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Found 14 results

  1. Le clan Make Iowa Great Again recrute ! Jeune clan, nous avons pour objectifs les clan wars et, comme tout clan, permettre à nos membres de former facilement des divisions avec des joueurs ayant le même état d'esprit. https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500145282,IOWA-Make-Iowa-Great-Again/ Au programme, du fun: que ce soit en division, en entraînement, en clan battle tout autre mode de jeu, cela doit rester quelque chose qui nous plaît à tous. Nous ne sacrifierons pas le fun sur l'autel de la compétition. Ce que nous recherchons chez nos joueurs: De la motivation et de la présence (même si, bien sûr, la vie réelle passe avant tout). Une attitude compétitive et un bon esprit sportif (accepter la défaite comme rester humble après la victoire; savoir se remettre en question et accepter la critique). Une bonne connaissance des mécaniques de jeu. L'envie de progresser, que ce soit en "solo", en division, ou en équipe. Être volontaire pour participer aux entraînements, ce n'est pas une perte de temps. Les critères de recrutement (donnés à titre indicatif, il y a toujours moyen de rentrer si on sait y faire): Tout le monde l'a vu venir celui-là, ne pas avoir des stats horribles. Sera jugé au cas par cas mais un WR au dessus des 50% est apprécié. (Le rang en ranked n'est pas pris en compte) Avoir un navire de tier X équipé et un capitaine au top pour les CB. Avoir Discord ainsi qu'un micro convenable, la communication c'est la clé. Parler un français correct, l'anglais est un plus. Enfin et surtout, s'entendre avec les autres membres du clan. Comment va se dérouler le recrutement: Après avoir pris contact avec un officier (in-game ou via les forums WG) nous discuterons un peu avec vous sur notre Discord, histoire de mieux se connaître, savoir quels sont vos navires favoris, les classes avec lesquelles vous êtes à l'aise, etc... Ensuite nous irons faire des parties en division avec vous (pas la peine de stresser, cela vous permettra aussi de voir avec qui vous vous embarquez). Nous vous recontacterons ensuite pour vous annoncer si vous êtes pris, ou non, ou si nous avons encore besoin de faire quelques parties en votre compagnie. Qui contacter (par mp in-game ou sur le forum): Lansing01 - Amiral ReDSuN__PnM - Second Imperathor92 - Recruteur Diplomatie (Contacter Redsun ou moi-même): Alliance avec nos amis les [KHIF] En espérant vous voir bientôt sur les hautes mers, que ce soit à nos côtés ou face à nous.
  2. Hello Everyone, This game on Shards makes your toes curl, the many mistakes I made and getting the Kraken unleashed while the game seemed to be lost to me but.... well just watch and enjoy how I [edited] up.
  3. FazzoMetal

    Next move in my tech tree

    Hi everybody! I'm currently playing battleships in the American tech tree and I'm a bit stuck at the North Carolina. Going over tier VIII is extremely difficult and I'm evaluating what to do next: - converting experience from older BBs to speed up the path to the Iowa - using the free experience to start the Japanese BBs tech tree reaching quickly the Fuso (I really enjoyed playing the Haruna) - using the free experience to start the new German BBs tech tree I would like to do the best possible move to really enjoy my next matches in WoWs. What do you suggest me? Thanks in advance!
  4. Captain_Riley

    Iowa's 6th upgrade (for Iowa veterans)

    I've only played two matches in the Iowa so far and I have noticed that her dispersion is actually pretty good and her volleys are quite consistent, I get a lot of Citadels with her so I must ask Iowa veterans, in your opinion, is it worth getting the Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2 or is it better to get the AA Gun Modification 3? Thank you for your time.
  5. Linushg

    R/C Scale 1/200 USS Iowa

    Hello guys! As requested by Kandly I will now start a thread on the building of my scale 1/200 USS Iowa! Hope you like it and more updates will follow soon. Above turret view. From the Bow. Top down view. Of one of the stock quad 40 mm Bofors mounts. Superstructure view. View from astern. Hope you all like my work and more updates will come as I make more progress. /Linushg
  6. gekkehenkie50

    What to do in this situation

    I have a question: When you are in any ship, be that a DD, BB or CA (CVs excluded in this case), what do you do when you meet the entire enemy fleet? This seems to happen to me alot; In Iowa, I often suddenly get spotted, and then the shells just start pouring in, my team wisely decides to turn around and run, but because I am being focused, and it is tier IX, I have no chance of retreat, except perhaps backing up... I have already made a post about the Iowa and how bad I am in her, but I noticed that this problem is not specific to her... Come to think of it, it can happen to any ship. I just played a game in Akizuki, and together with a fletcher we just cleared a headland, and bam, 1 ship... 2...3...5...7...9 it was at that point that I got the picture and steamed in the other direction, however; the enemy fleet deployed radar... I think it was the chapayev... so what do you do in a DD when radar is on and you still need to run 3km to get out of its AOE? I just did a wiggle wiggle shake and prayed :S. I survived with 2K hp left, the fletcher didnt get away... so, now crippled I tried to flank around the enemy and let them pass me by... they just turned on radar again and surrounded me. My questions are: What can you do if you find yourself spotted, out in the open, in front of the entire enemy fleet? Is there any counter against radar for a DD?
  7. justolegrand

    Iowa, its hull & is it worth it?

