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Found 17 results

  1. doulkerIT

    Crash in gioco

    Salve a tutti. Con l’ultimo aggiornamento di Halloween il gioco ha iniziato a crashare, tanto in modalità random che in modalità twilight. La partita inizia perfettamente però dopo un po’ il gioco o crasha ed esce senza nessun avviso oppure si blocca la schermata e compare il messaggio di errore. Qualcuno ha risolto? Ho già fatto il check dei file ma non ha trovato nulla di danneggiato, ho anche scaricato componenti aggiuntivi tipo pacchetti CC+ e quant’altro. Grazie e vento in poppa!
  2. alexahodito2004

    camera stops ingame BUG (2018)

    Hello guys. Since the last update my friend has the bug mentioned in the title. The match starts without any problem and suddenly his camera freezes. He can control his ship (can move, shoot [not sure if he can control the artilleries or not]) during it. He tried lot of different solutions, like restarting the game/ ctrl rshift backspace/ even deleted one file (which was mentioned in another thread) but it keeps happening. If you have any idea, i would appreciate your help. **Edit. It looks like when you do the ctrl shift backspace but the camera doesnt move and everything is messed up (no areas on map/ no shipname etc). He can only close the game via task manager.
  3. SkullBreaker007

    How to remove side ship panels

    Hey guys as the name suggest hiw do you remove or reduce the size of the side name panles that are in the game, above the minimap?
  4. ...that the currently available Republique camos in the shop (for 30€) are available in-game for Doubloons as well? I've read somewhere that they are available for the rip-off prize of 5k Doubloons and as i don't have access to the game atm i want confirmation before i shell out hard-earned cash for something i could buy with Doubloons. Thx in advance!
  5. Rage_Unchained

    Premium camo discounts?

    Hi all, Recently bought my 10th tier X, the HIV - mind you, not the virus, but the french cruiser :P Love the ship, got a bunch of camos from boxes, rewards and what not, but...income is kinda tight, even with zulu flag and premium account, altho it's still decently positive. The price of premium camo for HIV, and any other tier X is 5,000 doubloons. While I can afford it, I'd still prefer to get it when it is discounted, and save doubloons for some future premium ships maybe. 1) Have there been discounts on purchasing premium camouflages for ships (if so, which tiers and what % discounts were they?)? 2) Is there any planned discount upcoming for the camouflages (doubloon/premium ones in the future)? Thanks for reading and replies!
  6. Hallo, mir ist aufgefallen, dass es seit einigen Woche keine InGame Rabatte mehr auf Premiumschiffe gibt. Früher gab es die Schiffe bei bestimmten Aktionen oder auch Wochenendevents sowohl im Premiumshop als auch ingame günstiger. Insbesodnere an WEs gab es oftmals auch ein Premiumschiff ingame rabattiert. Die Blyska und Pensa gibt es bspw. derzeit auch nur im Shop zu kaufen aber nicht vergünstigt im Techtree. @dies_ari, @Sehales @Crysantos Kurzes Feedback dazu wäre super... Danke... Ypsi
  7. NothingButTheRain

    Ingame music

    Hi. Occasionally I will play a battle and hear the music and find the track that is being played very pleasing to the ears! But I discovered that WOWS has a gigantic number of songs and wading through all of these is very painstaking when doing this with any regularity. Is there some list of which maps have which songs so I can at least find out what the song is called that I'm looking for?
  8. So my whole team just spent the entire game having to put up with a troll/tker sitting in the bottom corner of the map hiding so he could mesh his keyboard for literally the entire game clicking on every map grid pressing every F key, how on earth does the game not automatically ban people from chat spamming this severely? I've never seen a game make it so difficult to just simply stop someone griefing their entire team.. Surely the solution to stop people doing this can't be that hard? *Edited
  9. Ghostsaker

