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Found 30 results

  1. Mangone

    UI scale bug

    So i encountered this UI scale issue which makes my ships thicc. I noticed i can fix it setting UI scale to minimum and back to optimal but it comes back everytime time i launch wows so its not permanent fix. I didnt have this issue before when i used old launcher but yesterday i did clean windows reinstall and used WGC to install wows as its coming mandatory anyway. Last night it was ok but today when i logged in i saw these thicc ships.. Any ideas whats the issue and how to fix? @YabbaCoe @MrConway @TheWarJaC
  2. So last weekend, in the mornings and noons, I had no problem playing warships whatsoever. Till prime time kicked in, then I had major lag, packet loss and it was just unplayable, so I quit. Next day same thing, and yesterday too. So today I log in and what do I see? I got pink for 3 battles because "I quit the battle too early"... well I would play out the battle if I was not disconnected every 2 minutes! (yesterday's last battle I played, after the first DC I never reconnected because of the multiple DC's I had the battle before) So why am I having connection issue's only in prime time? (for me that is 5pm-10pm GMT+1) And am I the only one having these issue's or are there more players? if so, can it be fixed? Because I'm thinking of shelving this game for a while (again) till this is fixed. because getting pink for unintentional DC's isn't fair! PS: I'm sorry if I put this thread in the wrong topic, I'm seldom on forums. edit: What I also tried to minimize the lag; change the graphic settings from medium to low, changed alternative battle view from always visible to off (the alt) but still I got lag, packetloss and dc's within prime time.
  3. Capt_Widowmaker

    Swift support and action.

    I had an ingame issue that demanded a fast report to support via a ticket. The response and action taken is the fastest I have experienced in any game. Unfortunately regarding the survey (as per request) I couldn't find it - nor was it offered. So I use the forum to thank the staff for a swift support, response and solution. Kind regards and 'safe sinking' Capt_Widowmaker
  4. Hello all. I have been playing WoW for a while now on mac (10.12.6), and everything was fine. Then I had the idea to try World of Airplanes. I tried it, didn't like it. In order do install WOA I had to download and install the Game center, which basically absorbed WOW. Now, when I tried to delete the game center, it messed up WOW, that was unable to start. I read somewhere that I had to reinstall game center and delete the game from there, which I did with some diffuculty. Now I don't have game center, and when I download again WOW and try to run it, it crashes. Any hope for me? thanks
  5. leo70

    Drops FPS

    A mess of play. A little bit of respect for the players we are tired of having FPS down all the time. After so many updates, this serious problem has not been resolved. Many players complain during the game but were tired of posting on the forum. We pay premium acont and you can not play.I say I do not have a lag. My system is over what WG recommends
  6. GodOfGunns

    BBs AP against DDs

    Hi first off all you guys EDIT up with this game day by day i wonder what you guys drinking ? and my title is clear . why you dont delete shimakaze from tree line and add T10 jap DDs with more vodka with it right now looking for more realistic navy battle game , have fun and keep doing this great broken stuff until this game is dead
  7. SkullBreaker007

