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Found 2 results

  1. Major_Damage225

    BBV/CAV implementation idea?

    So before you all go ''major is drunk again'' i have a idea i had today i would like to share with all you wonderfull skippers here and get your opinion on, so please bare with me on this. So i had this idea pop into mind, CV's gameplay is getting a 180 right, Tone was in the game long ago right, and i know some CV players will miss the RTS style of gameplay those had, we also know WG has a hardon for gimicks yeah, well how about these few ships mix all of those things together, now...before you ask me ''da heck you on about''. A new way to implement IJN Tone, IJN Ise, IJN Mogami CVA (renamed as one of her systers of course) in my mind would be to give these ship the ''gimmick'' of being able to choose from first person ship use via M into the soon to be old RTS style of gameplay, so you use you ship normally blasting away then tap M and go top down using you squadron/s(a example of it being in WoWs Blitz the Ise) So you get a few new ships with a gimmick that would give you a window into the old CV gameplay and since they cant field a crapton of aircraft it wouldnt make them OP or gamebraking. I was thinking: Ise BBV - one squadron of 3 fighters and one squadron of 4 DB's Tone - 1 Squad of 4 Fighters and 2 squads of one or 1 squad of two scouts. Mogami CVA - ''insert your idea here'' Now how mutch time this kind of thing would take to program and code i dont have a clue since im no expert (my idea of programing is plugging the comp into the socket ) I would love to hear your ideas of squadron/deck setups, how you thing about sutch a thing, would it be good or not? (or should i go back to fishing ) Sound like a win win for all to me. I'll go hide now just in case
  2. So we all know this won't probably happen for quite some time, but considering just how many hybridish carriers the IJN had I can still see this happen, either as a seperate line, intergrated with other lines or as premiums. Looking at Tone it looks to me they will mostly be premiums though. (In case some doesn't know, there are rumors going around that on test servers tone has two plane squads.) So lets start of with the one we know is already modeled in game, Tone: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tone-class_cruiser So we can see shes pretty well armed and only carries 6 planes total. According to certain rumors she has two squads of 3 planes each (with option between bombers or fighters) with no spares, so to me it looks pretty balanced considering you will probably just be able to bomb 1 or two targets or intercept a few enemy squads. Just imagine you HE spam a BB, and as he goes behind an island he repairs the fires only to say hello to your dive bombers to relight the fires 30 secs later. Then again even bombing IJN BBs will lose you planes so you will be able to do this maybe once or twice a battle. Following with cruisers we have a lighter one, namely the Oyodo light cruiser: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_cruiser_%C5%8Cyodo Following the trend with all fore main armament (luckily superfiriring this time, though lacking in numbers nonetheless), she looks to have quite the AA with those sweet 10cm type 98 DP guns, as well as being smaller and lightly armored we may see her getting smoke as we see with the upcoming RN CLs. Hopefully due to her size shell be pretty nimble as well. What you may notice is that she has no torpedoes, making her the sole contemporary IJN cruiser without these characteristic weapons. Same as the Tone she has 6 planes total. Lastly we have probably the most discussed hybrid carrier on the forums, yep you guessed it, the Ise-class or in this case IJN Hyuga: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ise-class_battleship Now were talking eh? Same main armament as Kongo (though probably terrible turret arcs unless sailing angled forwards). Heavy deck and belt armor as expected of a BB. A reasonable secondary and AA suite, and "22" planes to top it off. If I would sail this thing I would try to hide the aft hangar as most cruisers and destroyers would love to spam it with HE, doing huge chunks of damage and setting fires that would hinder my flight operations. The biggest problem I see with this beast is how the heck would you balance it. so many factors to account for. So eventually we'll most likely see a second IJN BB and CV line, so I see all of these fitting in as premiums (also the pressure to balance premiums isn't as high imo). So lets try to see where they fit in. Tone: Lets say tier 8, she has the armament fit of a tier 7, but planes, armor layout and AA to justify her spot at tier 8. Also lets not forget she may get an extra consumable like most other premium cruisers, then again she has planes so maybe not. Oyodo: I say either tier 6 or 7, depending heavily on what concealment, agility, consumables, plane tier and ROF she gets. In the Ise class' case I imagine Ise being the second IJN BBs tier 6, so Hyuga could fit the role as the premium Hybrid carrier: I'd say tier 6, her 14"ers won't be able to compete with the many overmatching 15-16" guns inhabiting tier 7-8. Still, I may be wrong here if the planes prove to be more usefull than I'd imagine. (note: having a limited amount of planes won't be that big of a deal if WG decides to give these ships high tier planes, like the Saipan) Something I'm missing, hybrid carriers of other nations to be inspired from, other plans or paper ships I missed or do you just disagree? let me know!