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Found 5 results

  1. [SPAM-] Sexy Pantsu Armored Militia Team SPAM- est un groupe multigaming avec comme socle commun wows ouvert sur les jeux suivant GTFO /HALO / BDO et Monster Hunter pour l'instant. Liste des Responsables du clan Responsable discord : Youti_God_of_Pantsu Modérateur discord : Elitefatal / In_the_Navy / UnicornGall / Nardof /NoSkill_All_Luck/redspirit69 Notre hymne Objectif du clan Pour le FFA/opération/coop : Play for fun Division loufoque Aucun entrainement Aucun style/méta de jeux imposé Pour CB wows : Clan battle : récompense ligue tempête Les bonus wows Critère de recrutement - Discord obligatoire Il est recommandé pour une meilleure intégration dans le clan wows d'avoir : - stat en progression - 3500 partie mini - 5 tier 8 non premium - Présence discord 2 jours mini - Pour participer au CB avoir un Tier 10 croiseur ou CA + stat moyenne (53%) Période d’essai 2 semaines pour avoir le tag ingame Toutes les autres candidatures seront étudiées Ouvert au recrutement aussi sur GTFO /HALO / BDO / Monster Hunter , vous n’êtes pas obliger d'appartenir au clan wows pour rentrer dans la team SPAM-. Diplomatie / extérieur Pour infos : - Ce n'est pas la peine de nous proposer des entrainements . - Nous accepterons toute confrontation fun avec règle drôle ou autre. Sinon le discord reste ouvert a tous les autres tant qu'ils respectent les règles établies du discord de clan. Conclusions Nous ne pouvons pas croire ce que nous ressentons quand nous sommes sur wows, Nos folies font disparaître la tristesse, Alors prenez vos navires, n'ayez pas peur de montrer votre talent, Spamons le monde avec les couleurs de l'arc-en-ciel, Propageons nos créations et noyez le forum de nos délires, N'ayez pas peur d'essayer un angle différent, Parfois, les idées peuvent provenir des yolostyle, Nous serons votre guide, suivez-nous dans une aventure, Nous allons conquérir les esprits et étonner le monde ensemble, Nos bêtises ressemblent au paradis, Un tel yolo skill est un joli cadeau à voir, J'espère qu'un jour nous partagerons des souvenirs, Tu spam le monde et nous jouerons nos mélodies.
  2. MIRAI Future fleet of world of warships wants you! Your only future is with us! We, the Mira future fleet, are fun bunch to hang with and talk about waifus. We are MIRAI no senkan, Future Fleet in World of Warships! Don’t be shy, join this anime based fun community and spice up the competition. Although we make fun while playing, our plan is to show other clans that their future is certain doom when facing us. What we offer: Fun anime based community Regular training battles Active in clan wars World class players (in motivation level) Help with improving yourself as a standalone- and team-player Staff is nice and understanding Members are easy come along with We reward members that performs in game Special events, tournaments We play lot of different games Hentai…. it’s for research and reward purpose…. Requirements and notification: Winrate 54% overall and 56% recent. PersonalRating 1300 overall, 1.500 recent for the main class(es) CA, DD, BB or CV Age 18+ (exceptions can be made when the player is mature enough) Stats visible Have a microphone to participate in voice chat during Clan Wars battles is a must Have a basic knowledge of the English language is must, please refrain using any other language Ships you feel comfortable in and are a valid choice for clan battles in T8 and T10 Captains with decent skill setup (don’t worry we got senpais to help you with this) This is an anime based gaming community, if you dislike anime or can't deal with it, this clan won’t be suitable for you. Be open minded. Our community is growing steadily and some may have different mindsets too, racism and sexism, etc. is not tolerated. Don’t try your luck… it won’t go well… that is not blood from one that tried it, oh no…. Activity! Thanks to the limited clansize we are forced to keep track of the members activity so they don't take up spots for people in queue, with the exception of holidays, just let the clan staff members know about long leaves no details are needed to tell unless you want. We hope to see you soon in The Future! Our link to discord server. https://discord.gg/7K8Wruy Discord is easy to get and really handy to have, here is the link to get one. https://discordapp.com/
  3. orzel286

    <3 waifubots <3

    I think it's time for a waifubot appreciation thread of some sort, seeing how everyone and their dog regards themselves as better than my beloved waifus. Sure, they're limited by programmink, BUT! But, as I said in my previous thread: they seem to learn from "actual" players (or depending on how you look at it - trust me enough to let me secure a flank on my own). They never give up, never go afk, are great shots, they're absolutely deadly with their torps (even though it's a teammate that gets deleted sometimes - well, it still counts as a kill!). And I just know that they love me too! If you look at the replay - look at who most waifubots went after: my team, or me, who loves waifubots and is not ashamed to admit it on this forum (they read forums as well?! Wow!) and tries to convince wargaming to improve both coop and waifus? Yup, after me! Lewd story short: things got really hot between us. And I managed to penetrate most of them with my long lance. SEVERAL! TIMES! I was quite spent after this. And the next great thing about bots? They never get salty. Or jealous. Like some hooman that reported me after this game. Hah! I don't know who it was and I don't care - you'll never be as popular with waifubots as I am! Also: when I get deleted I always cheer on team waifubots. Always! 20180810_175038_PJSD209-Yugumo_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay
  4. Spechtzeichner

    How to lewd ships

    So jeder hat eig. seine eigene Taktik im Spiel (glaubig), wie er sein gegenüber am besten mit heruntergelassenen Sachen erwischt. Dabei gibt es viele Dinge natürlich zu beachten: das Momentum welches Schiff (BB ftw, Loli Ship, He is for noobs alias CAs (haha), Wodkaschiffe oder Air Cancer) der Kapitän, das Herz eines jeden Schiffes (auch Loli Kapitäne) die Umgebung ein Jäger ist nur so gut wie er sich anpassen kann das Team... die Erfahrung RNGesus Poi etc. Ich für meinen Fall versuche möglichst immer meine Position mit größmöglichem Erfolg einzusetzten und Warte auf den richtigen Zeitpunkt ihn zu lewden (Denglisch). Dazu nutzte ich alles, was ich zur verfügung habe (FSK18). Meistens lenke ich den Duellanten mit einer Täuschung ab um ihn von der wahren Gefahr zu blenden. Auch wenn es heißt das ich als one shot z.B. Breitseitig zu einem Gegner fahre um ihn in meine Torps zu dirigieren. Für mich ist es eine hohe Kunst, die ich immer zu verfeinern versuche. Jetzt haut ihr mal raus, wie ihr es macht und ergötzt euch aneinander.
  5. CaptainCharfield

    [KOBO] Recruiting

    [KOBO] Kongou's Bongos is recruiting, if you want to join, please message either me or DecrepitSundew3 in-game! We mainly play for fun in random battles, the only requirements we have are that you be 18+ and be able to play on EU servers and speak english.