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Found 10 results

  1. CptMinia

    The Kitakami returns!

    Finally, after years of begging... the great wall of torpedos returns! https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/46 Kitakami is an unusual cruiser, with her main armament consisting of 5 quadruple torpedo launchers on each side. These torpedoes can travel up to 15 km at a speed of 57 knots and deal up to 15,633 damage. Because of her relatively fragile armor, weak AA defense, and low HP pool, Kitakami has to rely on her low basic detectability - 10.6 km - and her special Smoke Generator, which has a low smoke duration time but a large number of charges. The main gameplay of the cruiser revolves around stealthy attacks using a large number of torpedoes from a safe distance. To balance Kitakami's efficiency in the control of straights and flanks, she will only have access to narrow and "super narrow" torpedo spreads. We will carefully watch how this unusual cruiser will prove herself in battle, and will implement the necessary changes to make playing her and against her interesting. Additionally, we understand there might be concerns about the ship dealing damage to allies, and we plan to take them into account when the ship will be released.
  2. Sooo it's that time of the year again where i come up with a idea to bring Kitakami back. This year the idea is simple, since we get the option for regrinding lines again, how about a posibility if one regrinds the IJN full tree again that they can aquire Kitakami? Any takers?
  3. Kharazas


    Hello, everybody I didn't play the Kitakami during CBT. So, how did she performe and is there a chance she will reappear later? Cheers
  4. Isoruku_Yamamoto

    Return the Kitakami- for PvE

    Hello everyone, Whomever has seen the kitakami will know what i'm talking about. I'd love to see this ship return to the game- but i really understand why it doesnt quite fit in the regular random matches. However, i feel like it would be insanely cool if we had access to it anyway in some way, even if it is only in coop battles, training rooms and/ or operations. I've never played that ship, but i would totally love to- so please bring it back to WoWS.
  5. I just had some idea come to mind, and this is only a WHAT IF ?! so bear with me please: What if the Kitakami returned - with deepwater torpedos that we got now ...? classify them as 'Long Lance' or whatever for justification reasons, but this would greatly reduce the teamkill aspect, wouldn't it? which I see as the main reason it ain't got back yet. That way, it would be played from second line, as it should be, not dangering DD and CA, and still provide her mighty torpedo wall to BB and CV when needed. Give it some smoke to hold her own or whatever. What you think? P.S. screenshot is taken from June 2015. I really miss her.
  6. giani14

    Kitakami ?

    bonjour tout le monde, j'ai remarqué que le croiseur kitakami avait été présent dans warships, mais je ne trouve aujourd'hui, plus aucune trace de lui.............. pourquoi ? et surtout quand va t-il revenir ? c'est l'un des navires que j'aurais vraiment aimé jouer .......... " presque au même niveau que Yamato ou un ARP " ^^
  7. MarsAtlantis


    Kitakami oyundan kaldırılmamış mıydı arkadaşlar? Geçen bir oyunda geldi kitakamili adam ve ona cogu kışı hacker dedı sohbette ve hepsınıde banladı sohbet banı1 günlük ben de dahıl ben hacker demedım nasıl bu gemıyı aldın ımkansız dememe rağmen benıde banladı bu ımkansız hemde 30 sanıyede banladı bızım tum takımı bu nasıl bırşey ya ? Isteyen olursa ss atarım
  8. Greyzhem


    Buenas. Hay alguien de por aquí que haya probado o posea el premium cruiser Kitakami ? Lo pregunto por lo del premio de la primera temporada de ranked battles en las que se daba a probar el Kitakami por tiempo limitado. En la beta cerrada estaba como premium de tier VIII pero las valoraciones de la gente me echaron para atrás ya que comentaban (sin no recuerdo mal) que era débil, grande por lo que también fácil de acertar y que los torpedos llegaban a 10km con lo que lo zumbaban rápidamente con los tiers contra los que jugaba ya que no dejaba de ser un Kuma hormonado con torpedos. Así que si alguien sabe algo de este katxarro que lo comparta ya que cuando tenga la oportunidad me lo pillo fijo como buen fan nipón que soy. Gracias gente.
  9. Kitakami gives 0 credits, exp, etc. Please help fix the issue.
  10. Phlummi


    Hey Ihr, leider habe ich nur noch 5500 Token da ich bereits ein paar Prem gekauft habe. Ab dem wipe möchte ich mich möglicherweise noch ein wenig ausrüsten. Ins Auge gefasst habe ich die Kitakami den Torpedo Cruiser. Nun meine Frage, wer hat ihn, wer kann ihn empfehlen und mir ein wenig darüber sagen?