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Found 26 results

  1. Test coverage Hardware versions from late 2015 to 2018 OsX version from Macbook pro, Imac, Mac mini Retina / Non retina Safe mode / non safe mode Yes/No on Flamuu's tip of increasing the memory from config file Three different networks of varying methods and speed One game - This. Results The machines run almost 24/7 perfectly without problems There is a plethora of different software on them (servers, photoshop, steam games etc). Absolutely no issues. Machines experience crash less than once a year. ---> EXCEPT WHEN U RUN World of Warships! 15-40% Crash rate on randoms. 100% Crash rate on certain missions HOW UNFAIR DO YOU THINK IT MAKES ME FEEL THAT I GET DISCIPLINARY PENALTY EVERY TIME BECAUSE OF THIS This issue has persisted for over a year, sure I have posted several support tickets to WOWs but I am not getting through the tier 0 robots of just sending me some idiotic automated hand holding messages. Why bother with mac? Join the PC master race! Yeah I'm considering to buy my first gaming PC in this millennia. But as I was watching the KOTS games on sunday I came across the fact that almost every game on Flamuu's stream got restarted because of game crashes. So I'am definitely not investing into anything that crashes every third game. Solve this abhorrent problem - And Gold shall rain on you! If this thing gets solved. My promise - Scouts honor - is to swap to premium for 3 months or equal even though I am a dirty casual. And if the solution comes from the community it will be the first to solve this issue that I will accommodate the same premium or similar gift one way or the other. Please help Obi-Wan, You're my only hope. EDITED: Post Scriptum: I really really really like this game and would like to continue playing it. First time in my gaming history since VIC20 have I endured malfunction on this level on any game.
  2. heute habe ich eine Frage und eine Bitte an Dich und auch die anderen die das lesen. Ich spiel zu Hause mit einem festinstallierten Mac, das funktioniert super. Leider bin ich wochenlang beruflich unterwegs, und für das MacBook der Firma hab ich keine Administratorenrechte. Da wo ich arbeite gibt es dann wieder gute Rechner ( Macs) . Nun die Frage . ich würde sogerne auch bei den Diensreisen abennds etwas spielen, gibt es eine Möglichkeit, das Spiel auf Festplatte oder Stick zu installieren ( USB 3.0) und dann auf fremden Rechneren damit zu spielen, wenn ich es von Festplatte starte... ich hab lange im Netz gesucht, aber die Antworten waren entweder 3 Jahre alt oder unvollständig, wenn jemand von Euch damit Erfahrung hat, würde ich mich über Tipps sehr freuen. Ich hab mehrfach in Foren gelesen, das es bei Leuten gut funktioniert, wenn die Verbindung schnell genug ist, aber ich hab keine Anleitung gefunden, wie man das macht und mein Rechner installiert es immer so wie üblich Danke und Grüße Lila
  3. Bonjour à tous, J'ai du récemment réinstaller WoWs pour le réinstaller proprement sur MAC. J'ai pu rencontrer des problèmes et je veux vous aider à les solutionner dans ce topic si vous venez à les rencontrer également sur MAC. Avant de désinstaller WoWs complètement, n'hésitez pas à vérifier l'intégrité du jeu via le launcher. Pour ce faire rendez-vous dans le launcher, cliquez sur "paramètres" , puis "assistance" et enfin sur "vérifier" l'intégrité du jeu et le réparer. Relancez le jeu et testez. Le problème persiste ? Il va falloir penser à réinstaller le jeu. Quittez le launcher et le jeu. Supprimer le launcher en le plaçant dans la corbeille (et videz la). Ensuite pour désinstaller le jeu, il va falloir se rendre dans le finder. Cliquez sur "documents" puis sur "WoWs", attention, il s'agit d'un raccourci. Veillez donc à afficher l'original en faisant clique droit, "afficher l'original". Maintenant, vous vous trouvez dans une des sous-branches de la bibliothèque de votre MAC. Il va falloir remontez vers la racine du jeu. Il faut donc faire défiler le menu vers la gauche. Il faut le faire jusqu'à atteindre le jeu sous le nom "World of Warships" qui est un dossier. Il se situe lui-même dans le dossier "Application support". Supprimez "World of Warships" (mettez-le dans la corbeille et videz la). Si vous avez fait tout correctement, le jeu est bien supprimer de votre ordinateur. Il vous suffit de le réinstaller en veillant bien a télécharger le launcher européen (il apparait sous ce libellé : worldofwarships_eu.dmg). Ouvrez le fichier et le téléchargement commence. ASTUCES J'avais à la base mal supprimer le jeu et mon launcher se plantait au démarrage. Pour être sûr d'avoir bien supprimer le jeu, ouvrez la bibliothèque. La bibliothèque des MAC est cachée, il faut donc ouvrir le terminal et tapez cette commande : chflags nohidden ~/Library/ et faites "enter". Il vous suffit de vous rendre dans Finder et de cliquez sur la bibliothèque qui est apparue. Rendez-vous dans le dossier "Application Support" et supprimez le dossier "World of Warships" comme dit plus haut dans le topic. J'avais également télécharger le mauvais launcher, plusieurs topics avec de veilles astuces existent pour changer son launcher de région mais pour ma part WoWs me disait que j'avais un VPN et ne me laissait pas me connecter. Ne perdez donc pas votre temps. ;) Si au cours de votre téléchargement, la barre de progression s'arrête, n'hésitez pas à relancer le launcher, ça aide. L'application peut prendre du temps pour s'arrêter, le temps de sauvegarder les fichiers, soyez patients. :) J'espère vous avoir aidé. Thomas_roland_namur
  4. adexu

