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Found 89 results

  1. I'm aware I've created a post about this before but I'm unable to find it again, and I know I'm not the only one with this crap. And yes, I'm severely annoyed because I cannot even [edited]press Port without the damn program giving me a hiccup. Since the release of the game runs like crap. Summary: Wows.exe stops responding upon clicking any button, pattern seems to be once every three clicks. Happened after CV rework ( My mate also has the problem. Note we both have over 100 ships in port. Game is almost unplayable due to the afore mentioned issues. It's really starting to make me think about throwing stuff into my monitors again like I used to do when I was ten. End of file.
  2. Któregoś dnia odinstalowałem grę, zdenerwowany "że mi nie szło". Potem zainstalowałem ponownie. Przy wykryciu nowego okrętu, przy trafieniu, przy torpedach, przy pożarze - zaczynają się przycinki, jakby lag albo przerwa w renderowaniu. Jak ktoś z bliska zrzuci torpedy, to czasem widzę że niby mnie miną, a potem się okazuje że właśnie wyłapałem. Lotniskowcem nie da się grać, przy wchodzeniu w tryb ataku - freeze, a potem zrzut za / obok itp celu. Pytanie - czy ktoś jeszcze to ma, czy to problem z moim komputerem / internetem? Gra po świeżej instalacji, ustawienia te co były zawsze i problemów nie robiły (ba, nawet trochę je poobniżałem, bo pomyślałem że może przesadziłem i stąd takie dziwne zjawiska) - niestety, od 3 dni mam ten problem.
  3. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Ping issues

    As the title suggests. I have been experiencing an unusual activity of lag spikes throughout the games. This started about an hour ago. I have done my due diligence and try to figure out whether it was on my end. After all the trouble shooting on my end (client side), it made me realise that the server is actually the culprit. During the games, I have also asked other players. They too agreed that they have been experiencing the same issues as I have been. For the record, the ping would fluctuate from 30ms~140ms. Making it nearly impossible to play. Ships showing as stopped when they are moving, the input lag that comes with it as well. i.e. mouse clicks, taking a full second or two to register. If anyone else is having such issues. Please reply below. So that the WG staff can take notice of it. Hope you all have a good battle.
  4. Hi there, Anyone else been getting lags/ping spikes over the last few days? Specifically every couple of minute I get 3 or 4 seconds of lag, the game returns to normal and then after a minute or so I get the same again. Wondering if it could be the server as I know they were having network issues. Cheers
  5. Migrond

    Sudden, massive frame rate drop

    When playing a match in my Kongo today my game suddenly dropped from a good frame rate of 50-60 to a stable 4 fps. This happened when my ship sustained heavy damage, and remained this way until the exact moment my ship was destroyed (about 5 minutes). During this period i tried a number of things to get it resolved so that I could perform for my team, including setting all graphical settings to low and checking my task manager for culprits running in the background. Neither of which yielded any results; lowering graphics to minimum didn't so much as rise the frame rate by 1. I suspect there is something wrong with the damage model of the Kongo, or perhaps a damage related bug that causes a massive resource sink? This has never happened before, and I couldn't find any related information about this. I also hoped to check out the replay of this battle, but apparently I have not enabled this feature so no replay exists. I'm interested to see if anyone else has experienced similar issues. regards, Migrond
  6. SkullBreaker007

    GPU usage 0% when playing game

    Hey guys I asked this question before, a friend asked to post here When I play world of warships the gpu usage is 0% I checked it using process hacker Usage is fine with other games. My specs its a low end notebook 4gb ram Intel hd 4400 Intel i5 1.6ghz-2.1ghz Windows 10 pro(optimized for high performance)
  7. Rhynn

    Lag im Spiel

    Da ich nicht weis wo genau das Bug Forum ist, und der Suchbegriff "Lag" zu kurz, poste ich mal hier. Hallo erstmal, ich spiele erst seit 2 Tage WoW und an und fuer sich macht es auch Spass. Ich treffe nur nichts. Oder fast nichts. Jetzt wollte ich gerne wissen ob schon jemand anderes folgendes Phenomen beobachtet hat: die Schiffe sind nicht an der Stelle an der man sie sieht. Ich habe das im Beobachtermodus immer wieder sehen koennen. Zwei Schiffe beschiessen sich und die Schuesse gehen eine Schiffslaenge vor dem Ziel ins Wasser (Wasser spritzt auf) und das Ziel verliert HP. Wird es dann zerstoert, macht das Zielschiff einen Sprung nach vorn (bis zu 3 Schifflaengen) und sinkt. Wenn ich auf ein Schiff schiese gehen die Schuesse durch die Aufbauten und den Rumpf und landen hinter dem Schiff im Wasser. Ping und FPS sehen eigentlich gut aus. Ist so ein Problem bekannt?
  8. Jack_Varus


