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Found 17 results

  1. [MUMMY] MUMMY, never heard of them If your hair is turning gray, or leaving you all together, you might have heard about MUMMY's presence in the WoT competitive scene, but for the rest here's a short introduction. We're a rag-tag group of ego tripping almost unicums of all ages that mess around in divisions and competitive. A lot of personalities and nationalities come together to get frustrated with RNG and teammates. We consist mainly of white flag wavers, potato farmers, tulip eaters, autobahn diesels, mountain bankers, pasta fiddlers, siesta takers, flat-packing Scandinavians, and a topless streamer [40M] (#Rexit). We don't shy away from some healthy banter, whether it be in our spam group on Whatsapp or our #banter channel on Discord. We get a bit more serious for competitive events, but in the end we're all here to have fun. All in all we're a very active community with daily activity and weekly events. Our goals MUMMY is a relatively new clan that is fighting it's way into the competitive scene. With most players having played Clan Battles into Typhoon or Hurricane leagues in previous seasons we are aiming for the sub-top again in upcoming seasons. Apart from CB we're also getting into competitions such as Kings of the Seas in the near future. To achieve this we organize weekly training sessions, both internal and versus other clans. This growth also has opportunities for new members who are interested in creating tactics or leading a team! Who's up for adoption? In general we do not care if you're a super unicum "stet pedder" or a green veteran. A couple of things are important to us however, namely that you: Have T10 ships with decent experience (100+ T10 games) and stats (>55% winrate in certain T10 ships). Are active on a weekly basis and wants to play with other people. Speak English fluently. Do not mind banter and jokes. Are somewhat mature. These requirements are not rock hard, unlike VF on a goat farm, so if you think you'll fit in feel free to contact us! Where to find us You can join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/vxvqKaS) free of charge! While you're there feel free to join a division channel or post in the text channels. Alternatively, you can send any of our Commanders or Recruiters a message in-game, keep in mind the messages in game tend to disappear randomly. Lastly, you can leave a comment on this thread explaining why you think you fit and we'll be sure to respond. Hope to see you among our ranks soon! Greetings, JJWhite
  2. TobiAssho

    King of the Sea VIII

    King of the Sea is back! The biggest tournament in WoWs is starting next week. Dates: - March 2nd signup opens at 18:00 - March 9th signup closes at 01:00 - March 10th first Qualification round - March 16th Second group stage - March 17th Knockout stage - March 23rd Regional finals - March 24th CIS vs EU grand final Format - T 10 - 9vs9 - Max 3 capital ships (CV + BB) - Max 1 CV Prizes: Per player, max 12 players 1 5,000 doubloons + 5,000 steel 2 4,000 doubloons + 4,000 steel 3 2,500 doubloons + 3,500 steel 4 1,500 doubloons + 3,000 steel 5-8 1,250 doubloons + 2,500 steel 9-16 1,000 doubloons + 2,000 steel 17-32 1,000 doubloons Participation 5x FTW Camouflage Sponsored by WG! Maps: - Trap - Sea of Fortune - Land of Fire - Shards (reworked) - North - Warriors Path - Tears of the Desert As usual we will have an awesome cast from the WG office for the final weekend. This time it will be hosted in St. Petersburg! Signup here: https://goo.gl/UCT4Bf Join KotS discord: https://discord.gg/TV3weJ7 (at least 1 Represent of a clan must be on the discord to participate) Linc collection will all Info: http://bit.ly/kots8links
  3. strikertom123

    Looking For A Competitive Clan

    Hello, I'm currently looking for another clan due to [WOLF] falling apart, I'm looking for an active competitive clan. I'm 22 years old and from the England. My experience in clan wars involves being the Main FC for [WOLF] in all 4 clan wars seasons resulting in [WOLF] Finishing: In the 1st Clan battle season we finished 38th overall on EU. In the 2nd season we finished 24th in the EU. In the 3rd Season we finished 34th in the EU I also FC'd [WOLF] during the Poseidon cup tournament on EU in the hurricane bracket with us finishing overall 7th. However I would love to play KOTS however due to number of active players in [WOLF] we were never able to play in the tournament meaning i would be completely new to the layout / set-up. Although I have the FC experience I'm not particularly bothered about FC just being able to play in a competitive environment is enough for me Thanks for reading and I look forward to any offers. p.s. Yah my recent stats over the last month have been bad :/
  4. tomaszo1234

