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Found 14 results

  1. ItsTipez

    Just some ideas

    1: Add special effects when you detonate someone like guns flying off barbettes, lifeboats flying, hull ripping up ect... 2: new achievement; Detonating Strike. If you detonate someone who is over 50%hp, it will award you with this achievement rather than devestating srike 3:a blue name tag that is on your name, which is like violator or division tags. Its purpose will be to tell your team that you have a slow game, and the punishment for being afk wont be applied. 4: issues about he (keep in mind that this is if the player has ifhe through this and the next issue) . If a he shell hits the hull and shatters (like if you are bow on in a bb), there is no way that a he shell can start a fire that way. Another weird angle that can start fires is a shell hitting a deck at 95 degrees and starting a fire (correct me if i got the angle wrong). A bigger issue is he hitting super structure (like the hoods,and has ifhe skill) penning and constantly causing 1k damage each and never getting saturated (i will discuss this in the 5th problem). Also, PLEASE stop adding more he spamming ships or ships which specialize in he. By 2020, battleships will be impossible to play because cruisers are getting more popular and op. 5: fire/he saturation. Imagine a yamato, that got hit in the nose by he and caused a fire, losing 9k hp. Now imagine it again, but with less hp and fire causing the same amount of damage. This is the problem with playing bbs, especially high tier. I wondered why it dosent saturate the hull, like torpedoes do to ships. He hitting the deck in the same place realistically has to saturate it at some point. 6: a built in replay system. Just press a button if you think you liked the battle enough to see it again, drops into a tab and you can watch it infinite times (i know you can do this manually with a few lines of code, but im too paranoid to edit the code without breaking something)
  2. newbeltane

    Server connection issues

    At the moment I can't connect to server for Round 2. All it says is technical issues and I have been disconnected from server. The Game Center says I have latest update and nothing else has changed since Round 1, which I played fine. Not sure what is going on and wondered if anyone else had same issues on EU server? BTW I am running integrity check so will see what that says. UPDATE: OK I ran the integrity check - didn't say anything was wrong and so I tried again and now I am connected! Not sure wqhat happened there.
  3. @MrConway, @Crysantos, @Tuccy@Hateshinaku I have a Question about the Ports, i know i asked that a bit Time ago. Can you please re-add or better said "fix" this Port and maybe swap it with the "actually" NewYork Port or give the Players an Option to switch between Night and Day (only in the Ports) This Pictures are actually from a Mod Pack (which i installed) but there are Problems with the Dynamic Lightning as you can see on the 2nd Picture with the Moon the Skyscrapers on the Backround are a bit well... also you have this Problem here : I rly would like to have this Port back working, even the Backround Music as it was before: Is there a Way to make this Work again? By what ever Reason the Music is gone... and the Port itself is gone too. (Thats one of the Reasons, why i tagged 2 Supertesters here) or maybe someone can figure out what that is and make this work again. Sorry but i know many Players who lived in the US and had this Port with the awesome Theme in the Backround, a Iowa (like me) or other Battleships and just sit and listen to Music. I cant do more then asking, but i hope there is something possible to do.
  4. KimTheDane

    update 0.6.13 sound mod issues

    Have anyone one found out what that mod.xml file we got does to ones sound modifications?? My sounds for AA, Main Guns dosen't work anymore :-(
  5. Tuccy

    Update 0.6.10 - Known Issues

    Captains, Here are few known issues with the 0.6.10. Where possible we provide a workaround until the issue can be fixed: After updating the game client via Launcher or Wargaming.net Game Center, temporary files with the extension .killme in the folder res \ packages are not deleted, which causes significant increase in Game Client size (up to ~40GB). Workaround: In order for the temporary files to be deleted and to not take up unnecessary space, you need to close and restart Launcher or Wargaming.net Game Center. NOTE: You have to shut down the Game Center in the Tray as well. After the update and game client launch, load progress bar in the port freezes, ship can not be loaded and players cannot play normally. Workaround: The issue is caused by an incorrect update of the client files, you can fix it by running the client integrity check command ("Check") in the Launcher options, the system will restore the system files. However, it will need to download from 1.5 to 20 GB. British battleships Bellerophon, Orion, Iron Duke, received by players after the release of 0.6.10 as a result of completing SSE tasks, can not be sold by players. Workaround: None. The issue will be fixed with patch release (currently scheduled for September 13-14, 2017). We apologize for the inconvenience. Action stations!
  6. OldGrandad

