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Found 33 results

  1. This is a request for the dev team: Is it possible to incorporate filters for managing our commanders in the "Personal File" section? When you start accumulating a lot of commanders from all the various nations, and it can be a hassle sorting out which commanders you have 19 points on, which ship(s) you have assigned certain commanders to (when shuffling commanders around on preium ships, altho i am using a mod to do that atm). A "Commander Carousel" interface would be awesome, just like the one we have in port for ships. My search filter requst would be similar to that of the existing filter for ships in port, but targeted for commanders; Sort/Filter by: Number of commander skills (drop down menu from 0-19 perhaps?) Nationality Ship class assignment (whether the captain is assigned to CV, DD, CA/CL, BB or Sub) Unique Commander Reserve/Unassigned Feedback to this request would be greatly appreciated! o7
  2. As been playing mostly CV the last time, I have been kinda copy a tactic, sending a part of you attack wing home, this useful at start of a battle and when up tiered… My suggestion is to add function, a key where you can send planes home, just as if you had attacked or just change the F key to do that 🤔 instead
  3. So what are your opinions on the new port interface? Do you like it or not and why? I think it is much cleaner now!
  4. I just received a very kind invitation from another player, to join a division. For reasons totally unconnected with that player, I could not accept the invitation - but nor could I decline it. There was just the one button for "Accept", but no button for "Decline". I found this disturbing. When I receive an offer, of any kind, I expect to have a choice whether to accept it or not. Getting offers that you can't decline, is a bit too much Godfather-style for my taste. Also, when I feel that I must decline an invitation, I very much want to do this in a polite manner. The "division" interface in World of Warships doesn't seem to give me that option, however - or if it does, I haven't found it. I could click away the invitation by clicking on the little x-box in the top right hand corner, of course, but that's a bit akin to throwing an invitation in the waste basket without bothering to answer - decidedly rude, in my book. And when I nevertheless finally did this - clicked away the invitation, that is - it just reappeared. In the end, the inviter wrote a chat message to me, and that one I could answer, but having to go about it this way seems a bit overcomplicated. What I would like to see is not only a button for accepting an invitation to join a division, but also a button for politely declining to do so. These buttons should be side by side, separated and clearly visible. I would also like to have an easily accessible filter that allows you to a) allow all invitations through, or b) block all invitations except those from clan members or otherwise designated players, or c) block all invitations. Suggesting such a filter might seem odd in view of me just having lauded the virtues of polite communication. Given the special conditions of a large online community such as that of WoWs, however, I do not feel that there is any call for interpreting such a block, even when in effect, as a discourtesy to other players. There may be a lot of reasons why a certain player finds himself unable to accept invitations to division, and a well-applied filter can save a lot of time for all involved. Apart from this, a filter might come in handy to avoid cases of invitation-spamming, if that ever becomes an issue. I write these suggestions with the full knowledge that these functions may very well already be implemented in some way or another. My computer-fu is, as has previously been stated, not strong. In any case, I hope that this thread will give at least some food for thought and debate. I shall conclude this post by sending out the @MrConway signal. It has brought good tidings before!
  5. Gesunken

    Can't hide ARP - Ships in Port

    The filter on the right side is not working. Please fix. It was working in earlier times. All clan members have this issue. Thanks.
  6. Also WG hat ja angekündigt dass 2017 "das Jahr des Trägers" wird. Ich gebe hierzu mal meine bescheidene Meinung ab: Positiv: - Neue Loadouts für die US-Träger, Kein reines Strike und AS-Cancer Setup mehr auf den Tierstufen 5-8 - Man hat (anscheinend) den Bug des unendlichen Kreisens beim Strafen behoben - Neue Premium CVs die aber... Neutral - Entweder nur von Experten richtig bedienbar sind (Kaga) - Oder nur gegen bestimmte Schiffe richtig funktionieren (Enterprise, wenn man die AP-Bomben nimmt) - Generell wird mit unterschiedlichen Flugzeugstufen experimentiert (Kaga, Midway, Enterprise, GZ) - Deep Water Torpedos und AP-Bomben Negativ - Einige Bugs im Interface immer noch nicht behoben (rausstrafen, Flieger strafen "schief", Bomber drehen vor dem Drop Ehrenrunden). Das sind nur die, die mir jetzt gerade einfallen. - Unausgeorenes Balancing bei den AP-Bomben (die der Enterprise sind tödlich gegen deutsche BBs und einige Kreuzer wie die Zao, machen aber relativ wenig Schaden auf anderen BBs, die der GZ sind einfach nur broken) - Graf Zeppelin (total ungebalanced released, dafür durften die Käufer dann als "Tester" agieren). Bemerkung: Mir ist in meiner Big-E keine GZ über den Weg gelaufen, die was konnte - Skillgap immer noch gewaltig (vielleicht könnten wir uns ja noch einmal zusammensetzen, wie im April diesen Jahres?) - Autodrop der AP-Bomben ist quasi idiotensicher Edit: -CVs sind in den ersten Clanbattles nicht zugelassen (das allein zeigt schon, das WG die CVs zu spooky sind). Irgendwie habe ich das Gefühl, das WG immer noch keinen Plan hat was sie mit den CVs machen. Edit Nr.2: Ach ja: Keine manuellen Attacken mehr auf T4-5 Bis auf die Loadouts der US CVs sehe ich das "Jahr des CVs" so: Die neuen US Loadouts sind super! Just my 2 Cents zum "Year of the Carrier". Gruß exi
  7. V_RASK