    King of the Seas VII

    King of the Seas VII losowanie grup https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQ3A0hdJ0W8uUJ_8xYHRA23-00nfq1zBLZMcJnGzF3yqWFEfbRncwhl-F5FtLkqTBiridjlIGpxaCD0/pubhtml?gid=643737034&single=true w tym sezonie widzę rekordowa liczba uczestników turnieju. Jest też dosyć dużo klanów z Polski. Większość to debiutanci. w tym sezonie brak Łobuzów i Alko . Ta więc najsilniejszym (teoretycznie) klanem reprezentującym Polskę jest GRAY. Turniej zapowiada się bardzo ciekawie.
  5. TobiAssho

    KotS VI Announcement

    The World of Warships Community proudly presents After a glorious tournament in January King of the Sea returns on May 13th! Not only do we have a new ruling King of the Sea with WGP2W for EU but we also established dominance in the Atlantic ocean by fighting the top teams from North America. While we were fighting there a new power is rising, bigger and more dangerous. CIS is challenging EU once again and EU is thirsty for revenge. So as a grand finale the best teams of both servers will meet in this iteration of King of the Sea! The ruleset is fundamentally the same as for King of the Sea V: Tier 10, restrictions of 1CV and 2 BBs, no other limits A round robin group stage, playable in one day for all non-seeded teams to qualify for the knockout stage Top 16 teams of Clan Battles Season 2 will be seeded into the Round of 32 and will not play on weekend one A prize pool of over 500,000 doubloons sponsored by Wargaming More spaces, up to 80 teams can sign up to take their shot at the crown Intercontinental, the top two teams from EU and CIS will face each other The finals weekend will be a live studio cast, featuring our beloved Wargaming crew MrConway and Crysantos together with the illustrious guests Izolate, Flamu aaaaaaaaand the Mighty Jingles! Teams: King of the Sea is open to all teams. You must provide a lineup of at least nine players at registration Sign-up is first-come first-serve after the seeded teams have confirmed. If you are a top-16 clan battles team and wish to participate please contact us before May 1st. Rough structure of the tournament: here Map pool (all maps played as "tournament domination"): Loop Sea of Fortune Shatter Sleeping Giant Tears of the Desert Trap Warriors Path Schedule: Day 1 - May 13, - Group Stage Day 2 - May 19, - Qualification Round of 32 (group first vs group second) and Round of 32 (featuring seeded teams) Day 3 - May 20, - Round of 16 and Quaterfinal Day 4 - May 26, - Semifinals and EU final Day 5 - May 27, - International third place and Finals (both bo5) Outline schedule soon Rewards: Over 500.000 doubloons worth of prizes. Placement EU Prizes 1 30 Days of premium + 2000 Doubloons+ 30 FTW 2 30 Days of premium + 1000 Doubloons+ 25 FTW 3 - 4 30 Days of premium + 10 FTW 5 - 8 3 Days of premium + 10 FTW 9 - 16 10 FTW 17 - 32 5 FTW * FTW - Camouflage -3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. +333% Commander experience earned in the battle. +20% credits earned in the battle. Internatinal placement Prizes 1 Any available T8 premium ship 2 Any available T7 premium ship 3 Any available T6 premium ship Discord: Discord is our main platform for answering questions and posting updates for teams. At least two of your team representative must be available on discord. You can join using this link: KotS Discord Full Rules: here Sign-up will open on the third of May at 18:00 CEST here Please read the rules fully before registering
  6. The King of the Sea org team have a small event to announce; light and short and a lesser time commitment for teams than a full King of the Sea (which this is of course not replacing) A set of one-day clan battles tournaments on Sunday Sept 2 The Poseidon Clan Cup The basic outline is as follows: Three simultaneous tournaments will be played in the clan battles format One each for Hurricane, Typhoon, and an Open Class for clans in Storm and below 7v7 on clan battles maps, with ship restriction of zero CVs and one BB. Each of the three tournaments has space for a maximum of 16 teams Unlike in clan battles, the maps and spawns will be known before the game starts, so map-specific setups and tactics are possible Structure Each tournament will be played in two stages: a swiss group stage, followed by knockout semifinals and finals the group stage