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Found 6 results

  1. Abacinator

    Periodical FPS drops

    Does anyone else experience low FPS for a few days every 1 or 2 weeks? The game runs fine for a few days and then for like 3 to 5 or even more days it runs like crap. The framerate drops from 50-70 to as low as 15-25 and it really makes aiming and playing difficult. I saw a few threads like this on the forum but the problem doesn't seem to be addressed and as far as I can tell it's not a new issue. Also I'm not running the game on a crapy system. My video card is Nvidia GeForce 960M but i've heard that the problem is not limited to Nvidia cards. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  2. SMGJohn

    Massive performance issues

    I have some pretty bad performance issue in this game for no reasons, it used to run just fine on the highest settings before but its only lately that its started doing this after the recent updates. Performance is awful and mostly in the 20 - 30 fps range with horrible stuttering even at the lowest settings possible it does this. I reinstalled the game multiple times to no avail and I tried various Radeon Crimson drivers but its definitely not a driver problem, the game also seems to only use 10 - 15% of my 8 CPU threads which is strange. At the moment its completely unplayable however World of Tanks works just fine and that runs on the same game engine. My specs: AMD Raden R9 M290X 4GB (Crimson 16.2) Intel Core i7-3940XM 32GB DDR3L Game on 960GB SSD Windows 8.1 Pro x64
  3. troloalx

    Suddenly low fps

    So, hey. Havnt played for some weeks, decided to play some games today. Before I had no issues with the FPS, I played at Max @1080p, with some options turned down, and I got a steady 75FPS without any real issues. Today I start the game, already at the menu I notice it's really slow, havnt changed any settings. And when I get in-game, I see that suddenly my FPS is down in the 24-area, and I cant get a stable 60FPS unless I turn everything to the lowest possible. R9 290X i5 4690k 4.0GHz 8GB ram I havnt done any changes to my computer, except for setting up an additional screen, which ive had in the past without WoWS reacting this way, nor have I changed any parts in the PC. Only changes have bee n the auto-updates, nor have I experienced any slow-downs in the other games I play (BF1, War Thunder, Attila Total War etc etc) has anyone else experienced something similar?
  4. PhantomSailor

    Why is this game so poorly optimized!?

    So I have been encountering these low FPS dips very frequently, for a few months actually. I excell the Recommended specifications, max FPS is 76/1080p. Doesn't matter if I set max or tone it down, still 76 FPS. After some time playing the lowest FPS is 24.... WHICH IS SUCH A CRAP FPS TO PLAY IN. Can Wargaming fix this game........ this is so irritating and annoys me to the point I don't wanna play.
  5. Knoxxyx

    Sudden FPS drops

    I just downloaded the game 2 days ago, and I really like it, but for no apparent reason I get FPS drops. I run the game on Medium-High quality and I get stable 70 FPS, but at least once in a battle the FPS suddenly drops to 15-25 FPS for about 45 seconds. I tried running the game on a lower quality, but the FPS was still dropping... Help? PC specs: GeForce GTX 860M Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50Ghz 16GB RAM 64Bit Windows 8.1
  6. tiborovsky91

    Random dc

    Hi guys, just installed the game yesterday and from the start I've been having some trouble, basically I get disconnected randomly, during the games and even while in the main menu. Wanted to ask if any of you have the same problem?