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Found 38 results

  1. lossi_2018

    Is Server Down?

    I can't login
  2. LowSpeedHighDrag

    WOWS not connecting to server

    Hello, The game doesn't seem to connect to the server. I am looking at a spinning icon on the login page, without any result. This happens on BOTH NA and EU accounts. Before this occurred, I was able to login into EU account activate my 24 hour Premium time. Then the client crashed with a Critical Error message window. After that, I am not able to login at all. I have tried the "check and repair" via WOWS Game Center. Removed the preferences.xml and nothing is allowing me to login / connect to servers. Any help would be greatly appreciated LowSpeedHighDrag
  3. 🌸Kantai Collection Login Screen🌸 i just got enough time for making this little mod maybe soon it will be more if i have more time again and now i just finished some new modification for login loading screen, you can see the preview on below DOWNLOAD~ How to Install: Extract and put folder into X:\Games\World_of_Warships_Asia\res_mods\0.x.x.x\ example : there will be other variation modification for this if i have enough time for make it *please give me cool react if you like it* Good luck and fair seas
  4. Does anyone know a fix to the latest patch so I can log in with the steam version? The old files that you copy paste into the directory don't work anymore so it just refuses to start. Anyone know a fix? I can't be bothered to waste another 80gb of space so I can simply log in with a different account.
  5. lossi_2018


    I can't login to the game!
  6. WHY the game keeps freezing and crashing when attempting to login?! Since the last update the game (sometimes) freezes and crashes when i attempt to login! As a result not only the game freezes, but the whole PC! I CANNOT stop the game even through the task manager and the only way out is F13 (cold restart)! I DO NOT use any mods! I asked this very same question elsewhere, but i recieved no feedback! WHY??? Why this keeps happening and when WG is going to fix this issue?!?
  7. Having trouble with logging into the game with wargaming account (playing trough steam cuz I like to not have many launchers). How it used to be possible was to rename steam_api files from "World of Warships" -folder and then I could get login screen after launching game But now when I try to launch game in steam it just says "starting game" and then nothing happens, after I undo renaming specifically steam_api64.dll files, the game launches but I need to create a new account (for steam version). This needed to be done after every update. So after update 0.8.9 this stopped working and I wanted to ask for advice if maybe others have the same issue. Now I realize that this was not an official fix by any means so this might never work again.
  8. TheMightyOkapi

    Forum problems

    Hi all, As you will probably have guessed from the title, I'm having difficulties with the forum. To put it succinctly, I play on the EU server and live in the EU. But whenever I visit the forums I get directed to the NA forum [if that is a thing]. So, I read, I think, I formulate a witty and brilliant reply and try to add it to the discussion. Then I get the message "you need to have participated in 5/10/50/X battles to reply to this thread. I am not a veteran but have over 700 battles under my belt... So I go to log in and my login details are refused... So I change the "NA" to "EU" in the address line, get directed to wargaming EU site, navigate to WOWS..forum..login and login successfully - in game name in the top right corner and all, go back to the thread in question and get told " you need to login to reply to this thread. AAAARGGGHHHH! So, how should I log in in order to participate in the forum or am I doomed just to spectate? Thanks in advance, The Okapi [mighty]
  9. liaqamattar

    Cant login with wargaming ID on steam

    so guys before .8.9 you would rename the steam_api_64.dll in the bin64 folder and you could login with your wargaming id on steam, but now this does not seem to work I have renamed the steam_api_64.dll and when I press play in steam the game does not launch. the text 'running' appears next to the games name in steam library and then 'syncing' for a second but the game does not launch.
  10. DuneDreamer

    Automatic login

    Is there a way to automatically login to the game instead of having to go through the login form and press the connect button each time you start the game?
  11. Kā var sazināties ar centru???

  12. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Server Status & Login Status

    Hello Captains, Does any have the direct link to the Server status page? It used to be in the main website, but the updated layout made it disappear. Also, Anyone else having login issues? After 0.8.0 patch via WGC?
  13. Hallo zusammen, ich versuche mich in WOW mit meinem Wagaming-Account einzuloggen. Mein Passwort, das für WOT und den Webseiten-Login funktioniert, wird aber nciht beim Login bei WOW akzeptiert. Ich kann mich nur auf den NA Server verbinden... In meinem Account wird mein WOW Profil angezeigt aber wie gesagt, kann ich mich nicht einloggen. Thx for Help
  14. Hallo an Alle. Ich habe mich an den Player Support gewand. Ich habe als Antwort den Hinweis erhalten dieses Problem mal im Forum zu Posten. Ich hoffe die Spieleentwickler schenken dem Thread Aufmerksamkeit. Thematik: Zum Absichern des Accountes gibt es NICHT die Möglichkeit eine OTP-APP selber aus zu wählen. Für mich wirkt dies nicht sehr vertrauenserweckend. Aber was noch viel wichtiger für mich als Endkunde ist: FÜR ALLES EINE EXTRA APP. Liebe Entwickler ich erbitte hiermit: - Überlegen Sie ob es denn machbar wäre, das ich als User mit meiner bisher genutzten OTP App auch zu recht komme. - Ich denke es wäre Benutzerfreundlicher - Ich würde dann die Funktion auch benutzen (eher benutzen) - Da dies bestimmt auch in Ihrem Sinne ist, mag ich noch bitten das nicht nur der Google Authentificator noch als weitere Möglichkeit geht. DANKE für das lesen. Ich hoffe auf Antworten zu diesem Thread und würde mich auch über die meinung anderer User sehr freuen.
  15. ThePeperich