    OSX Fullscreen gameplay

    Installed MAC version on my laptop. Tried game, works, but OSX dock and Taskbar appears every time I move cursor down bottom or top of screen. This is problem even in fullscreen mode. Did some digging. I can remove Dock and Taskbar with editing Info.plist file in WoWs content by adding: <key>LSUIPresentationMode</key> <integer>3</integer> The problem is that this makes them disappear when I start launcher, but when launcher starts the game, they become again visible. Is it possible to code in to the game this command, as with my little understanding about coding or process management, I think that launcher starts WoWs as another application, which parameters I can't edit. So it should be done by Wargaming, unless there is other solution to fix a problem, (easier).
  5. raptor38600

    BUG visue lsur MAC OS

    Bonjour tous le monde! Je suis nouveau sur le jeu world of warships et je joue sur un I mac avec le système d'exploitation MAC OS X 10.8.5. Ce qui me dérange c'est que j'ai un bug graphique qui fait que mon écrans de jeu a des sortes de vibrations,les textures s'efface de temps en temps et enfin la jouabilitée est nulle du au manque de visuel.
  6. Bonjour, Depuis maintenant 8 mois, je ne peut plus jouer au jeu car au bout de 5-10min de bataille mon jeu se ferme, et après impossible de se reconnecté a la bataille. Du coup, après le crash, le jeu considère que j'ai déserté la bataille, je reçoit donc des sanctions fratricides. En clair je ne peut jouer qu'avec des bots... C'est pas le top. Je rappelle que je suis sur mac Dite moi vos solutions; si mon malheur est arrivé a d'autre; si des confrères mac ont les mêmes soucis que moi. Toute idée est la bienvenue ! Merci et bonne journée ;)
  7. Centauri19

    Annoying crashes Mac

    Hello, Does Wargaming still 'support' macOS? Because my game literally crashes every time the battle starts... or in matchmaking. Of course I get the warnings for AFK... But the game just freezes or crashes every time , that's not my fault. On the internet I found some things like 'macOS wrapper'. Will this help? Because it's so annoying and saddening.
  8. JeTBarionIV

