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Found 4 results

  1. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    German submarines/ Diveboats/ U-boats

    So i was having a discussion on submarine implementation and i was thinking to myself hey, the german U-boat development would offer some great options on this. So i made a raw draft of how you could fill a tech tree with german Subs- although i could probably also come up with US, Dutch and Japanese subs- if not more classes. I took the german ones first as i consider them to have a really neat historical development which you could put into the game nearly 1 on 1. Suppose you'd want a tech tree to start around tier 3- from the DD line i guess. You could even say that you'd only start at tier 5, but the typically slow gameplay of submarines would also quite fit the lower tiers i suppose. Even within the VII series, you could take the VIIA, VIIB and VIIC/41 as three follow-up ships due to improving characteristics between them. Then you could follow up with varieties on the IX boats as high-tiers (tier 8-9 or 8-10) and have the XXI sit as the tier 10, which is a ship that can really stay underwater for long times. while the lowest tiers can be filled by the Type I, II and VNow i mentioned 8 varieties so far, so if you'd start at tier 3 it can simply be this3: Type I4: Type II5: Type V6: Type VIIA7: Type VIIB8: Type VIIC/419: Type IX10: Type XXIPremium Tier 8: VIIC/ 42 (increased diving depth, submerged & surface speed, slightly increased torpedo reload speed, at the cost of manoeuvrability) Main characteristic of the german tree: good surface speed, 4 forward tubes and 1 aft tube, long ships which are reasonably manoeuvrable but cant go through tiny corners, good depth performance, weak AA, good diving performance but poor oxygen supply & poor resurfacing. Only Type XXI has good oxygen reserves. Torpedo ranges 8-12km, damage 12-23k, speeds 50-80knts, depending on tiers. Reload times should be long, around the 1 minute mark i think Grtz Isoruku_Yamamoto P.S. Topic is work in progress
  2. Hi Leute, seitdem die Lo Yang einen Hydrobuff bekommen hat, frage ich mich, ob man das Argument, Nebel+Deutsches Hydro auf den Deutschen DDs sei OP immernoch seine gültigkeit hat. Ein kurzer Vergleich: Schiff Schiffsentdeckugnsweite (Hydro) Nebeldauer / Aktivzeit Lo Yang 5,43 km 124s / 28s Z-23 4,44 km 69s / 20s A. Hipper 5,58 km - Vergleichen wir einmal ein paar andere Leistungsdaten: Schiff Max. Tarnung DPS HE DPS AP Torpedo-reaktionszeit Torpedo-reichweite Lo Yang 5,8 km 2180 2544 7,45 s 9,2 km Lo Yang 5,8 km 2180 2544 7, 67 s 6,7 km Z-23 6,2 km 1640 2760 7,90 s 9,5 km Z-23 (128er) 6,2 km 1500 3000 7,90 s 9,5 km Hinzu kommt, dass die Lo Yang um 1 Knoten schneller ist, einen kleineren Wendekreis und bessere Ruderstellzeiten hat. Die Lo Yang muss zwar ihren Turbo für das Hydro opfern, aber dafür ist sie den Dt. DDs in den meisten Bereichen der Leistungsdaten überlegen. Vielleicht verstehe ich da etwas falsch, aber die Lo Yang die in vielen Leistungsdaten besser dasteht, als die Z-23 ist mit dem langen Nebel und dem "deutschen" Hydro nicht OP. Aber die Deutschen DDs mit ihrem kurzen Nebel wären es dann plötzlich? Auch laut Stats steht die Yo Lang gut da. (Quelle Warships Today, 24.07.2017, 20:02 Uhr) Daher die Frage mal in die Runde geworfen, gibt es irgendwelche Gründe, weshalb man den KM DDs nicht das Deutsche Hydro wieder geben sollte? Falls es keine guten Gründe gibt, wäre es vielleicht möglich den KM DDs ein Deutsches Hydro zu verpassen?
  3. Bootack_of_Mar_Mar

    Admiral Hipper Det problem

    So... is it just me or is there a sweet spot for the Hipper, where you will get increased chance of detonation. 'Cause it seems as if RN BB HE constantly detonates me. Had 5 games the past 3 - 4 days with me Hipper, 2 of them were detonations from higher tier RN BBs.
  4. I am currently undecided on the build of z46 and z52 captain skill selection and would like to take some advice from DD captains here. From most of the guides I see on the KM DD have the builds of SE, TAE, SI, CE, PT, LS, AR, PM which makes sense totally. But as a DD hunter with 6.1km concealment, I really would like to take RPF in my build. If works really well with my Loyang. I am thinking of trading out SI + PT to get 4 points for RPF, because usually I find that 3 consumables are enough for randoms and if I ran out of them, I always have the option to transform into pure scout+torp boat in the late game. Most of the guides and builds on the Internet do not use RPF. Has anyone tried out similar DD hunting build with both RPF and SI+PT, and in the end preferred RPF instead of SI+PT? What build do you find the most effective on z46 and z52?