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Found 24 results

  1. SamuraiShakaViking

    IJN power creep? .. again

    The IJN is so power creep.. forgotten, ignored again: To make a balanced game, you need balanced nations, as well as ships. Especially as the game evolves dynamically, and 'metas' change. (This neglect ruined wot). We all want future sustainability and survivability for this game. Which entails that it needs to grow and expand, retain it's fun factor, maintain balancing, while also consolidating from regions to globalized worldwide option like other mmo on steam and attracting new playerbase and increasing profitability for r&d and design. The CV rework, the new premiums, especially at tier 9, and recent ranked and clan battles show how veteran ships of the game are neglected, and certain nations given token minor buffs , if any, just to keep up with balanced development and meta memes. Eg the very weak flak on most IJN ships in the now CV dominated games is very evident.. I. Azuma, weakest of all the recent tier 9 battle cruisers.. ijn cruiser flavour is torps. Azuma gets no torps. All other battle cruisers got their nation flavour gimmicks (radar, secondaries, anti air, speed boost, reload boost, etc. Azuma gets no torps, paper armour, and no gimmicks. Why? If azuma was built she would have had torps and radar and 18 inch guns. Ywt, Eg. Georgia even gets a speed boost. Now even Benham, a USA destroyer gets better torps than the ijn... so then Why would anyone buy the azuma as well as or instead of an Alaska or stalingrad or j b??? (a bundle of tier 9s is now in the shop for $300). II. Ibuki is example , it has been so power crept by new tier 9s, it's a joke. Even premiums such as mutsu, kii, kaga (lower tier planes against tier x?) and even icon mikasa are so out of balance with present game. Kii the most expensive tier viii premium , at least gets torps and some flak, .. but still struggles against newer premiums or even tirpitz. III. There are no "brother special captains" for ijn and pan Asia. Why??? Only white males. IV (Is this racial bias, similar to ignoring / sidelining an entire continent, Africa, from this product.). Segregation? V There have been no special ijn arcs or events , even as there is now a second French event arc.. even though the French navy is hardly famous at all... Japan could be the biggest lucrative market for this game, together with pan Asian countries, Korea, Taiwan, india. But if their ships are essentially continuously nerfed and under powered, wg lose the profits and playerbase. Also collaborate more with manga and anime , but include guys anime too. Constructive suggestion: keep all nations balanced, enrich their flavors equally. If u do buff a ship to bring it up to date, with new ships, buff it properly. Since wg claim the game isn't historical simulator, they seem to try make some ships historical, and others op, early 1940s ships against 1945 to 1960 ships. Start a global world wide server, which players can access from different regions including africa to be able to play 24/7/365 (as in some clan wars,) so you have a proper global mmo like any other international mmo on steam. End regional separation when you could have a shared global playerbase. It works well on steam.. Also for collectors and naval players, bring back some legend ships (which may have been op b4, but are now no longer, such as kamikaze variants,) on special offers. Offer the collectors flags, special camps, or event badges etc in the armory.or to absorb "free xp". Why not use already developed operations and campaigns permanently, so that new players , or veterans who missed them, can benefit from hunt for Bismarck, or dunkirk op. Dynamo for example. Why not re use such well developed and designed campaigns, (eg instead of regrinding lines in the NtC?) Space battles and arms race is an awesome game mode. Why not make it available permanently.? Re events, instead of endless new currencies and tokens , make a single currency or token, which players can carry over to future events, if there's nothing they can get, or nothing they want in a particular event. There's so much you wg already have to build on, so much wg has already developed and designed, which can be expanded, that things such as the NYC are so unnecessary and superfluous. Stop the gambling loot crates, especially to skip a new tech tree. It's entirely unfair and discriminatory. Fix matchmaking, especially at tier viii. This also ruined wot. Include your global playerbase in queue ,on a global server option, instead of segregating regions, like any steam mmo. But please give the IJN some TLC and update and modernize the balance of Asia with the dynamics and meta memes of the game. And try remember and embrace the forgotten continent. Africa. They actually do have PCs and consoles, fiber, and 5g is rolling out soon. Several fiber connectivity to the EU including via Cyprus.. same time zone as EU. Why ignore this potential? Make a global worldwide server soon. And grow.
  2. So the Izumo. Obviously she is worse than the Musashi, fine. Obviously she is meant to be a rough grind, fine. However what I don't understand is why her 410s seem to be the worst BB guns of any caliber I have ever shot above tier 6!!! I would write a list of guns systems I would prefer on her but it would be quicker to list those I wouldn't. They seem less accurate than the americans, with less, pen, less alpha, less range and the flater arcs hurt more than help with the armour lay out of targets. Below are my bb stats for ships in the same MM bracket. Do I just not know how to aim these particular guns? Any answers would be appreciated. P.S. I have no trouble with any other stats or issues with the Izumo, I just think the guns are FAR worse than any others I have shot and certainly do not line up with being as high a caliber as 410.
  3. Have been playing the Izumo for the last 8 days or so. I'm a battleship player for quite some years but never felt like putting effort into the Izumo, mainly because of the negative stories about this tier 9 monster. I'm the kind of player who can enjoy playing even the toughest battleships to do well in. I run Izumo on a main gun/survival configuration and already in the first few matches I noticed how good those 410mm guns are. Very accurate on long range and very dangerous to anyone who exposes too much of his ship. Izumo can be used as expert sniper. With the scout plane I scored quite some citadel hits at 25 km distance on American and Japanese battleships. The shell grouping is very very nice and do a lot of damage. After some days getting used to this ships I worked out what the best strategy for me is playing this ship: In the early stages do not try to be in the front lines, just play the supporting role from longer ranges and try to do this from behind an Island to have maximum cover. Deal out heavy blows to ships who think they are safe at long ranges sailing in a straight line. Try to support your Destroyers and Cruisers as well with your accurate guns if they need help. In the second part of the match you can make speed and get closer into the fight. Make sure you are not alone in this because Izumo is a very big target and HE spammers/torpedoes will tear you down quite easily. Izumo's secondaries on C-Hull are nothing special but at least they have a good base range to prevent destroyers getting too close. One more thing: Izumo's armour surprised me on a postive note. I can easily use all three turrets in mid/long range battles without having to be afraid for receiving heavy damage. You can still angle enough AND use all three turrets as long as you are positioning correctly and have some awareness who is shooting you from where. Izumo's armour is sufficient I find, only Mushashi and Yamato can regulary punish you. I'm over half way grinding to Yamato now and I am not planning to sell this ship to be able to buy Yamato. After grinding the xp I'll be grinding the remaining necessary credits with lower tier ships. Please post your recent experiences with Izumo below
  4. Bracciofortebraccio

