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Found 13 results

  1. Ahoooi. Wie ich durch die Patchnotes erfuhr soll es änderungen in der Waffenkammer geben... Mir wurde bewusst, dass die Jean Bart, welche mich in Gefechten oft erledigt, komplett entfernt werden soll :O. Nun wollte ich sie mir mit Kohle holen, bis mir einfiel, dass ich eigentlich auf die Georgia, oder die Yoshino sparen wollte. aber kommen wir zur frage: Ich hätte ganz gerne eine kleine ''Review'' über die drei. Eure Erfahrungen mit den Dingern. Da man Georgia und Jean Bart auch für Geld kaufen kann: - Sollte ich mir eher die Georgia oder die Yoshino mit Kohle holen? (ICH HABE NUR KOHLE FÜR EINE DER ZWEI) - Sind beide gut, sodass ich mir die Yoshino mit Kohle und die Georgia mit echtgeld holen sollte? - Ist die Jean Bart empfehlenswert? Kurz: Eine Review zu den drei + Bewertung und welche zwei (eins für Kohle und eins mit Echtgeld) ihr kaufen würdet (wenn überhaupt) Lg Indez ^^
  2. A la suite de notre conversation d'hier concernant le JB je me permets de vous joindre un petit replay vite fait pour démontrer le fait que le JB n'a pas la meme dispersion si on se trouve face (bow-in) ou en parallèle (broad) de la cible au moment du tir. Pendant cette game je tire volontairement au tout debut (en étant broad) afin de montrer la difference avec mes tirs suivants qui sont la plupart en bow-in. Il faut savoir que le Salem/DM a la meme particularité sur ses tourelles AV, meme si c'est largement moins prononcé. J'ai pas remarqué ça sur d'autres bâtiments mais, je vais faire des essais et, vous tenir au courant. Bien entendu, je vais aussi faire un sujet sur les tourelles du Montana qui démontrera la difference entre les tourelles AV et AR. N'en déplaise a certains, cette difference a été démontrée aussi par Flambass et Mejash (ou Notser, pas sûr) . https://replayswows.com/replay/71152 Cordialement, RosebudSC2 (gamer depuis la sortie de... pong...)
  3. Yesterday I got the Jean Bart :) Been Playing a few Battles with it. And I actually like it. But I am a bit Puzzled as to how to actually Play it. Its Guns are Fairly Accurate and Long Ranged. And as its got 8 of them on the Front. It can Fire away Salvos without giving the Enemy a Broadside at all. Gladly unlike the Description. Her Armor is actually Pretty Reliable when Bow Tanking. Now my First Batch of Matches was not that Bad. A Bit too much Overpenetrations against Cruisers and even Battleships. Which I found Hilarious considering the 38cm Guns. Now. Its Guns are Fairly Ok. And I noticed the Secondary Battery also tends to go off here and there. So. What kind of Playstyle is good for this ? Is it worth it to Buff the Secondary Battery ? Or Should I go more for a Sniper Build ? Is it better to use it Close Range or should I rather stick to Range ? :)
  4. All_up_in_ur_grille

    Jean Bart or Salem?

    I've got around 225k in coal, so am thinking about which coal ship to pick up next, I got the Musashi on Xmas day (thanks to a super container with 15k coal inside), so I don't have an active coupon I have got to the Lyon on French BB line, while it's a definite keeper I don't really fancy any of the higher tier ships in the line. I've recently been playing some of the American cruisers, mainly in operations to grind modules/commanders, on the Pensacola/Helena atm and more likely to pursue higher tier US cruisers than French bb's I guess some other considerations are; Which is most likely to be removed from Arsenal first? Perhaps I should wait for the next coupon, which is worth 57-60k coal at these prices Should I wait to see what other coal ships, if any, are announced, pretty sure I heard a YouTuber mention one but can't remember what it was.
  5. Voyanger

    WG, STOP!

