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Found 1 result

  1. I would have created a proper thread, but I can't be bothered to. So I came here to complain. The Emerald is regarded as one of the worst ships ever. Despite being the only cruiser at tier 5 with a heal consumable and the first RN cruiser with a smoke screen, the community despises the ship. The performance of the Emerald on the EU server lists her as literally the worst ship in terms of average damage per game, above only the Furutaka in damage, and is (unsurprisingly) the cruiser with the lowest survivability at her tier. To add insult to injury, every last one of the aforementioned stats places her below the Krasny Krym in terms of performance. Speaking from a personal capacity, I simply can't find reason to argue with them on this matter. The question though, is why. The Leander, her successor, is very highly regarded despite being very similar to the Emerald in a large number of regards. Compared to the Leander, the Emerald has significantly superior turret rotation and similar volume of broadside. The ships have identical reload speeds and shell performance and similar shell dispersion whilst the Emerald actually has slightly superior range. The torpedoes have identical reload speeds but the Emerald, whilst having poorer torpedoes, has double the density of broadside. So what is it about the Emerald that makes her such a bad ship? The first idea that comes to mind in concealment. The Emerald, despite being a tier 5 ship, has a surface detection range of 11.5 whilst the Leander has a very respectable 10 km detection range. Another could be her size. Whilst I can't compare sizes directly, her higher SDR would imply that she is a larger ship, so it could be that her large silhouette is the primary cause of the Emerald imploding at random points. Would these two simple points really entirely account for the legendary awfulness of the Emerald though? So I'll put this to you, why does the Emerald suck? I'll add your responses to the poll so others can vote for your answers as well.