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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, i feel poor :( I dont understand Wargamings idea with the legendary modules... For new player like me, who only got the Montana update no more, its so [edited]bad because i reaaaaally want the Zao or Yamato upgrade... Why is WG doing this? Noone asked for that change ... Pls remove it, ppppppppls
  2. posted and reposted yesterday, but i think it might deserve a discussion on it's own, as it goes beyond the "NO" and in doubt just doesn't get noticed in the flood of posts these days.... so, feel free to discuss or let it fall down into the abyss of this forums if u think it's a worthless attempt --> i can see u guys (WG) won't scrap RB, i call it set. as far as i dislike, i can accept though. what i can not accept is to have to regrind a whole line to achieve something that is not connected DIRECTLY to such a regrind! the ships one can earn in RB are totally in that definition 4 me, so a big nono already. i can see as well the logical link to have the legendary upgrades in the RB. BUT (and that's a big one, created by ur very own decisions over the last year), i absolutely please u guys to introduce a way to earn without having to regrind whole lines. same goes for the rb points in general! make em conncted to RESEARCHED status of a ship, as that's what makes the most sense. so, by playing my just unlocked yamato, i would start to earn rb points parallel to elite ship xp which are only usable for the yammies LU. (imo without any missions ever!) furtheron rb points needed to buy ships should be simply added by PLAYING A LINE I DID UNLOCK UP TO T10! NO RESET! got an elite fuso in port? nice, play it to earn points for new ijn ships. want the ohio? play usn lines, any tier. combine that with an rb point bonus for the 1st win a day each ship, or even apply the rb points only to this 1st win, and u achieve to have players on all tiers WITHOUT bumming em off.... 2cts, ur show to add: any progression of the missions yet ofc should be translated into a headstart for the certain upgrade on switch monetizing: daily boost for rb points gets doubled or trippled 4 dubs, voila. <-- on a furthernote i'd like to say that ofc nationbound rb pts not would be mandatory in this design. they just as well could be usable for all lines, but as for me it does fit the idea of research in a given nation/line way better.
  3. Hello everyone. We are currently 10 patches after the CV rework. At the release of the CVs it was stated that the legendary modules on carriers will be removed and they will come back after balacing this class. The balance is i guess over now, so my question is: Where are the legendary modules of carriers? This thread is also about some older ships that ware released after legendary modules ware introduced. WarGaming did nothing to legendary modules ever since they got released, we have: Hakuryu, Midway, Audacious, Harugumo, Yoshino, Smolensk, Salem, Somers, Ohio, Colbert, Stalingrad, Kremlin, Daring, Kleber, Bourgogne and Venezia without legendary modules. So in total that's 16 ships. When i wrote customer support about this, they asked me to post iot on forums for the DEVs to look on it. What do you guys think? Do those ships need legendary modules? Are legendary modules a good opportunity to learn and enjoy a particular ship? What is your opinion about that?
  4. it takes some ~100 games to unlock legendary module, and while some are great (yamato, zao, kaba, HIV...) some unique or fun (gearing, shima, DM, GK..) some are utterly useless and unusable (Wooster, minotaur, monty, z52...) It feels really underwhelming to spend that much time unlocking the module knowing it would be downgrade in absolutely every game situation... I do fully support that modules should be trade-offs, but NOONE would trade concealment and smoke duration for more smoke puffs on minotaur... second questions would be plans to add leg modules to "new" TX ships? how much development effort it can be? Salem or Stalingrad are available for ages, and daring/hargumo arent also super new...we did not even hear any plans to add them in next patches... i like to have some long term goals in games, like the Yamamoto campaign or the modules, kinda makes it feel like some kind of progression even at TX.
  5. As the title tells, i am hesitant to fully recommend this game to my friends. Let me explain why: The number of ticking clocks on content increases, we got them on free XP and coal ships (Musashi & Kronstadt will be removed, just like Missouri) and on rewards for events (Royal Navy). I do understand it for the last one. But for the others ? A good example are three of my friends. I told them about this game, they played it and had fun. But they also want to get good when they play together and go for high end stuff, aka tryharding. They also did buy premium time and ships. Two of them were about to get good DD players and one a good BB player. Then they asked: "Whats the best creditmaker in the game?" My answer: Missouri, no longer in the game, only for players who played from date X to date Y. "What can we go for instead ?" Musashi or Kronstadt. Oh well, soon both get removed aswell. What this leads to is that it forces people to play almost only this game to reach this content. If we want to take a break from WoWs, to come back with new excitement afterwards, we will miss stuff. Thats ok for ranked seasons, events and stuff like that. But for long term goals like free XP/coal ships ? Absolutely not ! Forcing people to play a game is a very bad way of marketing. People play it to have fun in the first place, some for free and some pay for it. If everything gets a huge grind with time limits, it takes aways alot of fun and turns the game into work for some people and they dont like to pay for work. My friends went on to other games where content isnt limited on time like here. And i understand that. The bad things are that i cant play together with them anymore, the community lost three players with great potential quite fast and WG lost three customers. I think they are not the only ones who left the game because of this and that hurts the playerbase. That is meant as constructive criticism. @Crysantos @MrConway
  6. Please make possible grinding T10's special upgrades missions in Arms Race mode. This mode is so fun, allows aggresive all-in play that doesent affect randoms stats. But, if you play it, at least should allow grinding for T10's special upgrades. Those missions are so long.