    Mac OS wrapper and WOWS

    Before the advices, a bit of story. My last battle this morning (March 13, 2018): I’m on T8 Kagero. I use “Torpedo Reload Booster” so NO SMOKE. That’s means playing really safe cause if you are spotted, Hell spreads loose. Of course that is a big issue when you get “Dominion” cause the need to CAP hence the need to hang over a small circle. I was coming from another battle where I had a Montana in my sight, ready to shoot. It was mine, no escape. And then WOWS crashed on me. That, usually, is a death sentence cause the ship keeps going for a while, just enough to get in spotting range. And then it stops. So, while I’m spending 2 minutes in re-launching the game, for somebody is Christmas time… Well, on this battle I start by being a bit too harsh in chat to somebody who was asking me to cap. The reason is that very often DDs are left alone without cover especially by cruisers who have the speed and the reload time to provide significative support. That’s even more true for my Kagero (remember, no smoke) where most of the times I tried the cap, I instead end up being the First Blood for a lucky folk. But, that’s another issue I might write about another time. So, back to this battle, I survived the first 5 minutes. I even managed to kill a Fletcher. Time to mail tons of confetti to BBs when… My entire HUD started flickering and then it’s gone. No consumables icons, no friends or foes OTM (over target markers), no map, no crosshair. Nothing. I see but it’s like I’m blind. I don’t know if somebody spotted me, if I’m in range of a target and where it is, or if my torps finished reloading. Only solution is to head to a corner, hope nobody spots you and manually crash the app. Reload time of 2 minutes and… I’m still alive. A DM passed by close, but not enough to see me. Well, I thought maybe I can still manage some kill and I start chasing the DM. The situations seems good. I still have 4 teammates in good health. Enemy has 6, but we hold 2 caps and a good advantage in points. Now, here’s come another surprise. I try a salvo to the DM when I suddenly realise the battle took a turn for the worse in a snap. And I means SUDDENLY. Matter of seconds. My teammates are gone but one, so it's a cap and the other is about to. I turn to cap myself trying to save the game, but it was too late. I couldn’t understand what had happened so I watched the replay. And here’s the discovery: the server was providing me wrong infos like the health of my teammates as I now see them in the replay, dying one by one with health that goes from 100%-80% to zero at once. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE PHOTO Somebody even wrote in chat I was hiding all the time. Well now you know pal. I take it from your comment you are a “all man”. I guess had it happened to you, your monitor would flied out of the window, tough guy. I started playing WOWS at the end of last November and I’ve already played over 3000 battles. More than many players enrolled since 2015 (I call them Sunday players) and I score pretty decent. I might even be above average not counting all the times I crashed which is normally every 6 to 8 battles. I chose NOT to join any Clan or Division cause I don’t want to let down anybody at the worst moment. I also chose not to spend any real money on it. I was about to. A zillion times. Then some crap happened that made me change my mind. I love the game. I love warships as I have tons of books and miniatures. If you don’t have a passion like mine, you might consider giving up (or buy a PC) because it can really get frustrating. I can’t tell you how many times I lost hard earned signals, camos, credits, etc… Here I can give some insights to other Mac Players form what I’ve learned: 1) WOWS is not a porting but a wrapper. This means that on the Mac it’s an emulation not the real deal, and not a good one (Need For Speed Carbon was one very good). Wargaming doesn’t even handle support so don’t ask. The wrapper is provided by CrossOver. I wrote them and sent some screenshots, but I take it WOWS is too graphic demanding so don’t expect miracles. It’s a “take it or leave it” situation. 2) What you can do to mitigate (and I mean “mitigate”) the situation is to lower your graphic settings even if you have an awesome GPU. For once, you are stuck with the obsolete DirectX 9 even if you could handle more. Resolution: I leave it to you, but the less the better Multisample Antialiasing: OFF Antialiasing FXAA: OFF Graphic Quality: it goes custom after you touch the following parameters Texture Quality: Medium Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 4x or less (even Trilinear is good) Shadow Quality: OFF Sea Rendering Quality: Medium Reflections: OFF A R (SSR): off and greyed Dynamic LIghting: Medium Graphic API: as I said it’s DirectX 9. You can switch to 11 but it won’t stick. Foliage Q: Medium Effect Preset: Low Effects Quality: Medium Signal Flags: Low Draw Distance: Medium Object LOD: Medium Post Processing: Low 3) Save your preferences. If crashes become unbearable it’s time to make new preferences. Not the usual file but this one: /Users/<your name>/Library/Application Support/World of Warships/Bottles/worldofwarships/drive_c/Games/World_of_Warships/preferences.xml As it’s an XML file, over time it gets clogged with a lot of extra code it doesn’t really