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Found 9 results

  1. Can someone invite me to the game using the recruiting station Thanks so much The_Silver_Ghost
  2. SamuraiShakaViking

    Friemds List & channels

    The in game client does not open the friends list, or channels and groups, even favourites. Is there a solution? I accidentally pressed a key which opened the contact list, but do not know which key it was. I cannot contact any of my contacts or favourites, or follow channels or groups in game Is the contact list available on the website? or only in game client?
  3. Hello aux potentiels nouveaux. J'ai en ma possession une carte avec un code invitation. La condition pour s'en servir est de ne pas encore avoir de compte Wargaming et de se servir de ce code pour en créer un. Je le donne donc volontiers à qui en voudra. Le code donne : Croiseur T2 Premium Emden Une place de port Sept jours de compte Premium Me MP pour le recevoir. Premier arrivé, premier servi.
  4. Warum ist es derzeit immer noch möglich von Leuten eingeladen zu werden, obwohl diese bereits auf der "Ignorieren" Liste sind! Da hätte ich gerne mal Aussage seitens World of Warships. Ansonsten wenn da bereits, eine MOD besteht, die das besser reglementiert. Bitte einfach posten. Aber wie ich den Laden hier kenne, kann es sein das solch eine Anfrage bereits gestellt wurde und nicht der zur breiten Spielermasse vorgedrungen ist. Leider habe ich zumindest auf "https://worldofwarships.eu/de/" davon noch nichts mitbekommen. Und bitte keine Ausreden die auf "nicht vorhandene Ressourcen (Budget)" aufmerksam machen. Vielen Dank!
  5. So today I came across the topic on; Invite friends and win premium ships! on the news site. Finally, some recognition for the work me, myself and others do for this game. The only question is here; from which date you start counting? At this date 15-01-2018 I count as far as 207 accepted friend invites So I am happy to see that Tuccy and MrConway about this I am glad to notice that the topic is picked up [after some harassing!] I also hope to see better "invite codes" for new players to bring them to this wonderful game! I know that on the NA-side the have the code for 1000 doubloons, 7day premium time and a Koning Älbert BB with a port slot! Suggestion! In any form, I am glad to see recruiters get noticed! The only downside here: I noticed that on the NA server the also donate $25 for any new player reaching tier VI to the Battleship Texas Foundation I wish for everyone a good result on recruiting and a lot of new players will join this game, maybe we can start up a Naval academy to help new recruits with training and of course some good rewards, maybe WarshipRewards.EU? Fair Seas and Following Winds, @DutchDelightsNL©
  6. Fogas21

    Invite keys at alienware!

    Currently around 2500 left https://eu.alienwarearena.com/giveaways/world-of-warships-starter-pack-key-giveaway In case you know somebody who can use it. Tachibana Port slot 3 days premium 200 flags
  7. Moin Mädels, anbei der Invite-Code aus der Buffed. Bitte auf folgendem Link Aktivieren www.buffed.de/codes 58E0350-4C8FF69-FB2F2A4 Wer zu erst kommt, malt zuerst. Wenn jemand den Code erfolgreich angewendet hat Bitte hier Posten, damit unnöte Versuche und Frust aus bleiben Viel Spaß damit ...
  8. Hello :3 Just wanted to clarify if the Razer Comms referral program rewards the person who did the referring, or only the new player who was referred? I invited someone to join using my code and they did, but I did not receive anything D;
  9. Captain_Edwards

    Invite code available at all?

    As the title suggests, I am wondering if there are any invite codes still available to play the beta? I have been extremely unlucky in the fact that every time there has been a sign up to test I missed it due to work or bad timing. So any way I can get to play atm? I have been wanting to play WoWS since it was announced and have been itching to play as naval warfare is "my thing". Please help a warship addict out.