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Found 17 results

  1. Hi Everyone, So I still consider myself a fairly new player (around 500 games) despite rushing my way to T10 (I know, I know...). Anyway, I am looking to improve my destroyer play - specifically regarding dealing with CV attacks. I am aware that one should keep AA switched off unless already spotted and that smoke can help, but sometimes the enemy CV catches you out of position, or just makes a mission of hunting you down. My question is: What is the best way to handle this? Which attacks are best dodged by turning into them? Which (if any) have elongated targeting reticles and are best dodged by turning broadside? Obviously I can't completely avoid this sort of damage, but I assume through improving my play that I can learn to mitigate it somewhat, so any tips would be greatly appreciated. For reference I mainly play IJN torpedo boats and am trying to learn Shimakaze (though having a very rough time of it - I picked it up pretty much just after the CV rework hit and admittedly got frustrated enough to take a break from the game). Thanks in advance for your help! Floating Bucket.
  2. Jethro_Grey

    CV players - need advise

    Seeing as the first rank in sprint is one where nobody loses a star, i decided to give CVs a go and dusted my Enterprise off, which i played only once in randoms after the REEEwork ( and sucked hard in that TX game). Now, i know i'm a CV noob, always was and always will be, as i simply don't like this class. That being said, that doesn't mean i refuse to learn how to play CVs and take dumps on unsuspecting loli boats. My only experience with CVs is the RN TVI which i played so often in OPS that i managed to unlock the TVIII. Anyways, here's a replay, fresh and still steaming hot of my attempt of being useful and failing. https://replayswows.com/replay/65429#stats I also, did notice i'm surface spotted but i assumed i have a bit of time before the DD gets too close. So my question are: What did i do wrong? What did i do horribly wrong? What could i have done better? What did i do right? Where and what can i improve? What would have you done differently? Pls share your opinion, things you noticed, give advise on how to do things differently! Attached are my ship/ captain builds which i thankfully got provided by a lot of forumites in another thread.
  3. Niikichi


