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Found 48 results

  1. I came across one wild idea in case of map border exploits. What if you guys try to make/implement "deserter" mod. By it I mean everyone who tries to exploit border of map is cast out of match and proclaimed deserter in game match (and gets color mark, like people who do dmg to their allies). U set timer that tells one if continue it will be thrown out of match and marked as deserter.
  2. Kancolle_Kongou

    Ocean why.....

    So since Ocean is back i made a poll. i would like to know what people thinks about ocean and that its back for Tier 8- tier 10 this kind of post might be out there somewhere else. if so please link it and close this one. I didnt mind it at first, but over the last days i get it 6-13 times a day. Thats going to far. But feel free to tell me what do you think.
  3. BACK STORY; So quick run down of the situation. I have been chat banned 3 times in about 4 years of playing the game (2 coming within the last 2 months) The last chat ban I have received puzzled me greatly, the others were probably deserved I wont denie I can be a c*nt. I have been on holiday pretty much for 2 weeks, I came back, played 2 randoms didn't say a word , then played some CB, then 2 more randoms in a cv (first cv games since the aa move to continuous dmg from flak) , where I only talked in the last game, congratulating the team since it was a good team performance (I gained karma on that night and didn't receive any reports) . I come in the next day and see that I was chat banned at 11.09 am with the (R) after the message meaning it was manual and wasn't the usual report spam that caused it. Maybe it was something before hand of the holiday that caused the ban, and it took 2 weeks to process who knows? Now to the main point bellow... MAIN POINT; Now I don't really care that I cannot speak in team chat, it comes in handy maybe once every 20 games to communicate, and div chat is still available, but why not CB chat? CB is hugely reliant on coms, and since I don't speak for personal reasons, I communicate to my clan mates through the chat. It feels like a huge heavy handed punishment . To offend the other team by provoking in chat would bring a bad reputation towards my own clan, and as seen in all the seasons of CB and as a unwritten rule, all chat in CB is very respectful, no one in there right mind would do so. So weegee, can we please be able to speak in CB chat at least if we are chat banned? if its a big issue in your eyes, simply make us chat banned folk not be able to speak in 'all chat' for CB games.
  4. N0mad_Soul

    Wows Tactic HS ?

    https://fr.wowstactic.tk/ Wows Tactic semble HS. Des infos ?
  5. Vagabond_2017

    décalage map et minicarte

    Bonjour, je ne sais pas si le bug n'est présent que chez moi mais l'affichage de la carte Okinawa ne correspond pas à celui de la minicarte.
  6. What do you guys think of the Mountain Range map in domination mode and the play it evokes ? Everytime this map comes up, I can virtually guarantee that all the players on one team (regarless of ship type) will ignore A and B caps and just head east to the C Cap. Personally speaking, I really dont see the attraction, as you can't manoeuvre when your in those islands and your trapped like fish in a barrel once you're there. The net result is usually a complete roflstomp .............. I think Jingles would say 'Is there a pot of glue in the C Cap or something?' .......
  7. This players goes back and forth between the normal (zoomed in view) and the MAP (overview) very quickly. While if I click on the [M] and back, then I lose the focus on the area where my mouse was! HOW can I switch back and forth between the normal view, and the Map view and maintain my focus on the squadrons I intend to perform an action with? Thanks!
  8. sisito0o

    Dynamic map suggestion

    I know Wargaming doesn't take suggestions and even if it did it will be a good 1-2 years before the results come, but I wanted to share this just to see what is your opinion or what problems will you find with it more likely. Also has anyone suggested it before ? Another arctic map but this time with movable objects in it, icebergs with size of small islands that move throughout the game, I won't make this post long by describing all the different situations and problems that movable objects may incur will keep it short and simple. But for all of them that I can think of solutions can be made easily or moderately, like pushing the ship outside the map or trapping one in-between
  9. McMurxi


    Ich hab mal eine blöde Frage, gibt es irgendwo eine Auflistung der Karten ? Leider gibt es von WG selber nur 10 erklärte Karten und das Unterforum für die Karten ist tot.
  10. lo peeps :), just another quick dump off from the back wasteyard of what my mom would love to call a mind .....: a map consisting out of several areas of icemasses/bergs with different heights, depths and speeds (so beneath some u could torp through with deepwatertorps), which could dynamically (may even taking impacting shells/torps into account?!) move over time and split- or pack up again in the process. these icemasses could be generated on each mapstart randomly, so u never get like the same map again. on top there could be a slowly growing icemass from off the border narrowing the battlefield with ongoing time. dump back off, holy grail or just nothing even #worthalol?! edit: it may would go on standard, domination or even without any cappoints. that's not relevant to the question 1st off though imo ...
  11. SkullBreaker007

    Tranparent map mod without transparent islan

    Guys I was looking for the tranparent map mod and found it but the one I found also lowers transparency for islands so it makes it harder to see I saw in the youtber flamus video he had the whole map almost transparent and the islands were fine. So where can I find that mod, is it in aslains modpack bcuz I use it?
  12. wilkatis_LV

    ST - Tears of the Desert

    I'm a little confused about that "description" - what difficulties for the team spawning there? Borderhumping? Sitting in the corner? Or is there some bug I'm not aware of?
  13. Zotirias4