    Einmal anmelden, immer spielen

    Die Idee, dass die Nutzer des GameCenters sich nur einmal anmelden müssen, um alles zu spielen hat einen Haken: Manche haben auf anderen Servern andere Logindaten. Da das GameCenter aber ausdrücklich auch ermöglicht alle Server zeitgleich zu nutzen, ist das nicht gut. Daneben sollte eine einfache Option hinterlegt werden, dass man das GameCenter deinstallieren kann, ohne die Spiele neu installieren zu müssen (wenn das schon geht, bitte hier erläutern). Pepe grüßt Euch Link Wargaming Login in Gamecenter
  16. ragnorakishere

    Login from launch screen

    I last logged into WOWs on 19/06/18 since then when I attempt to login to the game the launch screen just hangs. My brother can login to his account from the same computer without any issues. I can login to WOT without any problem. I have opened 4 tickets and no one seems to read the previous tickets. I have explained that I have never downloaded the client for NA server. I only have the EU. I can login to my account online and also to world of tanks. I have as requested changed my PW 3 times now and still i cannot login. If it was a problem with the firewall why is it allowing my brother to login to his account but won't allow me? Any suggestions that might help would be appreciated
  17. xSniper1982

    Stuck on Login screen

    Please check this topic for further information. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/155202-stuck-at-logon-screen/?page=3 I am having the same issue as these guys, I have tried ALL of the same things that the Support Teams have suggested. I start the game, get the login screen, click to login and it just takes me back to the login screen. I would also like to add, that, just like these guys I have a Ryzen build. My PC Ryzen7 1800x, MSI B350 Tomahawk, GTX 970, 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RAM From the looks of it it seems to be somehow related to Ryzen setups... possibly paired with MSi boards...??... As stated in THAT thread, the Support Team mention that it is now a known issue. Anyone else having these problems?
  18. Login video: World of Warships : E3 Trailer - The Storm (503 MB) Full with the original sound. Extrract the rar file to res_mods/*game version* folder. Example: res_mods/ Credits: Wargaming Download E3 Trailer : The Storm Login video: World of Warships 2013 Cinematic Trailer (653 MB) Extrract the rar file to res_mods/*game version* folder. Example: res_mods/ Credits: Wargaming Download World of Warships 2013 Cinematic Trailer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loading screens: Averof (26 MB) Credits goes to Mebius_LW Extrract the zip file to res_mods/*game version* folder Example: res_mods/ Download: Loading screens - Georgios Averof Pictures from: averof.mil.gr www.dikaiologitika.gr and ...google search...
  19. Rico_878


    ciao tutti, successo mai a voi?
  20. Well hi, i installed game, i registred to it but i can't login when i open client. Can someone please help . i tried chaning possword, but when i login inside wargaming acc on website and click on my profile. i only see wot and woa
  21. PhantomSailor

    Unable to login, technical issues found.. ?

    Anyone else have this issue? Started about 6 minutes ago.. World of Tanks seems to work, and disabled my firewall etc.. So must be Warships servers in EU.
  22. hey guys having issues with the game, and am unable to solve this. i already contacted WG support and after several days we didnt reach any conclusions apart from "contact your ISP" and "talk to other players for a solution" after this, WG suggested it's my antivirus and/or firewall after this, WG support suggested using a VPN service WG asked for another pingplotter report, and then said "it's not a network issue" and i'ts extremely annoying to know that my clanmate is connecting to EU server from New Orleans (the city, not the ship ) and has a better connection than i do in central europe. i've really run out of ideas, so any suggestion is welcome thx
  23. Hello, Ive been experiencing a huge problem for the last 2 day's, i cant login to my account in the game! This in the only thing i get, Changed my password,double checked,everything is right. So why cant i play ? :'( P.s. I have not deleted and reinstalled the game in the hope of finding a better way

    Trying to play on EU from the US

    Since the most recent update (as of posting this) I can no longer access the EU server. This is mostly due to the fact that the scripts_config.xml file located in C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res\scripts_config.xml has been completely changed and all previous guides (http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/21275-tip-how-to-change-server-and-play-wows-on-all-servers-eu-na-ru-asia-using-one-game-client/) on how to get access to these servers are therefore now invalid. I would really appreciate it if someone could just tell me how exactly I now have to modify the xml file.
  25. Apparition_ZA

    Unable to connect - No error displayed

    Hi, I am having trouble connecting to the servers and the server status is currently available. All that happens is, it loads to port but then suddenly stops and I can't even edit my email or password as it remains grey highlighted. Usually there is an error displaying why you can't join but no error is showing this time. Any solutions as to what I can do? I am really hoping I don't have to download the entire game again, not with this slow connection. Here is my WoWSLauncher.cfg file