need. Better to make a perfect brand new file and then save a copy of it: a) Trash the old file. Start the game and quit it so a new copy is created. b) Run Aslain Modpack if you use it (don’t exaggerate installing too many things) c) Start the game and adjust your preferences, including those that comes with Aslain if apply, both in port and in battle (play just 1 battle). d) Quit the game and make a safe copy of preferences.xml . That way you don’t have to repeat it next time. 4) When you play, keep also open Activity Monitor on the memory tab. In the lower part you see Memory Used and Cache. When Cache reaches the 8/10 GB (that depends also by how many others apps you are running at the same time) it’s time to perform a precautionary quit and re-launch of WOWS. But before re-launching WOWS you must empty the Cache. There are tons of apps that can do that (like MainMenu). Of course the Cache doesn’t go quite down to zero, resting somewhere around 500MB to 1GB. 5) WOWS can: - crash. Plain and simple. With or without a message in pure Windows style - disconnect. It freezes, it goes black, it takes you back at the login screen. Better than a full crash since it takes less time to re-enter the battle. You can keep open the monitor function that come with Little Snitch and choose the “Wargaming Client” process to check if the app (in green) or the server (in red) or both, have stop communicating. - the HUD disappears. Well, you already know that. If you can, park in a spot you fairly sure to be alone. Press the usual CMD-OPT-ESC to “Force Quit” and re-launch the game. And remember not to trust the stats. Ask in chat. TIP: I keep a TextEdit document open with written the most common phrases I might use in chat. That way is faster to post. Just copy and paste. Don’t know how to since you are stuck inside WOWS? Simple, keep the text file open before launching WOWS. When you need it press CMD-TABS to switch apps. You’ll see your file popping up over WOWS. Copy (CMD-C) the phrase you need. Click anywhere on WOWS to be back in the game, open the chat and press CMD-V to paste. 6) The higher the Tier, the more graphically complex it gets the battle. So expect more issues at higher tiers. You can play 10+ battles at Tier 4 without a glitch and have as much as 3 in a single battle (that’s my record) at Tier 8. I don’t think is going worse than that since in many battles I've already faced Tier 9-10 ships.
  9. Moin, der Update-Checker in version 2.0.10 des Mac Clients scheint ein Plazebo zu sein. Während 2.0.10 weiterhin brav vermeldet, daß diese Version aktuell ist, haben Codeweavers die Version 2.0.12 veröffentlicht, die für das neue Patch 0.6.9 dringend benötigt wird. Ohne die neue Version stürzt das Spiel nach dem Anmeldebildschirm ab. Mac Client : https://worldofwarships.eu/en/game/download/?platform=mac Es ist nicht nötig, das ganze Spiel neu herunterzuladen!
  10. Hey there, my first day in WoWS I'm playing on my mac and everything works just fine, however I cannot figure out how to play on EU servers. I figured I first installed the NA installer, removed that, reinstalled via worldofwarships_eu.dmg, still stuck on NA. I assume there's some profile data not deleted? Couldn't find a solution yet Also the game files are named a bit different so it looks like I cannot apply the windows stuff for changing server?
  11. As The tile says, any feedback from Mac user and details on path, mp3 quality decoder, or any info to make it work. I made a topic here inn the EU Forum cause I couldn't find positive feedback in the bad, old, dead EU.... Please let all know! Thank you!
  12. Hi there! I've installed and ran successfully WOWships on a recent iMac running Yosemite. It works fine and smooth in medium quality. But trying to install it on my iMac 2010 running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 I had problems: - First time it worked fine the installing process, but when I strated playing as soon as I was moving the weapons on the very start of the battle it always crashed. - So then I tried the guide I found here: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/24533-playing-on-a-mac-dstuds-guides-and-troubleshooting/#topmost Very weel written and explained but after I created the disk with case sensitive journaled and done all up to the installing process, it started doing wired things: download 2 Gigs and crashing, dl other 5 Gigs crashing, until it almost finished last night. But then it started again with 8 gigs! And today starting the WOWs it was downloading again from 7 gigs!! then after a restart it was 8... So I'd like to know if I'll change the wrapper engine can get it better and working. Is Codewavers porting 10.6.8 compatible? Do you know if there is any issue with 10.6.8 or graphic card withj 512Mb a part from playing with low res, post process off and so on? Thank you in advance!
  13. Moin, Patch 0.6.8 benötigt eine neue Version des Mac Launchers. Diese neue Version 2.0.10 kann an der üblichen Stelle heruntergeladen werden. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/game/download/?platform=mac Version 2.0.10 verfügt wieder über die Möglichkeit des automatischen Update-Checks. Release Notes: The 2.0.10 update fixes a connection issue where certain users couldn't connect to the game server due to the formatting of their computer's hostname.
  14. last_ship_64