    Liebes Wargaming Team, keine Ahnung ob es schon an anderer stelle vorgeschlagen wurde oder es vielleicht schon in Arbeit u./o. ob es das richtige Forum ist,wenn dem so sein sollte entschuldige ich mich dafür es nochmals angerissen zu haben. Ich würde mir gerne ein besseres whisper-system wünschen, sprich: Das man mit Freunden die gerade in einer Runde sind auch schreiben kann wenn man selbst zur gleichen Zeit im Port ist und vice versa. Damit verbunden vielleicht auch ein neues oder verbessertes System für die Freundesliste. Das wars auch schon,vielen Dank. Mit freundlichem gruß
  4. Currently at the onset of a Random battle, you know exactly the enemy ships you are facing. This is highly unrealistic and sometimes depressing... I suggest a "discovery" variation on the known conditions at the start of battle: 1. Your team's ships are known to you and all players on your team. 2. The general composition of the enemy team is known (for instance: 1 CV + 3 BBs + 4 Cruisers + 4 Destroyers) 3. However the exact ships you are facing is unknown - so the 3 BBs might 3 Yamato or 3 Conqueror... 4. Enemy ships must be spotted and "Discovered" (A new ribbon different from Spotting). 5. Discovery of the enemy ship is done by one your ships spotting the enemy ship continuously for 10 secs - 1 minute, depending on class and range. I imagine the destroyers are discovered fast, since they tend to hide. The Battleships take longer to discover. For the CV it is by spotting the planes for a set period of time. The range aspect makes it so being 50% closer speeds up the discovery by 100%. The default time being measured from the ordinary spotting range outside smoke for the ships given configuration and commander skills. 6 .The period of time from point 5. might be cumulative through the battle or suffer a reset if the enemy manages to hide. 7. Being sunk automatically discovers the sinking ship to the one who contributed the most damage - unless already discovered. The enemy team obviously face the same uncertainty.
  5. Reports are becoming a topic of controversy. They are intended to punish bad players, bots and flamers, but since they can use reports as well, good players will get their share of revenge reports. At the moment only chat reports do their job, other two are debatable. Do we know if bots are being banned? No, since there is no feedback. What happens when you report someone for "bad play"? Nothing. This is probably implemented so that you can feel better Luckily, there is a simple way to improve reports and prevent their abuse: Conditions must be met before report options are available OR Reports must be automatically checked before system approves them After enough reports are accumulated, there must be some sort of consequence Karma Conditions must be met before report options are available to players This is something that we, web developers, do all the time. We check for some sort of conditions before we allow changes in user interface. For instance, we check if user has entered correct e-mail before we allow him to register or log-in. Same thing can be applied here before report option even appear on right click. For inappropriate chat: Has this player wrote anything? If he hasn't wrote anything - chat report should be unavailable. Has player wrote some words that are in a "bad words list"? If no bad words have been entered - chat report should be unavailable Is this player spamming chat? If player has wrote less than [certain amount] of messages in a [certain time period] - chat report should be unavailable For bot / afk report: Has the game loaded for this player? If the game hasn't loaded, then it may not be the players fault. Report for AFK should be unavailable. Some sort of UI marker should show to players as well who is in game and who isn't. Has this player moved since the game has started? If he has moved, he is probably not a bot and report should be unavailable for this option. Has the game crashed for this player? If the game has crashed under any condition, then reports should be unavailable. It's not the players fault. For bad play: What is bad play? Judging by how 90% of the players are playing lately, especially during weekends, most of them should be reported. I would rename this to Griefing. Has this player damaged a team mate? This is easily checkable - if he hasn't used his weapons on a team mate, option should be unavailable. Is this player blocking a team mate? Also easily checkable. Allow this report option after certain amount of team damage Has this player killed a player from own team? Allow this option if team kill has happened. Has this player left match prematurely? If he has left, but he was alive - allow this report. Reports must be automatically checked before system approves them If there is no checking in user interface, because of possible game client performance, reports should be checked on server. System should remove karma points only if above conditions were met. Also, there shouldn't be any limitations on number of reports if report checking and their conditions are properly thought of and implemented. Consequences At the moment, we see consequences for team killers and those who were reported though chat reports. Wouldn't it be great if we receive a system message like: "Your report from [date] that player [nickname] was a bot proved to be correct. We have blocked his account. Thank you for improving community" What happens to team killers or griefers? Shouldn't they be punished more creatively in a way that would allow them to reflect or calm down? They should be limited to COOP for the duration of their punishment. That will allow them to chill out in a relaxing game mode. This way they won't rage or deliberately ruin matches as most of them do now. It is absolutely the worst possible option when those pink players enter ranked matches. That is instant loss almost always. What about bots? Simply - block their accounts for at least a week. Repeated offenders should face increased duration of account block. Karma Karma doesn't provide any benefits at the present time, but wouldn't it be nice if it did? Introduce Karma levels with benefits that could be reached on each level. For instance - small increase in income, small decrease in repairs, higher chance of getting a super container and so on. Small benefits as a result of being a normal human being This is an area that could improve community so much and would inspire players to play nice and help each others. Of course, as we have conditions for reports, developers could make similar conditions for compliments so that this system wouldn't be abused. What do you all think? Constructive feedback would be most welcome. Who knows, maybe some of this get through to WG.
  6. Hi there fellow captains. Over the last few month's you guys and girls gave me great feedback on how I could improve my game, I'm really grateful for that and because of it I went from a bad player to now below average and working towards average. I will be content with average but my goals is to be a "good" player and get everything in the green. As of late in the last couple of weeks my performance has been staggering. From going "great" and sometimes even "unicum" scores per evening I went back to "below average" and "bad". Whilst my average tier is still around 6/7. I read alot about this feature "replays". And I think it can help me to evaluate my game. Where does one find this? Also idk if my understanding of the game gets better and thus I see more idiotic mistakes made by my team or even the reds. But teammates have been surprising me to say the least on their decisions. Now the last time I blamed everything else except me, you here on the forum proved me wrong, and I hope this is the case yet again! I must be missing something but I don't know what. There were plenty of games in hindsight where in I could be more of an asset to the team and so lost because of it. Or at least I hope that is the reason since I can work on that. There were also games no matter how well I preformed (to my knowledge) but it was a lost cause from the start I think. Some questions on games that seem hopeless. So sometimes you have these games. No matter how hard you try to communicate they will be stuck, for in this example, at the D line. Really they did not got of that square for like 10 minutes. I and a Z-46 tried to cap A but to no avail. (Me in a Hipper I recently unlocked) At this point I feel hopeless, getting salty and what not. How do you capitalize on these kind of games? I really don't want to blame my team here, even tho they could have done better positioning. I did not do great that game either. Here in my T6 Normandie I did rather well score wise. But we still lost. I would not post this if it was an exception. To my experience it is a a big chunk of my games that end like this. Is there something I can do to motivate my team better? How do I read the games a such, even when they go in my examples I can get the most % out of it to win it?
  7. Hey Captians, I am PomPom from the EU Server wazzup xD. apperently i am searchin for a good active clan where i can improve my Skills playin Destroyers. Maybe a Clan round about an age of mine. I am 23. My daly Uptime is about 8-12 pm. u can reach me in the forum or in the game under P0MP0M. PS. You maybe also noticed my English is pretty bad cause I am German.
  8. Excavatus

