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Found 2 results

  1. Voici enfin des nouvelles fraîches concernant un autre navire italien, le cuirassé Roma Avec ses caractéristiques : https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/posts/1958718631121141
  2. Littorio class - Principal Technical Characteristics* Displacement (tonnes): standard 41,650, light load 44,050, full load 46,215 (Roma) Dimensions (metres): overall lenght 238.8 (Roma); waterline 232.4; between perpendiculars 234.5 overall width 32.9; waterline 32.4 average draught under full load 10.5; under light load 9.8 Machinery: Eight Yarrow boilers with angled water tubes, with superheating Four Belluzzo geared turbine groups, simple reduction Four three-bladed propellers; three rudders, one main and two auxiliary output at normal speed at full power = 133,000 hp output developed during trials: 139,561 hp (Littorio), 134,616 hp (Veneto) Speed: maximum 29 at full load (trials Littorio 31.2 at 41,782 tonnes; Veneto 31.4 at 41,900 tonnes) Range (miles/at knots): 4,580/16; 3,920/20; 1,770/30 with 4,000 tonnes of fuel Armour (mm): maximum vertical, at waterline 350 (composite 70 + 280); maximum horizontal 207; tower 260; main gun turrets 380-350; medium calibre turrets 280-150 Underwater protection: Pugliese "absorbing cylinder" system Armament (mm) Nine 381/50 guns in triple turrets Twelve 152/55 guns in four triple turrets Four 120/40 guns for illumination rounds in single shielded mounts Twelve 90/50 anti-aircraft guns in stabilised single turrets Twenty 37/54 guns in eight twin mounts and four single mounts Twenty 20/65 guns in ten twin mounts (from 1942: Roma twenty-eight in fourteen mounts) One traversing catapult, at the stern, and three aircraft (three Ro 43 floatplanes; from the end of 1942: two or one Ro 43 and one or two Re 2000 GA fighters) Radar: Type EC 3/ter "Gufo" (Roma, one from June 1943) Crew: normal complement 1,866 (comprising 92 officers, 122 warrant officers, 12 civilians, 134 petty officers, 1,506 seamen) *Technical data based on the book: The Littorio Class: Italy's Last and Largest Battleships 1937-1948 by Erminio Bagnasco and Augusto de Toro