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Found 37 results

  1. The_Listener

    Launcher problem

    Is anybody having this launcher problem recently? This problem started appearing just hours ago on my PC.
  2. Wie die Frage oben bereits vermittelt mnöchte ich wissen wieso dass der Fall ist. Ich habe nämlich festgestellt, dass der alte Launcher mit der Patchinstallation deutlich schneller fertig ist verglichen mit der Dauer über das moderne Game Center. Ich habe zwei WoWs Installationen auf meinem Rechner wobei eine den alten Launcher nutzt und die zweite das Game Center. Ich hoffe auf einige sinnvolle oder erklärende Antworten.
  3. GargencUA

    Launcher all links broken !

    hi guys I have a problem, all links don't work in launcher classic. sample; LATEST NEWS , register , buy doblon.... Should redirect to the website but not working. Do you have same problem? or Is it special to me? please help !!
  4. Ich spiele WOWS seit einem Jahr über den "Standard-Client/Launcher". Vor kurzem habe ich aber gesehen, dass WOWS auch auf Steam zu finden ist. Hat jemand eine Ahnung ob es Unterschiede gibt (Performance etc.) und wie es mit den bereits freigeschaltenen Achievements aussieht? Werden diese wenn ich mit dem selben Account aber nun über Steam auch direkt "übernommen", oder müsste ich diese erst wieder erlangen damit sie auf Steam registriert werden? Was hat es eigendlich mit dem neuen Clienten auf sich? Man liest nicht besonders viel gutes... Wird dieser den Standardclient ablösen? Welchen Launcher benutzt ihr?
  5. I've recently taken the step of moving from the single-game WOWS launcher to Wargaming's unified Game Center (Centre) launcher, so thought I'd document the differences for those who haven't yet taken the plunge. At some point, WG are bound to deprecate the old launcher, so have a look and see what you think. Please note I do cover the common question of multi-region and PTS in this overview.
  6. I just thougt I say that I use OS Recently I tried to redownlad world of warships, as I completely removed it from my computer a couple of months ago. So I look at the system requirements for this game and it says it requires 42GB. That is fine my computer has 58GB (screen shot 1). So I download the lancher for mac and let it download. First of all a 5GB download (screen shot 2) and then a second 15GB download (screen shot 3). Once the 15GB download has completed, as is extracting files i get a message saying it need another 14GB of hard drive (screen shot 4). So I check my hard and it is full (screen shot 5). So I check how big the world of warships size is and it is 55GB (screen shot 6). At the time this was downloading I wasn't do any thing on my computer, so nothing else was taking space. Also the download was a total of 20GB yet it wants 50GB on top meaning the whole thing would take 70GB. This is vastly above the requirements of 42GB and on the forums most peoples were 30GB. Thanks MTW112358
  7. Qestroy

    Error Extracting Update File

    This is the error I get when I open the launcher or press the Retry button. Tried reinstalling the game but the exact same thing comes up. it won't let me attach the log for some reason so: https://pastebin.com/uQaSMBPY
  8. Brais_Destructor

    No me arranca el juego

    Me acabo de intalar el world os warships y cuando presiono en boton de jugar no pasa nada, pq?
  9. Red_851

    Launcher doesn`t Work

    I reinstalled World of Warships after some long time, and can't make it pass over "End User Agreement" :( I just can`t press the 'Accept' button!!!!!!! It gets highlighted by the mouse, but just don`t work (neither the 'Enter' button). Same with 'Connect' from launcher, but there the 'Enter' works, and for the 'Exit' also. Thanks!
  10. DrNukemAll

    Launcher error popup

    After clicking on the PLAY button in the wow launcher Im getting an strange error message, see the attached screenshot.
  11. Axillent

    Unable to update the game.

    I'm not able to update the game. The launcher downloads the update files and when extracting/installing it says only "there was an error. check logs" but the logs doesn't say anything... Tried to uninstall the game and reinstall it - same result. What to do? Happens EVERY TIME there is an update...... but this time the re-install trick didn't work as it has done before. Help! AutoUpdateSelector.log Hook.log WargamingGameUpdater.log
  12. TrolmasterPL

    How to download via internet?

