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Found 20 results

  1. USS Indianapolis As a special event for patch 0.7.5, players were able to pick up a USS Indianapolis by completing tasks in a marathon. To those that have been wondering whether it’s worth taking it out of port, or to those that perhaps been wondering whether it’s worth the odd 30 euros, here are my two (euro)cents on this iconic piece of history. History Built as a Portland-class cruiser, USS Indianapolis was one of the last cruisers subjected to the Washington Naval Treaty. She can be considered the “step-up” from the Pensacola-class of cruisers. The Portland-class ships were purposefully outfitted as flagships. USS Indianapolis herself, is a quite famous ship, unfortunately not as much for her service than the way that she met her end. Indy served from the North Pacific to the South Pacific. She participated in numerous battles, earning her a total of 10 battle stars. During her final weeks, she was tasked with a top secret transport mission. She carried Uranium for Little Boy from California to Hawaii and from Hawaii to Tinian. After the delivery, Indianapolis was to continue on to Leyte. Just past midnight on July 30th, Japanese submarine I-58 torpedoed Indianapolis. 2 torpedoes struck the vessel, the first one setting the AVGAS tanks carried by her on fire, while the second one ignited the magazine. Prior to sinking Indianapolis did manage to get a distress signal out, but without confirmation, Navy officers decided to ignore the distress call, due to navy regulations, fearing the possibility of an ambush. The vessel sank rapidly, with the loss of 300 lives. The remaining - some 900 men - would float for the next 3 days before being found, enduring the burning heat of the sun, thirst, hunger, and perhaps the most violent shark attacks of all time. Out of 1196 crewmen, 317 remained at the time of rescue. In-game rundown Indy has a hit-point pool of 32500, with armour ranging from 13mm on the superstructure, 16mm aft and front, to 22mm midships. The Citadel is protected with a 100mm armour belt, 146mm at the thickest in the protrusions going to the barbettes which are 38mm, and 16mm-57mm below waterline. The citadel deck is 63mm – All in all just about mid-range T7 squish. Indianapolis’ main armament consists of 3x3 8 inch guns, arguably the best at her tier, with a reload of 14.3 seconds and a training speed of almost 26 seconds. She also receives 8x1 5 inch secondaries that work DP. The AA suite is good, consisting of short range Oerlikons, mid range Bofors, and the aforementioned 5 inch batteries. She is decently fast, at 32.5kn, and has a rudder shift of 8.4s, making her quite maneuverable. Concealment fully spec’d goes down to 10.8, which is good for a ship her size. Consumable Choice Indianapolis gets access to standard US Damacon, a choice of either t7 hydro or defensive AA, as well as a long range radar. This is to serve as the highlight of the ship, and elevates her "uniqueness" among other t7 premium ships. Captain Spec I’d strongly recommend taking superintendent at tier 3, and concealment expert at tier 4. I’ve not noticed my engine getting knocked out too often, therefore I’m personally going to put forward Expert Marksman at tier 2, due to the slow traverse of her guns, although your mileage may vary. Gameplay and Analysis I did not enjoy Indianapolis too much to be quite honest The downsides as a flexible cruiser outweigh the upsides: Pros: • Strong guns • Long range radar • Decent concealment for a ship her size • Mid-range AA is strong Cons: • Very large target • Highly susceptible to both HE and AP from most ships • Long reloads Conclusion Indianapolis is a ship labelled “commit” wrapped in a “don’t commit” package. She is equipped with a radar - one which outperforms other ships’ radars at that tier. This is all well and good, but I just don’t see it outweighing her biggest drawback - her squishy nature, combined with her large size. Everything about her screams “make yourself as hard to hit as possible”, which, to my understanding, doesn’t mean go towards the cap circle with only a destroyer to support you. Unlike other radar cruisers, she can't do it while being stealthed, and doesn't have the armour to minimize the effect of enemy fire, should she want to put herself in harm's way in order to get a radar off. She’s not all bad, of course. With good use of islands, thinking ahead, and being aware of your surroundings, a competent player can make this ship work. Her guns are capable and her AA is good. Get in, get out, wait for your consumables to get off cool-down. Use that rudder and good speed to your advantage and to position yourself well. But boy does she not make it easy. Therefore I can’t really recommend this ship. I’ve had my ups and downs in Indy, and I really value her for her historical significance, but she just isn’t something I’d take out for a spin regularly. So for collectors, a definite yes. For the pure pleasure of playing, not so much. Congratulations to __Helmut_Kohl__ and HMS_Argosax for getting the last word-hunt. The solution - GOTTAGOFRENCH - was a combination of words found, 1 in each image, and the word go, written in a different font in the text. I’ve taken into consideration what has been said on last week’s post, and I’d like to try a new format, a bit different, and perhaps easier. Some of you might be familiar with the game say-what-you-see. Players are given a few images, and from them they need to make a word. As an example, the image below: Makes the word firewall. I'd also like to mention that in some cases, words that sound together like another word, can be used, so be imaginative (the letter I followed by a screaming face could for instance be ice-cream). For today’s “riddle” we’ll play a round of say-what-you-see. Again, we have one Super-container for the first person to get it right, and 4x10 subscriber camouflages for those that come in second. TODAY'S RIDDLE: hint 1: a type of sandwich, a loving parent, something you find on your internet browser (and different software), letter(s), a woman with a handbag, a gender symbol, a universal sign found on many plastics nowadays, and a man doing something hint 2: it's 2 things to do with current affairs in world of warships!
  2. Battleschelm

