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Found 2 results

  1. Seriously... think this is my 2º thread about this matter, and seems no moderator or someone with good knowledge have yet answer it... The download is good, although the instalation of the updates after the download are GOOD DAMN SLOW seriously, not only that it eats up my disk memory, making my PC goin turtle... honestly. This only happened when you launched the "compresed mode" patch/update...god man when you goin test or fix this? Not every1 has ubber PC's or life in a country that could effort for it... How is this possible? I play many games and i mean many, WoT, WoWarcraft, mechwarrior online, warthunder, diablo 3, you name it, and none of the download or the launcher instaling does this, usely downloading the patches or updating takes a while, but none eats up this much disk memory. Does Dev team has knowledge of this? Was this situation tested yet? Was it tested on avarage PC instent of a good pc (SSD and HDD disks?) ? Geeez it makes me want to go back and chose the way it was before...or theres a reason behinde this situation? If theres something about this matter in the forum please redirect me into it... Thx for you attention...
  2. After that option that WG dev's developeted on the patch that we could chose to reinstal/redownload the game for a better compressed game files and such, since then the game been instaled alot slower than before and its quite frustrating to see my Disc memory usage go into 100% and i cant do nothing till the instal are done. This happens in every update WoWs does, regarless the size of it, it simple eats up disc memory and makes me unable to do anything at my PC till its done. Yes when that update came i toke the option to unistal and reinstal FRESH to gain those benefits that WG was talking about, though now is kinda backwards? Have not reported this sooner in though that they would noticed and probably do something about it, but a while alredy passed and its RLY getting frustrating, sup with the Disc usage when we instaling or patching a 80 mb or 100 mb updates? seriously... if it where 5Gb or 10 or 25 Gb, okay i did understand the memory usage but 80 or 100 mbs and get my disc usage to 100%? Rly? This been happening to me, not sure about the rest of the population, also theres a Screenshot of my PC spec's, with natural aint the best but its enough. Also let me point this out, its only in this game that this is happening, but yes if you have suggestion's to how fix this issue and such let me know, i am all hears.