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Found 2 results

  1. Sticky_Icky


    I believe this is a serious problem right now, and its making the game much less enjoyable for me and many others, mainly because its detrimental to the outcome of the battle, and also because its a direct result of WG's ingame economics (and therefore can be just as easily get fixed by tweaking it) as i have seen, and been told and experienced myself, the main reason of borderhugging BBs is the ridiculously high repair cost of their ships (mostly on tiers 7 and above) i clearly had a Yamato captain today say this exact thing to me (as i was flaming him for running away of the fight): "do you know how much these things cost for a full repair? i pay 300k every time i die..." so i propose a meaningful balancing in WG economy... two main proposals here, please add your own in the comments if you have a good and meaningful idea: 1) make it so that in a defeat they pay full repair cost, no matter the hp they survived with. as an incentive to actually play like a man in this game, trying to actually win it, rather than survive unscathed, and make Wins give even more Credits to compensate for the defeat credit loss. that way, players will struggle more to win, rather than stay alive in order to not lose too much Credits... the defeats will feel very punishing, and the wins will feel very rewarding 2) make it so that wins give much more Credits that defeats, and Defeats much less than they do now. Still, defeats will feel punishing, and wins will be more rewarding and therefore sought after I believe 1) is much more straightforward approach and will actually end up solving the problem that many people are complaining about and are driving us brave captains TOTALLY NUTS! i get the concept of having to farm with my lower tier ships in order to play my high tiers, and i support that, really. i dont ask to actually farm Credits from high tier games, but the way this is going now, all it does is create cowardice, frustration, and low winrates.... and in this game that is so teamplay based and personal performance cannot secure you a win, i believe WG HAS to make a change. what are your thoughts?
  2. Now before all of you classical trolls start complaining that this is another wine thread i just wanted to say my opinion about this game and my exp in it now and so far. My opinion on the game before the end of CBT and OBT:I have been in this game since alpha-weekend and i have been playing this game for a long time and i have to say it that it was time well spent and time i really enjoyed it.I mostly drive battleships because i just love big guns and so xD really enjoyed it.The teams were great and mostly friendly and although there were a lot of bugs it was truly a great experience.Sure there would be disputes and some occasional trolls but it was all tolerable and the atmosphere was really relaxed and friendly,you could see the people enjoying this game( my fav games when the whole team would just joke in the chat the whole game and say poii...but as it progressed i really lost that feeling Opinion about the game now:when i heard that more players would be playing this game i was really glad.It meant the game was obviously going on a better course and starting to be more interesting and diverse(and of course with smaller waiting time in the battles xD),but i think i was wrong.I have noticed that as more and more people are playing this game the teams how become somehow less co-operational and in every game i am seeing more and more of some kid which swares the whole game,plays like an absolute retard and then belittles the teammates -.-.Even the lemmings,(now you cannot say that they are beginners and don't know how to play) because it's common logic to have at least a few ships on all sides but i am constantly get geniuses which go full lemming on one side and i go BRAVE HEART on the other and die like a little [edited] and then the other team kills my lemming-team with a score similar to 10:1.I just cannot understand how in the blody hell did the playerbase change so dramatically and the games even more so(sure there are more better players also in the game but they get overshadowed by the large quantity of those bad ones).Idk if it's just my bad luck of ending up in those teams but...i'm starting to lose that spark of enthusiasm which i had about this game I personally really enjoy this game(the concept at least) and although it needs some tweaks and more ships xD,i cannot sse myself playing in the future if out of 6 games played i win only once and during that time WOWS DECIDES TO KICK ME OF THE SERVER WHILE SHOOTING AND BEING SHOT AT( i ended up winning that game with 120 000 dmg done and 2 kills but because of that i lost my chance for two more kills) and in other games i end up with genius lemmings which die like cattle.I get more frustrated playing this game than wot. For those who have read this post i apologize for the long post and would hear others opinion because this is just sad and my honest opinion of degradation of playerbase and teams in the game May the wind be in your favour.