    Indianapolis 1750 EP

    Moin. Heute habe ich viel Spiele gespielt und dabei für 24 Std. ein Premium Status bekommen. Danach hatte ich ein Match gewonnen und habe mehr als 1750 Basis-EP verdient. Leider wurde mir das allerdings nicht für den Indianapolis Marathon "Gewinnen Sie ein Gefecht und verdienen Sie 1750 Basis-EP" angerechnet. Es war ein Zufallsgefecht und ich bin mit der Yorck gefahren. ein T7 Warum nicht??
  3. Tuccy

    Indianapolis Marathon

    The special combat missions marathon allows you to add the VII Indianapolis to your collection for free, and earn some great rewards, such as containers of the “American Cruisers” collection. The Marathon consists of 26 missions. Complete 21 of them to earn the final reward — cruiser VIIIndianapolis , a slot and a commander with 6 skill points. All Marathon missions can be completed with Tier VI–X ships in Random and Ranked Battles. You have 2 to 3 days to complete each mission. Reward for each mission: a container of the “American Cruisers” collection. Final Reward After completing 21 or more missions, you’ll receive the main reward of the Marathon — VIIIndianapolis and a commander with 6 skill points! If you already have VII Indianapolis in your Port, you’ll receive a commander, a slot and compensation in Credits equal to the ship's cost.
  4. USS Indianapolis Die USS Indianapolis (Wiki / Review / Geschichte) gibt es aktuell noch für alle, die vlt. beim Marathon nicht alle Missionen geschafft haben, als Paket im Shop zu kaufen. Leider gibt es im Shop bzw. in der alten News keine Info um was für eine XP-Boost Mission es sich genau handelt. Mit an Sicherheit grenzder Wahrscheinlichkeit werden es wohl aber die üblichen 200%-XP Missionen sein. Diese habe ich entsprechend eingerechnet. Wer sich nur für das Schiff selbst interessiert muss aufpassen. Das Schiff in der Schiffs-Sektion des Premiumladens gibt es nur ohne entsprechende XP-Mission. Hier nun die Pakete mit den entsprechenden Dublonen/Euro Werten. Die ausführliche Auflistung jeweils zum ausklappen: Indianapolis - Standard (28,45€) --> 274 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission --> ------------- (ohne Kapitän, mit XP-Mission --> ------------- (mit Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission --> ------------- (mit Kapitän, mit XP-Mission) Indianapolis - Kapitänspaket (37,10€) --> 334 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission --> 418 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, mit XP-Mission --> 366 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission --> 450 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, mit XP-Mission) Indianapolis - Admiralspaket (46,24€) --> 389 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission --> 456 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, mit XP-Mission --> 541 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission --> 608 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, mit XP-Mission) Indianapolis - Admiralspaket II (46,24€) --> 390 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission --> 457 Dub./Eur. (ohne Kapitän, mit XP-Mission --> 542 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, ohne XP-Mission --> 609 Dub./Eur. (mit Kapitän, mit XP-Mission) Hinweise Archiv: Gruß Schorsch
  5. Bonjour tout le monde, je passe un petit avis aux dévs concernant l'évènement "Marathon de l'Indianapolis". j'ai été absent pendant une partie de l'évènement et je vais me retrouver avec 20 tâches sur 21 à la fin de la période. Ca me fait un peu rager de louper l'event à une tâche près... Ma question est simple, y aura t il une séance de rattrapage pour ce genre de situation ou bien est-ce que je l'ai dans l'os ? Cordialement. Tungstène.
  6. until
    From June 1 through July 25, 9:00 (GMT+3), all VII Indianapolis owners will be able to earn up to an additional 18 containers of the “American Cruisers” collection. All you need to do is to play with VII Indianapolis in Random and Ranked battles at least once every 3 days. Please note, that these combat missions will become available after a single battle on VII Indianapolis and remain accessible until July 25th. 2,600 Nautical Miles of Indianapolis Play a battle. Reward: 1x “American Cruisers” collection container. Types of battle: Random and Ranked Battles. Ships: VII Indianapolis This combat mission can be completed only once. A similar mission will become available every 3 days.