    Windows 10 'Creators Update'

    All, I am writing this just to give you some form of warning. If you are a user of Windows 10 you will be due to be updated to the 'Creators Update' anytime from today onwards. I have tested this on 2 separate machines, one was an updated Windows 7 machine, the other a 'pure bred' Windows 10 machine. On the updated Windows 7 machine, the actual update went apparently very well. I say apparently as all seemed well initially. I have a specialised label printer attached to it, and post update it failed to be visible. Thankfully a fresh install of the drivers was all that was needed. So, keep an eye on older peripherals and their drivers when updating. On the newer dedicated Windows 10 machine, on 3 separate attempt the installation froze at 75%, thankfully rolling back was a painless affair. This could be down to a multitude of things such as security applications for instance. So, with this in mind and abusing a latin phrase, 'caveat installer'! This is not to put fear into you but to make you aware of possible problems. Bottom line is, install now with some possible risk involved, or wait until millions more have done so leaving others to discover issues. This way when updating later on, hopefully buggy installs will be a thing of the past (for most of us!). I for one am now going to wait a while before attempting to install again. Again, just a heads up. [edit] Despite numerous attempts at getting my printer drivers to work on the ex-Windows 7 machine I had to give up and regress the update [/edit]
  7. SMGJohn

    Massive performance issues

    I have some pretty bad performance issue in this game for no reasons, it used to run just fine on the highest settings before but its only lately that its started doing this after the recent updates. Performance is awful and mostly in the 20 - 30 fps range with horrible stuttering even at the lowest settings possible it does this. I reinstalled the game multiple times to no avail and I tried various Radeon Crimson drivers but its definitely not a driver problem, the game also seems to only use 10 - 15% of my 8 CPU threads which is strange. At the moment its completely unplayable however World of Tanks works just fine and that runs on the same game engine. My specs: AMD Raden R9 M290X 4GB (Crimson 16.2) Intel Core i7-3940XM 32GB DDR3L Game on 960GB SSD Windows 8.1 Pro x64
  8. Tina_Pedersen

    Clans and limitations

    1; WHEN we division up as clanmembers, the clan-tag is shown in the division list, making it impossible to tell who is who of the three...2; A maximum of 30 members, is a limit we have begun questioning. Sure, we are a VERY cassual and laid back clan, who apparently attracts members from Denmark. This is really nice, as that, naturally, enables or clan activites to rise and flurish.However, with a 30-member limit, we have to either create a second clan, (and thus crash our name...), or leave people behind a TS membership, with zero in-game tag... On behalf of [DC_DK] Danish CrusadersTina_Pedersen // DC_DK Public Relations
  9. En la última semana no paro de tener desconexiones del servidor y partidas con un LAG patético que recuerda a los juegos online del año 2006. He revisado todo varias veces y sólo tengo problemas con World of Warships, en ningún otro juego online tengo problemas de conexión o de red y ni muchísimo menos me desconectan de los servidores del juego en cuestión, sólo me sucede con World of Warships. ¿Alguien más está sufriendo este insoportable problema de los servidores?
  10. FURYofFIRE123

    problem with WoW launcher URGENT

    Yea ok, so i accidentally deleted my Wow whilst doing a major cleanup of my mac, however i had only deleted a few files, i tried to recover them but it didn't work so i deleted all of the files and started over again, when i left it to download and came back i clicked play only for this to occur. Can someone tell me why this happens and what i can do to fix this, i really wanna get playing again...
  11. Sir_Tramalot

