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Found 9 results

  1. ImperialAdmiral

    How many Krakens do you have?

    Just a fun topic. How many Krakens you got to this date? I got my 50th today.
  2. Freyr_90

    Yamamoto special abilities - heal?

    So I brought this up earlier, but I had a nice game in Yamato a few days ago. Got Kraken (yay!) but I'm pretty sure that I didn't get the heal on the ship? Is it supposed to be this way? Am I missing something? Replay as follows
  3. Good morning, I've always cared deeply about the most pressing issues this game faces. While everyone is busy with CV testing, IJN buffs, radar rework and other such trivialities, I've taken it upon myself to address a deeply worrying and fundamental problem in this game. There is no correlation between Kraken Unleashed and Four Goal Haul. It's a travesty of astronomical proportions. What makes Receiving a Kraken so special is the amount of effort put into KSing five times in the same match. Impressive, I know. Hence the mighty and powerful achievement draws a parallel in the Unleashing of a Kraken, the sea's most fearsome "mythical" beast. (Cthulu is real and you know it.) There are however a group of people who want recognition for only four. Hardly an act of valour and bravery, but it is noteworthy in its own right. This brings me to why Squid Released should be the new achievement. 1) You cannot say "I got a four" in the same way you say "I got a Kraken". This totally neuters any bragging rights. Saying "I got a Squid" however, now that's an epic victory royale. 2) It's unwieldy. Kraken Unleashed rolls off the tongue, as does Squid Released. Four Goal Haul just sounds unimportant and monotonous. 3) Too long. Way too long. Almost as bad as "King of the Air" replacing "Clear Sky". Shocking. 4) Look at this squid. She is cute. Think of how upset she will be if you don't name an achievement after her species. 5) Deep down we all know this has to be done. I thank you all for your support in furthering this Movement. Each and every upvote brings us one step closer to rectifying this cruel injustice. Kind Regards, Alex (MiniBrit)
  4. Gros délire autour d'une partie avec le Dunkerque sur la map Neighbors (voisins) quelques jours après l'achat de celui-ci. Je sais pas trop si ça donnera envie à d'autre de franchir le pas et de l'acheter, mais ce bateau est juste fun à souhait! Tout commentaire constructif est bon à prendre ;)
  5. I had an amazing game on the last day of 5.9 I hope you will enjoy the video I made and I would like to hear some feedback on the rock/metal music used as the one shot/big hit "sound effect" Ps.: I used my former Pepsi captain on her, currently retraining for the nect CA in line.
  6. Braincage

    Is the Tier 6 Budyonny the new king?

    My second 6 kill game of the day in this ship. The HE is great and the AP tears ships up. The final game of the stream and we pull off an incredible win from being far behind. Probably the hardest carry I've ever made. https://www.twitch.tv/braincage/v/57703980
  7. I am a well versed CV gamer who have a great strategic skills looking to be a part of some team I can prove that I have an amazing skills and can astonish any player with the crazy amount of skills that I have
  8. Hey guys I have been asked by my clan mates to post this video.... Please read the description 1st ! "Wow.... So we all 3 disconnected from game... as we came back in half the team was dead, we were down 3 caps and 36 to 530 points.... now settle down, grab a beer and watch as the most epic comeback, since 1966 unfolds before your very eyes."