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Found 6 results

  1. Lord_Solidus

    Super Containers

    Hello I have gotten 14 "Super Containers" and this is what i got, and all are on "Try your luck" 250 Damage Controll Party II (i think all player get's this one) 250 India X-Ray 250 India X-Ray 250 India X-Ray 250 India X-Ray 250 Sierra Mike 100 Dragonflags 1 million credits Spotting aircraft modification 1 Special Upgrade (Speed) Special Upgrade (speed) Special Upgrade (Spotter) Special Upgrade (Smoke) Special Upgrade (Spotter) Special Upgrade (Radar) I feel a little disappointed, the Indian X-Ray* flags arent that great (and i got 1 000 of them), i'm rarely used them, Sierra Mike** is ok on my slow BB's (Colorado and Bayern) But why do i get a 1 000 Indian X-ray in a row and after that even more flags.......... am i the only one that gotten this many flags? ppl in game tells me they have gotten ships, premium account and even doublons, all I get is bloody flags............. 8( What have you guy's (and Girls) got in your "Super Containers" ??? Indian X-Ray* +1% chance of causing a fire for bombs and shells with a caliber above 160mm. +0.5% chance of causing a fire for bombs and shells with a caliber below 160mm. +5% to the risk of your ship's magazine detonating. Sierra Mike** +5% to the ship's maximum speed.
  2. Afghanicus

    Opening containers

    Just wondering... Is there (and why not) a way to select which containers you want to open? Because the way I see it now you can only open them in the chronological way you received them... What if I want to open certain containers but leave other ones for later? I believe it shouldn't be that hard to make this feature. Or there is one but I don't see it? Also, it would be nice if you use 'Open all containers' to see which containers brought you want, not to see all the goodies collectively. That would make it much more useful for insights and statistics.
  3. Episparh


    Today I got a Hood mission from a container. A ship I already have in port - when completed I was compensated with credits! Just keep this in mind when you try the new loot boxes!
  4. CptScrapper

    WoWs + Twitch Prime

    Hi guys, I'm having trubles redeeming my Twitch Prime in-game reward. I've already linked my Twitch account to my Wargaming's one. But i can't still get the loot. Is it because I claimed it before linking the accounts? If so is there a way to get it back working?
  5. Golgaphail

    Supercontainer drop.

    So today once again I got India X-ray flags from my supercontiner. I have gotten this a total of five times and 4 times in my last 6 supercontiners. Could you please do something about this wg? I mean its not even funny anymore.