    Fehlermeldung Mac OS X

    Hallo Zusammen, ich weiß jetzt nicht ob ich in die richtige poste, aber seit dem neuen Update habe ich folgende Fehlermeldung. Kann mir jedmand helfen bzw. wird das an die Programierier weitergeleitet? Freundliche Grüße Alex
  15. FaceFisted

    Linux version?

    Hello? I was wondering if there are any plans to port WOWS to Linux? Since severe Windows 10 privacy issues, I was pondering about switching to Linux permanently and only game I regularly play is WOWS. Is there a way to make it work on Linux right now, with some Windows emulation software or something?
  16. General_Kurtle

    WOW auf dem MAC

    Ich habe WOW auf einem MAC Book Pro late 2013 (13", i5/2,6/8MB RAM/1,5MB Grafik/SSD) gespielt - ohne Probleme. Auf einem neuen iMAC (27", i5/3,8/24MB RAM/8MB Grafik/FD) ) (late 2017), stürzt das Spiel ab und bringt den gesamten MAC zum Absturz (--> Powerknopf). Es zeigt sich, dass der Absturz reproduziert werden kann, indem man die Grafikeinstellungen erhöht. Bei geringen Grafikeinstellungen (Mittel ist schon 50:50 Risiko) und im Fenstermodus (dann friert wenigstens nur das Fenster ein) funktioniert das Spiel in der Regel. Nun die Frage: --> Ist denn angedacht, das Spiel auch nativ für MAC zu programmieren? --> Besteht die Möglichkeit, für MAC Standardkonfigurationen geeignete (stabile) Grafikeinstellungen (ggf iVm einer Vorgabe für die Bildschirmauflösung) zu veröffentlichen? Da nach mehreren Abstürzen eine Verwarnung wegen Inaktivität (rosa Farbe) ausgesprochen wird ist das sehr ärgerlich. Besten Dank für eine Rückmeldung bzw Eure Erfahrungen und Lösungswege! (Vielleicht können wir die Erkenntnis, dass der MAC sich nicht zum Spielen eignet überspringen :)
  17. RedAnark

    Mac Public Test 0.6.2 client

    Hi Mac Seamen, while waiting for someone here at WOWS Europe to answer to my/our request to have a Mac Section in the Forum, for the stupid, honest, bad guys, isheeps, Steve belovers, real human interface ones, bloody, mac users, I'm posting you the Mac Client ready to download the next Public Test 0.6.2 today announced. I'll do that for me every time, so let's share it! And start a Community here in eu as in us... Enjoy and see you there! RedAnarK (anarchy the only true possible democracy today!) Link: https://we.tl/m75itIbnwp (83MB download - online for 1 week only) If the link doesn't work redirecting, just copy paste in the browser It creates in the Document folder a complete new WOWS_PT062 folder, so you can trash it with the client downloaded after PT is over. P.S. Sorry for the error in the download msg! business sick!!
  18. lifeis