    Izumo: ma perchè?

    Ammetto che proprio la scelta della WG della Izumo non la capisco. Soprattutto non digerisco le inaccuratezze. Dal bel libro, che sicuramente non è "definitivo" ma rimane molto ricco di informazioni, Japanese Battleships Vol II 1905-1942, si evincono alcune inesattezze. Premesso intanto il progetto A-140 fu curato dal adm. Fujimoto, e non dal adm. Hiraga, va sottolineato che tutti i disegni delle "proto-Yamato" riguardavano navi con cannoni da 457/460 mm. Perchè dunque armare le Izumo in gioco con i 410 mm? Soprattutto, nel momento in cui le stesse hanno uno scafo gigantesco, proprio per reggere le torri pesanti 2500t, è chiaro che si hanno delle corazzate "under-gunned". Fujimoto peraltro, oltre alle triple da 457/460 mm, aveva previsto la possibilità di torri quadruple da 410 mm: allora la WG non poteva armare le Izumo con queste armi, in modo da compensare almeno il peso di bordata e renderle competitive? Altra grave mancanza delle Izumo nel gioco rispetto ai progetti di Fujimoto: le secondarie ridotte. Tutti i progetti A-140 prevedevano dalle tre alle quattro torri triple da 155 mm e da 11 a 14 impianti da 127 mm (alcuni in asse con la nave). Perchè invece la WG ha provveduto ha rendere i 155 alternativi ai 127? E soprattutto, perchè ha cmq messo poche secondarie? Insomma, per la Izumo la WG ha deciso di lavorare di fantasia non per buffare la nave, ma per nerfarla...
  5. Hello fellow japanese BB enthusiasts, So with the recent Izumo buffs (it is actually playable now and dare I say it, somehow... decent?) I think we can all agree that now, the most important buff this ship needs is a buff to its appearance. I just so happened to stumble upon this picture here: This thing actually looks not half bad. It still is unique and retains the basic WG-design but looks just way better than the ingame-version of Izumo. The layered secondaries (now they are in a straight line, which does not only look bad, but is also functionally bad), the more pronounced and curved bow area, the superstructure that doesn't look like Thaddeus's house, the Yamato-like turret design, etc... What do you think guys? I would really love to see this design in the game. Cheers
  6. disclamer : there will be a lot of EDIT swearing in this post so if you are sensative you can stop reading . so what he EDIT is this ship . 18.7 km detection , are you EDIT kidding me . the forward turrets are EDIT , they reload for 30s witch is exactly liek the musashi but the musashi have 460 mm guns and soemthing like 20k more hp , how can you do that WG , i am not against monitizing your game but why the EDIT making ships like izumo for free xp cash grab , how can you have a stright face after the cash grab of graf zepplin , you make OP prem ships witch are better than thier normal counter parts fiji/belfast , izumo/musashi , iowa/missouri , de grass/galisoniere ( thats just what i know of ) why do you make a ship unbelievably bad to force people to pay you money , EDIT , this ship get citadeled lfrom everywhere , it eats HE pens from eveyone , its slow as EDIT , and its has horrible concelement , who the [edited]is in lead of the balance departement , does he have any idea wtf is he doing . i always ask in forums for advices nd tricks how to play ships that i struggle with , but not izumo , you cant make this joke work ever . there is only one solution i can think of : remove this paper designe EDIT of a ship from the game , replace it with musashi in the tech tree , and refund eveyone who got the musashi or give them missouri insteed .
  7. zantur_TR