will be played a five rounds of best-of one. All teams will play all five matches the knock out stage will consist of best-of-three semifinals and best-of-five finals, as well as a third place match Dates and Times The tournament will be played on Sunday September 2. The provisional start is 14.00 CEST, however the exact time may yet change slightly. Prizes Prizes are equal across all three tournaments, eight are available for each team Teams that play all their allotted games without dropping out are guaranteed a participation reward Prize Structure 1st 30000 Coal + 1 CC container 2nd 25000 Coal 3rd 20000 Coal 4th 15000 Coal 5th-8th 10000 Coal Participation 5000 Coal Additionally, there will be CC containers as prizes for outstanding individual achievements such as fastest first blood, most torps spotted, and so forth Ruleset The full ruleset is being finalised will be posted soontm Discord We use the King of the Sea discord server to run all our tournaments. Your team must have at least one member available on discord for planning purposes and on game days. Further members are of course welcome :) Discord link: http://discord.kingofthesea.eu Registration Sign up will open on Aug 12 and close on Sun Aug 26. In the event we have more than sixteen registrations for one of the tournaments preference will be given to the 16 highest ranked sing-ups from the eligible league. Register Here
  7. Hey all, after three, rather successful seasons I decided leaving KKTM and looking for another clan. I would be playing dds exclusively in competitive and am looking for a clan that reaches high level typhoon or hurricane consistently. My stats: https://wows-numbers.com/player/500353925,dCK_Ad_Hominem/? Please notify me by tagging me if you are interested.
  8. [PN4VY] Potato Navy [OPEN] About ourselves PN4VY is the sister clan of PNAVY with high caliber players who wish to prove themselves on competitive level. Pnavy and many of our members are highly experienced as we have participated in many competitive tournaments such as Odem Mortis cup, King of the sea 1,King of the Sea 2 , King of the Sea 3 ,League of the sea and many more to come in the future.If you are looking to enjoy your time playing the game at the same time playing clan battles with us do not hesitate to apply and we will contact you.We also finished on the top of the Typhoon League one in the clan battles.Feel free to join our discord and say hi!. https://discord.gg/65ftfQq Requirements Must have 55% Win rate in random battles. Must have at least one T10 ship for competitive battles and clan battles Must be willing to play competitive games against other clans in tournaments Must have discord to communicate and must use it actively Must have a working Microphone Must be able to speak English What we can offer? We, no doubt under dogs as compared to other renowned clans but with your help we can improve Chance to play competitive games against other clans Chance to learn and improve your mistakes to get better at your game Able to receive clan port abilities Able to get rewards for next clan battles missions Able to play in clan wars and future competitive events We offer clan wars rewards for every single members in our clan.We have played with 4 teams last season just to allow people to get their rewards Get the fancy Hurricane League tag on your battles!
  9. until
    Time to crown the King of the Sea V! Been following the King of the Sea V - Battle of the Atlantic Tournament? See how it all played out here. When is it happening? Day 5 - International Finals - This Sunday (04/02 starting at 18:00 CET; UTC+1) Where can you watch? We are inviting Flamu and Izolate to our Paris studio to join us in casting the tournament finals. As the most experienced World of Warships casting duo, they will be able to provide insights into the strategies and tactics at play and hopefully give YOU a better understanding of World of Warships at a tournament level. Head to our official World of Warships Twitch channel and hit "Remind Me". Get involved in the official World of Warships Twitch chat and predict the match outcomes for a chance to win some exclusive tournament camouflages. Also streaming are: Mandarin uocat French Dimlean World_of_Warships_FR German Wargaminggames PrivatePinguin Polish Ujea/ProGamer
  10. ShinGetsu