    GPU usage 0% when playing game

    Hey guys when playing world of warships I ised process hacker to monitor the performance I saw that my gpu was at 0% is that a problem( btw my game is laggy). How do I fix this?
  8. Hello my fellow captains, with the recent changes to the mod-policy, an issue that has been present since the dawn of WoWS has risen to become a problem once again. Blur, WoWS has since CBT when i started, had a layer of blur on top of everything in the client. Blur causes a number of issues even for you who might not even have noticed it until now, i will explain further down the post. Until the ban of Reshade as a mod it was universally accepted as the solution to the issue of excessive Blur, to use Lumasharpen or other filters. Lets establish right away what im talking about for you who are not aware, this affects every level of graphics. Imgur's compression of high-res images adds JPEG artifacts sadly, images does not make lumasharpen screenshots Justice, refer to attached images or closer comparisons for cutouts to compare uncompressed screenshots. My graphics settings Vanilla Reshade + Lumasharpen Closer comparisons to outline differencies Lowest graphics settings Vanilla Reshade + Lumasharpen Closer comparisons to outline differencies My graphics settings with Aslains Fog remover Vanilla Reshade + Lumasharpen Closer comparisons to outline differencies If you cannot see any difference between the screenshots then rejoice! Also the last example is to show that the fog is in fact Not the cause of the Blur, the Blur applies to the fog as well, removing the fog gives a placebo that the blur goes away as its less slightly less noticable. Lets get another thing straight right away. Reshade+Lumasharpen was just a stopgap, a temporary user-applied fix until WG solves the core issue which hasnt even been brought up seriously yet, i wonder if they even are aware?. The reason to ban reshade is legitimate, Battlefield 3, PUBG an so on did get cheats injected through reshade even. and it shouldnt be unbanned, but WG must solve this issue of Blur now. This ever present Blur cannot be removed by any methods aside from Reshade, no graphics settings, no graphics control panel, no DSR or VSR, no monitor OSD settings. I have gone to lenghts trying to reduce the blur without injecting post-process filters. And i arrived at the sad conclusion. There is only one way to reduce the Blur on our end, and that is with post-process filters such as Lumasharpen. And only one way to do it sort-of without breaking the rules, HDMI/DP cables with built in post-process filters such as the 120 Euro mCable, but it has serious technical limitations, both to resolution and refreshrate. And is ridiculously expensive for what it is. The Blur is an inherent trait that WG has chosen to use, or neglected to remove for their titles using the Bigworld graphics engine. The cause or reason to implement a layer of Blur is only something WG can answer, which they have not due to lack of awareness. Blur usually is used on low-fidelity games to hide ugly graphics, however WoWS is a beautiful game, and the blur does the polar opposite, it hides how beautiful WoWS is, forces people to look at WoWS through a lens smeared in Vaseline. Some of you find the Blur hideous, others dont mind it. People like me with advanced motion sickness however become physically sick when trying to focus vision on something that is blurry, it causes eyestrain, headache, and nausea. For people like me, using Reshade was a requirement to be able to play WoWS due to the Blur. But even for you that dont suffer advanced motion sickness, you should feel the eyestrain, getting exhausted quickly when playing WoWS, you often get headache when playing WoWS and so on. Some blame the headache on the toxic community, but even here its the opposite. The strain on the eyes from trying to focus on something out of focus shortens peoples fuses, stress builds up, anger builds up. It affects people in negative ways without them realising it and turns people toxic. WG's Support claims that they cannot inform WG about the dawn of the apocalypse of Blur. Only the forum can, that is if any WG dev by chance reads it when the stars align and the red moon is out. Please help, the end is nigh.
  9. Hola: Es más pataleta que otra cosa, porque ya he comentado este problema aquí (Inglés) , y hace tiempo aquí y también en español. El problema es el mismo, la conexión va bien, con ping y fps normales, pero el sonido se escucha con pequeños drops o microcortes. El barco tarda en reaccionar al giro, aunque veas en la pantalla el indicador que hace caso a tiempo. Cuando dejas de girar y el indicador vuelve a 0, pero el barco sigue girando y ves como derrapa en el agua. Otra característica es ver que el barco está por delante de donde tu lo ves, verás como te impactan proyectiles por delante de donde está la silueta de mi barco, donde yo solo veo agua y si caen en esa silueta, salpica agua y no hay daño. Por supuesto, los enemigos están por delante de donde yo los veo, les delata las animaciones de sus disparos y los impactos que reciben. Puedes empezar una partida y estar bien, y producirse esta desincronización a los 3 o 5 minutos de empezar la batalla. Obviamente jugar así es imposible, llevo 3 días que lo intento y solo me dan ganas de ejecutar el uninstall. Lo graciosos del caso es que llevo solo una semana jugando, desde que allá por marzo, WG quitase la compatibilidad con win XP Vista y no lo he cambiado hasta ahora. En toda una semana no me ha dado ni medio problema. Y cuando lo dejé daba ese problema de forma aleatoria unos días sí, una temporada bien... He probado un montón de cosas, lo único que funcionaba era salir del juego en medio de la partida y reiniciar el router. Aparte de ser un rollo, (lo normal es que te hundan, aún si lo detectas según empieza). Ahora ni eso funciona, en apenas unos segundos vuelve a pasar. Comentaban de desactivar el antivirus, pero nada, no ha funcionado. Aparte que reconoce el juego como tal y lo mete al saco de los programas que hay que dejar correr. ¿Algún aporte?
  10. It's come to my notice that some can't download my mods from the forum links, but others can. Does anyone have a clue as to what this issue is about? Is WG on it?
  11. SPIKER602