  6. aN00Bis_6VI6

    Jean Bart: Armour Buff

    Granted, I have not had many (no more than 10) games in the Jean Bart, but after recommendation going for it instead of Bourgogne, I have found her to be a pleasant ship but with a few glaring issues, but the most damning is not the dispersion of her guns though the inconsistency can be very frustrating from time to time. It his her Armour. In the current meta of HE "usage", her 32mm plating leaves her extremely vulnerable to HE spam which is becoming even more rife then ever, but the vulnerability goes so far as to even having battleships at any angle firing HE, sometimes irrespective of being broadside, this means her survivability, tied with her low HP means she struggles to last for very long. I will grant as stated above that I am still learning her nuances that make her an apparently great ship, and her money making potential is also a very delicious aspect. So if any one objects to my claim, I am more than happy to receive feedback and advice on how to play her better. And I do see her potential, but she is dependent on good circumstances which are very few and far between. I believe (currently) that to mitigate this issue she needs a minor armour buff to reduce the HE problem, enough to prevent full penetrations but not enough to block IFHE (her bow armour is good enough for tanking AP I find so thats not an issue). But then again she might need it buffed to block IFHE, I do not know how commonly used it is as I am not a true cruiser player and the cruisers I do have do not have IFHE, I find there is no need but that is me. What is the consensus on this? I have heard in the past of her good performance but that was in relation with her guns which were nerfed? I most likely am wrong, but she just cannot survive very well (or consistently) as it currently stands, and on top she gets pulled into T10 battles which has the almighty HE spammer: Conqueror (guilty pleasure with the 17.9inchers, admittedly). I feel she needs this buff bad, or in time she might not be a favorable ship at all.
  7. Jean Bart – a Tier 9 in the Premium Shop? Shop link: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/filter/?cd=3751753552 Already ongoing Discussion thread: I have had a lot of things to take care of as of lately, so I wasn’t able to do a lot of World of Warships content. As I’m finally able to come back to writing, I feel that I cannot leave this subject unaddressed. Now, to address the actual topic at hand today: Jean Bart’s Appearance in the Premium Shop. As a long time player of the game, I’ve been thinking, for some time, about how to deal with the current situation, what to think of this move. Firstly, I have to think back to things that have been said in the past. I do believe it was mentioned by someone that World of Warships would not have tier 8+ premium ships being sold on grounds of a prior patch-note regarding USS Missouri: [Maintenance] Version Unlike other Premium ships, the Missouri cannot be purchased through the Premium Shop and may only be acquired by using Free EXP. Why you ask? USS Missouri is a Tier IX warship. Which means her owners will be facing one of the toughest battles in the game along with other battle-hardened veterans. Using this method, we can mitigate the risk of inexperienced players being easy prey for other players. [Clarification: This was entirely in regards to USS Missouri, which leads it's use to be questionable to begin with, as it is a completely different ship.] However I feel that this is more of a problem with the fact that we people have something like this statement presented to us, and now we’re being told the opposite. Suddenly it’s fine to have a Tier 9 premium in the shop, it’s okay to spend money to get into Tier 9. So really, is it the fact that we cannot take anything WG says as face value? It's important to keep in mind that we're talking isolated cases here, and we must not rush to see them as "company policy". The fact that Missouri was not released in the premium shop was a decision made for that particular ship, despite the fact that statements like "her owners will be facing one of the toughest battles in the game along with other battle-hardened veterans" and "mitigate the risk of inexperienced players being easy prey for other players" can be translated to other ships, like the Jean Bart. Leading me on to my second point. Secondly, We have the problem of player quality. Anyone can just go to the premium shop, drop 50-90 euros on a Premium ship and enter the game with not experience what-so-ever. Well, yes and no. Firstly, new player will not be able to join Random matches until he reaches at LEAST level 3. And even then, will he know how to access random battles? It’s been 3 years, but I still remember the first time I played world of warships, it took me a little time before realizing that I was playing against bots. Obviously you cannot trivialize the matter like that, not every new player is going to be as ignorant as I was, some will read the tips, some will familiarize themselves with the UI, and know exactly what to do when the time comes for them to be let loose on other players. But still. If we’re addressing player quality, we can exclude an amount of players that will not care, or not know how to enter the “real” World of Warships. As for the rest, well, you’ve seen it yourselves. This game has been out for 3 years, and while it’s nice to imagine that the T10 bracket is only comprised