    Sound issues

    I am having weird sound issues in the game, it is ok to start, and then after about 30 seconds, the sounds start getting garbled until it just sounds like white noise. Any ideas?
  12. Last night I did a quick login, to see what my daily missions were, and I was mildly shocked, but not completely surprised to see that the amount of active players was a hair below 12K (NA server). So I went to the vbAddict site to look up some statistics on the weekly averages. I chose the weekly increments, giving me a fairly fine scale to work with, while cancelling out weekly fluctuations like a busy weekend versus a calm Tuesday afternoon. What I saw there was very disturbing. The playernumbers across all four servers are gliding at a fairly constant speed towards zero. Sure, there are small increases as well (especially when new content is added), but they do not outweigh the steady decline. Since vbAddict doesn't allow me to combine all the four servers into one graph, I did it myself in Excel, with the values they gave me. And this is the result: As you can see, the game is clearly ill, which may have various reasons, but I think it can be safely boiled down to these things: Known flaws, errors and broken stuff that did not get fixed in a timely fashion. If something is broken, it ain't no use to continue playing with it, so people will pack up their stuff and leave. You can clearly see that even in CBT, the playerbase was declining, with occasional rises when new waves of players were invited. Players did, and do, leave when they notice that no real progress has been made. The aimbot-gate, and the lack of thorough, direct and prioritized attention from Wargaming sure didn't help with it. Players read the internet, if they see that there are issues in-game (via forums, gamesites,...), they will draw their conclusions, and leave. Don't forget: "reputation comes by foot, and goes by horse". While the absolute number of players is steadily increasing, the number of active players is decreasing. That means that many players see this game, make an account, play a few games, and then move of. Since they made an account, that means that they have an interest in the game, but they are being turned away by other reasons. My guess: the flaws, the lack of WG-interaction, specials,... The "public release", which was not marketed and announced as it should, completely failed to make a noticable impact, and failed in doing what it's sole purpose was: launching the game, and attracting new players, to further increase the playerbase. There was a small increase, but not enough the counter the decrease that happened in OBT. Where the addition of new content makes for a small increment in active players, it does not outweigh the steady decline (caused mainly by the flaws that there are in-game). The good does not outweigh the bad. The total lack of incentive of binding players to the game has a profound impact. The selling of premium time and doubloons bundled with premium ships has failed into luring the players enough into spending a continuous time in-game. While it may be profitable for Wargaming in terms of monetary value, it also has succeeded into poisoning the playerbase. TL: DR: the bundles are too expensive for attracting new players, the main buyers of the bundles are players who are already in the game. New players aren't particularly interested in a ship AND doubloons AND premium AND flags AND... From a player perspective, it's safe to say the bundles have totally failed. From a monetary perspective probably not, but there is no way that WG will be able to continue with those bundles. While the NA-server gets hammered with freebees, giveaways, contests, big prizepools,... this does not correspond in an increase in players. Even more staggering: they are one of the smallest servers in the WOWS-universe, even the SEA has caught up with them. Yet they consume virtually all the promotional budget from Wargaming. There is no way that the American players, with their numbers, are spending more money than the EU players. Solutions MAKE SPECIALS NOTEWORTHY AND INTERESTING! There is no way you're going to keep players happy and interested in your game, when the only thing you can come up with is an "X2" for experience for the first battle. There is already an abundance in experience. This clearly reflects in the graphs, that weeks in which specials are held have a significant higher number of players than weeks in which no specials were held. What would make a special noteworthy, and attract players? Discounts on port-slots, discounts on ships (premium & techtree), personal missions & in-game rewards. FIX YOUR GAME BEFORE ADDING NEW CONTENT! First make the basis healthy and working properly, then add stuff to it. Without a healthy base, the game will tumble and collapse. WHEN NEW CONTENT IS ADDED: TEST IT BEFORE RELEASE! Many of the (gamebreaking) flaws could have been prevented by thoroughly testing the new patch, and a proper collection of the feedback and data. Many of the in-game flaws aren't new, and were already being discussed in an elaborate way. Yet somehow patch after patch gets spewed out without proper testing, after which much time is lost with fixing stuff that could and should have been fixed before, especially since it was known. A broken patch scares away players. It's better to delay a patch for a couple of weeks, and make sure it works, than to throw it in the public, and fix the problems as they address themselves. PROMOTE YOUR $H1T! When the basic fixing is done, promote your game by attracting new players, and you can attract them mainly via 1). MIGRATE RESOURCES FROM THE NA TO THE EU AND SEA: pretty obvious, it seems.
  13. So i get a mouse everywhere else on the game (menu, port) but when i'm in game i used to press CTRL and that would bring up the mouse cursor and allow me to ping the minimap and select planes for my AA guns but now that doesn't work anymore the only way i can ping minimap now is pressing M have the map come up, this is the only way i seem to get the mouse cursor up but even then i still can't select planes and ships for my AA and secondaries to focus on. Can anyone help i've already tried deleting my preferences like other threads have said
  14. Hello, I made a video discussing things which I think should not be in a released game. I would like to hear what you guys think about it, here it is: Note that audio is cut off from the forum contests part due to a premiere bug. It has an annotation link to the follow up part. I think the interface options are incredibly important, particularly the lobby ones. Replays as well. AND DEFINITELY MOUSE INVERSION.