    Mouse won't Click on anything

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I'm new to all this forum stuff. Have been playing WoWS for a few weeks/couple months now without any issues whatsoever (Default settings, never change anything). That was until I logged in today and the mouse will not allow me to click on anything. The mouse works perfectly on any other program (including WoT) but once I have loaded the login page for WoWS I cannot click Login. I can, occasionally, press Enter to move to the Port Page (the main page once you log in) however this doesn't change anything as I still cannot click anything. It was working perfectly fine when I was online yesterday. I have had a look on Google (and these forums) but the only recommendations I have seen are all 'wait for patch' etc. Thanks for any help!
  12. Hello, I purchased HSF Graf Spee last month, and to complete my collection of HSF ships, I bought HSF Harekaze as well. However I realized something a few days after I bought Spee, when the voice command update was introduced, the new voice commands have no HSF voice over. This means when me or someone else issues voice commands, it is in normal voice over, but the background notifications like 'Torpedoes ahead' or such are still in HSF voice. I looked for topics addressing this issue, found one and couldn't view it due to this error: 2F173/O. So I hoped this would be fixed in the next update, but I couldn't see anything mentioning this in update notes. I bought HSF ships, because I love the anime, and I especially enjoyed the voice over for Graf Spee, however, I cannot anymore because of this annoying issue. Is there any way we are going to get any update solving this problem, because that would be really good. Plus I think it is not a good customer experience to sell customers something then in just a few weeks break it with an update, and I am extremely dissatisfied with it, especially after paying quite a lot for that content. Thanks in advance. I hope something can be done about it.
  13. Hi, Ich habe extreme Probleme mit der Hafen UI, besonders beim Wechsel zwischen den einzelnen UI's am extremsten ist die Ladezeit/der Lag bei "Module", "Kapitänsfähigkeiten" und "Missionen". Im match habe ich aber, selbst auf Einstellungen zwischen High und Ultra immer noch 70-100 FPS. Also kann es wohl kaum an der Hardware liegen... Spiele Fullscreen auf 1920x1080p 16:9 Auflösung. Hardware: - CPU: Intel I5 6600K x4@3.6GHz (Overclocked auf 4.2GHz) - MB: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming - RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws IV 16GB DDR4 @2133MHz - SSD: Samsung 840 EVO mit 1 Terabyte Kapazität - GPU: MSI R9 270x Hawk mit 2GB vRAM
  14. HardLens


    I open The Game Normaly i play for 20 minutes after that i close The game.. when i try open The laucher again i got This Error Critical error. Unable to connect to update service. The application cannot continue. For details, see log file help me please
  15. piotrintes

    Blinking objects in menu + crashes

    Wellcome. I would like to raport two errors I have encountered in game. 1.) After update (I do not know which one, because I havn't playd long time) all objects in port are moving rapidly from it's positions with evry camera move. After each move all screen is blinking because of jumping objects like ship parts, landskape, other boats etc. It didn't happend in first open beta, so it seems to be relativly new problem. Inside of battle there is almost gone, but still in some moments I can still see something blinking, or shaking. 2.) Second problem seems to be something with memory I think. After first battle if I do not reload game it crashes almost evry time during second one. If not second one than in the beginning of third one. I can't see error message, because it is below hanged game screen which is still in fulscreen. Alt+tab doesn't shows it, so only methood is to run task manager with alt+ctrl+del and stop game process. Restarting game after evry battle is a "little" problem. I have 4 GB of RAM, so this shouldn't be lack of memory.
  16. humanus