    Clan Flags/Signs

    Hi! I would like to ask that when will be it possible that we could raise our own Clan Flags on our ships? The flags of the nationality of the ships are there and a commemorative flag is already on the mast. So would be there lot of place to raise the clanflag also? Of course the clan flag could be also raised at the Clan Base too.
  10. Hallo zusammen man konnte sich doch bevor die Englishen BB´s Veröffentlicht wurden 3 Schiffe anhand der Blaupausen Flaggen erspielen. Das habe ich getan aber nun ist mir aufgefallen das die Flaggen bei mir nicht mehr Vorhanden sind. Warum??? ich dachte diese bleiben für immer oder habe ich irgendwo etwas überlesen?
  11. C13H16N2O2

    Possible clan update

    Could you implement a poll system into the clan part of the game? I just had a thought i would ask as a 2nd row member of the clan of mine, what should we focus getting after the 0.6.11 release, but because the serial messaging is blocked to prevent spam, and the clanchat is sadly unrelaible, i can not really do that in the game... BUT If a poll system would be in the game for the clan only, would be so much easyer to track the clan's need, or recive feedback. The poll options could be the basic Expire-date (yes-no, days, weeks), multy-choice or simple, "until first X answered", the best 10 by [tracked stat] answered, last 10 poll, to be able to trtack them etc The ui could be what the game uses, notifications could be pop-ups for important ones, like the one-time offers, or a WG-logo notification on the clan-tab's top, like now on the news... It would be so much easier knowing what the clan wants, without using an external forum!
  12. So, this happens to me now in basically every round multiple times. When you try to write something in chat and you are a fast typer, it can happen that the chat window gets stuck in an "activating/deactivating" loop. It keeps making a clicking sound and becomes entirely unresponsive while withering states rapidly. Ship becomes unresponsive too as the chat window thinks you want to write something but instantly switches away and back again. Can only be solved by mashing the esc key or alt-tabing out of a moment. Super annoying ..
  13. HansLuft778

    Bug mit Premium/Dublonen

    Hallo zusammen, Vorab: Ich denke das das der falsche bereich ist, aber wies nicht wecher bereich passender ist. Also zum Thema: Laut Forum bzw. Alle websites die mit World of Warships zutun haben, habe ich angeblich premium (sieht man oben rechts am Stern vor dem Namen) Dieser Bug ist sehr ärgerlich, denn ich schaue auf dem Forum nach interesanten und sehe oben rechts: "Oh, ich habe Premium ohne welches gekauft zu haben?", klicke auf meinen Namen und sehe 124 Tage Premim. Dann denke: "krass. Wo kommen die her?". Dannach eben Spiel starten, und sehe die enttäuschung: Nix
  14. Heym wusste nicht genau wo ich das hinschreiben soll deswegen jetzt hier habe seit paar updates die krankesten fehler wie zb. ich kann mich nicht umsehen sondern bin auf mein schiff fixiert oder was heute dazu kam ich sehe den mauszeiger wenn ich im Spielfeld bin und kann meine türme erst drehen wenn der zeiger den linken oder rechten bildschirmrand berührt dann kommt noch dazu das ich wenn ich den bug hab nicht schießen kann. wenn ich abdrücke hör ich zwar den ton das ich wieder nachgeladen hab aber ich schieße einfach nicht hoffe mir kann da jemand helfen ach ja mein system intel core i5 4460 4x 3.2 ghz oc auf 3.4 ghz 16gb ddr3 1600mhz cl 9 asrock b85 m pro 4 sapphire r9 380 nitro 4gb gddr5 1tb hdd 500gb ssd
  15. Sucht nach dem Kanal "WG Offizieller Deutscher Kanal" und fühlt euch eingeladen. Vorteile: Schnellere Divisionseinladung von Freundeslistenfremden und bequemere Spieler-Ignorierfunktion sowie eine Übersicht aller Mitspieler, die sich im Augenblick im Kanal befinden Liebe Grüsse Pownzer Edit: Leider verschwinden die Nachrichten auch in Usererstellten Kanälen, Wg ist leider nicht fähig das schnellstmöglichst zu beheben
  16. GODclickerTHEskyEMPEROR

    Chat ban

  17. Rexlupum391A

    Stuck at 41 battles

    Hei. I seem to be stuck at 41 battles. have over 50 battles but its not in my service record. Played 5 in a row and still om 41 battles. Enyone konw why its like that?