of high skill players, that’s both unrealistic, and probably not something most people would want. It is a fact that you don’t need to learn the basics to progress in this game. It makes grinding a whole lot easier, but there’s nothing that forces a player to learn the game unless he wants to. eventually, even the least skilled player can work his way up to tier 10, even if he is completely resistant to any attempts at teaching him how to play better. So no, the addition of a T9 premium will not be the nail in the coffin for World of Warships in that sense. Perhaps an eyesore to see on your team, not knowing whether the owner knows what he’s doing or not, but there are plentiful ships we already have that with. To summarize, the two major problems I see at the moment: The fact that WG has sent out contradictory statements. There is no defense for this, as this holds true however way you look at it (not ignoring the fact that this isn’t the only time, for better or for worse). So if it's an issue of trust - well in that case I can't do anything about that. I understand that players might be upset by the fact that WG changes their opinion on things they once seemed to feel so strongly about. And the second thing is, of course, the problematics of having a tier 9 premium ship to be let loose on the masses, to which I have hopefully given a little insight to why I don't consider it as big of a problem, realistically speaking. A lot has happened this year in my favourite boat game, many things I didn’t feel to happy about, but also a lot of welcomed changes. Jean Bart is an experiment, whether it’s a good or a bad experiment, only time will tell. I do not ask of you guys to not blow it out of proportions. That’s a silly request, because for one it demeans how strongly you feel about this subject, but also because I think all forms of feedback are important. WG will know if what they’ve put out was a mistake, or not, and what you guys will have to say has a huge impact on that, as you know. So go ahead, talk, talk, talk! Whether it’s reddit, in the comment section on YouTube videos, talking to people on streams, or here in the forums. Strefs out.
  8. Ahojte, tak dáme si už PRAVIDELNÚ MESAČNÚ súťaž + niečo EXTRA za dosiahnutie milníku 1000 Followerov na TWITCH kanály. v Sobotu večer (Sobota 24.11.2018) od 17:00 o 3x premium tier 9 - JEAN BART + 25x CCT Kontajner + 10x SUB camo. Súťaž o 3x JEAN BART: Vzhľadom nato, že poslednú dobu chodíte v hojnom počte sledovať streamy, Vás počet followov stúpa a podarilo sa prekročiť hranicu 1.000 followerov, tak mám pre Vás ako odmenu súťaž o excluzívnu novinku v prémiovom obchode a to Tier 9 FRA BB JEAN BART. (klasickú verziu, nie admirálsky balíček - platíme to z vlastného, tak majte pochopenie :P ) (keby ste nevideli, tak pridávam aj link na moju recenziu na Jean Bart:) Forma súťaže je následovná - od dnes 12.11.2018 (Pondelok 17:00) až do 23.11.2018 (Piatok 23:59) musíte zahrať Vašu najlepšiu hru. POZOR - vaša hra sa bude posudzovať s vašim doterajším hraním. Výsledok z hry vs. Vaša celková štatistika - preto je potrebné mať odkryté staty a bez hanby a predsudkov. Posudzovať sa bude % (percentuálny nárast) poškodenia (damage) a pomer zničených lodí na hru (k/d) z Vášho screenu z hry vs. Vaša doterajšia štatistika. Príklad: (viď obrázok) - Poškodenie v hre 312470 a 7 killov vs. Priemer poškodenia na účte 59012 a 0,97 k/d = 529,50% nárast poškodenia + 721,65% počet zničených lodí = Výsledných 625,58% nárast oproti priemeru. Podobné príklady si viete nájsť aj sami a je jedno aký tier lodí hráte - v prípade že by sa niekomu percentá zhodovali, príde na rad doplnkové posudzovanie úspechov v danej hre - hrdinské úspechy. SCREENSHOT (personal score - osobní skóre) pridávajte SEM ako odpoveď - najneskôr do 23.11.2018 23:59 hod. Ja si potom pred streamom pozriem všetky príspevky a cez https://wows-numbers.com/ si porovnám Vaše údaje a spravím vyhodnotenie počas streamu. Poprosím, aby ste neprídávali viac obrázkov - len dajte upraviť príspevok, pokiaľ by ste mali stále lepšiu a lepšiu hru. Hráči, ktorí budú mať skryté štatistiky sa nebudú môcť súťaže zúčastniť, preto odporúčam, aby ste si skontrolovali nastavenie účtu. Súťaž o 25x CCT + 10x SUBcamo Forma súťaženia bude ako vždy - otázka z prostredia hry WoWS - jednoduchá odpoveď vo forme čísla a náhodné vylosovanie víťazov. Na odpoveď budete mať niekoľko minúť, takže si správnu odpoveď vie nájsť naozaj každý. Preto je to vhodné pre začiatočníkov aj pokročilých. Len pre info súťažiť sa u mňa bude cez Twitch kanál, na YouTube sú recenzie. Stream ide klasicky cez obe platformy. Takže jediná podmienka pre účasť v súťaži je prísť na môj Twitch ;) Follow alebo odber nie sú povinné, ale potešia. Takže súťaž nájdete tu: https://www.twitch.tv/bl4cksk Recenzie a iné nájdete tu: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiTG4osLfEUhevsg1IzMB8w/featured?view_as=public A čo môžete vyhrať? CCT Kontajner obsahuje jednu z týchto výhier: ► Vysoká šanca: x50 CCT Subscriber Camo x50 Red Dragon x50 Wyvern x50 Ouroboros x50 Hydra ► Stredná šanca:  15000 uhlia 100 000 Free XP ► Nízka šanca: Atago Mikhail Kutuzov Prinz Eugen Lo Yang Kidd Tirpitz Alabama Kii Gascogne Roma Všetkým, ktorí sa zúčastnia želám veľa štastia a príjemnú zábavu :) Medzi súťažami budem odpovedať na otázky týkajúce sa hry - napríklad akú loď hrať do začiatku alebo aké skilly zvoliť na kapitánovi či moduly na konkrétnu loď. Teším sa na Vás. BL4CK_SK
  9. FukushuNL

