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Found 104 results

  1. attricus

    Lag after last patch

    Hello, I am having lag issues since last patch. My network connection is 200Mbps and always had ping around 30ms. But since last patch I have ping of 300ms and even 800ms. It is impossible to play this way. Am I the only one with this problem? Regards.
  2. ilsammino

    Problemi di connessione

    Ma state anche voi sperimentando ping impazzito con oscillazioni pazzesche tra 300 e 1500 con continui freeze dell'interfaccia?
  3. Goktsu

    EU server massive lag

    Whats up with the massive in-game lag: ping going 200-2500ms constantly. Game has been unplayable today
  4. Hello to whoever is taking time to read this! All day long i am having one very annoying issue: whenever i start a ranked battle - my game starts lagging like crazy - from 500 to 2000+ ping i never had such an issue before and tried playing random battles - suffered no lag issues, ping was good and no problems at all then i tried ranked again - same issue. i decided that something might be wrong with the server, so i waited from morning until now, tried 1 game - same problem remains. tried to load the support page to submit a ticket, but i cant even do that - while everything else is running smoothly, wg support side is painfully slow to load so i have decided to seek help here. i dont know if the problem is on my end or the server i am not using ANY mods if it was a problem with the server, obviously, i would have found some thread about it already... HELP! :<
  5. Temeteus82

    Lag issues... is it just me...

    Hi just noticed that I'm having a lag issues. In game ships are moving oddly and even in training room the same happens. The ping is around 50ms and normally it's around 35ms. I've tested with and without mods the results are the same. Is anyone else having similar issues ?
  6. Hello, Yesterday I had this problem, I'm in battle and after a while it happens that I have -35 ms and after this I'm taken back to the login screen. So I try to reconnect again, I'm back in the battle but soon after I'm re disconnected... Usually I only have between 30 and 60 ms. Do you know why this happen ? For exemple: Thank you in advance ! (sorry for bad english)
  7. Seit dem letzten Patch lagt WOWS bei einem 15-30er Ping un 120 FPS! Steuerbefehle werden nach 20-30 sec ausgeführt! Mein Rechner ist auf dem neusten Stand der Technik mit einer GTX 1080 SSD Festplatte 16 Kern AMD CPU und 32 GB RAM. Alle anderen Online Spiele darunter auf World of Tanks, Diablo 3, PubG usw.... laufen absolut Lag frei! Eine Neuinstallation und Reduzierung der Grafikeinstellungen hat nichts gebraucht.
  8. Come da titolo, qualcuno oltre al sottoscritto che abbia telecom per provider manifesta spike lag nelle ore del tardo pomeriggio/sera? Solitamente il ping medio si aggira sui 35 ms (nel mio caso) con picchi di 60-100. Problema sorto da un paio di giorni. Zona Alta Toscana, magari qualche snodo intasato. Grazie dell'attenzione
  9. Hi New player here. Just started noticing something weird and I want to see if it is happening to everyone or if its a problem with my network or game client. When I'm in a match the ping meter is always around 30+ms (which seems very nice, I was expecting higher). But when I'm aiming at an enemy ship the shots seem to just go through them without any effect. And sometimes if I lead the shots and aim at the water ahead I see the shots as if they hit the ship that still isn't there. Also when the enemy ship is destroyed it's as if it jumps forward, revealing it was actually ahead of its location, at the moment it was killed. I know this looks like lag from my end but then why is the ping meter always at30+ms? isn't that low? This makes the gameplay horrible. Does anyone have this problem? Is there any way to fix this? Thx
  10. Abdulla_AlMarzooqi

    Game unplayable (I need help)

    Greetings, I have been getting so much lag today after I updated WoWs, everything was fine before the update. Today is impossible to play a single battle, my internet connection is GOOD and I tried playing other games and the connection is fine except for WoWs. Since I do not live in Europe, my average ping to WoWs EU is 50-70 ms. I have been getting lag spikes from 50-1000+ ms today. I have checked my firewall settings and I tried switching it off and the game is already allowed through firewall but I do not know what's the issue. Please help! Regards, Abdulla
  11. Salut tout le monde! :) J'ai des problèmes cet après-midi sur le serveur EU1 de Wargaming. Je voulais savoir si vous aviez rencontré des problèmes récemment. L'équilibrage est pas bien fait apparemment. Et puis sur leur support: Des infos?
  12. Abdulla_AlMarzooqi

    Game unplayable (I need help)

    Greetings, I have been getting so much lag today after I updated WoWs, everything was fine before the update. Today it was impossible to play a single battle, my internet connection is GOOD and I tried playing other games and the connection is fine except for WoWs. Since I do not live in Europe, my average ping to WoWs EU is 50-70 ms. I have been getting lag spikes from 50-1000+ ms today. I have checked my firewall settings and I tried switching it off and the game is already allowed through firewall but I do not know what's the issue. Please help! Regards, Abdulla
  13. SkullBreaker007

    GPU usage 0% when playing game

    Hey guys I asked this question before, a friend asked to post here When I play world of warships the gpu usage is 0% I checked it using process hacker Usage is fine with other games. My specs its a low end notebook 4gb ram Intel hd 4400 Intel i5 1.6ghz-2.1ghz Windows 10 pro(optimized for high performance)
  14. SkullBreaker007

    GPU usage 0% when playing game

    Hey guys when playing world of warships I ised process hacker to monitor the performance I saw that my gpu was at 0% is that a problem( btw my game is laggy). How do I fix this?
  15. SkullBreaker007

    Latest Compressed Textures Mod?

