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Found 3 results

  1. TheKostek

    Jestem Kostek szukam klanu

    Witam serdecznie jako, że zostałem bez klanu czas znaleźć swój dom. Nick: TheKostek Ilość bitew: 5000+ Preferowany typ okrętów: CA/CV Preferowane tiery: X Ulubiony okręt: Des Moines / Minotaur / Worcester / Midway Link do strony ze statystykami: https://wows-numbers.com/pl/player/504512427,TheKostek/ TS/Discord/Mumble: tak/tak/nie
  2. Dracken_Darck

    Was bei Kick

    Ahoi Captains, was ist eigentlich, wenn man z.B. wegen Internetproblemen ein Verbindungsabbruch bekommt und aus dem Spiel fliegt, kann man irgendwie wieder reinkommen? Weil wenn man ja im Hafen ist sehe ich keinen Button für reconnect. Gruß Dracken
  3. I encounter this issue for days now, and so far wasn't able to locate a source or reason for this issue. I reinstalled the game completley multiple times which only solved the issue for about 2-3 days. My Internet Connection is stable, AV-Software doesn't mess around with Wows either. When i start a battle i get kicked out of the Game. Reconnecting mostly doesn't work afterwards, showing up unknown Server Connection Errors or Server unavailable Messages. Also it sometimes get stuck in loading cycle after klicking on the connect button. Restarting the Game doesn't help, at some times you need to reenter the pw. Sometimes it connects afterwards sometimes you need some more tries. When the game reconnects successfully you're experiencing a extremly prolonged loading time to enter the game (no i have no ssd, but it triples or quadruples referred to "normal" loading times at least). So i enter the game when the timer is down to 15 or even 12 minutes, but i still need 2-3 minutes sometimes to be able to see enemy ships or movements properly. Sometimes this issue occures when the battle Ends, you get kicked out, same procedure as mentioned above. This happens in no correlation to certain times like noon or evening, sometimes it occures after 2-3 hours of gaming sometimes from the beginning. This is the only Online Game where i suffer from any Connection Issues, MMOs are fine. Support is no big help at all, i tried everything to solve the issue from my side, but at least in my circle of friends nobody suffers from anything alike. So i reach out to you, did anybody got a similiar experience and if, found any solution to it ? I like this game and this Problem makes my Team suffer a lot ( imagine yamato being afk half of the Party) and i care that much about the General experience of everyone that i usually stop playing when i encounter this due to uncertainity of reoccurence. If you encountered this pls share your opinions and advice mfg Ketten