    Hi, I've been having a really odd phenomenon in my games in the last couple of weeks. Essentially my client has been desynching from the server, displaying a state of play a few seconds behind the server, while there's no lag indicator and the ping is good. What this means is that the game plays like normal, until you correct your aim to 'hit' a ship and the shells simply phase through the target, or your shells explode on the sea well away from your target and register damage. Torpedoes and enemy fire behave the same way, so there's nothing more furstrating than prefectly dodging between two close spreads of torps then exploding and having your teamate explain on comms that you just sailed into all of them like a moron. Problem is, my internet connection seems OK to everything else so I'm not entirely sure what to do. This really is completely gamebreaking- whenever it pops up that's me done for the day, which is depressingly often... I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this?
  9. Darkcruiser

    Game lagged seit Heute MASSIV

    Hi Leute, Seit Heute ohne vorwarnung habe ich massive lags, als ob die Server stehen würden. Dies betrifft aber nur mich und alle andern können spielen. Ich habe dabei aber einen Ping von konstant 50-53 und kann alle anderen Spieler hören (z.B. SOS oder andere Befehle). Das Spiel steht (wie als ob ich in der warte zeit bin) für mich 2-3min dann warpe ich in die Richtung in die ich den Motor gestellt habe und ramme eine Insel. Da bleibt das Spiel für mich dann wieder hängen (Spiel läuft weiter als ob ich im warte modus bin) und ich kann zusehen wie die anderen Spieler mit ihren Schiffen durch Inseln oder andere hindernisse fahren. Dann für 1-2sek warped alles in die neue Richtung, die ich gesetzt habe und da bleibe ich wieder hängen. Ich kann wärend der Zeit, die ich stehe, angegriffen und beschädigt werden (Brand oder Wasser einbruch) oder sehe torpedos. Diese juckeln 10km oder mehr an mir vorbei, treffen mich aber trotzdem. Ich habe von Gestern (wo alles ohne probleme lief) auf Heute nix installiert oder sonst etwas gemacht Hoffe ihr habt eine Idee und könnt mir helfen.
  10. Emmerik

    Ships lagging at distance?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing ships lagging when you look at them at range. They "warp" in a way that they differ highly in speed (from 1knot to 25knots in 1 second) and sometimes just jump a few meters ahead instandly. I was wondering if this is a common problem of if it might be a problem with my connection/client. Furthermore; Awesome game, keep up the good work! Update: I got a response from support:
  11. JesusRaptorTank

    Weird lag in game

    Has anyone else noticed or is anyone else experiencing the flickering lag atm? The only way I can describe it as is the red lag sign in the upper left corner flickering on and off and ping shooting up and down constantly followed by an onscreen effect of what feels like your ship is being slowed down and then shoots forward like a rubber bad popping forward after being wound up, it's bugging the hell out of me and I know it's not my connection I've ran multiple packetloss and jitter tests and everything's fine on my end. I also have a few friends I play with over teamspeak who experience the exact same issue and they live in different parts of the world. Does anyone know what it is or why it's happening, and if so can or will it be fixed?
  12. Admittedly, I have an old PC (Core 2 quad, 5870, 6GB ram), but loading times where just atrocious with non stop harddisk activity. Id nearly always join well after the battle had started. So I finally moved everything to an SSD, which mostly solves the problem, but copying the game from hdd to ssd also showed the root cause; the WoW folder contained no less than 230 thousand files! Thats rougly 5x more than all the other applications installed on that PC combined. Just copying the folder took over an hour with transfer speeds dropping as low as a few 100Kb/s. There is nothing wrong with my harddrive ,its not even badly fragmented, and the ssd is new and perfectly fine, its just the OS filesystem overhead of so many tiny files. I realize these days most people use an SSD, but surely it cant be hard to optimize the game just a tiny bit better for harddrive users? As it happens, I have a relatively fast harddrive, I pity anyone trying this on a laptop drive.
  13. Since last update this game has become completely unplayable. I am having micro lags, I get audio notifications about ships being spotted 5s before they actually appear on map. Most importantly, I get disconnects from game that not only leave game but completely block my Internet connection. I have disabled firewall, antivirus... and this game still manage to mess up with internet connection. Game problem, patch problem, OS problem? No idea, but it started with 0.5.3 patch. I play on Win 8.1 64bit.
  14. Salut tout le monde! :) J'ai des problèmes cet après-midi sur le serveur EU1 de Wargaming. Je voulais savoir si vous aviez rencontré des problèmes récemment. L'équilibrage est pas bien fait apparemment. Et puis sur leur support: Des infos?
  15. So this happens every now and then since Open Beta started letting people in around the 28th http://i.imgur.com/dzy7Yp9.jpg - lost control -disconnect http://i.imgur.com/A4BYRjL.jpg - lost control http://i.imgur.com/ezsZrKz.jpg - in control again -taken in succession - Ping shows over a million - I cant control my ship, but everything still happens live, i get shot i see that shells hit me, enemies die and such, no notifications. - If i dont get disconnected, i suddenly regain control and ping goes normal My internet connection is a Bahnhof 1000/100, i have a new networks cable, no router/firewall or similar, no issues or packet loss. Halp, only happens to me or others suffer from this?
  16. ste1701