    Wrapper for mac

    Hello guys, I used to play the game on my macbook pro with with Paul the Talls wineskin wrapper. However after upgrading my os x to el capitan the wrapper no longer works. Does someone have a solution for this? I've been trying to get the codeweavers wrapper but they seem to be busy working as they are not replying my email (send it a week ago). Best regards, lifeis
  19. SucideSid

    Mac cursor appearing etc etc etc

    Hi all. Since a few updates back i keep having the cursor appear, and ( most annoying) the bottom tab bar. it makes the game virtually unplayable. Im playing on a MacBook pro. every time i aim high or low, the top or bottom tab appears, and clicking fire opens another program. its driving me crazy. i used to love playing it, now it just annoys . Any ideas people?
  20. RedAnark

    Disappearing ships during battles

    Since 0.5.9 update either on my sun's iMac 2015 running Yosemite, either on mine of 2010 running Mountain Lion, during battle some ships disappear, Cruiser or Destroyer, while shooting at them. They disappear also from the mini Map. It can last for many seconds. It doesn't matter if they are far away or closer. It's absolutely annoying and unfair as you might shut them down with another shot and they disappear... Also when they appear again they have moved further so they can shoot at you easily or from a different angle. It's not question of camouflage or anything similar. But I have a doubt about Graphic or Interface settings. Could they affect or generate the problem? Thank you. It's very difficult to play since then.
  21. MDL_Stef

    Bug MàJ 0.6.9 sur Mac

    Bonjour, Je viens de faire la mise à jour du jeu et ce dernier plante. Le plantage intervient une fois que j'ai saisi mon login et mon mot de passe. La petite icone avec le logo de WoW apparait, le cercle autour commence à tourné comme d'habitude, puis se fige. Le jeu ne se lance pas et reste bloqué sur cet écran. Je joue sans aucun mod. Ma config est la suivante : MacBook Pro, 8Go De RAM, carte graphique Intel Iris 1536 Mo, sys El Capitain 10.11.6. Jusqu'à cette mise-à jour, le jeu se lançait très bien et était très stable. Si quelqu'un a une petite idée. Merci d'avance pour vos réponses Stef EDIT : En désespoir de cause, je me suis résolu à effacer le jeu. j'ai donc téléchargé un nouveau launcher depuis le site. Et la, pan… une fois le launcher téléchargé, il ne s'ouvre même plus. J'ai fais la même manip avec le launcher de WoTank une fois télécharger… pareil… le launcher plate après qu'une fenêtre si rapide qu'elle ne me laisse pas le temps de la lire apparait et disparait. Des idées?
  22. RedAnark

    Public test 0.6.3 Mac client

    Hi, hopefully you didn't trash the 0.6.2 Mac Client I posted, because I'm just explaining a modification to a file contained in the old wrapper. I've tried to modify the new Wrapper 2.0.4 but with no luck by now. In any case missing only the Inventory and Clan that you might not going to use in the PT.... Here are the 2 pics: First you click the old Client I posted "World of Warships_PT062" with the right mouse button and choose Show Package Content. You follow the path as in the pic and open the wows.sh file with Text edit. Second, you just change the highlighted "PT62" with "PT63" and save. Launch the PT client and download the usual content automatically and then play. Enjoy
  23. Luc_Ratif_Be_C4_ract3re

    World of Warships on mac?

    Hi all! Can i install WoWs on mac? Is there any method to do that?
  24. watanabeyosoro

    Game crashes on OSX

    Before the update, it was running alright on my MacBook pro except in-game browser crashing when loading the game, however, it now completely prevents me from entering the game and crashes right after the loading screen. Attached an error file. backtrace.txt
  25. Hej, Mam taki problem, jak widać na poniższym screenie. Pytanie, czy wiadomo, jak takie coś naprawić...?