    Guys, game is downloading very slowly via torrent. I was trying to switch it to internet download but there's no such button. Plz help.
  13. TommyScaletta

    Launcher bugged, can't play the game

    Hello. My friend recently decided to try out this game. When he installed the launcher and booted it, he only had the "play" button in the bottom right corner that didn't work. The game didn't update or anything. It was stuck like you see in the screenshot. The PC specs (if they matter): Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit GTX760 2GB I5 4670K 8GB DDR3 Installed on a HDD Newest drivers and all that We would appreciate any help since we couldn't find anything on the internet (or we are just blind as hell).
  14. Anybody have any idea how I stop the launcher/updater from starting with windows when I start my PC? I know it's a minor issue, but it's an annoying one, and I can't see any option in the settings to disable it.
  15. Seriously... think this is my 2º thread about this matter, and seems no moderator or someone with good knowledge have yet answer it... The download is good, although the instalation of the updates after the download are GOOD DAMN SLOW seriously, not only that it eats up my disk memory, making my PC goin turtle... honestly. This only happened when you launched the "compresed mode" patch/update...god man when you goin test or fix this? Not every1 has ubber PC's or life in a country that could effort for it... How is this possible? I play many games and i mean many, WoT, WoWarcraft, mechwarrior online, warthunder, diablo 3, you name it, and none of the download or the launcher instaling does this, usely downloading the patches or updating takes a while, but none eats up this much disk memory. Does Dev team has knowledge of this? Was this situation tested yet? Was it tested on avarage PC instent of a good pc (SSD and HDD disks?) ? Geeez it makes me want to go back and chose the way it was before...or theres a reason behinde this situation? If theres something about this matter in the forum please redirect me into it... Thx for you attention...
  16. ekram_alhadidi

    constant disconnection

    During the past three days i've been preparing my laptop for format. moving files to external HD, finishing stuck downloads and such. i was downloading the latest update patch for the game back then. and i applied the update when finished then backed the whole game to the external HD. long story short, after getting done with refreshing my windows 8 and updating the drivers. i launched the game only to find myself getting constant disconnecting and redirected to login page in less than a minute. that means i don't even have the time to view couple of my ships. i thought it was due to some software missing after reinstall, but i checked them back and every important software was installed like directX, alopen, .netframewark, c++ components. i can even launch my steam games without problems. i launched the game through my brother's laptop which also runs win8 and had the same issue. i remember running the game once before reinstalling windows and the disconnection issue was present. i thought maybe because i was uninstalling software randomly to narrow down the backing process so i might've removed something that important for the game. but now after i got everything updated it seems this is a problem with server side. or something obscure still missing since i'm also having similar problem with other mmo games that launches through a standalone launcher like LoL. i am on EU server. please let me know if others are having the same issue or it's just me and if there is anything i can provide like logs or something to help identifying the problem. thanks in advance.
  17. Yorick_ten_Brinke

    Launcher Problem

    Hi guys. I have a Problem with the launcher (sort of) a while ago i had a Account from WoW (now i have it too) my friend and i wanna play it again but i deleted WoW and i downloaded it again Now i wanna login on my account seeing that the launcher says NA region but my account is on EU region so i couldnt log in to it and my password was good i tested it by my friend Can anywone help me? ps. sorry for bad english im dutch
  18. Ahmed_EGO