    What statistics tell?

    Dear salty ladies and gentelmen of the world of warships! (salty because sea.. not because watching all the team camping behind an island size of a matchbox!) For some of you know, I am a cruious bob who likes to learn and learn! (but I can't.. :P) and I love numbers.. statistics.. I love analyzing them.. I check my stats after every daily session of WOWs and try to analyze that. I did that in WOT for over 2 years and always thought numbers are good to deduce some good and bad things. Help with the progress of the improvement of one's self skill cap! Anyway, This morning, I've just realised, with some of the numbers, I don't know what to make of them because I don't have anything to compare them in general. and decided to help some of the bobs out there just like me, in the way of feeding my curiosity. I know what the damage numbers mean, I know what to do with WTR and WR, but can you give me some meaning for the following numbers and some comments on mine especially. What do they mean? I mean in gameplay wise... My general survival rate is, %35,17 and my last 21 days (270 battles) survival rate is %45,19. What do I make with these? Are they low? am I playing too YOLO? or are they high? am I playing too cautious? holding miself back? What do you think that a good survival rating should be? in battleships, DDs, Cruisers.. etc? My main battery accuracy is %27,94 My torpedo accuracy is %7,71 They seem very low to me.. are they low really? I am spotting 1,04 ships in total average and 1,15 ships in 21 day average.. low, high? any relation with my survival rating? 1095 xp average in general and 1464 xp in 21 days average.. does this number includes bonus from premium acc or premium ships? because this is the time I bought Graf Spee roughly.. I really believe, watching one's own replays and analyzing own stats is the very basic first step of the stairway to improvement. (Led zeppelin style!) Cheers caps.. PS: I may be totally missing or not looking for more important stats. Please feel free to check them.. https://wows-numbers.com/player/512538544,Excavatus/ and bash them If needed in the road of enlightment.
  9. sprototles