    Il pleut chez les RAIN !

    Cher Monsieur le Juge, Mesdames et Messieurs les Jurés, et toute l'Assistance à laquelle j'ai l'honneur de m'adresser. Nous sommes réunis aujourd'hui afin de mettre en lumière, que dis-je, de BRAQUER UN PROJECTEUR sur les viles machinations de membres de notre communauté française ! Je veux bien entendu, en ma qualité de procureur de la République, parler de ces abjects personnages impliqués dans le clan [RAIN]. Mais tout d'abord peut-on même les considérer comme membres de notre communauté ? En effet, et pour commencer, j'accuse ces Messieurs de collaborer avec d'éminents ressortissants étrangers dans un but inavouable de participer à un quelconque obscur tournoi étrangers pour des motifs purement vénals ! Ils ne font ainsi même pas rejaillir leur quelque peu pittoresque gloire sur notre glorieuse nation dans le cas absurde où ils performeraient honorablement durant ce "KoTS". J'ACCUSE les membres du clan RAIN de pratiquer une discrimination honteuse envers la communauté dites des "Weebs" et de mener jusqu'à un ostracisme et un boycott du "meilleur CV EU" (quoi que celà-puisse être dans leur jargon infâme) pour son inclinaison à sympathiser avec les-dits "weebs". J'ACCUSE certains membres de ce clan de se livrer à du travail forcé et non rémunéré à la mine de sel, sous les cris et invectives de ce qu'ils nomment grossièrement un "strateur" ! Enfin, et j'en arrive à la partie majeure de mon exposé, J'ACCUSE également ces messieurs de machination, et de connivence avec l'ennemi. J'affirme que ceux-ci, et malgré leur arrogance, se sentent obligés de payer leurs ennemis afin de gagner leurs match au cours de cette "KoTS" ! Nous allons analyser les preuves accablantes qui sont présentes dans cette vidéo ci-dessous, et nous appuyer également sur les dires des membres attentifs du "forum RU !". Ceux-ci sont en effet d'excellents patriotes qui ont observés avec toute leur attention ces finales de "match". Au vu de cette vidéo : J'ACCUSE les membres de RAIN d'avoir très clairement tenté de perdre le match à ces moments plus connus sous le nom de "HE POTATOED THAT ?!" (04:02) et de "CV qui tank wtf" (04:36) afin d'endormir les esprits ! J'ACCUSE ces messieurs d'avoir très clairement acheté le tiers "Wargaming", sponsor de ce match pour avoir pu profiter d'un RNG [Générateur de nombre aléatoire. NDT] particulièrement favorable, et d'avoir en particulier pu faire preuve d'une précision très douteuse à "10:20" (Gearing en blind) et à "11:11" (Hindenburg devast). J'ACCUSE ces messieurs d'avoir pu profiter du placement très douteux d'une île qui a pu servir de couverture de manière particulièrement suspecte à leur Minotaur (12:51) qui aurait dû couler auparavant sans espoir de survie. Il y avait clairement intention de simuler des dégâts massifs afin "d'épater la galerie" ! J'ACCUSE un achat flagrant de leurs adversaires lors de ce second "match". il est évident qu'un score de 1000 à 0 (!) ne peut venir que d'un contrat frauduleux entre les deux parties (12:08). Songez quand même qu'il est censé s'agir du plus haut niveau de compétition opposant des équipes de deux continents ! Cette grossière manipulation n'abuse et n'amuse personne, messieurs. J'ACCUSE enfin SMILE d'avoir accepté un marché avec RAIN, et d'avoir très clairement perdu le dernier match de manière flagrante et volontaire afin d'offrir la victoire à leur adversaire ! Passons maintenant à la pièce à conviction numéro 2 : Comme le dit cet éminent membre de la communauté russophone, J'ACCUSE RAIN de n'être composés que d'une bande de mercenaires assoiffés de sang et de gloire superficielle, allant jusqu'à acheter des joueurs pour parvenir à leurs fin ! Et tout celà pour quelle récompense ? Un drapeau, mesdames et messieurs, un simple drapeau ! Si ce n'est pas la preuve d'un esprit dérangé, je ne sais ce qu'il vous faut de plus. Pour finir, J'ACCUSE RAIN de se livrer à la vile pratique rituelle connue sous le nom de "statpadding noble". Ceci consiste, selon leur esprit malade, à s'en prendre à plus faible que soi mais sous des circonstances très particulières (définies selon des critères douteux) dans une optique de paraître meilleurs qu'ils ne le sont ! J'espère, monsieur le Juge, mesdames et messieurs les jurés, que vous aurez suivis ma diatribe effarouchée avec toute l'attention requise, et que vous prendrez les mesures nécessaires au vu de ces preuves objectives concernants ces... ces "individus" et leur douteux sens du fair-play, de la tolérance et de leur sens de la patrie. PS : source du post en russe : https://forum.worldofwarships.ru/topic/108375-регламент-турнира-king-of-the-sea-vi-wows/?page=18&tab=comments#comment-4712720 (Faut Google trad)
  11. Evening gentlemen, we are planning to run the next King of the Seas early next year. With clan battles and new, very good teams playing in them, we need to decide on a format that works for everyone, veteran KotS teams and those that came up in this CB season. Do have a brief look at the wall of text pro/con list below before voting, by adding the standard or below the options you are happy with or hate. You can vote for more than one, we're trying to get a sense of what people are comfortable playing As with the last surveys, we are less interested in the absolute number of votes for a given option, and much more in the arguments for why we should adopt a given format. We can see up- and downsides to all of these, and are very open to (constructive!) suggestion. T8, 9v9, CV: This is ye olde standard, and those of you who have played previous KotS tournaments will be familiar with the up- and downsides. With the MK no longer for sale the meta is likely to change a bit, possibly for the better, possibly buffing BBs more. Either way, we're confident that it'll work, less