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Found 13 results

  1. Hey gentles Iam looking for a german/english speaking Clan to participating in Clan Battle’s The Clan should be in Hurrican or Taifun League :) my Stats are linked here: https://wows-numbers.com/player/509601017,Schinken200g/ My T10 Ships are : Preffered ( + ) : CA: - Worcester ( ++ ) - DesMoines ( ++ ) - Salem - Minotaur ( + ) - Henry ( + ) - Zao BB: - Yamato ( ++ ) - Republique ( + ) - Montana - Conqueror - Kremlin ( + ) I dont Play DD‘s in this CV Meta actually, dont have much fun with that. :) Questions and anythingelse pls PM or Comment here. Have a Great day and good luck on the seas :) Schinken200g
  2. TheMercster

    Maybe it's time to Clan up

    Hi, been playing this game since beta and had quite a few invites but never felt like joining a clan really as I always thought myself too old. Ran squads in Delta force (all versions) and still miss the banter must say. Guess I'm looking for a mature clan..no drama..easy going and active. Not fussed about clan wars or anything like that but would be a bonus. I speak English, Dutch and Italian. I have various tier ships from 5 till 10, enjoy DD's a lot (Kamikaze R, Benson, Fletcher, Monaghan, Shima, Gadya mada, Fushun and others) and cruisers (Atago, Zao, Roon, Hindenberg, Cleveland, Buffalo, Des Moines, Leander, Fiji, Minotaur) but not averse to a bit of BB action sometimes (Bismarck, Kii, Scharnhorst, Missouri ,Nelson and Conqueror) I have no voice comms at the moment but thats not a problem and am willing to install whichever My stats (for who gives a S*** ) https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/500236661-Mercster/!/pvp/overview/ Look forward to hearing from you Mercster
  3. Hello to all from somewhere around the Atlantic sea.... Am fairly new to this game, and so far I do like the game. Have tried some other games, but keep coming back to WoW for the last couple of months. Am just a normal player, nothing special or mad about me, can be a bit sarcastic at times but all with good intentions.... My tier is III and IV.... and do like it, off to go for V now but don't like the stats off my next ship, might skip it. Mainly Asia and French ships (only got four ships) Looking for a reasonable mature clan, who can take a joke, and when it has to be serious, is serious!!! We all like to win, but loosing in a good way is still a win, mistakes are made, as long as we learn from it. Am a team player, off good character..... and old skool. Regards The Judge EDIT: in game is TheJudge2009
  4. hi im looking for a social clan to join to play mainly operations and Co-op and play in divisions, i dont feel comfortable in PvP but maybe i will get into CW later. i prefer Discord over TS. i have 1 T7 non-premium
  5. SkullBreaker007

    Looking for a clan to play cw

    Hey I stared playing wiws in 2016 played for some time than took a break, a big one came back on feb 2018, since feb my PR and win rate is improving, I am looking for an active and competitive clan that I can play clan wars in, The closest I am to a tier x is that I have an iowa and am grinding it daily, But I also have rental ships for clan battles. The only downside to me is that I cant use TS, but I regulalry use discord and am happy to chat there. Looking for a fun and competitve environment. Cheers
  6. Heyya guys! I'm semi new to the game, and my top Tier atm is level 5. I do also have a level 8 premium. And I'm striving to get a level X/10 ASAP. Now, I'm looking for a clan who wants to play some casual, but also competetively and "semi"-serious ranking. I play primarely as bb's / battleships. I prefer the tone in the clan to be casual, but everyone doing their best and in it for the win ;) Hope to hear from some of you.
  7. Rage_Unchained

    53% looking for higher WR clans

    Hi all! I'm looking for a clan where I can division regularly with clanmates, play some CW and improve myself. I started game with purchase of Atago and Tirpitz, and you can already guess: my WR was shiiiiit. like 40% or even less. Since then I've been going upwards, and just recently past 53%. I really hope to find mature group, english or balkanic (ex-yu, but without nationalist crap), willing to have fun and massacre folks in randoms and other modes! I am a seafarer in RL, so I don't play entire year (due to stone age internet while at sea), but when I'm home, I play almost daily, sometimes for long periods. Fire away, I know I'm hot stuff :P
  8. Welcome to the Roman imperial Navy. Contrary to historical strategy, we will not be ramming and boarding like Quinqueremes or Triremes, instead we use the modern and civil armament of high caliber cannons and torpedoes! Accepting anyone from Tier IV to tier X, if you're wanting to learn the game or participate in clan/ranked battles its up to you! Discord link available upon recruiting. Simply search ROMIN in your clan tab and you should be able to apply! GreydonIselmoe
  9. Hi captains ! I have been playing wows for a long time and after a few month break I'm coming back. I have three tier X (Gearing, Khaba, Moskva) and not so far from Zao and Minotaur if needed. If a good clan is interested in having me for clan wars battles, please let me know ! Realjench PS : I speak French and English and can use TS/Discord.
  10. Hello, i am D_Inbound (ign is the same) I am looking for a clan which i can use as a platform for divving up with people. I have been a solo player for 3 years now but the grind through tier 8-9 has become kinda boring. I hope to be able to have fun with some new friends. My stats (dont look at recent wtr please i had a bad week T-T) I prefer to have Discord as a primary platform of communication. Greetings, D_Inbound EDIT: I no longer need recruiting!
  11. Hello there, I am 43yrs old player from Serbia, experienced in playing WoW (playing from 10/27/2013, open Beta, Rank 9, Level 13 of service record). Playing more then 3 hours per day, open minded, team oriented, eager to learn, fluent in English, using Team Speak. Looking for serious Clan from EU or Balkan countries (former YU) which I will fully contribute playing as team member. My fleet: US: Ranger, New Orleans, Fletcher, North Carolina Soviet: Chapayev, Khabarovsk Japan: Amagi, Izumo, Ibuki, Hatsuharu, Shimakaze German: Hipper, Bismarck UK: Fiji My Commanders have at least 12 skill points (4th row). All destroyer Captains have 5th row skill: "Concealment Expert" Premium account. Detailed profile stats can be found here: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/514805092-Cpt_Dzangrizalo/!/pvp/overview/ If someone is interesting, don't hesitate to send me message or contact me in game. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hello, I am looking for a group / team to team up in WoWs. I am rather new to the game and have accumulated about 500 battles with 54% solo winrate. I bought the Tirpitz and have several ships on Tier VI, continously climbing the tiers with pretty much every ship type from every faction. I am looking for a good team for fun times and some serious competition of course. I am old enough to smile while saying I am 18+. ;-) I speak fluent english and german and have TS3. _Moos
  13. Major_FancyPants

    Looking for a group?

    If your looking for a group of players head over to fancyclan.com/wow to find out more.