    Little things to do

    Hi all captains I created this threat for us basically if you have any small idea how to improve gameplay or some effects or feature, i think its better to put it all in one thread instead of creating 100s of topic per every idea lets say we will post ideas and comments separately, so it will be easier to like/disloke someone's idea I hope so you will like this idea and consider this thread as useful
  10. There is so much wrong with this skill. I dislike in in every ship class I have. As a DD, if I use RDF it notifies enemies that they are located on spots where there usually don't expect it even if they don't have this skill. It alerts them to change direction ASAP which most of them do. As a CL - I have radar, sonar and fighters. Using RDF is a waste of skill As a BB - I don't need it since there are more useful and extremely more powerful skills to use So, how to make it better? Make it into a time limited consumable. Those who unlock it could be able to slot it and use it certain amount of times. Since it is not a radar, it should last longer. Perhaps 2 minutes with 2-3 charges. This of course should mean removal of "located" marker for the enemy. He is actively using radio, not you. Optional: If you turn it into a consumable, make some UI marker to show signal strength (stronger signal means that enemy is closer). This will justify it's existence as a time limited consumable and an expensive skill. Optional 2: Those who unlock this skill should have option to use "Radio silence" for the same time and with same number of charges. This way attacking DDs would go full stealth when they engage target. During radio silence you will be able to see map markers only for the ships in your visual range and you won't be able to report positions for enemy ships. If you are away from your team visual range, they wouldn't be able to see you as well. Imagine how fun this would be Another layer of skilled play. Limit skill range to max visual radius for that ship. Weather or obstacles shouldn't influence it. Right now this skill feels like a quick fix from developers. They tried to fix something and made game even more unbalanced. It needs urgent changes.
  11. I think that Survivability Expert skill need buff/Improvement now it give 400HP/tier which make it almost no useful for grab especially for 4 XP points. So I suggest some improvement like this: that skill give 550 or 750HP/tier + 5% armor bonus for BB, 10% for CL and 15% for DD/CV or 10% flat bonus for everyone What you think?
  12. Hello All Im Fairly New And im Looking For A Casual/Competitive Group/Clan To Play With Together To Improve The Fun And My Skills Overall And Continue To Get New Ships As I Progress
  13. Since we can configure each ship (in 0.5.9) by activating or deactivating the circles on the minimap and the game remember the settings, I want to make another suggestion to ship configuration: Current State: Lets take a New Mexico as example. In the game you load AP, this gets remembered an in the next game AP will be loaded by default. But if you fight at the end of the game for example a destroyer with HE and the round ends, HE gets loaded by default for the next game. Since you are used that AP is loaded you forget to check and screw up your first salvo. New system: You buy your New Mexico. You go to modules and to ammunition & consumables. You choose your preferred ammunition (HE or AP) by just clicking on it. The ammunition now gets loaded at the start of every game you play until you change it again by either clicking on the other shell type or the same type again to deselect it. If no ammunition is selected the current system will come in place, loading your last used ammunition at the start of the game. This will help players to set up their ships for the game and prevent from wrong ammunition use at the start of the game. The same method can be applied to the "hold fire" option for secondary and AA guns by adding another icon to the left of the HE shell icon. Illustration: I like to hear your thoughts on this one. Would you like it? Do you disagree with me? Lets discuss! I'm crap for example and very often forget to check my ammunition at the start of the game. With this system it would never happen again! And if you don't like it you can just use the old system by not clicking on anything. Hope you like my idea. Cheers Black
  14. SFCGunny313