    Karma Visible on Dock

    I really appreciate the Karma and reporting system in WOWS. But I would like it to become more important as a way to improve playing mentality. I would like each player to see their Karma number in their Dock screen so that they are firstly aware that it exists. Moreover, depending on how high or low a players Karma is, the number could for example be coloured accordingly or a different aura / graphic /pin could be seen next to the players name (hopefully something punishing the eye of bad karma players). Surelly it will help as an incentive for people to play better, think more in a team manner, stop being %^&^& and AFK. Yes, system will be abused by salty players, angry people etc. but they will get over it. The caring players out there willl surely appreciate it. I admit it, I check on my Karma after every game. And when my karma drops I think of my game and try to identify my mistakes to avoid them in the future. Rarely, rage wins and the ocassional "idiot" is used, but I don't usually get bad Karma for it. In my experience by following the karma after each game, bad karma is mostly coming from salty oponents killed by you or from teamates thinking you stole their kill. Also : I have been reporting afk ships on both sides for quite some time now but it seems that AFK's are present in almost every game lately !!! Can you please WG put this reporting system into use ? Fair seas !
  8. kromlir

    He encontrado un Bug

    Andaba yo navegando con mi nagato cuando de repente se me queda la camara bloqueada... pero puedo seguir controlando el barco, ha sido una sensación extraña ver alejarse al nagato. Seguía pudiendo disprara las armas (oía el sonido al menos), pero toda la interfaz pareca haberse quedado paralizada, excepto el mapa y los avisos de muertes. Ese nagato que se ve al fondo soy yo :'(
  9. It's that time of the month again, where I arbitrarily think that I should write myself another essay instead of doing something actually beneficial for my professional life! Yay! Artist Page: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=5192176 Carriers are the most decisive ship in the game. Player skill can be entirely compromised in half the team, but as long as the carrier captain is of sufficient skill they could still pull through. Likewise, a mostly competent team could be brought down by a bad carrier player. The skill of the carrier players are extremely important for just about any game, often deciding the outcome of the battle which is why carrier players train so long and hard to combat their single largest enemy: the crappy carrier interface. It should be noted that the changes that I am discussing here have nothing to do with the performance of carriers in the game. This thread is not about making carriers more powerful in any way (though I might start another long thread made if nothing interesting happens in Warships) but making them less irritating to use. Mechanics such as ships and planes being able to spot each other over mountains and high smoke screens are also issues, but would probably be best addressed in its own thread. A quick retrospective on carriers: The promised carrier overhaul has yet to come. It was promised this year, but I would sooner believe it when Donald J. Trump tells me that liberal professors are smuggling Apache helicopters, napalm, and Hilary's rancid [segment omitted] into our water supplies to turn our goldfishes gay before I trust a WG developer announcing a sunrise outside of official patch notes. The track record of War Gaming doesn't exactly imbue me with great optimism is what I'm saying. WG is probably working on carriers to some degree, but trusting WG devs to balance out carriers without guidance is like expecting a pre-neolithic humanoid to spontaneously compose a manual on constructing and maintaining a interplanetary warp network. This, combined with the fact that the devs of WoWS would probably have to sustain third degree burns over their entire body before they'd listen to me when we tell them that they're burning down their house if the RDF debacle is anything to go by, does not imbue me with much faith. It won't be surprising that War Gaming would attempt to court more carrier players by straight up buffing the alpha damage, plane performance, or flight control modules. This is something that