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Found 3 results

  1. As the title tells, i am hesitant to fully recommend this game to my friends. Let me explain why: The number of ticking clocks on content increases, we got them on free XP and coal ships (Musashi & Kronstadt will be removed, just like Missouri) and on rewards for events (Royal Navy). I do understand it for the last one. But for the others ? A good example are three of my friends. I told them about this game, they played it and had fun. But they also want to get good when they play together and go for high end stuff, aka tryharding. They also did buy premium time and ships. Two of them were about to get good DD players and one a good BB player. Then they asked: "Whats the best creditmaker in the game?" My answer: Missouri, no longer in the game, only for players who played from date X to date Y. "What can we go for instead ?" Musashi or Kronstadt. Oh well, soon both get removed aswell. What this leads to is that it forces people to play almost only this game to reach this content. If we want to take a break from WoWs, to come back with new excitement afterwards, we will miss stuff. Thats ok for ranked seasons, events and stuff like that. But for long term goals like free XP/coal ships ? Absolutely not ! Forcing people to play a game is a very bad way of marketing. People play it to have fun in the first place, some for free and some pay for it. If everything gets a huge grind with time limits, it takes aways alot of fun and turns the game into work for some people and they dont like to pay for work. My friends went on to other games where content isnt limited on time like here. And i understand that. The bad things are that i cant play together with them anymore, the community lost three players with great potential quite fast and WG lost three customers. I think they are not the only ones who left the game because of this and that hurts the playerbase. That is meant as constructive criticism. @Crysantos @MrConway
  2. Tina_Pedersen

    Clans and limitations

    1; WHEN we division up as clanmembers, the clan-tag is shown in the division list, making it impossible to tell who is who of the three...2; A maximum of 30 members, is a limit we have begun questioning. Sure, we are a VERY cassual and laid back clan, who apparently attracts members from Denmark. This is really nice, as that, naturally, enables or clan activites to rise and flurish.However, with a 30-member limit, we have to either create a second clan, (and thus crash our name...), or leave people behind a TS membership, with zero in-game tag... On behalf of [DC_DK] Danish CrusadersTina_Pedersen // DC_DK Public Relations
  3. Know this is veary repeatable kind of thread but seriously, why WG/Dev dont limit alredy the DD amount in a match similar to CV limitations, alredy? Many posts, thread about this matter and you ppl only option is to either nerf the DDs or buff other ships to engage this kind of MM, although we barely get anything to counter them and theres always a team that has better countermeasure for this situation. Once again, i apologise in advance for a repeated thread or post, but when will Dev team lisen to us? Do undertsand few reasons behinde for example the lack of PPL in queue or lack of diferent tiers/boats, this is why you should limited the amount of DDs similar to Cv per match seriously... With this amount of DDs the other classes how are suposed to play besides camping?