confident that it's the best option. We see two major downsides here: most teams don't have enough captains to be able to run competitive setups for Tier 8 and Tier 10, where we'd expect official competitive to stay. We'd also likely have to keep banning individual ships as well, which will lead to an overly complicated ruleset. More importantly, clan battles have thrown up new teams that have cut their teeth in the current T10 meta and are playing at a top level. Switching not just to a CV, but changing the both the tier and player numbers is a huge ask, and will put them at a potentially unfair disadvantage to teams that have KotS experience. We are leaning against running T8 for next KotS. T10, 7v7, no CV: hat we're all playing right now - this means all teams have a level playing field to catch up on training, develop and test tactics before a tournament, and captain specs shouldn't be an issue. We're seeing 2-, 1-, and 0-DD comps in typhoon league, so the meta should be quite diverse, and knowing the map, spawn and opponent will allow teams to bring specific comps and tactics, which should be interesting and a change from clan battles. The obvious downside is that going head to head with the competitive format already in the game feels a bit like missed opportunity to do something interesting. We're also concerned that in 7v7 achievable winrates are too low for a knock-out tournament. We don't want stomps, but we don't want coinflips either, and what works over sample size of hundreds of games won't necessarily work over a best-of-three. It's a workable option, but we're not keen on this either. T10, 9v9, CV: This was played in the MDIV league, so it's a format with at least some testing behind it. BBs would likely be restricted to two. We'd expect the meta to establish itself fairly quickly - think parallels to T8, with cruisers spending more time in the open, at long ranges, and likely more smoke. It does have the significant downside (as with T8) that expereince and skills from this CB season will be hard to transfer to a very different meta. We see it as the 'safest' option, and one that will not require too much testing for us to confident it will work in some fashion. T10, 9v9, No CV: A possible compromise between the meta and the skills developed in this season of clan battles, and the older KotS format. The basic idea here being that with-CV and no-CV gameplay are different enough that this gives teams that got their start in clan battles an equal footing, while somewhat reducing the variance in 7v7. There will be more vision as you have more ships dotted around the map, and losing one player early isn't the death-knell it is in clan battles. On the other hand it’s a lot of firepower. While it looks to have potential, none of us have ever played this before so it would need fairly extensive testing before we'd be comfortable going ahead with it. If you're interested in helping out with that do say so. We are very much looking for your input so we can make a fun tournament with the best possible format for balanced competitive play. The poll serves as a general guideline, so we can see what the community thinks. Any and all input is appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone. Now the bulk of King of the Sea V is done, it is time to start gathering feedback. We have this questionnaire for you to fill out (if you want) we are trying to get both the viewer and player opinions, so we can optimize in the future. So if you tuned in to a few matches, please do leave your opinion! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1SBAAL7icjI6zoZUCmtLvQemVy-OQpFpLgZdUCUFw1b4/edit?usp=drive_web Just take 5 minutes to fill it out, it helps a great deal. Thanks in advance The KotS Admin Team
  13. until
    Time to crown the King of the Sea V! Been following the King of the Sea V - Battle of the Atlantic Tournament? See how it all played out here. When is it happening? Day 4 - European Finals - This Saturday (03/02 starting at 16:00 CET; UTC +1) Where can you watch? We are inviting Flamu and Izolate to our Paris studio to join us in casting the tournament finals. As the most experienced World of Warships casting duo, they will be able to provide insights into the strategies and tactics at play and hopefully give YOU a better understanding of World of Warships at a tournament level. Head to our official World of Warships Twitch channel and hit "Remind Me". Get involved in the official World of Warships Twitch chat and predict the match outcomes for a chance to win some exclusive tournament camouflages. Also streaming are: Mandarin uocat French Dimlean World_of_Warships_FR German Wargaminggames PrivatePinguin Polish Ujea/ProGamer
  14. Do you have what it takes to become part of the crew? Old School Crew je balkanski klan koji je započeo vrlo skromno kao društvo desetak igrača u randomima i timskim borbama, vrlo brzo smo se skupili i počeli se orijentirati prema kompetitivnome. Kroz dvije godina koliko smo prisutni, postali smo uvjerljivo najkvalitetniji klan sa Balkana sa najboljim rezultatima. Tražimo najbolje igrače s naših prostora i nudimo najbolje uvijete za one koji žele po naški pričati, sudjelovati na turnirima, klanskim borbama i naravno divizijama na dnevnoj bazi. Za pristup javiti se meni ili cro_pwr, Krle898. *-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* Tražimo: Igrače sa Balkana isključivo Korištenje discord aplikacije za komunikaciju 60% win rate na više Personal rating ne niži od 1800 Smisao za humor i predanost kompetitivnoj igri. OSC is still recruiting! Nudimo: Kompetitivno okruženje, timsku atmosferu Klanske borbe u Typhoon/Hurricane ligama Divizija, turniri, društvo... Zajebancija *-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* Sretno!
  15. andYgee666