    Error report

    Hey! I found a few things: 1.: I noticed this thing as I first logged in. as I was typing my e-mail adress, after I worte the @ character, it pasted the thing that was on my clipboad example: (mailID)(onmyclipboardthing)@(emailprovider).com the same happens if I write in the chat in battle // I'm using hungarian keyboard 2.: Wargaming logo is hiding my free XP In the top right corner a random WG logo is displayed and I can't see the amount of my freeXP on any res. options link to pic: http://i.imgur.com/vXlfIPp.jpg ok, so it's a feature I clicked on the freeXP and it dissapeared -finally. I tried clicking the icon but not the freeXP. Also, i think the logo shouldn't hide anything i would put it below it or anywhere else near the freeXP but not on it 3.: Report error error On the login screen it redirects me to the russian page where I need a russian account.but why? better link it to the forum i think 4.: This happened to me only once yet: I could not press ready in a division. Description: We (my platoon mate and me) left the battle, ships still in battle. After the end of the battle we tried to ready with our ships. My mate could, I couldn't. I solved the problem with switching ship, I pressed ready, not ready, back to the ship i wanted to battle with and after that I could press ready that's all for now UPDATED (ty guys, that WG logo made me mad )
  17. Hytizz

    Tech Tree issue!

    Hi fellow commanders! I just realised, that my in-game tech tree doesn´t show all premium ships in any nations tree. What seems to be the problem here then? In Japan i have Atago, in USA i have Atlanta and in Soviet i have Aurora and Murmansk. So there is my situation. Any help for this?
  18. GodzRott


    The problem I'm having is quite odd. I load the game, log in, the video in the background works fine and then it gets to the part where you see your current ship... This is where the problem is. everything, including the ship, is in red and blue and looks as if there are two (2) of everything? As if you'd need to use 3D glasses for it to work and oddly enough when I actually try and play the game, although the graphical issue is still occurring, the game itself runs flawlessly Haha! My PC is more than capable of running the game on the highest settings according to the website and this is the only game series I'm having this issue with (Its the same for WoT and WoP). I've attached a screenshot of the issue but I think the description of the fault is clear enough. Someone mentioned to me about anaglyph 3D settings? But I have no idea what this is or where to find/alter it. Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance
  19. piotrintes

    Locked ship

    Wellcome. I wish to report a terrible bug which prevents me from use one of my ships. A little time after loading into battle game has crashed. Of course after restart ship has been locked, because it was in battle. Problem is, that game is not unlocking it since more than hour (one battle takes about 20 minutes, so I'm sure that this battle has been ended), so my ship has been locked permanently. I hope you can do anything to unlock this ship or just remove it from slot. Edit: After second restert of the game ship has been unlocked. So problem is solved.
  20. robertdestroyer

    Daily Missons Bug?

    Hi there, I'm just wondering if I have a bug with my WOW's account due to my personal cool down being more that 24 hours as it specifies on the screen. Instead It as on a cool down of 36 hours now down to 27 hours. This seems to either be a bug or a misunderstanding on my behalf.
  21. reefclaw

    Desync and premium time

    So, I'm one of many people experiencing desync issues. And i'm running an AMD proc (one core affinity is no option). And my internet connection is great. This however is not a topic about that. As there are many other topics like this. This topic is related to premium time. With these desync issues, the game is unplayable. Even untestable. We can not see where the enemy ships really are. We can not see where torpedo's really are. And we (at least i) experience huge rubber banding when maneuvering the ship. So, the game is unplayable and untestable. As how can you test that which you cannot play. But, when i bought one of the ship packages. (I believe it's the warspite one). I got 30 days of premium time. That time is now lost. The does not calculate premium time on actual time played. Nor on actual days online. So, i got the 30 days, and it's sitting there, now being used. Does anyone else have the same issue? Do you think wargaming should reimburse the premium time lost due to this desync issue? Ahoy, Reefclaw
  22. Hi all, I'm new to the open beta but I have to report a weird issue in the game launcher (version After then i press "Play" when the game is loaded I have to type my email in the access form but I can't do it because the cursor delete suddenly part of the text I've typed. I've logged the game by typing my email in a txt file and copying inside the form by Ctrl+V. I had no problem with the password form.
  23. Shepbur