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    Been saving up free XP as long as I play and when coal became a thing, saved that too. Now I'm only 1000s away from the 750k fxp and can buy the Musashi with coal and the coupon. Now apart from the discussion which ship is best in the fxp and coal department, my ships of choice are the Musashi, Jean Bart and Bourgogne. but although I can virtually buy the Musashi either way, where the jean Bart and Bourgogne will land in the premium places is still a big mystery. So as long as info about how to buy the 2 French BBs still is unavailable, I can't get Yamato's sister. But that's something I have to live with and not the point of this thread. Well, not much is, though :) I was just curious where you think the two Frenchies will land. I think Bourgogne in the arsenal for as much as Salem, or more. And I guess Jean Bart will probably be the next fxp ship. Also, looking forward to both BBs as to what either will play like in the final build.
  10. Spiegelhauer

    Jean Bart arsenal

    The Premium tier IX will be available for purchase until 23 of november. After this date, will it still be possible to buy with coal in the arsenal?
  11. tenacious_torps

    Wtf were you thinking?

    Jean Bart in the shop. Wtf were you thinking? Selling tier 8 premiums to people with no experience was already bad enough. Just couldn't resist the opportunity to display the companies core values in public again, could you? At least with t8 people payed for being low tier virtually all the time, with T9s you pay for never being low tier. In other words: at least shitters in t8 premiums usually are quite irrelevant and not that hard to carry, now they take up either a top or middle tier slot. Brilliant... what's next? Stalingrad in the shop for greedmas?
  12. The last French battleship the Jean Bart had a struggling and long history before finally commissioned in 1949, 13 years later after she was laid down, but she received her final look in 1953 and being in active service from 1955 to 1961 and finally scrapped in 1970. The last battleship of the world to be commissioned Jean Bart had received numerous proposals and design studies to finish her, ranging from her original purpose as a Battleship through the more astonishing proposals as a Hybrid Battleship-Carrier, full scale carrier or even as an anti-aircraft Battleship. Only one other class of battleships had such numerous proposed variants, and that is the USN's Iowa class Battleships in which their long service life multiple studies are proposed to extend their usefulness in the late WW2 and Cold War era, from Full scale carrier to Guided Missile Battleships and to Amphibious Assault Support Battleships. So now let me show you how the French Jean Bart would look like with the various proposals: 1.: The original layout of the Richelieu class battleships. They would had been equipped with 5 triple secondary turrets of 152mm Dual-Purpose guns and a moderate amount of 37mm Modéle 1935 asymmetrical light AA guns. 2.: This is the modified layout and the look if she was finished before the surrender of France. The forward pair of triple 152mm turrets are removed and replaced with 100mm Modéle 1930 heavy AA guns, while a reduced number of 37mm Modéle 1935 asymmetrical light AA guns would be installed. 3.: Here you can see how Jean Bart would look like if she would get away and got the same refit in America like her sister the Richelieu. Numerous 40mm Bofors and 20mm Oerlikon light AA guns to be added. 