flash light, I suggest that a RADAR ship will also automatically reveal himself when switching it on. Effectively making it a double edged sword. But not for hydro, since hydro only means listening and not actively searching with a 'flashlight'. 3. Torpedoes In this instance I am not too fussed about torpedoes in general. My opinion that most torpedoes are all good and stuff. However, there is 1 glaring exception. In my opinion the IJN DD line has been nerfed too far. If you check the performance of the torpedoes, they are basically the worst of them all across the board. On top of that, they aren't the fastest, most armoured or best armed ships either. All they have is their superior concealment, with the exception of the Shimakaze. If you also take double spotter plane, radio location and/or hydro on nearly every ship into account it paints a picture of a line that has been surpassed in everything and by everything. Now I am not saying that we need to return to the 15x20km walls of skill. But even the 12km torpedoes on the Shima aren't great. And it seems to me it is near suicide to try to use the 8km torpedoes. I don't play the ships myself. Have never enjoyed them, not even before the nerf. But my prey has been affected too much and is on the verge of extinction. 4. Damage from battleships Now, if I am not mistaken. The game is build around some sort of a rock/scissors/paper system. The Battleships being the rock and the Destroyers being the paper. There are some nuances of course, since paper also counters and gets countered by paper depending on what paper you bring. However, there seems to be something off. Rock (battleships) seems to counter scissors (cruisers) a LOT harder than destroyers counter battleships. In some cases, rock even counters paper. A stray hit from a battleship AP can already cause thousands of hp of damage to a destroyer. Either completely wiping him from the map or crippling him in such a way that he is no longer combat worthy and delegated to either spotting or torpedo duty. WG has already stated that they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. However, I still feel it is worth mentioning in order to keep it in the mind of everybody that this is still an issue. On top of that, WG has consistently released BBs that are increasingly more effective in countering DDs. The previous line (German BBs) do not only have incredibly strong secondaries of 11,8(?)km range that absolutely tear DDs to shreds, they also get a hydro consumable that they can use to charge DDs in smoke or counter their torpedoes. If you also take in account that some DDs only have a maximum gun range of 11.8km and a optimum gun range of 7-8km, there is nothing a DD can do to these ships but run away. They have had their hydro nerfed, so they don't get Hindenburg hydro anymore. However, their secondary range got buffed in the process. But the last line WG released is even worse, on multiple fronts. The RN BB line has received short fuse AP, meaning it will be even less likely to overpen a destroyer. They also get godmode napalm HE shells and great concealment and heal. It is increasingly more common to get hit from a RN BB. And to put some anecdotal evidence in the mix, I have been hit by a RN BB and this had taken out the following : 2x torp tubes, 2x guns, engine, rudder, multiple (all?) AA and double fire. This had to trigger a damage control. After which I received another hit, which took out my engine and rudder and put me on fire again. Ending my game in 2 salvoes. The worst of this is that these RN BBs have set a trend. RN BBs can just load HE and spam it on everything. But the other BB players have seen this. And while before they were flamed for not using AP, now they see that HE is more effective on this line. And they started using it on all other lines as well. As painful as BB AP overpens can be, HE completely wrecks. For this I suggest that RN BBs get nerfed back into line with the other BB lines. These ships counter their counters harder than anything can counter them. As for the KM BBs, I don't suggest anything, I don't know enough on the ships in order to make a good judgement. 5. Maps With the maps there are actually quite a bit of unfairness. I have picked a couple of high tier maps where it doesn't matter how well each player plays, they are disadvantaged through map design rather than anything else. I have put each map in a spoiler box to save on the space. I have already created quite a long wall of text. It might be considered nitpicky. But I still feel that it is worth mentioning. It might not matter that much for the average player, but the better will use the terrain to their advantage. And it is quite irritating if you or the opponent doesn't have that ability just through their spawn. Fault Line Islands of Ice New Dawn Sea of fortune Shards Shatter 6. Closing For the people that actually managed to read this far, thank you for reading my rant. I bet there is quite a bit in my post that you do or do not agree with. As for my expectation. It is basically nothing. I doubt that any changes will happen, especially on my behalf. I will do what I always have done and adapt. I will have to. But lately I have been extremely frustrated and needed to vent a bit.
  16. From WoWS DEV FB: "Changed the "Tears of the Desert" map for tier IX-X battles: extra cover is added to the center and along the flanks, team positions are moved to southwest and northeast, battle zone is decreased." What do you think?
  17. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    Map Stats plz?

    Hi I want to ask WG if it is possible to add player performance on each particular map in the overall player stats.. I have no idea which map I perform good and/or bad. Off course each has his favs but thats not the point. ANd for clan it is maybe in the future usefull to know if a player performs best on a certain map. (like they do in WOT)
  18. SkybuckFlying

    Tier 9/10 maps probably need to be bigger.

