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Found 3 results

  1. Fellow sailors, the first German Battleships have been leaked through a chinese Website: http://bbs.ngacn.cc/read.php?tid=9471962&_ff=441 We can see: - KÖNIG ALBERT (last of the 5 Kaisers) on Tier 3 with 10.8km main artillery range (remember Kawachi...?) - potential premium? - KAISER with HORSESHIT fantasy upgrades that look like sh**** Even though I know this is preliminary and only a snapshot I am hugely disappointed. Why is it so difficult to implement these ships in a state as they where in 1919? Nerf König Albert to death to shoehorn into 3 and making Kaiser ugly as hell with stupid funnel caps, huge Bridge, new bow section misfit and 1930s antennas and rangefinders? I am really sad about the way WG is apparently taking here! I enjoy the game a lot but this is spoiling a lot for me. In my opinion there is absolutely NO need for this paper-sh*** up to Tier 6 or above. WG please go back to the drawing board and redo this line - even if it takes more time. Is it just me?
  2. Fellow sailors, The German Battleship line wasn’t only one of the most anticipated lines but also turned out to be one of the most popular to date. The popularity can partially be explained by the fascination and history of some of these ships – but also by a more aggressive playstyle the line introduced. In statistical rankings the ships throughout the entire line fare pretty well with regards to damage numbers, a fact caused by the line’s strength on close quarter combat (turtleback armor says ‘hi’) and brawling nature of the line – dealing more damage and receiving more in return. While the effect on the passive meta and overall player numbers was undoubtly positive the line’s sheer popularity also has its downsides as games got flooded with these ships. Players get frustrated by large amounts of German battleships in each battle, amplified by the high survivability of the ships. However, BB overpopulation is subject to a different discussion. The sneak peak of the British BB line and more fantasy refits on WW1 style ships sparked this proposal to finally fix the German BB line – about one year after the Low Tier German BB debacle. My main grieve with this line is still the extraordinary amount of artistic license WG put into the design as none of the ships at T4-6 has any connection to the actual ship other than the name. While gameplay concessions and balancing decisions are all fine and dandy WG really messed up the low tier part of the line by turning them into pure fiction and ruining any immersion. Even worse, the quality of the fantasy refits is extremely poor - not much consideration went into creating These apparently. Tiering in WOWS is done more by ship’s capabilities, rather than the era they existed in, according to TUCCY, so an alternative approach to structuring the low-tier line would be very well feasible. The proposal at hand replaces the low tier German battleships with historical ones – following the same logic as the down-tiered premium battleship “MUTSU”. One year after release it is about time to finally fix this line! Enjoy: T3 “NASSAU” The first German Dreadnought class performs very strong within the game mechanics that generally favor smaller faster firing guns (and Nassau has 12 of these with a stunning reload of 22sec). Nassau suffers from general low tier battleship problems such as short firing range and bad dispersion but is doing well and does not require any changes to her characteristics or design at the moment. T3 PREMIUM “OLDENBURG” A new ship, the “Helgoland”-Class “OLDENBURG” would replace “KÖNIG ALBERT” as the T3 premium battleship. She would retain most of Albert’s strength but would be featuring a less efficient turret layout and slightly reduced overall capabilities so she can fit nicely into the T3 meta without being too strong. In game chacracteristics: 38,300 HP Armor is almost identical to “NASSAU” (and therefore slightly inferior to KÖNIG ALBERT) Top speed = 21kn Main battery reload = 30sec Main battery firing range = 11.86km Secondary battery base firing range = 4km T4 “KAISER” The current (horrible/insulting) Kaiser would be replaced pretty much by a slightly buffed KÖNIG ALBERT, featuring the almost same 3D model. Even the beautiful HIGH SEAS FLEET Camo can be reused as a purchasable permanent Camo to increase the ships XP rate. Needed buffs compared to the current ALBERT would be a plus of about 2/3km firing range to reach out to about 14+km and a reduction in main battery reload time to come closer to the historical figure. This would however mean that the “NEW” Kaiser would use the same Tier 3 AP shells as the current KÖNIG ALBERT without access