    can't log in

    i updated my client to the leatest patch and still can't connect to the sever cause my game is older version than the server how is that ?? any help plz
  19. Wie eventuell bereits bekannt plant Wargaming langfristig die Einführung eines kombinierten Launchers für all ihre "World of..." Spiele. Die ersten (optischen) Überarbeitungen wurden bereits vorgenommen. Neben diesen optischen Neuerungen möchte ich allerdings auf einen anderen Aspekt hinweisen, nämlich die Seedingfunktion. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob der alte Launcher bereits standardmäßig diese Funktion mitbrachte, oder ob diese erst mit dem neuen Launcher eingeführt wurde. Diese Funktion gab es bereits beim alten Launcher. Wichtig wäre zunächst die Frage zu klären: Was ist Seeding? Eine ausführliche Erklärung ist hier (auf Englisch) zu finden. Zusammengefasst bedeutet das, dass ihr nach einem Download eines Spielupdates dieses für andere Spieler bereitstellt, die es noch nicht heruntergeladen haben. Anstatt es vom Wargamingserver allein zu beziehen werden die Daten gleichzeitig von mehreren Rechnern anderer Spieler heruntergeladen, was den Download für diese Spieler beschleunigt. Die Seedingfunktion ist im neuen Launcher bei allen "World of..." Spielen standardmäßig aktiviert. Man gelangt über die Schaltfläche rechts oben in die Einstellungen und wechselt dann auf den zweiten Reiter. Was habe ich davon, Seeding zu aktivieren? Nichts. Prinzipiell profitiert man nur davon, wenn andere den Haken gesetzt haben. Man selbst hilft lediglich anderen Spielern ihren Download zu beschleunigen nachdem man das Update heruntergeladen hat. Warum dann dieser Thread? Ich hielt es für angebracht anzumerken, dass diese Option standardmäßig aktiviert ist. Wie man mir nachträglich mitteilte, war dies auch beim alten Launcher der Fall. Somit ist dieser Hinweis vielleicht nur ein Anlass seine Auswahl zu überdenken. Womöglich möchte nicht jeder selbstlos seinen Computer als Downloadplattform zur Verfügung stellen. Insbesondere Nutzer mit beschränktem Datenvolumen (ja, diese Unsitte existiert mitunter noch immer und das nicht nur bei Internet auf Mobilfunkgeräten) sollten sich im Klaren darüber sein, dass dadurch Uploadvolumen entsteht. Allerdings soll das keine Panik säen (was für ein schlechter Wortwitz...). Seeding ist bei Torrentdownloads gängige Praxis. Dennoch ist es vielleicht eine kurze Überlegung wert, ob man den Haken entfernen möchte oder ihn gesetzt lässt. Hochachtungsvoll, Easha Edit: Die Seedingfunktion war bereits Teil des alten Launchers.
  20. Ich hatte heute mal wieder nach ca. 6 Monaten lust das Spiel zu spielen, also Launcher geöffnet und ein update von 4,6mb wurde heruntergeladen, anschließend kam dann das Fenster: Kritischer Fehler. Entpacken der Updates nicht möglich. Die Anwendung kann nicht fortgesetzt werden. Details finden sie im Systemprotokoll. Was kann ich jetzt machen? (ausser als Admin ausführen, das geht nicht)
  21. Hytizz

    Stuck at Actualizing data

    Hi! It seems, that launcher is somehow broken. Two days ago it gave somekind of minipatch and after that launcher got stuck in "Actualizing Data" and on the middle of launcher window there is rolling gear. Nothing happens, no matter how long i let it be there. I have allready uninstalled game and now its stuck in download situation. Same crap, but now i have animated launcher window. So, any suggestions?
  22. XalYWero

    Can't launch/download game

    So I have tried to launch the game through the launcher but when I tried it gets stuck on 100% of Updating game client: actualizing data and a black square with the logo in the middle. I have tried reinstalling and deleting files but neither helped. Anybody knows what to do about this?
  23. TankPirate__Ace__

    Endlos Warteschleife

    nach dem update hängt der launcher in ner endlosschleife und hört nicht auf nach Updates zu prüfen.... "Update des Lokalisierungspakets: Prüfe auf Updates.........."
  24. TankPirate__Ace__

    Endlos Warteschleife

    nach dem update hängt der launcher in ner endlosschleife und hört nicht auf nach Updates zu prüfen....
  25. Sybeck

    BSOD from Launcher

    Yesterday my game crashed three times in a row while in battle/ingame. On the fourth time of restarting the game (not my PC) my screen went blank and my PC crashed. After that every attempt to launch the game resulted in the same blank screen and PC freeze and having to reboot. I did a clean uninstall and reinstalled with no mods, but again I got the same result; I hit play, a little activity on the launcher's progress bar then a blank screen and PC freeze. All other games and the PC are working fine apart from WoWs. On the evening before WoWs started crashing I had updated some hardware drivers (audio and network) but the game had played fine after that and in the morning after. Anyway I have rolled back those drivers since and still I end up with the launcher crashing. Attached are a screen cap of the error I receive when doing an Integrity Check plus the Launcher Log of the Integrity Check and the WoWS Launcher Log from latest install to latest error and the cfg is in spoiler as can't attach. So anybody else had this problem and/or have a solution I can try while I wait for Support to get back to me on my ticket about this issue? Integrity Check Crash Log.txt WoWSLauncher.log