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Found 9 results

  1. MortenTardo

    "Lock on" bug?

    Hello nice people of the Internet Like many of you know i'm not a BBaby, so this is NOT a whine tread about BB's. This seems to be affecting cruisers and DD's aswell. It might be totally confirmation bias, but lately i have had troubles with "bad RNG" when playing BB's and cruisers. Like every BB i play, play like its a Bismarck when it comes to dispersion and even cruisers i play have had horrible dispersion. Now, i thought for a while that it was just me being on a bad RNG streak. But its been going on for a long time. I am the first to admit when i'm potatoing, but this has been weird for a while. And its not like those lol salvos that every once in a while derp out and hit everything but the target. I'm talking about consistent garbage dispersion with most ships. Until today. When i heard someone say it might be something wrong with the "lock on" mechanic in the game. And that i should try to "unlock" and "lock" back on before i shot. I thought that might make sense, since most of my salvos seems like the "unlocked" ones you fire into smoke and it started a few patches ago. Now, i have only tested this for like 3 games so far, however seems like my hitrate is much higher in those games. But it needs much more testing. Like i said, this might just be tinfoil hat theory, but i will keep testing it. I would also appreciate if anyone else struggling with the same thing would do some testing aswell and report back. Greetings
  2. MortenTardo

    Arms Race feedback

    Hello speshul people of the internet! So i have been playing Arms Race a bit today with a bunch of different classes and ships. Solo and in divisions. And i have to say, i love it! Having basically a battle royal (ish) gamemode really works. I was a bit skeptical when i initially watched it play on different streams, but it came as a positive needed surprise. Warning: Its far from realistic, so you realism guys should stay away. Why do i think it's fun? Well, it brings something new to a game that really needs it. We always get new ships, PVE missions ya-ta ya-ta. That is all fine and dandy but it does not bring a new "dimension" to the game. This does. I have not been triggered once in that gamemode(yet). Players do stupid but hilarious things to get a buff to their ship. Things they would NEVER do in even Randoms. It's simply fun. And it works! It forces players to move around the map to get the different buffs. Those who camp in the back will get HEAVILY punished later in the game. ("stock" Yamato vs Repulique that has 11km consealment and 14 seconds reload is very fun for Republique, but not the camping Yamato.) Yep, you can get ridiculous numbers like that. Cruiser reload on BB's! That is why you see players play so aggressive and do some interesting things to get those buffs. It creates funny moments. I'm guessing we will see some ridiculous DMG numbers the next few weeks as well. Does it need tweaking? Yeah. Balancing is needed. The buffs needs to be more evenly spread out around the map. You get some games where the flank you are on basically get no or few buffs, and the other flank gets many. The game then becomes quickly one sided. I imagine this can be easily fixed by WG tho. Soon™ DD's also seem benefit a bit to much from the buffs. But so far everything i have played in this gamemode has been fun. Economy seems fine, but where are the achievements WG? So if you have not tried it out yet, i encourage you to do so and tell us what you think. And if you have tried it, what needs work? Did you like it or not? Why? Please tell us so we can scream at the devs. I give the gamemode a solid o7 peeps!
  3. Beltalowda