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    Please check through this list before posting bug reports to check that your bug is not already known to be an issue by wargaming. Click HERE to take you to the Detailed Bug List Known Bugs/ Issues from patch (and earlier) Key: Black = Confirmed knowledge of the bug/issue being present in the game. Orange = Minimal information known regarding the bug. Blue = Known issue, See the Detailed Bug List for more information. Port User Interface/ Chat/ Research/ Loading/ Matchmaking Bugs The message informing about the queue to enter the game is not translated. The Heavy Damage combat mission may be accomplished with less than 20000 damage points. When a player selects a ship to battle with, it may be replaced with another ship. The entry field on the Exchange Piasters screen has no length limit. User statuses may be displayed incorrectly in the heading of a private chat. Messages in the private channel flicker after a player has left the battle. Chat channels become expanded when returning from battle, or entering the MM Queue. Messages in chat channels may disappear both completely, and partially. It is possible for a division commander to enter the queue without warnings if a player in the division is not ready. When purchasing premium time from a non-premium port, the premium port camera becomes locked and will not move. Chat filter system can sometimes be too strict. Blacklist Bugs: Blacklisted players can communicate in-battle, Blacklisted players can communicate in division chat. Division Chat channels are reset after a battle and past conversations cannot be recovered. Group chat channels are reset after a battle, re-joining the channel will restore past messages. Chat channels may display to show un-read messages, when all messages have previously been read. When playing in divisions and during long waits for random battles, unequal teams may be formed. When matchmaking a division consisting of ships of Tier I and X in Co-op Battles, the balance is based upon the lowest level. With the map being based on the highest level. Even when the number of players on the server is sufficient for a complete team of 12*12, incomplete teams may be formed. Missions with similar requirements may only progress one at a time despite battle results applying to more than 1 mission objective. National flags may be displayed incorrectly for some nations in the port. - re-download client to fix issue. The 1.5x victory bonus can sometimes be won through a loss or draw. Additionally, it may not be gained for a victory. Some ship descriptions may be incorrect, or contain confusing phrases. ​When loading in the port, a stretched background of ocean can sometimes be seen momentarily. Mission thumbnail images may be incorrect. Signal Flags interface can sometimes load with nametags rather than text. Premium interface shows time periods with nametags rather than text. Account level rewards can run off the screen in some resolutions. Ship module names may load in incorrectly, showing modules for the wrong ship in the research page. Some ships lack modernisation options despite the ships ability to use the benefits. Ship hulls may be pre-researched after re-buying the ship. Extended periods of time in the credit exchange menu can result in port interface tabs becoming unresponsive. Exchanging a large number of tokens for credits can result in a negative total number of credits appearing in the menu screen. Upon logging into the game for the first time after updating the game client, and infinite loading screen appears. When buying modernisations on a ship, a warning box appears showing the ship is still in battle when it is not. "Clear sky" achievements may not always be assigned despite a player shooting down the required number of aircraft. Ship Statistics Bugs Integral characteristics and parameters of ships do not update after the research of crew / modules. Some Japanese warships may have the wrong type of torpedo tubes listed in their parameters. Names of primary armament modules and their performance characteristics may not match on some ships. Number of torpedo and dive bomber aircraft on aircraft carriers are not displayed specifically, only fighters are shown. Module names may be incorrect for some ships. Ship Models & Camera View Bugs AA guns on some of the ships may be displayed incorrectly in Port. Graphical Glitches & Camera misplacements may occur in the background of the after-battle report. On some ships primary armament and torpedo tubes elements may touch or fire through the superstructure. Ships may lie in the Port with rotating propellers. An incorrect switching of the ships LOD at Low and Medium settings. At low graphics settings some objects on ships may not be displayed. As a result, they may appear as hanging in the air. Torpedo tubes appear loaded during the pre-battle countdown (30 seconds), but after the battle starts, the loaded torpedoes disappear. With