    Hello, The other day or so I saw somebody mention about Tier 10 being boring. The person contemplated that the firing range of ships should be more limited. An alternate solution could be to make the maps for tier 10 bigger. This would restore the search and destroy theme/need of lower tiers. At higher tiers this search and destroy seems to be somewhat missing and thus somewhat less interesting ! Thus bigger maps might return the need for "search & destroy" Bye, Skybuck.

    Do we need bigger maps?

    I would say yes, because it would award better (tactical thinking) players. It would bring more immersion and BB and CA would have more meaning. Feel free to vote and add your reasons.
  20. McMurxi


    Ich hab mal eine blöde Frage, gibt es irgendwo eine Auflistung der Karten ? Leider gibt es von WG selber nur 10 erklärte Karten und das Unterforum für die Karten ist tot.
  21. The_Flying_Dutchman114

    New Map ?

    Sort of glitch gave me a view of a new map on my mini-map. Was encounter mode and map was called Test Map. Was playing on a totally different map, can't recall the name.
  22. Zen71_sniper

    Randomly generated maps?

    Hello all, What do you think about introducing randomly generated maps? Of course, with some constraints, like symmetry, density of land, etc. There is an abundance of really good algorithms to do this and frankly, I would exchange lower graphic quality for more diversity. Consider this - at clan battles, we have 5 maps. After a week or two of playing, everyone knows where Des Moines go, where Moskva go and games become repeatable and static. Wouldn't be better that you get always a new map where you can actually exercise new tactics, flexibility and so to speak thinking on your feet? Would really like to hear your comments.
  23. nambr9

    Trap Map - Rework

    From WoWS DEV FB: "Changed the "Trap" map for tier VIII-X battles: battle zone is decreased, but all of the distinctive features remain and all combat ranges are usable." What do you guys think?
  24. Moin Moin Kapitäne! In der Open Beta endlich die Minekadze erreicht, möchte ich nun gern die Gelegenheit wahrnehmen, euch meine Spielweise zu den japanischen Zerstörern, bezogen auf die einezelnen Seekriegsschauplätze, näher zu bringen. Dieser Thread soll lediglich Mögliches, sowie erfolgreich Getestetes, keinesfalls jedoch taktisch Ausgefeiltes darstellen und kann dadurch nicht nur Anhalt für Zerstörer Freunde sein, auch Liebhaber der schweren Geschütze und meine natürlichen (ingame-)Feinde, die Kreuzer, können hier sicher noch die Eine oder Andere Erkenntnis mitnehmen. Wichtig, es handelt sich im Folgendem keinesfalls um einen Anfängerguide und meine Art zu spielen ist sicher auch nicht Best practice, sondern auf Chance & Risiko ausgelegt und richtet sich in erster Linie an die Killer unter euch. (: Es geht aber auch nicht darum, wie wahnsinnig nach vorn zu preschen, es soll eher den Mittelweg zwischen "Viel Feind viel Ehr" und dem Erleben des Matchendes aufzeigen. Bevor ihr jedoch weiterlest, stellt doch bitte sicher, dass ihr diesen und diesen Thread nicht nur gelesen, sondern auch verinnerlicht habt. Des Weiteren wird empfohlen, dass ihr euer Schiff und auch die möglichen Gegner kennt. Da ich die meisten Spiele mit dem Stufe 5 DD auf der Map Big Race absolvieren musste, möchte ich in diesem ersten Post auf eine mögliche und idR. sehr erfolgsversprechende Vorgehensweise für Midtier Zerstörer auf dieser Karte eingehen und um das Ganze leichter zu veranschaulichen, habe ich dem Motto "Ein Bild sagt mehr als 1000 Worte" folgend natürlich wieder haufenweise Videomittschnitte vorbereitet. Dieses Anschauungsmaterial findet ihr im nächsten Post. Nun noch etwas Grundlegendes zu der von mir gezeigten Vorgehensweise auf dieser Map. Diese Meereskarte hat im Bereich Nord Ost eine Kleinere und im südwestlichen Bereich eine größere Landmasse. Dazwischen sind vereinzelt Inseln platziert und in diesem Zentrum des für Schiffe zugänglichen Bereiches, befindet sich meine Spielwiese. Von hier aus den Gegner genau beobachtend ziehe ich meine Kreise. Erscheint der Torpedo Vorhaltemarker unplausibel, wird dieser gern auch ignoriert. In einem Satz zusammengefasst; Die Mitte ist der Ausgangsort jedweder Aktion, von dort kann in alle Richtungen flexibel agiert werden und Geduld ist eine Tugend.