    Islands of Ice

    Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob die Frage jetzt überflüssig ist, oder nicht... aber egal ich weiß nicht warum, aber in letzer Zeit sehnt sich mein Inneres nach der Karte Islands of Ice (gute alte Erinnerungen), ich habe sie ewig nicht gesehen, mir ist klar das sie bei den Karten die kommen können wohl raus ist, aber nun die Frage werde ich sie je wieder im Game spielen können, weil sie vllt nur überarbeitet wird oder irgendwie kaputt ist oder ist sie endgültig raus aus dem Spiel, falls da mal irgendeine News zu kam oder einer genau weiß was mit der Karte ist, dann würde ich mich über eine Antwort sehr freuen. Bis jetzt hab ich noch irgendeine Art von Hoffnung auf ihr wieder kämpfen zu können, aber naja.... Zotirias4
  14. nambr9

    New Map - 0.7.1

    I think its really beautiful. What do you guys think?
  15. Staubkappe


    Why is this map still a thing?
  16. NothingButTheRain

    Ingame music

    Hi. Occasionally I will play a battle and hear the music and find the track that is being played very pleasing to the ears! But I discovered that WOWS has a gigantic number of songs and wading through all of these is very painstaking when doing this with any regularity. Is there some list of which maps have which songs so I can at least find out what the song is called that I'm looking for?
  17. puxflacet

    Stop The Hobbit Villages!

    dear WG, sometimes less is more... I really dont get why you feel the need to add another small village/city to every tiny island on the map with every new patch. I appreciate the effort and details put in, but in my opinion it is waste of time and resources. When i skip the fact that all these walt disney castles and other stuff feel completely out of place, even stupid and cheesy, the main problem with these are that they are out of scale with the ships and they look really awkward when you sail right next to them...not to mention their impact on map loadings and fps. What i would like to see around are just some few minor objects like lighthouse, weather station, lone fisherman's hut - but in scale...and certainly not whole monte carlo on the tiniest island on the map. And its really harder and harder to ignore these when you are adding more and more of them. Really detrimental effort if you ask me... My 2 cents.
  18. NoSkill_All_Luck

    Quelles sont vos meilleurs coins sur les maps ?

    Bonjour à tous, J'ouvre ce sujet car je ne trouve nul part de sujets où serait indiqué les meilleurs placements ,selon les classes de navires et sur les différentes maps. Il se trouve que je suis nul en positionnement et j'aimerai VRAIMENT améliorer çà. Y'aurait-il de bonnes âmes pour partager vos spots privilégiés ? les p'tites îles où vous vous planquez (bande de lâches) ? ce genre de choses... Même si le thon (lol) est léger, le sujet et mon appel à l'aide sont sérieux. Ayant la chance de partir div avec de très bons joueurs de tous les horizons, j'ai vu mes résultats augmentés de manière exponentielle lorsque je suis bien placé en partie, je passe par exemple d'une game à 80.000 dmg , à une game ou je peux facilement dépasser les 100/120 k sans forcer. Du coup j'me dis que se serait une bonne chose de mettre tout çà par écrit et de le partager avec la commu
  19. Butterdoll

    Navigating by map

    Hi WG, we can't navigate with this map, make it so. Put a better map, where we can navigate by map. Or put less islands in the water. Thank you.
  20. SmartassNoob

    [Suggestion] Epic map idea

    Imagine a map that has an active volcano at one end! The volcano would constantly be spraying lava over the nearest capture area next to it (like a HE rain) and there would be a very thick black smoke flowing out of it. The smoke would make it impossible to see to the enemy side of the map (at least down wind of the volcano) and act as a permanent massive smoke screen on one side of the map. Imagine the gameplay options! Push through with radar and hydro-acoustic search, only to run into the whole enemy team? Wait and do nothing only to have all areas captured by the enemy? Make use of an english BB and capture the lava rain area? Avoid smoke in the clear area, only to find that by the time you get there the battle is over?
  21. Strait, where to go from here? I'd say secure A and contest B, as enemy is closer to C. I have been suggested in battle to rush C here which IMO does not make sense. Trident, A or B? I'd say A is easier to cap from North. Is A actually bigger then B, or is this an optical illusion?
  22. Played yet another game on this stupid map and now I have to ask you guys. The meta on the map reminds me of the map "Trap" when everyone went to A, all games, no exception, eg, very predictable: The meta on this map seems to be west side go south for B+C while east team goes for A. Now my question for you captains is: Do you tend to win more often while starting west side on Okinawa? I'm sure east can win win, if they would just stay out of A. But the chance of that happening is somewhere around zero or below. Also, is it just me or is the island design around B hugely in favour of west team (can block the cap with impunity while there is no such play for east team)
  23. barbun4

    LEXington Cv BUG - issue

    Guys since the update the Lexington i have it cant turn while i use Q and E keys when i set destinations on the map... only when its not locked on destination its moving with only A and D keys and sometimes it follows the command and sometimes not...
  24. del536847803


    Why haven map is so impossible to win when playing vs divisions? And why divisions aren't in their own battle queue?
  25. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    Ocean Map