    Bitte löschen

    Bitte löschen
  16. Please use this thread to discuss (reasonably!) your thoughts on how often we should be running the King of the Sea tournaments, as well as related issues such as on-the-day scheduling and seeding. By way of some background, what we are aiming for here is a to help create a sustained competitive scene until official clan-v-clan is introduced into the game. We want to hear everyone’s preferences from their own teams/streaming/viewer perspective. Please bear in mind that there are a bunch of constituencies here, basically: Organisers and how often we can pull this off WG, who supply the prize pool Streamers and viewer interest Established teams, who reasonably expect to play a lot of games in each tournament Newer teams. My assumption is they may want to play more often, but I may be way off base here We will take on all the feedback, but we can’t make everyone happy. Yes, there’s a poll, but this is not a democracy, we’re not going to base the final decision on votes alone. We’re much more interested in the arguments for one decision or the other rather than the number of votes. We are kicking around a couple ideas for improving this tournament, from expanding to more teams or introducing double elimination brackets, to improving the gameflow on the day. We won’t be able to realize all of this of this course, but what we get here will help us prioritize. So with that, have at it!
  17. Eclaire

    King of the Sea V

    After four tournaments in 2017 King of the Sea returns for 2018 on January 21 Much has happened during the past months: the first season of clan battles is over, and the KotS throne has been left empty. The community awaits its new king, and contenders from across the ocean seek to take the title home. We are excited to be collaborating with the Warships Supremacy team to bring KotS to both NA and EU, and on February 4 the three top teams from each server will face each other to crown the king of kings. We have adapted King of the Sea to the new times with the following changes: Tier 10, restrictions of 1CV and 2 BBs A new round robin group stage, playable in one day A bigger prize pool, over 500.000 doubloons worth of prizes sponsored by Wargaming More spaces, up to 64 teams can sign up to take their shot at the crown Intercontinental, the top three teams from EU and NA will face each other EU and international finals will be casted live from the WG-EU studio in Paris! Teams: King of the Sea is open to all teams. You must provide a lineup of at least nine players at registration Sign-up is first-come first-serve after the seeded teams have confirmed. If you are a top-16 clan battles team and wish to participate please contact us before Jan 10 Map pool: Trap, Warriors Path, Loop, Sea of Fortune, Atlantic, Shatter, Islands of Ice Schedule: Day 1 - Jan 21, 14.00 CET - Group Stage Day 2 - Jan 27, 14.00 CET - Round of 32 and Round of 16 Day 3 - Jan 28, 14.00 CET - Quarterfinals and Semifinals Day 4 - Feb 3, 16.00 CET - EU Finals and 3rd place match Day 5 - Feb 4, 18.00 CET - International Finals Outline schedule here Rewards: 500.000 doubloons worth of prizes. The full list is available here Discord: Discord is our main platform for answering questions and posting updates for teams. At least two of your team representative must be available on discord You can join using this link: KotS Discord Full Rules: available here (subject to change) Sign-up is now open Please read the rules fully before registering Sign up here Group Stage and Seeding Details