    Need help - GPU acting funny

    Hi everyone, I'll try to explain my problem and hopefully some of you will have an answer. I took apart my desktop PC, it was kinda dusty and running a bit slow, so I gave it a good clean and put it all back again. I also added one extra SSD 250GB and one other HDD 500GB. In total I have 5 hard drives of which two of them are SSD. Now to the problem I am having, when I try to run WoWs in my original resolution 1920x1080 Full Screen, my screen goes black, I hear that windows sound (like bing) and then I can still hear the game running in a background, but I have to turn the PC off and turn it back on again, because my PC is unresponsive. When I try 1920x1080 Windowed, borderless the game is running, just fine. (God knows how long that will last). WoT is running just fine while keeping my original 1920x1080, I also tried Rome 2 some Historical battle with a lot objects and no crashes at all. I downloaded FunMark to test the GPU for some fishy stuff and the program is running, but if I choose any bigger resolution then 1900+ my screen goes black like in WoWs and I have to turn the PC off and on again. (This might be because of my monitor does not support higher res then 1920x1080 would be my guess). Today I even cleaned the GPU, put the new paste on the chip, screw it back together, but it still acting funny only while trying to play WoWs. I am out of ideas and i don't want to be buying new card just now, I am quite happy with my build and it's been running very well for 4 Years now. Here is the build: Intel Core I5 3.40GHz ASRock Z87 EXTREME3 PSU 600W Corsair Asus GeForce GTX 750TI 2GB DDR5 Corsair 2x8 DDR3 1600Mhz Samsung 24-Inch i don't know much about this stuff, most of my knowledge comes from google and that's it. I have Asus GPU tweak utility program, but I don't know how overclocking works so I am afraid to touch it and ever since I got this PC it's on Profile 1, which is GPU Boost Clock (Mhz) 1085, Memory Clock (Mhz) 5400, Fan Speed(%) 22. Could it be that I have way too many HDD's and PCU is not powerful enough for all the stuff connected to my PC ? Or is it something else, and could anyone help me to solve this problem ? Please help.
  4. MortenTardo

    Noob protection

    Alright boys, put on your tinfoil hats and pay attention to the next game you play. So, Ive been playing BB's for a while(Not main, but i do enjoy the odd game in them). Recently i've been crossing stats with the players i shoot at ingame. And it seems to be a common thing that cruisers for example can park 10km away from me. Full broadside, and my shells hit everything but the ship. Then go on to check the stats on the guy and usually its a 35-40% WR guy. And they get away with it. Same game i can shoot at the same type of ship, but this guy is actively dodging and hit him with 2x citadels at an angle. Look at the guys stats and its usually close to 60%. Other cases where you play cruisers and the bad player constantly have 1 shell that goes away from the grouping you just dodged and hits you smack in the citadel. I mean, it seems to me that bad players get away with stupid crap and good players gets punished for playing correctly. Anyone else having the same experience?
  5. I am looking for an italian clan Nickname: simbad124 No ts no mic Beta tester Ships: BB: Belleroprhon; Arkansas Beta; North Carolina; Bismarck CV: Langley CA/CL: Friant; Kirov; Leander; Mogami; Edimburgh DD: Smith; G-101; Kagero
  6. After countless battles with ships seemingly being driven by Stan Laurel type captains, I have decided to join them and pick a captain who will feel at home with them..... I just need to find a way to get his true image into the game
  7. Hi all! I am looking for an italian clan that wants to participate in events, team battles and cups like the upcoming Odem Mortis Community Cup. My stats currently: Rank 7, Level 12 of service record Battles Fought 2,613 Victories / Battles 51.89% AVERAGE EXPERIENCE PER BATTLE 785 Average Damage Caused per Battle 29,455 Kill / Death Ratio 1.31 and my ships: - Tier VIII USA Benson DD USA New Orleans CA JAPAN Amagi BB - Tier VII USA Colorado BB USA Ranger CV JAPAN Hatsuharu DD JAPAN Myoko CA JAPAN Hiryu CV GERMANY Yorck CA - Tier VI USSR Ognevoi DD - Tier V USSR Kirov CA JAPAN Kamikaze R DD JAPAN ARP Haruna BB JAPAN ARP Hiei BB JAPAN ARP Kirishima BB JAPAN ARP Kongo BB - Tier IV USA Arkansas Beta BB Tier II JAPAN Tachibana DD GERMANY Emden CA
  8. Let's all boycott the game, I know some of you only play WoWs(Kinda sad) but I think if we all stop playing for a while it will force WGEU to take action.
  9. NyronGT

    [Suggestion] Ramming enhancement

    Remember the upgrade in WoT that enhances your ramming capability (like the Spall Liner)? I was looking at available achievements here, in WoWs, and i noticed the ramming-related one. And i thought about some upgrade that would allow ships to ram much more effectively. Something like this: Reinforced bow Increases ramming damage by X% Decreases damage received by Y% +Z% to rudder shift time due to materials' weight. Maybe not many players will be using it, but who knows. What do you think of such an equipment? Also, is this a right section for suggestions? If not, then sorry.