    izumo yardım

    yaklasık 1 yıldır oyuna ara vermıstım. bır suredır amagı ıle oynuyordum ve bugun ıtıbarıyle yeterlı dp yı topladım ve ızumoyu actım. her yerde ne kadar lanet bır gemı oldugundan bahsedıldıgını okuyup duruyordum ve suan acıkcası onunla bır oyun atmaya bıle tırsıyorum sımdı bu arkadasa ne gıbı kaptan yeteneklerı ve yukseltmeler kullanmalıyım yardımcı olabılecek var mı?forumda bırkac tane gordum ancak cok eskıler araya yamalar fılan gelmıstır uzun suredır neler degıstı bır fıkrım yok. sımdıden yardımlar ıcın tesekkurler
  8. Favuz

    Izumo or FdG?

    Hello guys, I recently unlocked both of those ships. With my limited amounts of silver, i am able to afford only one of the two. The one i'll not buy will be put on hold for a long time, as Fletcher and Neptune will come first. I'd like an advice from experienced BB players on which one to buy. Consider that i'll probably sold the tier IX when i'll unlock tier X, because with almost same MM i'll better drive yamato or Kurfurst, and because i kept both Bismarck and Amagi. Another advice i'd like to ask I'm currently sitting at nearly 300k free xp. Would you spend 100k for Izumo (or 50k for FdG) to buy and Mount straigth the top hulls? CV are rare at high tiers, but i don't want to be nuked from CV at the start of the match. Thank you in advance
  9. mikenl

    Izumo- the joke at tier 9

    Hey Guys, So in my dream to get the mighty Yamato I have now gotten the Izumo. I had always heard bad things about this ship (for a long time as well) so wasnt sure what to expect. The Izumo is probably the worst, most toxic, raising blood pressure ship I have played until now. You would think ever since complaints started coming and growing about the Izumo it would have been fixed previous patches but no. So my hope is in 0.4.1. the Izumo will get a much needed buff, or will it? I have so far read nothing or heard about any buffs to the Izumo. Has anyone heard or read anything about this would love to know. Also its just not fair Iowa captains have an easy enjoyable grind while Izumo captains have a shitty 400k xp grind come on man... Also heard Yamato is getting a nerf was all my hard work for nothing and anger?
  10. I don't know if i should free Xp the rest of my way to the yamato or not, so i need some opinions on what to do. So at the moment im saveing up free Xp for the "money printer" itself, but i am ever so close to getting the yamato(aka spacebattleship, aka supreme flagship, aka hotel). Im not really having problems with the Izumo i seem to be doing pretty good in it,but im not sure if i should use my free Xp to get the yamato now or just grind through the izumo and get the Xp needed. So i need your guidance people of the Forum
  11. Commander_Doom_

    Izumo commander skills.