  7. Nuova offerta per chi ha account WOWS tramite Steam, termina il giorno 8/6/2018. https://store.steampowered.com/app/872610/World_of_Warships__Indianapolis_Pack/ Riporto dal sito: RIGUARDO QUESTO CONTENUTO Questo DLC non è compatibile con un account creato fuori da Steam. L'Indianapolis è un guerriero versatile. Grazie al consumabile Sorveglianza radar e all'elevata cadenza di fuoco, questo incrociatore è perfetto nel ruolo di nave supporto. Il suo efficace armamento primario consente di sfidare tranquillamente incrociatori di pari livello. Infine, come non citare il fatto che i suoi profitti di esperienza e crediti sono aumentati! Questo pacchetto contiene: capitano con 6 punti abilità spazio nel Porto 2.500 dobloni 50 segnali Equal Speed Charlie London, Papa Papa, India Bravo Terrathree, Zulu e Zulu Hotel +200% Exp per le prime 25 vittorie con l'incrociatore Indianapolis L'Indianapolis ti aiuterà a completare la nuova collezione americana. Solo con questa nave, dall'1° giugno al 25 luglio, potrai completare alcune missioni speciali. Con il suo aiuto potrai ricevere direttamente in gioco fino a 18 container della collezione Incrociatori americani.
  8. BrummBaerTiger

    Indianapolis modules

    Just came across the following patch 0.7.5 feature (bug) regarding the Indianapolis which: 1. Is technically a New Orleans with 2. Cleveland Hulls and 3. A Mk8 Gun Fire Module that will REDUCE the firing range by 10%^^ It also crashed the harbor ui, making it impossible to select another ship or click on any of the following buttons: Port, Exterior, Tech Tree, Profile, Clan or <- To Tech Tree. Had to quit the game.
  9. I was playing my Indianapolis and i was noticing some very strange fluctuations on the damage values for my shells, so i decided to go ahead and took some pictures (forgive the guerrilla type phone screenshots). Notice the different values of what the damage the shells are supposed to do in port vs what it says when i'm in battle. I had a game before that one where it was much less, like AP doing only 2100 damage but i didn't think about taking a screenshot of that one. Can someone explain to me exactly why this disparity is happening? Is this a bug or some other issue?
  10. philjd

    Indianapolis assistance please

    Ok, recently bought the Indianapolis in order to help train up my US CA captains - ouch, I cannot get her to work in a constructive way. I either end up getting sunk or rubbish contribution due to having to retreat out of harms way due to damage taken. Radar cruiser good against DD's.. well.. it would be nice to be able to survive being in range to use it.. hence..help! (I've looked at a few YT vids over 'how to' etc but cannot seem to translate those into game action. I'm not bad with cruisers and like the Pepsi, but this one is just..... frustrating. Haven't had a single battle yet where I came away with "ahh, this is how to do it" even if it went badly for that particular battle).
  11. Indy has always been one of my favourites, I like the looks of it and the sound of its guns and I've enjoyed playing her but it's largely seen as a bad ship in general. So with 0.6.2 Indy got some buffs and I'd like to ask what (more experienced) people make of it. "Indianapolis: decreased main armament reload time from 15 to 14.3 seconds. Also increased side plating armour for main locations of the ship above the citadel from 16 to 22 mm. Such armour will protect the central part of the cruiser's side from HE shell penetration by 130mm or lower guns (Inertia Fuse for HE Shells commander skill not taken into account)." In addition, if you're of the opinion that it's still weak what changes would you suggest for it to be a viable pick compared to, say, Myoko. I haven't tried the changes myself but I don't expect much to feel different. That being said, I enjoyed playing the Indy before the buff (even though I never were amazing in her) so for me this is largely positive.
  12. xenopathia