some video cards and drivers, the view sector goes beyond the Minimap limits and causes a full screen artifact. The Albany's secondary gun casemates show no guns, with black textures in the gaps when on medium/low graphics quality. Aircraft are placed incorrectly on all carrier decks. Aircraft can sometimes be seen flying into the sea and becoming stationary during dogfights. Small objects are inanimate on some ships. A reconnaissance aircraft model remains on a ship’s catapult even if all reconnaissance aircraft were used up. When on medium/low graphics settings, air combat can appear extremely laggy. Sometimes ships may not be displayed in the battle. Restart the game to solve the problem. Sunken ships can re-appear and look un-damaged from distances over 5km in spectator view. These ships have no HUD details. No guns show recoil when firing. US flags can appear to be curled upwards on some ships instead of flowing correctly. Flags can occasionally clip through the superstructure of ships when moving in certain directions. Reconnaissance aircraft models remain on some ship catapults after being launched. The port Squadron View camera will only remain on 1 side of the ship and not cross over on some ships. The camera can become stuck randomly at a stationary point, while allowing the user to remain in control of the ship. When entering "sniper" view, the camera height can sometimes remain at sea-level, despite maximum zoom. Aircraft squadrons flying very close to each other can result in aircraft merging through each other. Aircraft can sometimes spin round and fly backwards upon landing. After a camera has become unresponsive in a battle, it remains unresponsive upon entering the port. Visual Effect Bugs Engine smoke effects may disappear when rotating the camera. Primary armament fire effects continue to play, if switching from the Binocular View to the third person view right after the shots were fired. The water surface sometimes shivers at long and medium distances. When camera rotates, the shadow from the ship may disappear. - Shadow quality effects. Islands’ shadows are displayed on aircraft when air groups fly over them. Damage decals may disappear when the ship is destroyed. The smoke screen effect may sometimes be displayed in the air, noticeably above the water surface. Some explosion effects may display incorrectly. Pieces of terrain may scatter around, even if an explosion occurs in the sea. When pointing the camera at the sun, the glare effect may be displayed incorrectly on certain combinations of graphics cards and their drivers. HE decals may be displayed incorrectly as a purple texture. Map Bugs There are misplaced buildings on the maps: Big Race, Islands, North Islands of Ice. Hit boxes of some islands may be unclear and incorrectly shaped on the following maps: Islands of Ice, Big Race, North, Islands, New Dawn, Hotspot. Map textures may be displayed incorrectly with some graphics cards. In-battle Mechanics Ships controlled by artificial intelligence (in Co-op Battles) may sometimes run into islands and go in reverse. Ships controlled by artificial intelligence (in Co-op Battles) may team-kill fellow ships (both AI and players). Autopilot may run a ship aground. - Can have difficulties with larger and higher-tier ships past T5. Reconnaissance aircraft are unable to launch after a certain number. Some shots at long range can appear to pass through a target without any damage. - server lag issue. When "stationary", ships may drift in a random direction which is independent of previous movement. Ships can become "stuck" together after ramming for some time before freeing themselves. When firing at a specific spot for extended periods with AP shells, the ship may become immune to further damage in that area. MB guns can sometimes fire when not fully aligned with the targeted position. Torpedoes can sometimes appear to pass underneath a targeted ship without detonating. - server lag issue Aircraft squadrons may be unable to land if squadrons are simultaneously ordered to take off and land at the same time. Auto-aimed torpedo bombers can occasionally allow torpedoes to be dropped over a land-mass. Some shell types on some ships may fail to reach the maximum displayed range. Weaponry and equipment controls can become unresponsive while allowing movement of the ship and interface controls. Some bots may be inactive during Co-op battles. Propulsion Modification 2 is ineffective. Interface & Settings Bugs Ship icons may load in the centre of the minimap before moving to the ships true location at the start of a battle. The Battle! button and game tips may appear simultaneously on the map loading screen. Aiming cones of destroyers can disappear when driving along border edges at certain angles. When the squadrons’ icons are displayed on the Minimap for the first time, they may be shown in the beginning of coordinates A1. Interface elements may duplicate multiple times. This issue mostly concerns ATI