    Hey I Have a really slow pc unable to run wows i heard there was a cpmpression texture mod but the mod needs to be updated as the same version as the clients. i couldnt find the mod for the latest version of wows. if anyone can help me find it or if there is another mod that can help me please post here thanks
  16. SkullBreaker007

    Game lags even at lowest settings

    Hey there. I used to play world of warships almost half a year ago. I left playing it. At that time I was able to run my game smoothly at medium to high settings. Now I downloaded the game again and was amazed to find it was unplayable. I switched to the lowest possible settings and still it was laggy. I usually enter the battle 30 seconds after it starts. I have a really bad pc Intel i5 1.60ghz can go upto 2.4ghz 4gb ram(its enough) Intel hd 4400 (I know its bad but the game used to run fine some time ago) One last thing I use process hacker and it shows 0% gpu usage. Could anyone help me I really want to play the game. Btw internet is not the problem. Many thanks.
  17. BAT_Templar

    uber lag on EU server

    tested my connection to rule that out see attached image... its not that. connection is fine not seem it this bad for a while.
  18. el_bobma_siemka_PL

    Game unplayable please help

    So I'll try to keep this short. Since I got back to WoWS I've had this issue. The game keeps freezing. It runs at 80 - 100 FPS on average but I'm getting a lot of freezes. The first battle is usually OK, although there are some FPS drops, but games after that... unplayable. My game freezes for a couple of seconds like every 5 seconds, making me unable to shoot, steer, or basically do anything. The weird thing is that this also affects WoT, but no other games. Only these two WG games. First I thought it was because I was using the WG Game Center, which was supposed to cause it, but I uninstalled it and reinstalled WoWS using the old way, without the Game Center. Nothing has changed. My drivers are up to date. I tried monitoring my GPU and CPU usage using MSI Afterburner (I don't overclock, just using it for monitoring), but there was no evidence of a hardware failure (a.k.a the graph didn't change at times of the freezes). If this was a problem with my PC, it would surely affect my other games as well. But they run just fine. There must be something with Wargaming games that's causing it. I really don't know what to do. I wanted to do the Oct. revolution event but I can't. Please help.
  19. Humorpalanta

    Great lag...

    Greatest job WG! i log in to play a game. Use my resources to put on a *Edited ship. Then game freezes, my ship just swims out of screen and no idea what's happening. Same thing happens to others in my team as from chat I understood.
  20. Tak paráda, po patchi se mi děje to, že když dohraju bitvu, tak se mi stále načítá kolečko bitvy a nebo mi to třeba zamrzne např. v modulech, když se chci na něco kouknout, prostě jako by mi zamrzla myš, ale hýbat se v přístavu stále můžu, akorát nelze na nic klikat a nic dělat... Tak páni vývojáři co s tím? Potkal se už někdo s tímto problémem? Hádám, že pomůže jen restart. Mimochodem, ještě jsem nikdy takový problém u WG her neměl a to už je hraji asi 4 roky...
  21. rising_uk

    Wtf is up with the servers?

    Anyone getting a lag and fps problem with the servers currently?
  22. Since last update this game has become completely unplayable. I am having micro lags, I get audio notifications about ships being spotted 5s before they actually appear on map. Most importantly, I get disconnects from game that not only leave game but completely block my Internet connection. I have disabled firewall, antivirus... and this game still manage to mess up with internet connection. Game problem, patch problem, OS problem? No idea, but it started with 0.5.3 patch. I play on Win 8.1 64bit.
  23. _ScorN_

    Strange lag/graphic issue

    Hello fellow captains For last couple of days im having strange issue with my game. Match starts like it used to - Im summoned 20-15 seconds before the round starts. Ping hops to 100 and then fades down to stable 35-50 ms. But as i mentioned for last couple of days strange things starts to occure. My commands are delayed (at the beginig for a sec or two and later into the match delay reach 10-15 seconds). Moreover Ships are renderd by my client behind actual (server) position. Similary to delay in commands, ships positioning issue grows with match lenght. At the beginning its a few yards difference, but later on the difference is so huge that I'm not able to hit anything. Whats interesting is that shot tracers of my allies and enemy team are rendered properly, and i can see where the ship that was shot actualy is. What i did so far to solve my problem: - ping tests : to my router - no issues to my local website - no issues to www.worldofwarships.eu - no issues (small latency spikes but no packet loss) - Turned off every crapthat could affect internet connection - took my laptop to work to check it under different connection (same problem) - turned off firewalls, antiviruses, stoped updates etc. - Updated wireless card drivers - reinstaled the game Can any 1 tell me what kind of information should i provide? And what may cause such problem. Thank You in advance for any reply and please forgive me my awfull language. Best regards Scorn
  24. Hi, Ich habe extreme Probleme mit der Hafen UI, besonders beim Wechsel zwischen den einzelnen UI's am extremsten ist die Ladezeit/der Lag bei "Module", "Kapitänsfähigkeiten" und "Missionen". Im match habe ich aber, selbst auf Einstellungen zwischen High und Ultra immer noch 70-100 FPS. Also kann es wohl kaum an der Hardware liegen... Spiele Fullscreen auf 1920x1080p 16:9 Auflösung. Hardware: - CPU: Intel I5 6600K x4@3.6GHz (Overclocked auf 4.2GHz) - MB: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming - RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws IV 16GB DDR4 @2133MHz - SSD: Samsung 840 EVO mit 1 Terabyte Kapazität - GPU: MSI R9 270x Hawk mit 2GB vRAM