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Found 5 results

  1. I have a confession to make, I really like operations. It is a fun alternative to Random , Ranked or Clan battle at least for me and I would wager a lot of others too. Hopefully we can agree operation Dynamo perhaps is a bit too easy to play at the moment, many people outright grind it for cash/XP or simple playing through destroyers. Let me be clear there is nothing wrong on this account, it is mayhaps just too easy compared to the others. On that note we hit the main issue: difficulties of the operations. Operations has simply become too difficult to play and even just succeed. I know some maps were too easy before and bots behaving way too simple (just sailing towards the enemy), as result WG "buffed" the AI, which is good, don't get me wrong. Improved the difficulties of the maps but to a point where normal random people even can't complete the missions. One straight up need a team of random which is skilled and is able to cooperate or just hope for the clan is willing to play operations otherwise there is not much luck in winning them. I dont want the maps to be like they used too, heck no, too easy, sleepy even. I don't mind difficulties, but to a certain degree. I know the good players or those who entirely dislike operation probably will point out it is still viable or too easy. But these people simply in terminology lacks the ability to recognize and respect not everyone is great at the game, I don't consider myself good, maybe mediocre and I greatly enjoy the various operations, very much so thinking they provide alternative games/battles for those who are more PvE focused or just need a break from PvP snowball battles, where losing or winning often don't take very long, moreover even often with plenty/or at least ships still alive. So this is a humble request, to make operations a bit more fair, adjusting the difficulty just a slight, so even the common people are allowed, nay dare I say is able to just complete the operation with zero stars instead of losing almost anytime. Nowadays it's just not worth anymore to grind or play Operations random compared to PvP, where even on a bad day still provideth with greater income of cash and XP. Thanks in advance and a simple request, keep the language proper Yours humbly,
  2. Hi WG, For a short time period during beta, I don't remember if it was open or closed, we had the credit income on the "Battle Results screen" display the actual NET gain in credits after missions/repair costs etc. This was a great benefit and a MUCH better indicator of whether or not you made a nice profit during a battle with your (premium)ship. Now it's hidden deep in the tabs where you have to find the line with net gain after costs. Can we please have the NET GAIN back on the front? Or have you hidden it because you're afraid of showing players how useless they have been in the battle?
  3. I noticed that today has returned the Killer Whale mission, which I think it was the first operation we had if I remember correctly and maybe the one I liked the most. So even if I completed the operation the week it came out I thought I'd jump in today regardless and have some fun. Which at least had, even if the game was a loss. Then I saw the score screen. It looked like this. I remember these missions being rewarded less than random battles, but better than Co-Op, detail I liked (I even started to call operations "the co-op that's worth to play at least"). It was one of the factors that made me consider that operations were one of the few real improvements this game had. However, maybe it's because I haven't played co-op in a long time but considering that's tier 6 the rewards even for a loss look... worse than co-op. Equal at best. What happened with the rewards of the first time? Was it too much? Too many people was "having fun" with the operations or what? Anyone else has played operations again and feels the same or it's just me?
  4. Hallo zusammen, Auslöser für diesen Thread ist ein kürzlicher Post von Crysantos dem ich mit Freude nachkomme: Dieser Thread dient aussließlich dazu nachzuweisen, dass die CV Economy in ihrer jetzigen Form extrem schwächelt. Ich bitte euch hier lediglich euer CV Einkommen, sowohl in durchschnitlichen als auch in Top Spielen zu posten. Bitte haltet den Thread von unnötigen Spam _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EDIT: 2. Fassung auf englisch wurde unter http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/73091-cv-economy-picture-thread/ aufgemacht. Bitte bedenken: Crysantos hat hier nix versprochen! Aber ich denke den Versuch ist es allemal wert! EDIT: Tutorial für Upload siehe Spoiler!
  5. mcboernester

    CV Economy Picture Thread

    Hey everybody, the Reason for this Thread is the following Statement made by Crysantos which I gladly follow up to(rough Translation); Crysantos, on 30 January 2017 - 07:45 PM, said: Hey CV Buddies, I got an Eys on this Topic,. Maybe you can link the appropriate Threads regarding the CV income or create a newThread regarding this Topic with Screenshots-only with your average" and "topgame"-Income on your CVs? In that Case I'll be able to forward it to our Developers in a more condensed Form and get a more specific Feedback. The sole Purpose of this Thread is to proof that the current CV Economy has some major Flaws.Please just post your Income of your average, as well as your top CV Games. Please keep the Thread free of Spam For those who may wonder: I also made another Thread in the german Part of the Forum so I won't post any PIctures here myself since I'll use the German Thread Please bear in Mind that Crysantos didn't "promise" anything here. Nevertheless I think it's worth a Shot!