4.: The actual Jean Bart in her 1955 form with the large number of 100mm Modél 1945 Heavy AA and 57mm Modéle 1949 light AA guns, together with radars and radar assisted rangefinders. 5.: One of the radical proposals to finish the incomplete ship to a unique design, as an Anti-Aircraft Battleship. Proposal dates back to 1941-192 the inability or capacity of the US cannon foundries to produce the necessary barrels to finish her as well as the events of Pearl Harbour made this study born from desperation. Removal of the 2nd incomplete turret, and the aft secondary 152mm guns would give large amount of space for both heavy ad light AA guns. The heavy AA guns would be the famous Mark 12 5inch (127mm) guns in the twin DP-AA turrets, while the light guns would be the usual but increased number of 40mm Bofors and 20mm Oerlikon MGs. Radars and associated rangefinders would be installed as well. 6.: A French proposal of 1940 shortly before the Fall of France to finish her as a hybrid battleship and aircraft carrier capital ship to provide not only fire support for the Marine Nationale but aircraft projection or aerial fleet defence. Proposal would be feasible as the aft part of the ship is still not complete, though there would be stability issues to be solved having large weight on the front and the tall superstructure on the right side. Armament would consist of the French 100mm Modéle 1933 AA guns in twin turrets and 40mm Bofors with 20mm Oerlikon as light AA defence. 7.: Another USN proposal from 1945, was the full conversion of the partially completed hull to a fleet carrier. Heavy AA fire would have been provided by the 5inch (127mm) Mark 12 AA guns, while light AA are from the 40mm Bofors and 20mm Oerlikon Machine guns. Air complement is not known apart from USNAF planes, but the size would allow a decent air group of around 50-60 planes.
  13. Richelieu & Jean Bart Ein paar Bilderchen Technische-Daten Richelieu-Klasse Schiffsdaten Flagge Frankreich Schiffstyp Schlachtschiff Klasse Richelieu-Klasse Bauwerft Arsenal de Brest, Brest Kiellegung 22. Oktober 1935 Stapellauf 17. Januar 1939 Indienststellung November 1943 Verbleib 1968 verschrottet Schiffsmaße und Besatzung Länge 247,0 m (Lüa) 242,1 m (KWL) Breite 33,08 m Tiefgang max. Normal: 9,22 m Einsatz: 9,9 m Verdrängung Normal: 40.927 tStandard: 37.332 t Einsatz: 44.698 t Besatzung 1.348 Mann (Frieden) 1.569 Mann (Kriegseinsatz) Maschine Maschine 6 Dampfkessel (Typ Indret) 4 Dampfturbinen (Typ Parsons) Maschinen- leistung 155.000 Wellen-PS, forciert 175.000 PS, Probefahrt maximal 179.000 PS Höchst- geschwindigkeit 32,63 kn (60 km/h) Propeller 4 Bewaffnung Hauptbewaffnung: 2 × 4 Sk 38,0 cm L/45 Mittel- und Flugabwehrartillerie ab 1940: 3 × 3 Sk 15,2 cm L/55 6 × 2 Flak 10,0 cm L/45 6 × 2 Flak 3,7 cm L/60 CAD 4 × 4 Fla-MG 13,2 mm L/76 Mittelartillerie und Flugabwehrwaffen ab August 1943: 3 × 3 Sk 15,2 cm L/55 6 × 2 Flak 10,0 cm L/45 14 × 4 Flak Bofors 4,0 cm 50 × 1 Flak Oerlikon 2,0 cm Panzerung Gürtelpanzer: 345 mm Panzerdeck: 170 mm Unterdeck: 41 mm Hauptgeschütztürme Front: 429 mm Rücken: 130 mm Vorderer Kommandoturm Seiten: 340 mm Sensoren Oberflächen- und Luftsuche 1941–43: Sadir ME410/ME126-Radar Videos Sonstige Quellen https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richelieu-Klasse https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richelieu_(1939%29 https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Bart_(1940%29