    Help needed with game lag

    Been in the game since Closed Beta, and World of Tanks but keep getting major lag which means its virtually unplayable . I have tried resetting my modem and this happens when Im playing alone and when others use the internet at home . im on an average 140mbps download during the day and 95mbs evening with average upload 9mbps I have installed and run ping Plotter today but need help wioth the diagnostics if possible please to try and figure where the issues lie.. many thanks Steve
  17. Bonjour, Étrange et pénible bug... A toutes les batailles, lorsqu'il me reste précisément 12m10s de partie, le jeu se met à laguer complètement. Tous les navires font du sur place, mais je pense que cela ne concerne que moi car les obus, eux par contre, me tombent bien sur la tronche... Je ne vois vraiment pas d'ou cela peut venir... Une idée?
  18. I'll start by informing everyone, my rig is crap and I am well aware of that. Also, I do not afford a new one at this time, since real life problems need my attention and money more. So, all of you who don't have this problem because you own a Porsche for a PC, try and be helpful or just ignore this topic if you're feeling smug, there are a lot of players with underpowered rigs who just want to play, even with 8-bit graphics. Ok, got that out of the way, now here is the issue. As with every WG title, WoWS is poorly optimized, the game engine lacks support for crappy rigs. Had the same problem with WoT at the beginning, but, little by little, the game became playable even for me, at one point was even getting over 30 fps constantly, with under 60 lag. Yes, for me, those are good stats and no, my ISP is really good, so the issues were server based. Now, I get a meesly 20 fps, but still, I was born in lag, I'll die in lag, I can manage. But, with WoWS is different. All is good and well, running at 50 fps on the lowest settings, but running. And then, the enemy starts to appear, shells start to fly through the air and... wait, why have I stopped ? Oh ffs, 500-800 ping, 0-2 fps... Again, I admit, my pc is bullcrap, but I can manage other games just fine, not perfect, but fine. Why ? Can WG explain this, without blaming the ISP ? Because, and I checked, the problem is clearly server based, the same as with WoT in the beginning and it has passed some time since the open beta was released. All the game got in that time space were ships, premium ships and... well, not much else. Where are the bug fixes ? Where are the optimizations based on player feedback ? WG, please understand, there are players out there who do not own space age computers, think of them also. Maybe they can't afford a new rig, but may be willing to buy in-game stuff, like premium time, premium ships, premium consumables, whatever you guys want players to use real money on. Please, start fixing the core of the game, then worry about how battleships commanders complain. Make the game available for as many as you can, then, based on the gameplay of the many, start fixing the battles. Oh well, at any rate, not sure what kind of answer this topic may get, if any from WG staff. As for players, read the beginning before sticking your PCs in my face. Rant over.
  19. rising_uk

    Wtf is up with the servers?

    Anyone getting a lag and fps problem with the servers currently?
  20. Hello guys, I'm sorry for the long title but it's a strange problem. I've uploaded a video on my Gdrive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Byu5SDNKpGqaWE5nODF4em9HdzA/view?usp=sharing What can this be? Thank you for the attention
  21. reefclaw

    Desync and premium time

    So, I'm one of many people experiencing desync issues. And i'm running an AMD proc (one core affinity is no option). And my internet connection is great. This however is not a topic about that. As there are many other topics like this. This topic is related to premium time. With these desync issues, the game is unplayable. Even untestable. We can not see where the enemy ships really are. We can not see where torpedo's really are. And we (at least i) experience huge rubber banding when maneuvering the ship. So, the game is unplayable and untestable. As how can you test that which you cannot play. But, when i bought one of the ship packages. (I believe it's the warspite one). I got 30 days of premium time. That time is now lost. The does not calculate premium time on actual time played. Nor on actual days online. So, i got the 30 days, and it's sitting there, now being used. Does anyone else have the same issue? Do you think wargaming should reimburse the premium time lost due to this desync issue? Ahoy, Reefclaw
  22. Dukemeister

    keyboard lag

    Since several days i notice keyboard lag. Especially when i use shift to zoom in and out. Sometimes it wont even react and i have to press several times before it zooms back to 3th person view. I don't have this problem in world of tanks. Nothing is wrong with my keyboard either since it works normally under f.i. word or other games. Its no fps lag or ping lag either; both are fine. I saw on the north american server people noticed an simulair problem. I have an Logitech K800 wireless keyboard and batteries are fully loaded. Anyone else noticed the same problem and has maybe a solution for it?
  23. Aimbob_OneShot


