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Found 6 results

  1. Praxics

    USS Kidd DD-661

    Aus dem englischen Forums-Teil: Layout & Stats: Screenshots: Source: Wiki zur USS-Kidd: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Kidd_(DD-661) Museums Webseite: http://www.usskidd.com/ Eine 1,5kn schnellere Fletcher die 1x 5 Torpedo-Tubes verliert und dafür 2x Quad Bofors erhält. Mal sehen ob sie das T9-Modul verliert oder wie HMS Belfast behält.
  2. MrHappydiamond


    Im not a good DDs player, but im always trying to help teammates and improve my tactic. I just played a match some minutes ago and i woud like to have some hints/tips on how to improve and, if you can, tell me which errors i did. Thanks -MrHappydiamond (this is my old name, i used it trying to get my old account but i lost it. Do you know if i can change it? I would like something like 50ShadesOfNothing :P ) 20181026_174341_PASD508-Kidd_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  3. So, summer sale is here, and as I think Wargaming has done a good job, they deserve some duku for the dakka. After all, we play this game a lot, have so far spent nothing on it - and meanwhile we bought lots of games that end up in the corner of 'never to be seen again bin' after a few months. So, now summersale is here and WG gets a beer! I think best for me would be the Hood, I like the BBs (US and RN) and do OK in them, just the ehh... 'speed'... I like the RN cruisers too. So, if it goes on sale, I'm getting Hood. Could get an US BB but well... I hate CVs so that AA thing, I like see planes fall like flies. And them BBs aren't much speedy either until high tier. I often div with my son, he's pretty good (I think better than me). Ah well, dad is getting old a bit I guess. But while he doesnt really like the cruisers, he likes the DDs a lot. Mostly he likes the dakkadakka of the US branch. He likes IJN DDs as wel but we noticed that in higher tiers the BBS seem to sail less in straight lines (OK only a bit). Oh, and he hates those damn planes as well. His stats: Boat73. He plays a lot with his friends too (Argh disaster... LOL). As his friends do not play high tiers I thought T7 might be the best (perhaps he can save them form becoming cannon fodder). Also the ...eehh ...saltiness in higher tiers (plus the 'more thinking, less acting'... a lot less acting) does not really attract. Therefore, we think a (halfcruiser)BB for me, a DD for him. My guess is the combo Hood/Soms, but maybe you have even better ideas. EDIT: I saw that I could not reply - am I doing something wrong here? I need the advice, so please if I do something wrong - @moderators, a bit of help PLZ.
  4. nambr9

    Kidd or Lo Yang

    Hey friends, Sittin infront of my ⛺ on beautifull island of Cres (big regards to my Croatian friends) sippin cold beer, havin wife took our kids to the beach im feelin shopping frenzy. So as a DD freak im lookin at Kidd and Lo Yang and cant decide. Can some friendly soul owing both help me decide? Im leaning towards Lo Yang for sole purpose of havin a PA trainer (currently at Mada Faka). Anyways... wish all of you (specially all the SCRUBS) good luck and fare seas! Regards, no9.
  5. Ho_Chili_Minh

    Question about dd dps

    Hello captains. Was out in the kidd yesterday. Love the ship, but the ship doesnt love me back hehe. Need more practice with her. Anyway. In a match, i decided to rush a z23, tier 8 german dd. Was confident that my guns would outdps him at short range. However even with heal he just ate me up. Afterwards i thought maybe i had given too much broadside and he gave me ap shots in the side, and that was the case. But looking at postscreen i saw he only used HE. I still might have given him too much broadside though. Question: Is the dps of the z23 this high, or was it just some serious fail navigation on my part? :)
  6. Henry_Saaiman


    KIDD AA NEEDS TO GO .T 7 and t8 cv is almost impossible to play as CV. Kidd can kill T 10 plane no problem. Not even the broken Saipan stand a chance . War gaming you keep [edited]up with premium ships .and you don,t dare change them because you will get sued .Think before you release .Look what happened to the Graff ZEp and she is still no good I and the thing is, its T10 AA on DD. If it would be on a BB like the Kii, which i also dislike because of the rediculous AA, you could spot her 12 km away.you can plan ahead, and avoid her if possible. A good kidd player turns off aa, waits until hes planespotted by the cv, then presses P and DF and enfoy even t9 planes, propably t10 planes dropping out of the skies. And the CV gets punished for something he could not plan ahead. He doesnt made any mistake and maybe wants to spot for his team but when it comes to premiums they say: NO COUNTERPLAY ALLOWED So the CV needs to be so careful that the enemy cv has nearly full air control, leats to no spotting, leats to no cap controll because your dds get crushed (theyre spotted and you cant help because kidd is nearby), leats to losing the game. Of course not every Kidd knows that but the fact that this is possible to do by a good player makes me sad.