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Found 5 results

  1. United we stand divided we fall Currahee! Wir sind ein Clan der ursprünglich aus dem MMOG Spiel Navyfield kommt, in dem wir seit 2008 die Meere unsicher machen. Jetzt wollen wir WoWs erobern. Wir sind ein hauptsächlich deutscher Clan, aber haben einige englischsprachige Mitspieler und stehen demgegenüber immer offen. Wir sind ein erfolgsorientierter Clan und geben uns nicht mit dem zweiten Platz zufrieden ;) ,sind aber dennoch ein lustiger Haufen bei dem Spaß und Zusammenhalt ganz groß geschrieben werden. Ohne ts3 geht bei uns garnichts!! Teamplay ist das oberste Gebot. Wenn du min. 18 Jahre alt bist und Lust hast den Erfolg mit uns aufzubauen, hinterlasse uns hier einen Post oder spreche jemanden aus unserem Clan ingame TS3 Ansprechpartner: _IC3MAN_ AnnidieKurze SchorschBock Band of Brothers sucht Kapitäne!
  2. Excavatus

    Russian Cruiser Line

    Hello gentelmen, Some of you know me as a IJN DD captaion mostly and with some German BBs.. After spending nearly whole april out of game and driving tonks, I'm back with the new ranked season, and I find myself in no desire to sail in IJN DDs (generally all DDs) and my german BBs anymore. I unlocked FDG and sold my bismarck, my only BB, and stopped playing my shima at all. (Really thinking about selling it and getting yugumo back) Ok, this far it was just an introduction. I've found my new interest in the cruisers. I've always grinded German ones, because I don't know, I love them and can do average or above in them. Now I am at roon, and I am loving that ship. 20.7km range with that epic guns and 11.1 km detectability.. are you real... ??? Can't be arsed to go RN cruisers even though I want a mina, I cant grind them. Tried twice failed twice. and no to US cruisers because island hugging is nothing I like.. and with my limited experience in that like RN cruisers. Spotted cruiser is a dead cruiser. So, one of the days in the near past, I was grinding my roon and thinking about the Jap Cruiser line, One of the idiots from my clan said "Why not try RU Cruisers.! you will love them!" to wrap it up, I've finished kirov and started Buddyony last night. and my inital assesment is same for both of them. Great guns.. oh.. love of my life guns.. but you have to keep your captain constantly drunk, because If you sail in a straight line more than 3 seconds.. you will eat citadels even from your dead grandmother will think you are full... You have to position yourself quite good because most of the times, disengaging means hide behind an island for a while and change locations. You get spotted from the moon so sailing back 20 seconds and disengaging is not an option. My only problem is, I like to be aggressive and go take a good spot at the start.. but %99 of the time, I get spotted and shot at.. I am good at dodging those long range shots but, you know, RNGesus says.. hey one shell is totally off the aim.. oh! here is your citadel! 11K damage... May I take some advices.. for buddyony and for the road up ahead.. ? may I take some warnings for what to expect further in the line? Any terrible ship designed to be a free XP sink? any ship worth keeping through the line? Generally.. tell me anything about the RU Cruiser line starting with tier 6.. Thanks in advance. !
  3. ollonborre

    Z-46 struggle

    So far the German DD line have been a blast. The Gaede is pretty good, I adore the Maas and the Z-23 is also a barrel of fun. But I just can't seem to get the Z-46 moving past the "meh" impression. On paper it should be good. Good guns with decent range and nice velocity, great torps, stealth is on par with most other same tier DD's, nice HP pool and Hydro. But there is some not so nice fineprint attached to the paper stats. The guns are good, but the turret placement is awkward with 1 turret in front and 2 in the back meaning chasing is annoying. The HP pool can easily vanish since it is so fat and loves to arm BB AP. The Hydro, while better than on the Z-23 is not that much better, meaning that even if you face a lower tier german DD for example the distance it has to cover to also spot you is neglible at best. Now it might look like I'm complaining, and in a sense I am. But I still think it is an alright ship. I just struggle to get consistent results out of it. One game you get blapped by radar/hydro/plane/BB AP and HE before you even have the time to consider popping smoke. And other games you run around torping and stealthcapping everything without competition. The Z-23 and Maas I could pull consistent results in, and it was fun to contest caps and chase down other DD's and torping what was left. In the Z-46 it feels like I have to be so very careful I sometimes don't even dare to go into caps since I'm not sure I can get out alive. So any suggestions? Or is just a big l2p issue when you hit tier 9 DD's?
  4. ClappingLollies


    WG, can you make some proper tutorials ingame on how to play different classes, what different commander skills do, modules and so on. It seems like there is alot of players that need to learn how to play their favorite ships, and i know from experience that sometimes its hard to figure things out just from playing the game. Tell players what sigma is and how it works, tell players what strenghts and weeknesses the different ships have. Teach them that even though you have 25km range on your guns, does not mean you have to stay at the border to be safe and that you have 100k HP for a reason, not just to save it for.... Something. I had a T9 DD on my team earlier sailing around the map and ending up at the boarder since "the enemy had he's radio location". And thats just one of many cases of players not knowing what they are doing. Alot of players need some education on how this game works. Please give it to them.
  5. Did wargaming close down World of Tanks, and everyone moved over to warships, or is something going on? Tier9 game, check the map, all went to C and still didn't cap: