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Found 1 result

  1. In WoW all the torpedo bombers release their load simultaneously in line abreast creating a perfect spread. They barely line up on the target and flit about like starlings. This is virtually impossible and highly unlikely under combat conditions with dense anti aircraft fire. While ship launched torpedoes are fired in salvo and form a spread because they emanate from the same firing point at the same time, a gaggle of turbulence afflicted aircraft at low level are not a single launching platform and could not synchronize their launch to create the perfect spread that WoW provides. Brave torpedo bomber pilots of the inter-war and WWII period were individually aiming their loads to score a hit, not form a spread. Also their chance of flying an entire flight abreast would have been unlikely in the extreme. They would come in line astern and each would do the best he could to score with his torpedo. The overall effect at best would be a long staggered line of torpedoes dropped in sequence as the pilots made their individual runs. Consequently it was much harder to hit targets , especially zig zagging ones. The root of my disappointment with this game is that air launched torpedoes are unrealistically lethal. I know experienced players will jump in and say how they manage to avoid them, even the massed unified salvo spreads that the game produces, but this is far too unrealistic and virtually makes a torpedo bomber squadron some sort of flying torpedo boat, which they were not. Conversely the effects of aerial bombing are nowhere as realistically lethal as they should be. The US Navy in the Pacific in WWII had far more success sinking ships with bombs than with torpedoes and the death rate with torpedo plane pilots was horrifically high from anti aircraft fire and fighter interception. WoW belittles their heroism by making aerial torpedoes almost unstoppable and their impossibly configured synchronized launch is more cartoon than combat. Cannot the developers consider rewriting the code for the torpedo aircraft to provide some realism? Rant over. Sorry!