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Found 2 results

  1. lossi_2018

    OPERATION Killer Whale

    Dear WG and new players hopefully reading this. The last 3 months I started abstaining from randoms and ranked for personal reasons, vowed to stay calm and helpful in chat and delve more in operations when I had the time. Yesterday and today, I almost lost my cool. I didn't curse, I didn't belittle, none of that. But I found myself typing desperately in chat to a non understanding or communicating audience, begging even (yes it came to that), for my teamates to join me in exit point and win the mission. I have killed the bbs, blocked the waves of incoming ships multiple time by myself. This is not bragging, various players tried to help, BUT NO ONE wished to exit map. Even when the bots stopped coming. It is obvious, multiple times documented, that the player base doesnot, cannot, is unable or incapable of noticing the small instructions on top of screen. They can't read the mini map or spot the small anchor as is. So in order to help and not criticize how about helping them? A blinking red light (as when on fire) with a warning count down (from 5 min onwards) and a siren screaming might do wonders, something to force the players to read, or notice that the mission WON"T end in a WIN if they don't EXIT the map. See how I wrote it? I will do it again. EXIT THE MAP FROM THE ANCHOR POINT else the mission WILL FAIL! (insert blinking text or dramatic music) I'm serious as the plague. I lost 7 operations WITH ALL OBJECTIVES DONE and with more than half the team alive. People refused to go out. again in bigger letters EXIT MAP TO WIN MISSION. It's a font, they can't read it. No problem right? MAKE IT BIGGER. like that more potent fonts below EXIT MAP TO WIN MISSION plz Thanks
  2. lossi_2018

    OPERATION Raptor Rescue

    I wasn't expecting to return to the subject but since it'd taken 3 (unicums) plus meself to beat dis wit five stars after 8 attempts and several personal records that don't mean or pay crap, I would like to make some calm and collective observations for blokes derping in dis for first time. Dis Mission (operation) is called Raptor rescue. Raptor is the CV that gets repaired at start of game. So... in order to win ANYTHING and not LOSE dis, you have to Rescue the CV. In other words since instructions again are for more advanced users of the English tongue : you need to SAVE the Raptor (CV/ship that carries planes/aircraft) in order to WIN. SAVE THE CV TO WIN. And again in larger font for those who don't/can't read it. SAVE THE AIRPLANE CARRYING SHIP (CV) TO WIN. In order now to get more stars (WHICH YOU WILL LOSE IF THE CV DIES, so take note of that fellow captain) A very simple plan can be implemented depending of the ships the team has. One ship should (usually/I hope) can kill the pre WW1 cruiser, dd, CV that spawns at the lower part of the map. (Two at the most if they are fast, but that's almost too much.) Rest of the ships (a cruiser/dd must be present at all times near the friendly CV) should follow the slow moving CV in a protecting cordon. 2 dds will spawn near it but they are easy to dealt with. Again cruisers must be present to finish them off quickly. SHOOT the dds first as they can LAUNCH torps and TORPS CAN SINK THE FRIENDLY CV FAST! (duh) The bbs should not circumnavigate map hunting whatever catch their fancy but stay close to tank and eat some torps if necessary. It is a team friendly operation. Look at map. (it is that green square stuff at bottom right of your screen. RED means enemy ships and GREEN are friendlies) The CV will go a couple of routes with the upper being easier and the rare (not so always) lower corner spawn the most difficult to deal but... If the convoy (ships following in a protective cordon) stays near the CV (ideally in front of it) they can create a blocking fire wall to stop even dis. Again the CV must survive. Better to lose a ship or die than let it sink. If the team moves in a coherent manner the 2nd enemy CV will be intercepted and sunk easily. Firing at same targets help and while obvious it should be included in instructions. All dis and some I probably forgot must be in a easy to read text at start of mission and with Larger Fonts inside. While obvious and perhaps foolish, it isn't. People do not know what to do. We should help. I write almost as much as I'm shooting dis 'n dodge stuff wit my chin when needed. Bonus : If everything goes fine, you get to TORP the small paper ship spawning between the far corner islands and win a rare achievement. It is a good operation but can be frustrating as it needs above all else (unfortunately or perhaps fortunately) player skill.