    Hello everyone, I have heard alot of stories about people saying the USS Iowa is really bad and other people who were shouting that it was an amazing ship, it just needed more skill to "master" her. Now since I'm almost able to get the Iowa I wanted to know it I should buy it or if I should just stop at my North Carolina and not go any further. Also, people are saying that the Iowa has really bad protection, while I read an article that stated that actually, the Iowa had less amount of armor but it was of a way better quality which made it really strong. So did Wargaming just make it "a bad ship" according to people? Also, apparently the citadels that used to be very high before have been "fixed" so to say. Does it make it really better or just better? I'm looking forward to complete answers if possible, not just people screaming it's bad or good without proper arguments. Thank you! Kind Regards, Nathan Link to the article: (It's the 3th topic; Armor) https://www.quora.com/Why-do-people-think-Iowa-would-have-been-able-to-defeat-Yamato
  8. jerkchicken

    Iowa/Missouri White canvas

    Hey, So my question is: Why does WG make on the Iowa/Missouri arround the turrerts white canvas while they are in real black? I annoyed with it, Just the fact that the black canvas would look better than those white canvas Lets take a look, Ingame: Real: I've seen that they where in the past black (US T9 Iowa) -> So WG I will be pleased if they can fix it, otherwise i will search for skins and i change it by myself. (if anyone knows how to do it) [edited] Greets, Splire
  9. Captain_Riley

    Iowa vs Montana

    Asking players whom have had both for a long time, do you feel like the Iowa handles better than the Montana? Which one is more responsive, plus the Iowa being the fastest battleship by far wouldn't that make it more like a tier 9.5 bb?
  10. The anatomy of a high-tier loss. I shame the battleships in this match, all of whom are utter pussies who are a disgrace to battleship captains everywhere. Pushed up supporting my team's destroyers, briefly got a break in C cap and I could have exploited it further if it wasn't just me in the Montana and two DDs working together (smoke concealment, torpedo runs, the works), against the enemy Montana, one DD and two cruisers. Us three ships took B cap on our own, and moved in to force C cap afterwards. Extremely infuriating to see my team's Montana camp at max range, and I reserve a special fury for my team's Yamato who ran away from the enemy team for the better half of 10 minutes at FULL HEALTH. Kudos to my team's CV, he tried his best to carry but what's there to do when you're stuck on a team that is comprised of potatoes and bankrupt [edited]? If you don't have the money nor the guts, please don't get the Montana or worse still the Yamato. If you're going to camp at max range and just let the enemy CV torp you to hell (as happened with my team's Yamato) I hope your game crashes every time you start it up and you go back to playing tetris on your black-and-white gameboy. Wish I saved a copy of my chat log in this game, it was one of my most furious and profanity-laden rants against assholes who always complain that "battleship captains do not dare to push up and shoot". Because when you get one such captain on your team who plays a battleship the way it's supposed to be played, you just throw it all away by running away from the fight. I was second ship to die in this match. Look at the [edited]score. I still made TOP THREE. I curse the battleships on my team (other than the Tirpitz) for all eternity. If you are a member of this forum, I hope you see this rant. ...Because if I catch you on the enemy team you are going to be first to die. *angry rant over*
  11. Saisho48

    Iowa's upgrade

    Iowa's 3rd upgrade slot Main Battery Modification2 has +5% reload +15% traverse while in 6th slot Main Battery Modification3 has -12% reload -13% traverse What's the point to increase in 3rd slot mod2? Who wants to use it ever?
  12. Captain_Riley

    Iowa AA is missing

    I have observed long ago that Iowa is missing a ton of Oerlikon mounts, by the end of the War she had 19 quad Bofors mounts and 52 single Oerlikon mounts, however in the game once you hit C hull, she only has 32 dual Oerlikon mounts. I ask why? The Alabama has the exact number of 52 single Oerlikon mounts and they're great just the way they are, so why doesn't Iowa boast the same historically accurate loadout that the Alabama does? Iowa is missing: -2 Oerkilon mounts on her bow -2 Oerlikon mounts directly fore of her foremost two Bofors mounts, just in front of Turret #1 -3 Oerlikon mounts on top of Turret #2 -2/2 Oerlikon mounts on each side, 1/1 just behind 5" guns 51 and 52 (her foremost dual 5" mounts) For those that do not know, on the NC-class, SoDak-class and the Iowa-class, their 10 5" mounts were 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 on her starboard and 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 on her port side, ie: 51, 52, 53, etc. the 5 indicating the caliber of the guns. And 1/1 Oerlikon mounts just fore of the two lateral Mark 37 gun directors on the two sides of the front funnel -9 Oerlikon mounts just aft of her #3 Turret Alabama's AA layout has been rendered in a historically accurate manner, Iowa's should be as well.
  13. Captain_Riley

    American battleships' Gun Director bug

    Why do the Mark 37 gun directors (4 can be found on most battleships and on destroyers like the Fletcher, Benson, etc.) on American battleships turn with the main batteries? The Mark 37s guided the dual purpose 5" guns. It was only the Mark 38s that guided the main batteries (the ones on the two highest points of US BBs: can be observed on Iowa-class, Montana-class, North Carolina-class, South Dakota-class). Wargaming only got the Alabama's directors right as they don't turn with the main batteries, only the Mark 38s do. Although it would be cool if the Mark 37s did turn with the Mark 28 5" dual turrets on BBs.