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Found 17 results

  1. Eine kurze Fragen in die Runde... Gibt es eigentlich für eine Logitech G910 (Orion Spark) - Tastatur kein offizielles Beleuchtungsprofil? Es sind ja schon über 600 Spiele in der Liste... aber leider kein World of Warships.... Gibt es irgendwo ein Profil oder generell die Möglichkeit, ein Profil zu erstellen? Ich habe schon nach so einem fertigen Profil zum importieren gesucht, aber leider noch nichts gefunden. Hat schon einer so etwas? Und würde es zur Verfügung stellen? Danke schon mal... Gruß MDCommander
  2. Hello, Until today i was using a cheap logitech keyboard. I bought a Razer Ornata keyboard which is also supposed to be good for gaming. But now I have this weird lag that i did not have oh my old keyboard. Every time (almost every time) when i press CTRL the game freezes for some time (1-3 seconds) and its frustrating. Tried the old keyboard and it works ok. Can anyone explain why this is happening or why its keyboard related?
  3. Schmidt_zxc

    0.7.1 Controls Broken?

    Basically, keyboard controls have reset and you can't bind RMB any more to Artillery Camera (hotkey reserved). Free look can be bound to, say mouse thumb button (mouse 6). This is a feature more familiar to WoT, for which I have custom mouse button mappings since zoom can't be a custom bound to, say RMB, like in normal fps games. There has to be a strange slav twist in your games WG? Edit: This might be an intended feature or it might be a bug.
  4. I have installed the english language version of WoWs, but my keyboard is nordic and keyboard settings in Windows is norwegian. Normally, I have no problems what so ever, but sometimes, the keyboard language in game changes to english while I'm playing, and it messes up some of the keys. It causes no problems with the gameplay itself, but chatting in game becomes a little more difficult because I can't use nordic characters anymore, and some other keys give different characters than what the keys on the keyboard say. If I ALT-TAB out from the game when this happens, the windows keyboard settings are still set to norwegian, by the way. Just wanted to make a post about the issue so the devs can know about it...
  5. This is probably the 10th time in the past week that I died because the consumable key (T - smoke) is not reacting in time. Yes it was green (consumable not on cool down), but when I press it, the consumable icon just blinks. I had to press it 4 times !!!! (it blinked every time) before the smoke deployed, allowing enemy to delete me. Is this a known issue? I have had it in the past, but recently it is way more frequent.
  6. laBanshee

    keyboard freeze/hang

    fellow captains, I have been feeling that after patch 0.6.0, it happens much more often that my keyboard hangs/freezes. In a lot of situation i press A or D and thought i was turning, but in fact i wasn't. And i end up eating the torps. Before 0.6.0 i had about 3500 games and it happened 2 or 3 times. After 0.6.0 it alrady happened 5 times. Anyone feeling the same or it's just my tin-foil hat?
  7. I got into a Random Battle about 12:20 GMT 9 Jun, visuals, minimap and HUD all good, but my ship wouldn't respond to either my keyboard or my mouse. The HUD showed when I was pressing the WSAD, etc. keys, but the ship did nothing.
  8. Darky_007

    Higlight target for Allies - Bugged?

    I have constant problems with this optionI have set F3 and F4 as a key to activate, but the problem is that every 20th attempt succeed.In some games, the buttons do not react, as they are not set, but when I look at the setting, there are regularly selectedDoes anyone have the same problem and how to could solve?thank you
  9. Dukemeister

    keyboard lag

    Since several days i notice keyboard lag. Especially when i use shift to zoom in and out. Sometimes it wont even react and i have to press several times before it zooms back to 3th person view. I don't have this problem in world of tanks. Nothing is wrong with my keyboard either since it works normally under f.i. word or other games. Its no fps lag or ping lag either; both are fine. I saw on the north american server people noticed an simulair problem. I have an Logitech K800 wireless keyboard and batteries are fully loaded. Anyone else noticed the same problem and has maybe a solution for it?
  10. Hi Any one have this issue when playing windowed? I'm in zoom mode and shooting.. I get torps inbound and start a turn, nothing happens, double press and on the second press the ship starts turning. No my keyboard works great, I did replace it and the same deal. Computer specs are high end, i7 4.4GHz 16GB Ram, GTX 980 SLI Thanks.
  11. PoetRaptor

    Ship Unresponsive to Keyboard or Mouse

    I was in a battle very late last night (about 10 hours ago). Towards the end of the battle, I was sailing at Full Speed in a straight line, trying to close to within range of the last couple of enemy ships, when, for no apparent reason, my ship stopped responding to the keyboard or mouse (the HUD didn't even show that I was pressing the A/S/D keys). I pressed M to go to Map, which worked. Then, when I exited the Map, the ship began responding to the keyboard and mouse again.
  12. Oh, my word!!! I'm in..... I'm truly in!! We're three of the same clan now running as Captains..All advice welcome, all help is needed... and some extra ping to speed up download!!!!!
  13. Darky_007

    Keyboard problem

    Two days ago I lost the option to release the mouse pointer with CONTROLNow I can no longer select AA guns or cannons to a specific target.Simply Control key is not respondingI tried to restart the game in full screen, and in a window, the result is the same.Any ideas what to do?
  14. Lagarfljotsormurinn

    Keyboard not working

    I fired up my game today and started a battle only to find out that I couldn't move... I could look around and shoot but, nothing else. I couldn't move, write, I couldn't even open the menu with the ESC button. I tried restarting the client and then the computer but the keyboard was still unresponsive in the game itself. Has anyone had this problem?
  15. TheTinyTurtle

    Game forgets my custom keys on exit

    Each and every time since 0.5.x (don't remember which exact version), WoWs forget most of my custom keys. Arrows for steering are remembered,but Num 1, 2 & 3 for weapons and Del for locking target are gone and have to be reassigned each time I start the game. I'm assuming there is some sort of prefs file somewhere which is misbehaving - does anybody know where such a file would reside and if it could be deleted so that the game can make a working one instead? Win10 x64 (Swedish) with the game installed to C:\Spel\World_of_Warships\
  16. Vortexdice

    Scandinavian keyboard layout support?

    Hey! I'm just wondering has anybody found a way to support scandinavian keyboard layout in-game? It's kinda hard to communicate with a scandinavian layout when the in-game chat only recognizes normal qwerty layout. P.S. the music tends to bug, anybody else had this problem?
  17. Tatoosh

    Custom Key Assignments?

    Are you customizing the key assignments for various commands on your keyboard? As a newbie, I still don't know or understand how to use many of the key assignments I see in the settings menu. But I did just move my HP/AP/Torps artillery commands from 1/2/3 to z/x/c so it easier to switch without moving so far across the keyboard. (Just lost a destroyer while I was futzing around trying to switch to torpedoes.) I may have changed a couple of other commands without realizing it, since I see the LMB command in a couple of different places now on the key assignment menu. I hate to say that it took me awhile to figure out what LMB was. Initially I thought, Loose Bowel Movement, but that did not quite match up sequentially. Then the little Archimedes moment and I got it sorted out. I am thinking about dropping a few coins on custom game pad with assignable keys so I can really tighten up the amount of distance to various commands. But I need a few more weeks of getting sunk so I can become more aware of what I really need to access quickly. I'd love to hear what sort of changes you have made to key assignments for your game play in WoWS.