    i don't really know what skills to use for the izumo, so far i seem to be doing fine in it as can be seen by the post battle screenshot. but i could use advise for how to speech my commander.
  12. Hallo,und zwar Spiele ich momentan die Izumo und habe mit ihr mächtig Probleme.. Ich hab vor der Izumo eine hohe win rate gehabt knapp 54% dank meiner izumo nur noch 50%-51% .. ich hab mit der Izumo eine Winrate von nicht einmal 39% in ca 70 Spielen.. Ich hab das Problem das ich da mit überhaupt nichts Treffe egal ob in kurzer oder weiter Entfernung.. Die Kugeln gehen meistens drüber oder drunter oder schlagen ein und machen keinen schaden obwohl ein Totaler Treffer Angezeigt wird.. Ich fand die Amagi und die Nagato 100% besser und hatte eine viel bessere Statistik und mehr Schaden.. Ich werde sogar von 8 und 7 Schiffen kaputt gemacht was echt peinlich ist.. Ich habe ca 5 Spiel stile ausprobiert (Frontal drauf zu,seitlich,leicht seitlich,sniper und frontal rein,) nichts da von hat mir was gebracht.. ich hab das teil ausgebaut und einen guten kapitän und alle zussatz module eingebaut.. kann mir wer Helfen das ich besser werde ? habe mir schon einige videos angeschaut aber hat alles nichts gebracht und selbst da sagen viele das schiff ist müll.. Ich bin auch unfassbar Schnell kaputt meine zitadelle zu Treffen ist mega easy bekomme in jedem game Mindestens 3-4.. Danke für Schnelle Hilfe..
  13. People have been requesting an updated Izumo commentary so I bought it on El_Gringo and took it out for a spin. Sadly the game ended a bit too soon for my taste, but I still got a feel for just how powerful the guns on this odd BB are. As usual my recommended build is at the end.
  14. So I was wondering, german BBs also get AP for their casemate secondaries, which is up to Bayern at tier 6, but once they hit tier 7 with turreted 150 mms they get HE. I find this totally okay, but Izumo and Yamato's turreted 155mms doesn't get HE. Why is that? Also german BBs tier 7-10 has a much better secondary placement in terms of being able to fire straight forward or back, while Yamato and Izumo has to go broadside to make more than just one turret shoot. Yamato fortunately has a 3x155mm turret fore and aft, but since it shoots HE it is almost useless. I guess the thought was that german BBs should have the best secondaries as a trait of some sort, but even if Yamato and Izumo get their HE it won't make that much difference and german BBs will still have the best secondaries, but the change would make the game make more sense. Turreted secondaries=HE Casemate secondaries=AP I guess exceptions could be made for premium ships, such as Warspite, but in general why not just be consistent with game design?
  15. Muppeteer

    Izumo last hull?

    Hey there, Recently got the XP and silver together to upgrade to the final Izumo hull but im not sure its the best option. Extra AA is good, but losing two of those triple 152mm turrets at the back seems a big loss. Appreciate thoughts.
  16. IceyJones

    IZUMO nahezu wertlos!

    hallo zusammen, wollte mal meine meinung zum T9 BB der jappos loswerden: was für ein schlechtes schiff! warum? - ruder langsam selbst mit upgrade. VIEL langsamer als amagi oder yamato - anfällig wie sonst was. scheint eine große zitadelle zu sein! - turrets gehen hops nach einfachen hits wie die fliegen. eben musste ich OHNE turrets sterben..... - gun grouping ist schlechter als bei ner myogi oder kawachi! man trifft kaum etwas damit! - kann nicht nach hinten schiessen! wirklich.....das teil ist eine reine geldvernichtungsmaschine! absolut wertlos verglichen mit der amagi, die eine izumo zum frühstück vernascht! was sich wargaming beim design von der gurke gedacht hat, weiss ich wirklich nicht! ich mache mit meiner baltimore mehr schaden als mit dem teil.... *kopfschüttel* gehts mir jetzt besser?! nö..... aber musste mal gesagt werden
  17. This series of guides goes to very detail about ship behavior tactics and stats. Videos include port view + captain skills + modules + stats comparisons + gameplay action Tier 3: Tier 4: NIKOLAI Tier 5: NEW YORK KONGO Tier 6: NEW MEXICO FUSO WARSPITE Tier 7: COLORADO NAGATO Tier 8: NORTH CAROLINA TIRPITZ AMAGI Tier 9: IOWA IZUMO Tier 10: MONTANA YAMATO
  18. FullBroadside