is, for the most part, unneeded. I suppose that when all you have is a hammer, everything ends up looking like a nail and when all you listen to is your statistical analytic you might think that numbers are the only thing that would fix carriers. The largest issue with carriers isn't the direct performance, though match making can screw over the middle tier carriers rather often. The interface and controls for the carriers is one of the largest if not the largest problem with carriers right now and buffing carrier alpha damage is like Nintendo trying to boost Wii sales by introducing exclusive gore, horror, and porn titles into their repertoire. In order to bring the team victory, carriers need to perform the correct role at the correct points and perform those roles well. It becomes a very large issue when a carrier player gets interrupted by performing those roles not by good play on the enemy team but by the game just refusing to cooperate with the player. This issue is persisting. Many changes have been made to the interface of the surface vessels in order to make the game more pleasant and convenient for them to play. The carrier interface, as far as I know, is as bad right now as it was in the early game stages and in many ways worse as the introduction of the circle of no return and large plane turning circles makes it extremely annoying to pull off attacks against fast targets when the planes would rather fly in a straight line for a little longer, turn away, then spinning back to try to attack a target whose crew has sailed or flew on, reached their destination, and is already building a family with three children (the youngest of which is a mostly mute cook) and an inheritance that would be attracting the attentions of a psychotic yet quirky thieving count when their parents ultimately die in a fire "accident". The issues that arises from the carrier's interface is numerous: Redundant Controls Insufficient Vital Information Cluttered Interface Annoying Camera Tilt Terrible Minimap Feedback The issues with the carrier interface is numerous, as are the ways that they can be fixed. Each topic can probably be used to start a topic all on its own, but for now I want to keep everything in one place so I can give suggestions for improving the game interface all at once. These are the interface changes that I would like to see that would, in my opinion, do much to close the massive gap between skilled and poor carrier players. In the current meta carrier combat isn't comparable to a duel with swords or guns between two opponents of skill. It's more like a switchboard operating contest when all of the buttons are labelled in Mandarin and the manual is written in Braille. Improvements Section With that over with, let's get to the crux of the article. I created a few slides to go with the radical interface changes to help players visualize the improvements I am suggesting. Locked Camera Angles Improved Interface Improved Interface II Improved Minimap Redundant controls That is all for now, I think. I might have to edit this article later. This one took a lot longer than I thought it would. I will (not) be awaiting the indignant complaints from the whiner brigade below saying how carrier population should be cut down as much as possible and that the interface should be made as unpleasant and unusable as imaginable despite the fact that almost every single problem with carriers in the game right now are being caused by those issues. Best regards.
  10. Cpt_Flauschii

    Game Interface Plötzlich klein

    Hallo mein Infacer is mitten im gefecht auf die größe geschrumpft. Wie krieg ich das wieder görßer bzw normal?
  11. ultimate0

    Dziwny problem graficzny.

    Witam wszystkich. Dziś zacząłem przygodę z WoWs... no prawie zacząłem ponieważ tak się grać po prostu nie da. Wygląda mi to ja błąd interfejsu. Generalnie WOT działa normalnie, w WoWs sypie się własnie wyżej wspomniany interfejs. Przeswituje mi do widoku ostatni widziany ekran typu lista graczy, pomoc itp. Zasłania zupełnie widok poza pewnymi kątami kamery przy nieruchomej myszce. Próbowałem różnych ustawień graficznych. Kiedy wyłączę if (Ctrl + G), da się grać tyle o ile, strzelając bez celownika. Mój sprzęt nie jest niestety najnowocześniejszy. To i5 2500K, 8gb ddr3 (1333MHz), Radeon HD4850 z najnowszymi sterownikami.
  12. HMS_SideSwipe

