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Found 5 results

  1. Dear WoWs community, I've come to you to take a sip from your well of knowledge. It has taken me many Years, but soon I will unlock my first tier X and yes it will be a BB. I don't like other classes much, DD's are too hard for me so I will always stick to tier V and VI only not to be a burden in high tiers, Cruisers are a bit squashy so I think I will pass on them too and since I was always a bit large then big fat BB is just perfect for me. I do enjoy tier VII and VIII, Gneisenau and Bismarck those are my thing, then I do a battle or two in a tier IX just to get a few xp and go back to lower tiers. So I have a few questions for you here: Is it worth it to go for a tier X ? How does one deal with Conquerors, I see them every once in a while and they are just too bloody difficult for me to handle, my fear is that I will see even more of them as a tier X and I don't want to spend money for therapist to help me deal with this problem. I accept there is a choice of ammunition, but when I do push to help support my DD's I burn a lot and I burn fast, I imagine I will burn even faster at tier X :). I can't really cover behind islands, can I, my job is to soak up damage, but how does one do that when you have 4 fires and waiting for your repair party to come back online ? There must be a lot of torps flying around at this tier, but I've learnt how to deal with them so them torps should not be such big problem, but yet again tier X is a lot bigger and turning circles are getting wider so I might not be as prepared as I originally thought that I am. The last question will refer to HE and BB again, since there is a lot of ships with high velocity shells and accurate guns is actually a BB valid choice for tier X ? Or mobility, fast reload and accuracy is way more helpful for your team then a big fat stupid BB ? I will await anxiously for your advice and act accordingly, in the mean time I will go and have some fun in my Gneisenau :).
  2. Had a battle yesterday in Tears Of The Desert where I was near an island and somewhat surprised to see enemy (Khaba I think) torpedoes appearing on my side of the rocks. I assumed it was maybe a sync issue but it's not even a close thing, they are coming right through the middle. There was no other enemy ship in the neighbourhood and no CV so it appears that this particular set of rocks lets torps through!
  3. red_eye1980

    The Meta

    Is it me or has WG managed to create a game exactly like World Of Tanks but with ships? Vehicles that are slower and less agile but have more guns? I used to play WOT blitz on a tablet. And there, it was hide - camp - cover - dodge - flank etc. But most of the times it was an urban environment so I thought fair enough. And then there was WoWs. Since the release, everyone got the spotted indicator, then smoke circles were added and detection circles on the minimap, now there are even mods that show how long the smoke circles are going to last, then maps with more and more islands and ships that can lob shots. I used to only have the spotted indicator on my Ijn dds and assumed that I am spotted by everyone on everything else. I used to sail in the open, with my (non IJN) DDs, BBs and CAs and hope that my angling, aiming and dodging was better than the opponents. That I had enough teammates and fire power to sink the opponent before he sank me. That we had more guns, within their effective range, pointing the other way than they had, and picked the ''right'' targets. People used to frown on campers, island/borderline huggers who were ''rightly'' punished by CV strikes and DDs. Now if you sail in the open you are called a YOLO/NOOB/POTATO etc. Before, there was even a video by WG that explained that it was ''wrong'' to sail forward and reverse behind an island which was a standard practice in tanks. Now most do it, and it is effective. Just time your smoke. Then hop to another island and do it again. And then there is now, which is even more obvious in the ranked season. I realized that I have ''trained'' myself to rely on the spotted indicator. To be far enough so that radar will not spot me. To find an island where I can shoot undetected or the enemy cannot return fire. To be relying on the smoke duration mod and the premium smoke consumable. To stay hidden for as long as possible otherwise I get focused on and die before I can count to ten. And the sad part, is that it works. Then come out all brave at the very end to finish off the few fleeing ships. Now I understand that this is an arcade game. But it should not be like WOT. This is a ship game. Most battles happened in the open sea. What happened to the quote that said: ''No captain can do very wrong when he places his ship alongside that of the enemy'' Your views?
  4. Wrote this text a few days ago posting it now : 1 august 2016 by Skybuck Flying: Skybuck's The X-Files 004: Smoke don't work near this island: I was doing really well in my fubuki. I just killed a benson by torping the heck out of it/him/her. Then a york came around... I though jummy ! Let's try and torp that sucker ! So I torp him, I shoot him, I lure him into the islands... I get into a little bit of trouble... but I think "No problem.... I'll just pop smoke... the torpedo is almost reloaded and ready to fire.... by the time he gets in here he will await the same faith as the benson". I bump into the island, I reverse, I pop smoke... NOTHING ?! I AM STILL DETECTED ?! WTF.... I am looking around ?! I am in the smoke ?! He is 4 KM away... WTF I am still detected ?!?! HUH ?!?! And it remains like that... now my ship on fire... and I remain detected WTF ?!?!?!?! Then the york finaly blows me away ?! The game was won... and I had top 1 monster score 1700 XP but I could/might have had even more if the smoke worked properly ?! In total I had 4000 XP thanks to first victory of day.. Needless to say this kinda sucks cause I could have had a monster score maybe... maybe even highest ever... but what is even more astonishing is this X-File ?! WTF is up with this smoke not working ?! WTF is up with this bug ?! WTF ?! Let me know your thoughts ?! As far as I know York does not have RADAR ?! And replay shows no planes anywhere near me ?! WTF ?! There was this one spotting plane early but I think it was gone already... still my DD in smoke and basically still... so again WTF ?! I think it might have something to do with smoke not working properly on these islands... however as far as I know there was nothing on the other side of the island ?! Nothing there too spot me ?! Even our carrier (who by the way didn't take the time to spot the fricking benson, thank you very much ! NOT !) flew over there with planes... there was nothing there ?! This seems like some really major bug or something ?! There is a bit of oil there though... on the water ?! Does that have anything to do with it ?! Well there ya go folks ! Another X-File for your enjoyment ! Enjoy ! (Also see score screen... (not yet included, probably gonna skip it for now ;) ) mysteriously enough... the york lives on... hmmm weird ?! ;) also proves my monster score ! ;) ) Perhaps it was hydro search ??? Does this work through smoke ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? The mystery starts at 1:08, so you can skip if you don't want to see me blow up that benson ! LOL : (I think I have seen others report such a bug before, have a very faint recollection of that ! ;) Might have also seen it before, probably a while ago) Bye, Skybuck
  5. Captain_Riley

    Solomon Islands real world location

    I've been comparing the map of Solomon Islands to the Islands themselves on Google Maps and I haven't been able to find it. Did Wargaming actually use real maps or did they just slap something together and called it the Solomon Islands to mess with us?