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Found 3 results

  1. TheMightyOkapi

    Forum problems

    Hi all, As you will probably have guessed from the title, I'm having difficulties with the forum. To put it succinctly, I play on the EU server and live in the EU. But whenever I visit the forums I get directed to the NA forum [if that is a thing]. So, I read, I think, I formulate a witty and brilliant reply and try to add it to the discussion. Then I get the message "you need to have participated in 5/10/50/X battles to reply to this thread. I am not a veteran but have over 700 battles under my belt... So I go to log in and my login details are refused... So I change the "NA" to "EU" in the address line, get directed to wargaming EU site, navigate to WOWS..forum..login and login successfully - in game name in the top right corner and all, go back to the thread in question and get told " you need to login to reply to this thread. AAAARGGGHHHH! So, how should I log in in order to participate in the forum or am I doomed just to spectate? Thanks in advance, The Okapi [mighty]
  2. liaqamattar

    Cant login with wargaming ID on steam

    so guys before .8.9 you would rename the steam_api_64.dll in the bin64 folder and you could login with your wargaming id on steam, but now this does not seem to work I have renamed the steam_api_64.dll and when I press play in steam the game does not launch. the text 'running' appears next to the games name in steam library and then 'syncing' for a second but the game does not launch.
  3. Having trouble with logging into the game with wargaming account (playing trough steam cuz I like to not have many launchers). How it used to be possible was to rename steam_api files from "World of Warships" -folder and then I could get login screen after launching game But now when I try to launch game in steam it just says "starting game" and then nothing happens, after I undo renaming specifically steam_api64.dll files, the game launches but I need to create a new account (for steam version). This needed to be done after every update. So after update 0.8.9 this stopped working and I wanted to ask for advice if maybe others have the same issue. Now I realize that this was not an official fix by any means so this might never work again.