graphics cards. The actual received damage and the value shown on a floating icon may differ. As a result, ships with zero hit points in the interface may still be seen in the battle. - These ships are indestructible at this point. If an enemy shell explodes near the ship, “text” message may be displayed instead of the correct message. The Tactical Map may be displayed on the background of the battle results screen. When adjusting settings of the collision alert system, the Apply button is not active. When changing from left to right click for firing guns, the image describing how to fire on the help screen does not state the change in controls. - Worth a confirmation on the control setting below stating "LMB" or "RMB". MB alignment icons can occasionally disappear for short periods of time during a battle. "pinging" the minimap may not work on all attempts. The after-battle report may incorrectly sum hits received from torpedoes and shells. The ship compass may incorrectly show the position of turrets on some ships. When locking MB guns to a specific point, the alignment indicators continue to follow mouse movements. Squadron icons can overlap with numbers exceeding 6 squadrons. Some ships are able to fire guns in directions which are stated as "unable to aim" by the ship compass. After battle reports show dark text which can be difficult to read on a dark background. After battle reports cut names across to a 2nd line if the name is longer than 17 characters. Sound/ Music Bugs Message about destroying an enemy ship may sometimes be delayed. - generic 2-3 second delay to all crew responses. Sounds of fire, engine, and turning of main turrets, torpedo tubes, and AA guns may be missing on some of the ships. Sounds can become laggy and tear when a large number of sounds are being played at the same time. Sounds may randomly disappear for periods of time during gameplay. Sounds and spoken messages may not play correctly, or at all at random times. System & Client Loading/ Stability Bugs Full screen mode and active monitor settings may work incorrectly. The game client is sometimes unable to return to the full screen mode after switching it with the Alt+Tab key combination. The battle may spontaneously crash. At the same time, the current ship is blocked in the Port and the attempt to start a battle on another ship results in endless loading. Restart the game client. The game client may crash after seven or eight battles on PC's with Windows XP. We recommend reloading the game client each five or six battles. Players may sometimes see incorrect ship geometry, as if turned inside out, when using certain combinations of graphics cards and their drivers. When using AMD graphics cards, interface elements may be distorted. If a computer has multi-display configurations like Surround (nVidia) or Eyefinity (AMD), all settings in the Options menu may become inoperative. Wrong icon color (red) for a team kill in the battle results window. Memory leaks may occur in Port. The game client may crash after staying inactive in Port for a long time. After switching off the full screen mode the display may go black. Press Alt+Enter several times to fix the problem. Performance drop after an extended time of viewing ships in the port (if viewing several ships one after the other without entering a battle) - Issue partially relieved by enabling "Reduce GUI Refresh Rate". Performance drop on low-end computers after an extended time of running the game - Effects seen after 2-3 hours. - Restarting the client resolves issues. Graphical and interface issues may arise when using a double-monitor set up with some computers. Researching and switching multiple times to different ships in the port can result in severe performance drops. Extreme loads can effect the rendering and texture of water in the game with some graphics cards. Click HERE to take you to the Detailed Bug List
  24. Dear Devs, First of all, thanks for the great game. Unfortunately I experienced a game breaking issue today: After the start of the game, I was steering my battleship (South Carolina) into combat by autopilot. This went well. When I made a small correction, the autopilot disengaged, and I was able to maneuver my ship manually. After spotting an enemy, I pressed shift to zoom in and target them. Unfortunately, my guns didn't turn on their turrets. Only after selecting an enemy with the X key, the guns turned automatically to the selected ship. Once ready to fire, I clicked my mouse button, and nothing happened. Even multiple attempts to spam my LMB didnt shoot the cannons. After getting hit, I wanted to put out the fire that was caused, and wanted to repair the broken rudder, so I pressed the R button on my keyboard, but again the game failed to respond. Also the T button skill didn't do anything, and no countdowns were started on the skills. As this is a big issue that breaks the game, please fix this from happening. If you need something else, please let me know. MG