to the improved WW2 shells WG came up with for the current version of the ship and obviously no AA to speak of. Characteristics: 41,300 HP Armor would be identical to the current “KÖNIG ALBERT” Top speed = 22kn Main battery reload = 26sec Main battery firing range = about/close to 15km Secondary battery base firing range = 4.5km T5 “BADEN” Essentially a down-tiered stock BAYERN that would pretty much work like MUTSU. Her AP is of a WW1 type and her reload gets buffed closer to what she was capable historically. Her characteristic is relatively few but hard hitting guns with bad dispersion (as the remaining line) while having good armor and citadel protection to get close and personal: 43,900 HP Armor would be identical to the current stock ship Top speed = 23kn Main battery reload = 26sec Main battery firing range = about 16.6km Secondary battery base firing range = 5km T5 PREMIUM “KRONPRINZ” Another new premium ship to be introduced would be a WW1 “KÖNIG”-Class. She’d be a rather moderate improvement over the KAISER, however her tough armor and ten fast firing guns are still valid strengths at T5. KRONPRINZ would differ from BADEN in that she’d have more but smaller caliber guns and with less penetration power compared to the harder hitting 38cm guns on the tree ship. As a differentiator she would have access to the T9 module which would give EITHER further increased RoF OR extended range to give players a choice what to prioritize. As a result we would see a ship with the following characteristics: 42,400 HP Armor would be mostly identical to the current “KÖNIG ALBERT” Top speed = 23kn Main battery reload = 26sec (without the module) Main battery firing range = about 16.49km (without the module) Secondary battery base firing range = 4.5km T6 “SCHLESIEN” (L20a) The first paper-ship in the new line-up. After the “Battle of Jutland” German naval planners were reconsidering the future design strategy. There was a relatively broad consensus that the current division between Battleship and Battlecruiser was on the decline and that Germany would need a unified type of fast battleships, called “Einheitstyp” or standard-unit, being able to cover both tasks. This view was reinforced by the numerical inferiority compared to the Royal Navy, which in contrast could afford the luxury to have separate classes, and by the positive combat experience with the German battlecruisers which were by far the most active capital ships in the Navy. While the German battlecruiser group achieved a great success during the “Battle of Jutland”, the German commanders analyzed that the lethality of the smaller German guns was a severe problem and lacking impact on heavily armored targets. They were very well capable to sink lightly armored British Battlecruisers but that was mostly due to poor cordite handling on the British ships rather than sheer firepower. This led to the conclusion that significantly more powerful main guns would be needed on the future “Einheitstyp” and designs were drawn up for 38cm and 42cm armed ships. It became quickly clear that with the technology available in 1916 there was no way the designers could achieve the requested capabilities while keeping the ship within the limits to use the “Kaiser-Wilhelm-Canal” and the locks and drydocks at Wilhelmshaven. At the same time the German C-in-C, Admiral Scheer, favored submarine warfare as he was not convinced he could beat the Royal Navy in a way that it would essentially end the blockade on Germany. The superiority in numbers were deemed impossible to make up for. As a result of unclear strategic situation the capital ship building program came to a halt even though the Mackensens were already quite close to completion. Scheer deemed them outdated as he didn’t consider the 35cm guns sufficient. In result no new ships were seriously considered for construction and only design and feasibility studies towards the “Einheitstsyp” were conducted. After some back and forth and, with the third and fourth BAYERN still not completed, the decision was taken to at least order the next class of dreadnoughts with a slight increase in speed. As the combined type couldn’t be realized with the technology at hand the staff settled on an improved and enlarged BAYERN class with 42cm guns which became known as L20a. The ships were approved and submitted for full design work in 1918 but the war ended before any of them were laid down. The ship would have looked like a larger BAYERN with a single trunked funnel and would in game be somewhat similar to MUTSU. However, being about 50m (!) longer than the preceding BAYERN she would feature a large HP pool, decent cruising speed but bad maneuverability while still not particular