    Self-Policing the Forums

    I am appealing to the forum community. Recently, there seems to be an increase in abusive, abrasive, elitist, pretentious, and generally unhelpful comments. As addressed in some other threads, the game is suffering with overall numbers for the player base. If we want this game to thrive as a community, we need to be better representatives for the game, particularly when new players decide to post a question or seek assistance. Referring to players as "baddies" or "tomatoes" or other similar derogatory terms will not attract new players or help retain them. Posting snarky, sarcastic and generally unhelpful replies will not attract or retain players. If you feel compelled to do so, please, go visit reddit.com and you'll fit right in there. As a community, we need to do better. We cannot and should not rely on the community managers to undertake this task.
  15. Right now we all know that agressive gameplay is punished hard but even if you win after 20 minutes of sneaking, angling, making your shots - missing some of them and then probably dying you will be rewarded with a rather poor amount of credits (and maybe xp?). The Big thing is that the weekend doubles changed the game for these 48 ~ 72 hours in playstyle, teamplay, rewards and most importantly fun! But why was that so? I think that the bigger rewards gave a massive motivation to the players. But let's look at some things first, shall we? [...] In general there's not really a reason for the players to win the game right now, unless they made a big impact. It's even more cost efficent to survive in the higher Tiers frequently. As I'm playing Tier X for the first 2 days now and noticing that I get 270.000 Credits and 2700 XP for Sinking 2 Ships and doing some solid damage with the premium account brings up the question what do I need to win for now? This amount of credits doesn't even last to pay the bill for service next time my Zao will be sunk'cause the camo, and the consumables take 67.500 C to replenish. So I'm left with around 200.000 credits in the end and the Zao needs 250.000 ~ 270.00 credits to do a full service after beeing sunk and between 22.500 and 90.000 for consumables. I acctually need to play some games with my premium ship(s) - well the Yubari doesn't generate that much money in the end - to be able to play the Tier IX or X. Why do I mention that my ship takes that much money when it's sunk? Well with the current meta for destroyers and the remaining refuse to play aircraft carriers combined with the average skill levels that are fighting even at Tier X it happens more that frequently that players are annihilated because they still get torped by destroyers, they don't know about things like angling or one team splits up for two sides and one goes full on one side - these things are some kind of bad luck or a lack of skill, but this isn't a problem at all. Everybody is as good as he is and/or will improve as time goes on. People just need to accept that they have to learn. But learning still doesn't fully prevent you from getting destroyed and the big issue with that is the massive repair costs. Ships in Tier V are the most viable ones by raw numbers when it comes to earning credits (not considering premium ships of course) - and that is due to the low service price after the battle - but still you need to have a flawless battle to really get your hands on money. And Tier by Tier above V the costs start to increase again until they are so high - we're around VIII/IX - that people really refuse to fight because they won't be able to compensate the costs of beeing sunk or they just don't want to. And this really get's to a top of around 480.000 credits for a Yamato for example and let's be honest: Getting around 250.000 credits out of an average battle isn't very nice. And before some people start to tell about their high income in every battle they play: First of all: I don't think you're telling the truth and second you need the whole team to win right? So think about Players who lack motivation to do their tasks or playing a game without having a lot of fun at all? The Game really should offer a proper reward that gives the people a nice experience. [...] Well when it came to that Event I really entered a different world in this game. First I noticed after 25 battles how excited and amazed I was by the Rewards I got for fulfilling my role and giving my best. And that was also caused by the teams which tried to make a difference by playing for the Objective, Flanking the enemy, using any chance go push just to get the win. And trough that I really want to make up the theory that: They really noticed that they won! They made the difference between beeing good and just caring for not getting destroyed. And after the game the People got the feedback that they were good by rewards (I don't want you to read words written like: Ship | Ship as shout but as things that I think are important). Also this ment, that the people really seemed to enjoy the game almost twiche as much and I really had a few friends suddenly getting into a motivation to give all they got and losing from time to time wasn't frustating at all especially because the teams really started to work together and tried to win by combined force not even trying to get the best result for themselves*. And in general this is what the game should offer right? A nice enjoyable time for you and other people. *I don't want to say that people to this in general but I often experiance weird playstyle of ships by not shooting at all at enemies in range while they engage on you - so mostlikely they won't share the position to the enemy and avoid beeing shot at all even if they have the biggest armor and firepower among the fleet and would be able to withstand some solid damage. I also think that I really noticed an slight increase of players that weekend (considering other weekends of course). The queue for battles was around 10 to 15 seconds and the variety of tiers was given as well. To be honest that 2X challenge gave the game a massive boost and really motivated the players to get into the battles and do as best as they can. They knew they would be rewarded for winning and they would really notice it. I really can think about a lot of players that caught some new intrest in the game during that weekend. The only thing I don't know about that is, if they will keep that intrest up. So my message in general to Wargaming is: That double time xp and credits got the game into a kind of hype mode and it suddenly became a much more enjoyable game. And that was apparently only caused by the good feedback for a win. If you can consider an increase of credits and xp in general - even just for the win - I think that people would intend to play the game much more due to the (finally) really positive feedback. Or maybe you can cause this kind of Events to happen more frequently. Also a little note I want to add: Is there a chance of giving the premium ships a 10% convert rate from normal to free XP for each battle? I mean they are already quite expensive and if we had a little advantage on top. 10% seems to be a solid amount that should still give a reason to convert xp from premium ships by doubloons. Thank you so much for reading this guys and I'm looking forward to see you in my next post.

    my profile is not distributed !

    I've played WOW since a official public release (on one home computer) = installation1. Nowadays I am achieve rank 9. Now, I decide to install it also at different computer (used for travelling)=installation2. Installation was successfull, but when I logged in using the same email and password at installation 2, the profile from installation1 is lost and I (at installation2) can play only as a complete rookie (rank 1).I've never played (or planned so) at these installations in one time. The only difference that I can see is that installation1 during "connect" uses WOWS NA server installation2 during "connect" uses WOWS EU server Please help, IS P.S. The same works well in WoT, so it should be possible in WOW.
  17. Admiral_Wolf

    Improvement Ideas

    Hi Developers World of Warships is a great naval combat game so far, but since I've started playing, I've seen a few things to take care about. - Capture the base gamemode A real Island base what can be taken by Team red & blue and has to be defended for a couple of minutes too. - Coop Campaign A campaign Japan/Axis vs USA/Allied, gamemode without mixed Teams. - German Submarine A Type IX Submarine was operating in the pacific, implent it and waterbombs to destroyers/cruisers/battleships. - Ship Horn Horn by pressing h (very useful when you coop with beginners who dont watch where theyre going.) - Crew Management Similar to Silent Hunter 3 / 4 Crew Management Feature Thats all of my ideas so far Cheers Wolf