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Found 2 results

  1. I stumbled upon a post while searching for information a month or so ago that has information about a chat channel in it. That channel was the Forumites and it has allowed me to link up and play with fellow forum reader and generally have good game with like minded people. With the information only being found by stumbling upon it I thought I would promote it so here are the details for fellow forumites. Channel: Forumites User who created it: (Sturmtiger_304) <----- important as you will see lots of channels Password: play4fun I think the password give you all an indication towards the nature of the channel so please be friendly. Once in add to your favourites for easy access. People to division with, ask and get answers to questions and have a laugh with.
  2. Syrchalis

    Interest Check - CV Gameplay

    https://www.twitch.tv/syrchalis Since I have a new internet connection I can stream finally. Now, who needs another random stream? Noone. So what makes my stream special? I play mostly carrier, the least played class in WoWs - and probably most hated by other players. But I will not "just play" them. I will explain carrier gameplay What I do Why I do it What options there are Evaluate these options Reflect on what happened in the battle What I hope to accomplish is to allow non-carrier players to get a perspective from the carrier side of things. You might learn to counter them better if you know how they operate. Or maybe I will even interest some more players in actually playing them. Other carrier players can also benefit, as I'm not just an average carrier player. I'm not a great streamer, but I consider myself a good carrier player. So it might not be as fun watching me play than others, but you will also learn a lot more, because I generally explain everything I do. That doesn't mean I will only play carrier. I enjoy my BBs, Cruisers and DDs too. The other streaming stuff, like entertainment and giveaways will happen as well - in addition to the above. What else can you expect? Offtopic ramblings Chat interaction whenever I can Answers to all your CV questions Divisions with other good players and CV players (like ezymodo) Me getting really upset over the game (sometimes) Please tell me wether there is interest in such a thing or not. Streaming times would be from 20:00-22:00 GMT+2. I would rather keep the stream informative and short than streaming for hours and not really explaining anything. Alternatively I could make Youtube videos which have the advantage of edited lines and scenes, but you won't be able to ask questions live.