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Found 5 results

  1. Full Metal Poi! - Yuudachi kawai desu~! Discord: FMP About us: We are a casual clan that has arisen from the depths of the seas a year ago, founded by Ichikun98. It was a stick up of people met in battles as well as those who got sucked in by Ichis awesomeness on in-game chat channel "Battle results and discussion" and joined him on his adventure. Up till now it had its best and worst moments. Now we are freshly after redesigning of the clans core, so that people can integrate more and enjoy the game together to the fullest. Our clans objective is to get better at the game as well as develop new tactics that can be implemented into the randoms and clan wars. Due to the nature of our clan, that has a weeb connection due to name. We also possess quite a lot of human resources called weebs at our disposal and facilities keeping them in tip-top condition. What FMP offers: # +54% WR , 36/50 members # A friendly community consisting of members from all over the world # Clan benefits from facilities # Mates to division with. Requirements: Being casual clan means we are not going to watch over your WR that much (At least keep it above 50%). The only general number on your profile we care is if you have over 1k battles in randoms. You need to have at least 1 T10 ship with good stats respectable to the ship type. Also we need to pump out that oil from the containers to donate to our American friends so that they wont invade us (One container a day, keeps US army away). One of other requirements is using discord as voice communicator as well as text one, to keep up to date with clan matters. ( Discord ) Also due to being open to the world, being in the clan requires you to use mostly english and understand it. What to do once on discord? Hit up the Chief (Ichi) or one of the Admirals (Bonta3000, Cr4zy, Tjntin, Panzer_FTW) to evaluate your application. Spread the poi! To the non-poilievers! Heres a small treat.
  2. urr027

    Admiral's order

    As requested by an unnamed Colorado captain -- sorry, admiral.
  3. That has never played carriers and he hasn't 100+ battles in Minekaze or Cleveland?
  4. Zamuchryshkin

    First Gameplay - World of Warships

    Hello, fellows! I'm Zamuchryshkin living in Russia, Moscow. Usually I write interesting articles fro the Russian forum of the game but now... you can see my first topic for the EU Official forum! I offer you to watch a two-minute World of warships gameplay, and I hope you like it! Pay attention! You should know that this video is only a little joke :) * * * * * * My question is: what do you think - alpha coming soon?
  5. "Good accuracy makes landing consistent salvos quite easy" This is blatant misleading publicity Accurate? This can only be a bad joke. Consistent? This is true. You will consistently miss salvos. Richelieu is more accurate and consistent. Alsace is more accurate and consistent. Republique is not accurate. It's not consistent. You cannot go bow on like in both previous tiers. You have to give broadside to fire more than 4 shells. flanking would work with this ship but since you can't hit anything with it, it's basically useless. Correct Tiers: Tier X Alsace Tier IX Richelieu Tier VIII Republique By saying Republique is "accurate" and "consistent" you can only be making fun of us, right? From what i'm experiencing, with every type of tactic, it just feels MUCH inferior to Alsace and Richelieu. Am i missing something or this ship is a crap Tier X? OK I've learned to play it by now but it's not better (or worst) than Alsace, just different.