    Moin. Seit diesem Patch hab ich das erste mal Probleme mit meiner Latenz. Sobald ich in das erste Gefecht gehe, hab ich nach 2 - 3 Minuten ein Monsterlag ( Da passiert 3 - 4 Sekunden überhaupt gar nix ) und dannach bleibt meine Latenz permanent bei knapp unter 500 ms . Spiel neustarten bringt nix. PC neustarten bringt nix. Das einzige was da hilft ist, meinen Router neustarten. Woran kann das wohl liegen ?
  24. So I came back to WoWS after a couple of months, update it and go to play but in port the game is dropping FPS hard. If I hold mouse still it looks fine (80 fps @ max settings), but if I move the mouse, roate the ship camera or open a menu it starts stuttering and drops to 1 fps. The same thing happens in game, fps is fine until I move mouse/ press tab or esc then it dies again. So far I've tried to fix it by: - Clean Install - Launch with no mods - This fix http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/42946-engine-configxml-fps-loading-stuttering-fix/page__st__120#topmost - Reinstalled Drivers using DDU - Rolled back to old drivers - Running on min settings Yet I still get the same issues. The problem is, I can play games like Black Ops 3, DOOM etc at max settings fine, this only seems to happen in WoWS (and less severely in Smite). Can anyone help with this? PC specs are: Intel 6820HK @2.7GHz Nvidia Gtx 980M 16 GB Ram Windows 10
  25. SENAdmiral

    Please get a decent Eu server !

    Allow me to present myself: I am a fan of wows, and a fan of all great navy video-games, starting with the great SIMSub.s trough to Napoleon TW - naval warfare, and later Shogun & FoTS naval warfare. All great games. Last ones I still play online. NEVER EVER C.A. give us reasons to complain about ping - even with a game where a player can take up to 8 ships in teams of 4 vs 4. (32 ships vs 32 ships). The servers are great there and the game stable. Later I was going on WT, using first planes then tanks, waiting for ships. Sadly, WT are not interested to much on ships, and they are loosing players each month - main reason : because the toxic atm. on the WT Forum, where incompetence, dictatorship, and no critics allowed just make almost all vet players to desist using that crap forum. The mod team on WT Forum are just the worst mod team I ever see in a Forum, and right now you can see sometimes are more mods on Forum then players - thanks to them... Anyway, I come here called by a friend and I really enjoy WoWS, I think the game have a great potential and will grow fast this year. I cant complain to much about others problems .... But .... Its becoming an almost daily pain in the ..... I have 2-3 games with nice behavior, then after 30 min of game play, starts the crap pikes & lag... We all have the possibility to watch now not just the ping on the in-battle screen, but also we can see the "lag" red message who pop-up when the ping sky-rocket. My HUGE stress its not for the ping himself, BUT I noticed the screen "freeze" 1 second or even 2 seconds each time when the ping spike hit; The lag message pop-up so fast (less then 1/5 of a sec ! ) its making hard to even notice its the lag who drop the FPE at zero. That make the game a lottery, you can miss the torpedo coming to you, or a high caliber arty salvo... not to say its killing the most of fun... I do KNOW my IPS provider its decent (fiber, 120mb/16) , other on-line games run smooth, I do know some things about computers ( I run a small shop for PC repairs) so.... The SAME thing of problem parasite the WT games a lot of times, when the servers get over-charged, and Failjin took almost 2 years to buy some decent servers / to pay for some decent collaborators. Anyway, right now Failjin overcome the problem, are MUCH MUCH less lag there then here... So, I wonder, and ask you all: it is here any real concern about the quality of the Eu server ? And please do not come with that crap of "install Ping Plotter , then make a bug report" - I do NOT WORK for WoWS, A company to lazy to do her own work needs to understand will fail. You do not need players report using other party soft tools to fix your damn server. You DO KNOW the client machines fail. So, better do not ask us to make your work, this kind of behavior looks more to keep the players silenced about ping & lag (since to fulfill a bug report need time - sometime MORE time then you have to play... wait a bit, I am the guy who come here TO PLAY not to make bugs investigation ! for that work WoWS pay money to some pro guys ! WHAT THEY ARE DOING ??? ) I support WoWS by using Premium time / ships etc / BUT guys, do NOT ask us to do your job ! I am more then sure WoWS DO KNOW the Eu server are at fault: are they thinking to do something about ? Any toughs ?.... PS - my machine specs : an I5 at 3,9, 16 GB Crucial, Win 7 Ult x64, Radeon 6850. Perfect healthy HD. Temperature monitored non-stop, never pass 45 Cº.