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Found 5 results

  1. Tank_TEC

    FPS Limit funktioniert nicht

    Hallo, ich habe über Google einen FPS Limiter auf der WOWS Seite gefunden. Den habe ich für Version 0.8.7 heruntergeladen und in den entsprechenden Ordner unter res_mods kopiert (also eine der Dateien im Archiv). Danach startet aber WoWS nicht mehr bzw. man kann sich nicht einloggen. Es kommt immer nur der Dialog zum Verbinden. Ich haeb den Verdacht, das Teil funktioniert nur in Verbindung mit dem RU-Server. Kennt sich jemand damit aus? Ich wollte auf meinem Laptop die FPS auf 40 begrenzen, damit die GPU nicht so heiss wird. Mfg Tank_TEC
  2. please dev , limit the amount of dd in a battle. I know they said they do not like to limit the amount of dd in battle, but it seems good that there is 7 per team? What do we do with the 5 that remain? I am also a player of dd I have the 'shima' and the 'yueyang', and as a player of dd, I do not like that a game that I play with dd, we are 6 or 5 destroyers, it breaks the equilibrium of a game, becoming something stressful and illogical 7 for team ,
  3. Flukeyluke

    flags? 10 daily?

    Edit, i dun goofed! mods feel free to move to Current Update so i just got a report in ranked for running a ship with no flags.... why no flags? well its my 14th game of the day and i have used the 10 daily flags i have earned in my first few matches the chap who reported me was a rather grumpy fellow but thats a diffrent story for a diffrent day... in my opinion if you can earn the medels that grant you the flags you should get the flags regardless if you have already had a kraken that day etc.... perhaps limit it to one medel per game rewards the rewards and make it a smaller box of say 5 flags 1. what are the possible solutions to running out off flags when you are limited to such a short supply? 2. why can we not buy flags with in game credits? ?. 1st bloods are worse and very hard to stock pile since you can only earn them in boxs of ones... 4. Any *new* news about the idividual flags being able to be broght for gold in the primium shop? i remember it was trialled on another server. currently we are stuck with bundles which contain flags which we may never use for example one bundle has 55 torpedo flooding flags which will be useless to someone who only plays high tier amarican cruisers or BBs... and so do nothing but needlessly infltae the bundle price 5. Will the supply likely increase after the random loot boxes are added to the servers or have these been scrapped? Ps i get lots of reports because i (insert salty [edited]comment here) and am not the gratest player.
  4. *** Update ***: This topic is about forcing players to play/learn all ships types (there are currently only 4 ship types): Example: Carrier Tier 4 Cruiser Tier 6 Battleship Tier 8 Destroyer Tier 10 Would be allowed. Maximum tier difference between ship types would be +2 or -2. The idea behind this is that this would make them better team players. *** Original ***: Some players try to play all ship types, like me, I play: "cruiser, battleship, destroyer, carrier". This gives me insight into each ship type, which will ultimately lead to better play/tactical decisions. However not all players do this. Some players play "cruisers only", other players play: "carriers only". Other players play "battleships only" and so forth. Now the game has not been out for too long... and I understand that not everybody has time to play every day, or even a lot... and I understand that there are casual players. However does this mean that "all around players" should play with "specialized players". One could argue that "specialized players" have less insight into the other ship classes and are therefore "less good teammates". One can come up with many situations where other players might suffer because of this. For example a cruiser player which never played destroyer before, and doesn't understand the importance of taking out enemy destroyers or protecting battleships or carriers. Thus one could argue that at higher tiers, these specialized players should be "basically banned" / "avoided" / "barred" from joining. Thus the new game levelling logic could force players to play all ship types or they may not advance their current ship. So the idea basically comes down to very simple limitation: Players are only allowed to level/tier up a ship +2 above which ever ship type is lowest. So for example a player which has a "tier 2 destroyer" may level up any other ship type to "tier 4" but not beyond ! This will force the player to level up/tier up the destroyer to tier 3 before it can proceed to battleship 5, for example. Do you think this is a good idea ? Or a bad idea ? So for that purpose I will add a little poll, I may expand the poll later on... (But for now have to go eat ! ;) and do other thing too like play the beta/public test... and collect data/info ! ) (Hmm add poll don't work.. oh well... maybe later or new thread for that purpose...) (Oh by the way this feature would also make botting the game harder...and take longer to reach tier 9/10)
  5. MenOfWar4k

    Tier Difference Limit on Division

    Hello, I already posted a post on reddit about this and unfortunately didn't get much feedback, but what I got was basically positive and I'm not the only player having this problem: https://redd.it/3ie89a So what I purpose here is to implement a tier difference of 2 or 3 on a division, where you can't play a game when you are for eg. tier 8 and your division mate is tier 4 or below. This already happened to me a few times and as you can imagine it's pretty annoying to have a tier 4 ship on a tier 8+ battle. Some screenshots of this: http://i.imgur.com/BtLkL0t.jpg http://i.imgur.com/oBji8Fk.jpg http://i.imgur.com/M7AiObD.jpg Thank you for your time!