    Shame on you Indianapolis

    Cruisers one of the main roles is to hunt dds. That's what I was doing with my Indy. Supporting New Mexico and looking for the sneaky Mahan that flanked us. And we encountered. Mahan full and me 18k hp. Full speed bow on started firing HE on him, he fought back. With a difference; with his 4x 127mm potato pew pews he could deal 1-2 k damage with each salvo every 4 seconds. And I, with my "203mm hard hitting guns" could deal 2k every 15 seconds. And the pray hunted the hunter. The most frustrating part of this was him dealing massive damage and destroying me in a minute and a half. I think I could have killed him easily with my T6 Aoba or Molotov with a faster ROF. Please see what happened for yourself: Not to mention, even though our team had a significant advantage, we lost. Because the sneaky Mahan capped our base. Why did this happen? 1-I should have used AP (I think the most possible solution would be this but what about "use HE against dds"?) 2-I should have aimed better (I think I did a decent job there - 36 hits mostly penetrations) 3-Mahan had damage saturation (So why didn't I have?) 4-RNG god did not want me to win. *** 5-MAHAN was cheating (meh) 6-It's super normal, nothing unusual. 7-All of them. I like Indy but things like these are so frustrating. I have another post about her: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Indy First I regretted buying her, than with the recommendations I started to like her as I mentioned in the same post. Any comments are welcome; Thanks, Xeno
  13. I totally regret my Indianapolis purchase, I even tried to turn it back but wg doesn't accept. Cons: -Made of glass -Worst than Myoko (less effective and less amount of guns, no torps) -15 sec reload time -Not fun to play at all Pros: The only upside is that it has surveillance radar that you can not use because you can not get close enough to dds. If you do you will be trashed by bbs in a moment. So not sure if it is an advantage. And compared to Myoko it has a bit of range advantage and faster turret traverse. Still doesn't compromise the purchase. Why would someone purchase this ship? Any ideas are welcome.
  14. Don't know if anyone actually realized it and apologies if I'm just the last one (but it's worth repeating it then anyway): The ingame doubloons discount for the Arizona and Indianapolis aren't 15% as it's noted in the news bulletin on the WoWS portal. Arizona = 6600 Doubloons x .85 = 5610 Doubloons Indianapolis = 7500 Doubloons x .85 = 6375 Doubloons Ingame doubloon pricing however is 4620 for the Arizona and 5250 for the Indianapolis: Arizona = 6600 Doubloons x .7 = 4620 Doubloons Indianapolis = 7500 Doubloons x .7 = 5250 Doubloons The ingame discount for both ships is actually 30% !!! If I were a betting man I'd say someone didn't seperate the premium ship discount from the regular ship discount (which is 30% for tier VI to tier VII ships). Anyone who's looking to get one (or both) of those premium ships might want to take note before the offer expires tommorrow!
  15. Darksteel_Plate

    USS indianapolis VS lo yang

    Hey guys, I want to buy the USS indianapolis for quite some time, but i wasnt in a hurry, so it could wait, and other things needed more money. now, when i just wanted to buy it, i saw the lo yang. and today i saw a post , this one: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/58303-lo-yang-vs-benson/page__pid__1202562#entry1202562 so is the Lo Yang worth it over the Indianapolis, does it make good credits? Because the Sims doesnt and i have that one already. and The lo Yang has Japanese like camo, if you fit the upgrade. I like the Sims though, but i also want a good cruiser. and the indianapolis is around 28 euros, and the lo yang, I expect that one to come around 30 euros so the price wont difference
  16. Hi guys, I'm having a hard time choosing between Indianapolis and Molotov. Is there any user who owns both and could share his opinions which one is better. Which one is generating more silver? I've watched Atago replays, and they tend to get 600-800k, while Molotov makes around 300k? NOTE: This is not a debate about playing style etc, just need few opinions which one is more fun to play, yet seriously hurting other ships. Buying both is not an option for me.
  17. Star_Platinum