    New suggestion since release of RN

    Maybe, just maybe a new way of thinking is required.... since the release of the RN cruisers with AP only shells, it got me thinking - What if; Before you go into battle ALL SHIPS had to choose either AP or HE as the ONLY ammo load out they could take - - NO MORE SWITCHING in battle just 1 type selected in port.
  13. Bonjour, Toutes mes excuses pour cette question sans doute très basique : Comment alterner entre la vue sniper, ou normale et la vue des obus en vol (bien pratique pour voir où ils tombent précisément) Si je tire avec le bouton du milieu de la souris, je suis bien la trajectoire, si je fais "echap" j'en sors, mais comment faire des allers/retours. merci de vos réponses et de votre indulgence. Bonnes nav'
  14. How someone describes having a fun game is a subjectiv Thing. For some its doing high damage. For some its outwiting your oponent, for some its making your Teams push posible by protecting them from harm. But Overall its about having a degree of controll over Actions and having said Actions having an Impact without having to break yourself both legs and arms in the process of arceiving it. Sucessfull High Tir Gameplay in a CV as it is is mentaly draining. The mutitasking and mapawareness required to be sucessfull is 2ed to None. Sucess and failing depend on split second decisions with planing minutes in the making. All this with working with an Interface that makes Dune Battle for Arakis Looks like 23th century VR Holo Interface. Simply saying before any Classbalace or AA Problems: If the Basic controlls are so crude that having a high Impact is the only way to Keep People playing the Overall premise as class is not very good. Luckyly after all this time WG said they will overhaul the Interface. My hope is that by making it more confortable without Dumping down gameplay more people will take up CVs again so that there is a healthy populatin across all Levels.
  15. Bonjour à toutes et à tous. J'ai finis hier de télécharger WoWS (la version MAC disponible sur le site officiel ) et après avoir lancé le jeu j'ai constaté que dans le port, je n'avais que les onglets "port" et "profil". de sorte qu'il met impossible de rechercher quoi que ce soit.De plus mon jeu plante lorsque je veux lancer les vidéo de tuto... :/ pourtant je peut me lancer sans bugs dans les batailles aléatoires. Que dois-je faire pour remedier à cela? Merci d'avance et bonne journée
  16. Hi Wargaming Wäre es möglich das ihr das Interface freigebt? Es wäre super wenn jedes Element (z.B. Verbrauchsmaterial , Minimap , Kompass , usw.) frei verschiebbar und in der Größe veränderbar wäre. Schöne Grüße
  17. The after-action report makes no sense, because the repair costs are shown, but the end sum is not less but more?
  18. Kalonianhydra

    A fixed steering indicator

    I would like to have a fixed steering indicator in the normal interface, like the one that pops up everytime you manouver the ship. It could be just a small one next to the speed indicator. This would be rely helpful if it was visible at all time.
  19. When in a ship with separate Torp launchers on each side I often don't know which side is ready, which has the damaged launcher and how long does it take till the reload is complete- the reason being I'm in a fight. For survival, often enough. So any help to give my situational awareness a boost would be greatly appreciated. I would prefer the ability to read the reload time somewhere near the center of the map, I chose the aim path, but it might as well be the actual travel line (Yellow part in this case) showing me the countdown. I need this info fast without having to look at the torpedo counters below, check on the model in the lower left which launchers I'm currently trying to use and make sure it's not the side with the destroyed launcher as well (if that were the case). Trying to survive as a DD in a hostile environment is tough enough, being able to grasp such vital information fast would ease the workload immensely.
  20. I like to look at future unlocks and plan the acquisition, etc. But why can't I look at the consumables and the possible modules I could mount? Shouldn't those get me excited as well? Is there a good reason not to show these? Gib moar eye candy!
  21. This is taken from page two of the F1 help (I'm pretty sure the majority didn't even know there were multiple pages in F1, just like me). As you can see there are tiny timers next to the icons. I'm playing on a 42" screen and even I never even noticed these! Reason is of course I don't have time to search for such small details when the icons start to blink! They do so because I'm taking damage and that usually grabs all my attention. But I would deem such information vital, so please replace that small circle with a easily readable countdown instead.
  22. When mounting a flag I never get to see the actual amount saved or earned. I suggest giving the flag induced amount a separate column in the result summary, maybe even on the post-battle screen. It would also be nice to see if this flag actually got triggered in the match:
  23. In all other games the coordinates are at the left side and top. That is because as we write from left to right and top to bottom our eyes follow that same pattern to collect information. Every time i want to convey a coordinate to a divisionmate, I have to look long and hard to get my brain to untangle the information from their opposite sides. That is very impractical and serves no further purpose except for looking neatly aligned at the side and bottom of the screen. Actually it would be even better if the letters were at the top and the numbers at the side. That is the natural movement of the eye and lets me come up with a grid coordinate we all are used to: "Need help at E3!" (example) Remember this game?
  24. After all them ships don't really bleed, but a bulkhead can give way. Pah! One bulkhead won't bring me down!