    Gemileri Tanıyalım : Izumo

    Merhaba arkadaşlar Bu bölümde Japon 9. sınıf savaş gemisi olan Izumo' yu inceliyorum.
  19. A BB commentary has been requested from me quite a few times, and considering the amount of times I've seen the Izumo pop up in this forum I decided to share my commentary here as well. As with all my new ship commentaries it also includes an overview of modules, upgrades, consumables and captain perks in the end.
  20. Ahoy there! I've been playing the Izumo for a while (grinding my bitter way to the Yamato), and I've noticed some odd things about this particular ship. First off, what is up with the dispersion of the main battery 10th year type guns? With the Gun Fire Control System Mod.1, I have better dispersion than most BBs around those tiers. 247m dispersion at 25.5km range (270+ something with spotter up), which is pretty damn good if you ask me. However, the calculation algorithm for the shells seems to troll players all the time. You land a perfect salvo time and time again, only to see them harmlessly land in the water in a circle around the enemy ships. I've gone through entire battles without hitting an enemy more than 11 times. In a 20km duel. With multiple targets. All of them giving me their sides. Wut? Now don't get me wrong, I know this is a common feature for BBs. But at the same time, it seems to happen WAY more often when I play the Izumo. How in the world can those guns perform so poorly when the dispersion (on paper) is so good? Next is the penetration values of the guns. And I know this is a hot subject to anyone playing BBs. What in the world is up with the shells penetration? And we're talking a fully upgraded Izumo, not that horrible pen that you get with the stock hull. I have to play the damn ship as a close-range knife fighter just to be able to penetrate other BBs. Well, except for when I fight another Izumo. The irony. Rarely do I get a hit that actually does more than 6k damage. And citadel penetrations are a thing of the past, it seems. You want to get citadels while playing an Izumo? Then shoot at a Yorck, and hope you actually even hit him. Furthermore, I can't make sense of the armor of the thing. The Izumo is supposed to be an adequately armored ship with sligthly less citadel armor and reinforced forward and after ends. Yet there seems to be no torpedo protection, so they just go straight through doing about 20k+ damage all the time. Even at an extreme angle those things cut through the ship like a hot knife through butter. And again, I'm not complaining about the ship, it has it's moments just like any other. For example, the AA and secondary batteries are great with their extreme range and punch (with mods, ofc). But you don't win battles with good AA guns. You actually need to be able to sink, well, things. So to sum up my experience of the Izumo: Trolly dispersion. Trolly armor. Lousy penetration. Great AA power (again, with mods). Great secondary batteries (same here, mods). Seemingly no torpedo armor bulge. Superstructure seems to be made out of flammable glass, not welded metal. So my question to you guys: what's your opinion and experience of the Izumo? Scourge or clown? Cheers!
  21. ChickenCheeze23

    Could you PLEASE fix the Izumo

    As it is now, it has to be one of the most badly designed ships in the game. I understand Wargaming doesn't really care about their customers and added this thing as a barrier to the Yamato, but still some of the issues could be fixed easily. For starters, the No.3 turret. It has no reason to be facing backwards and offers no benefits being like this. If it was facing forward not only would it have a better firing arc, but it could also keep up with the other 2 turrets allowing for better angling while keeping all of your firepower. The other glaring issue is the armor. The ship is extremely wide, making it quite sluggish, but it doesn't have the armor to accommodate such size. The Yamato is wide because it has a lot of armor and the sides are packed with secondaries and AA, but the Izumo's deck is much more sparse. Honestly fixing either of these would make the ship much less of a nightmare to play and my end my thoughts of suicide whenever I use it.
  22. CruetlyKing

    Japanese paper BB

    I played the t8 Japanese BB Amagi and I just want to turn off my computer forever. WTF am I suppose to do in it? I can't snipe with the BB terrible dispersion, I can't brawl because even the gun Destroyers can penetrate the armor and get citadel. I'd rather have the nagato at t8 with 66500 hp than the amagi. One extra turret for the armor to be turned off? The North Carolina have 9 gun and can just citadel me anytime, when I shoot the NC turret and broadside, it bounced off. FK this sh!t.
  23. So enjoying the Japanese tier IX grind with this very balanced game.
  24. Why can't the middle turret on the izumo do a full 360 turn, it clearly has the clearance as it's higher up than the other 2 turrets If the turret could turn 360 it would at least make the ship a bit more bearable, as it has abysmal armor and non-existent rear protection from the main guns unless you retreat from a target at an angle which exposes more of your ship