    indianapolis cruisers,want my money back

    indianapolis cuiser ,worst premium ship ever,get hit citadel from any angle,shoting slow,get hit by any ship,take a lot dmg,if i get to shoes and i am not happy,get money back,so i hope they make this here,becose they selling cat in the bag
  18. Finally got my hands on the upcoming premium so naturally made a commentary. Never have I been more frustrated trying to angle my ship against enemy shells. BB shells have to pretty much be entirely avoided, angling is far too unreliable. The limited range and duration on radar makes it more of a gimmick except when defending caps, and even then DDs should spot you plenty in advance to be able to bail and avoid it. Against lower tiers I could carry quite comfortably, the concealment and enormous penetration on the AP shells making life very easy, but against the same tier it became significantly tougher because of how vulnerable the ship is. Against T8 and T9 it was incredibly tough, as enemy cruisers did massive damage with both HE and AP (while having comparable or better stealth), where as BBs were an even larger threat. Is it the best T7 ship? No, in fact a T6 Molotov is a massive threat to the Indianapolis because of the strong guns easily punishing it. Myoko is far more survivable and I found Schors to be far more consistent. I would place it slightly above the Yorck and the Pensacola though, mostly thanks to the turret placement, concealment, strong AP and radar. Even then neither of those ships can be ignored though, a Yorck did significant AP damage to my Indiana even when I pointed my bow right at him and anyone who has played the Pensacola knows that her AP is no joke either.
  19. OopsIPennedYouAgain

    Possible price change for Atlanta?

    Hey as you can see in this picture: the price difference is ~5euros which is ~1000 dubloons. I cant see a reason why people should actually pay more for the atlanta. Is there a possibility for a price change?
  20. 68 years ago today, 30th July 1945, the Portland class Heavy Cruiser USS Indianapolis (CA-35) was torpedoed and sunk resulting in the greatest single loss of life in US Navy history. She had just delivered parts, including Uranium, for the atomic bombs that would be dropped on Japan and was now heading towards Leyte. The risk of enemy submarines was considered low so she was sailing unaccompanied. She had no sonar and her Captian's request for a Destroyer escort was rejected. She had no way of knowing that she was being stalked by the Japanese submarine I-58. At approx. 00:14 she was struck by two or possibly three Type 95 torpedoes on her starboard bow, resulting in catastrophic damage including ripping approx. 40 feet of her bow away. Her engines still running, she drove herself under and rolled over and sank in just 12 minutes, taking around 300 of her crew with her. For the 900 odd survivors in the water the horror was just beginning Through a catalogue of errors, negligence, poor procedure and the pressures of war her radio distress signals were not acted upon and neither was her failiure to arrive in Leyte. Her crew were floating around the Pacific and no one knew. For 3 and a half days they suffered from exposure, dehydration, starvation, exhaustion, delerium and hallucinations and evern worse, sharks. Men were driven mad with thirst to the point that they drank the salty seawater which just made them worse. The sharks took the dead, took the isolated and even took to attacking the larger groups of survivors. Rescue finally came when a Lockheed PV-1 Ventura on a routine patrol spotted men in the water. Rescue ships and aircraft were dispatched, of particular note a PBY Catalina flown by Lieutenant R. Adrian Marks who, correctly estimating the gravity of the situation, disregarded standing orders that Catalinas should not land on the open water and took his aircraft down to rescue as many men as possible. Ultimately, only 317 men survived the sinking of the Indianapolis. But the sadness doesn't end there. Captain Charles B. McVay III, in command at the time, became the only US Navy Captain to be court martialed for the loss of his ship in what many regarded as a highly controversial hearing. Despite receiving support from many, including crew and even Nimitz himself, Captain McVay committed suicide in 1968, following a long period of depression and the death of his wife. He would later be exonerated of any wrong doing in October 2000 by President Clinton. References - War in the Pacific by Dan Van Der Vat & Wikipedia (sorry!) Further reading http://en.wikipedia....napolis_(CA-35) http://en.wikipedia....es_B._McVay_III