stellar AA (Mutsu and old stock Amagi can act as a reference). Her reload would also go down to the standard 30sec of other battleships: 59,700 HP Armor would be almost identical to the current stock Bayern Top speed = 25kn Main battery reload = 30sec Main battery firing range = about 17.73km Secondary battery base firing range = 5km SUMMARY The revisited line-up would replace the fictional German T4-6 battleships with real ones, separately balanced around their WW1 configuration. The alternative line trades in modern shells and AA for more raw power and historical accurate ships. It is certainly mostly aimed at players who like their historical ships but would also bring the benefit of reducing the versatility of the battleship class within this line. Currently BBs can deal with most situations themselves – removing some AA would force players back into team play with cruisers for air cover. The line would certainly be unique, beautiful to look at and historically more interesting. Hope you like it J
  3. Easyway

    König / Bayern Quick Impression

    Hello everyone, I will try to express my impression of new German battleship lane that arrived yesterday and try to provide some info for newcomers. Yesterday have been arrived long time expected German Battleships, i have jumped to tier 5 because long queues and simply lower tiers are messy with lot of new players and total domination of destroyers. ***König: Turrets rotation speed is total disaster, its faster to turn ship then turrets and its annoying in one hand, but also course changing gives you nice benefit vs destroyers and long range Japanese battleships, its so hard to hit this ship with torpedoes so after few times playing my minekaze i just gave up, and switched torps to some easy targets. Maneuverability: This ship is really really agile. Guns with 305mm are not so impressive, ( comparing to 356mm Kongo/New York/Fuso/New Mexico ) may be good for cruisers but vs other battleships you will have hard time to hit citadel, but that's minimized by reload time and HE switching for extra lightning up, it will be the best option in most of the times against heavier or properly angled opponents. Also i was concerned about 16km shooting range, but this isn't too much big deal, since in this tier u get really fast in shooting range. Anti aircraft protection is the weakest spot for this ship, if CV decide to send torpedo bombers on you, there is 99% chance that you gonna eat at least 1, and they know it, so stick around cruisers and other ships. Speed is not the best on start, 21.5 knots, but still faster than rest of battleships except Kongo, and after upgrade 24 knots are more than decent. _____________ Captain Skills: I have used Basic Survivability cos you will get on fire 24/7, even battleships shooting mostly HE shells on you, Fire Prevention for the same, Vigilance for 25% extra torp spotting range, and after that Basic and Advanced Firing Training, for close combat, cos...you are brawler and secondaries are decent on this ship. Modules: Main Armament Modification, Aiming System Modification for extra sniping and ofc Damage Control System _____________ Overall: Great ship, absolute cruiser nightmare, with 6 guns and more than decent dispersion this ship is little Fuso on steroids, its chunky, got decent armor and maneuverability is just brutal. Guns and reload time is great to delete any cruiser that forgot about you or drive in straight lane for more than couple of seconds. I have decided to keep it, at the moment i can say that this is maybe the best Tier 5 Battleship. ***Bayern To be honest how much joy i had with König that much i was disappointed with this ship...i just don't have too much fun playing her. This ship got really big guns, 380mm with shooting range of 16.1km or 17.7km which is ok, but dispersion is crazy, i got feeling that shells flying as they like, even with Aiming Systems module to hit something is lottery. The feeling when you hit some ship is just...different, you deal lot of damage but no citadels, no incapacitation, just raw damage. Speed with upgraded engine is 25 knots and maneuverability is also really nice, still faster than other battleships up to tier 7. AA Defense: Like with Tier 5 German Battleships, AA is really bad, and CV's can make you lot of trouble. Captain Skills and Modules: I have used same like with König. Overall: I just wanna skip this tier as soon as possible. Thanks for reading, hope that you liked this post, this is my first impression of this 2 ships, maybe i forgot something, maybe you got different impression, put reply if you like to add something. I will post quick review for Tier 7 and 8 this days. Fair Winds and Following Seas, Easyway