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Found 10 results

  1. Quick visual quiz on the historical naval battle of the Coral sea. the first battle in which the participants did not have visual contact. enjoy! http://remorika.com/quiz-on-the-battle-of-the-coral-sea/
  2. The I-402 has been found last week close to Nagasaki. Original NA thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/43478-ijn-submarine-i-402-%E4%BC%8A402-has-been-found-near-nagasaki/
  3. Well! seems like I finished my first part on these, feel free to give it a go and report your scores! Any kind of feedback is really welcome On the end, I decided to split the Quiz in two parts, the first one (the one here) is about major classes of the IJN in WWII (BBs, CVs, CVLs, CVEs and CAs) the next part will be abot minor classes (CLs, DDs and SSs) I am still working on it though. Please bare in mind some points before making the test: 1. This is a test about Navy ships, so ships operated by the army (such as the Akitsu Maru class CVE) are not asked 2. This test takes in account the "final name" of a ship, so if a ship was converted and after conversion it changed name, the answer will be the second one 3. This test uses IJN hull classifications (so no Nachi class CA, Naka class CL or Tatsuta class CL here ) 4. If you want to read the comments on each class, my advise is to read them at the end of the test so you don't lose time doing so Well, here you have the link, please enjoy it! and I hope you liked! http://www.sporcle.com/games/Chamorro/classes-of-warships-in-the-ijn-wwii-period Remember to post your scores! and no spoilers for the ones who haven't answered it yet
  4. akagikancolle

    Quiz Poll on the Battle of Midway

    Here I post an interesting and visual quiz poll on the Battle of Midway Enjoy! http://remorika.com/quiz-on-the-battle-of-midway/
  5. A project to build the entire Imperial Japanese Navy at scale 1/2000 has started. It would be interesting to see the forthcoming updates and photos since the shokaku and zuikaku carriers look promising. http://remorika.com/12000-model-ships-imperial-japanese-navy-nihon-kaigun-photo-gallery/
  6. akagikancolle

    Shizuo Fukui Books Selection

    He has devoted most of his life to write books on the Imperial Japanese Navy. Here is a selection of his books collection. Shizuo Fukui Books collection I have most of them, and recently I got the Imperial Japanese Navy Warship Masterpiece Shizuo Fukui Some of these books are in Japanese, however, the pictures are in high resolution which is useful for model kits constructions and paintings.
  7. A new boardgame on The Great East Asian War 大東亜戦争http://remorika.com/the-great-east-asian-war-a-new-wargame/https://www.facebook.com/groups/279237662430170/ is this game a reproduction from another game published by different company?
  8. This is how the statistics will look like after the patch 0.5.2. Stats below are from ingame stats. And damage is Based me Maximum damage. Tier 10 Crusiers ZAO HINDENBURG DES MOINES HP POOL 40800 51900 50600 FIRE RATE (RPM) 4,4 6 10 MAIN BATTERY RANGE 16230 17830 15830 AP DAMAGE 5400 5900 5000 DPM PER AP SHELL MAX 23760 35400 50000 PER AP SALVO MAX DMG 285120 424800 450000 HE DAMAGE 3400 2300 2800 DPM PER HE SHELL MAX 14960 13800 28000 PER HE SALVO MAX DMG 179520 165000 252000 FIRE CHANCE 19% 11% 14% MAXIMUM SPEED 34,5 31,5 33 TURN RADIUS 840 800 770 RUDDER SHIFT TIME 10 15,84 11,22 SURFACE DETECTABILITY 12,6 16,02 13,86 I feel that Zao is going to be Worse to play in the new patch then it already is because: Both Des moines and hindenburg has Decent ruddershift. But that can be fixed with Upgrade. i hear many people say that Des moines has bad range and bad accuracy but all that can be Fixed with upgrades. Hindenburg has good range and good accuracy, can be upgraded to better on both. Both Des moines and hindenburg has really good AA cover "stock without modules or Cpt perks" on the other hand with upgrades... wow!... just wow... Des moines and Hindenburg has Better Firepower then Zao Due to their reload speed. Des moines and hindenburg has a high arc, An arc isn't as bad as you think because you can shoot over mountains while Zao can't. What Des moines and hindenburg lacks in maneuverability they add up in firepower. Zao has good HE shell damage, but even though Hindenburg and Des moines has less HE damage, They can make it up for speed. while zao can't. Zao has good fire, but both hinden and des moines can upgrade their, Not as good but almost. and even then Fire chance is only a possibilityits not a 100% chance. With Zao you almost HAVE to hit because if you miss.. it can be life or death if you meet Either hindenburg or Des moines While these 2 can miss. Zao can upgrade AA support Or dd Detection, Zao wont get the same aa cover as hinderburg or Des moines, on dd Detection they will have the same. " due to same skills and cpt perks" Zao can't upgrade its fire power, only range and Accuracy Same as Des moines and hinderburg, if they do the same they will still be better then zao Zao doesn't need a Nerf it needs a mini buff so it can be Compaired to the other 2 ships losing 4.1k hp is like making it REALLY doomed if it get hits by 4 citidels. Zao is going to be a dead ship if this contiunes... Nothing in these 2 ships is Fair towards Zao. Sure it can be Invisible and backstab enemies, sure it has fast ruddershift. and yeah its faster then the others too, but all thoes problems can be Solved during battle if you face the zao... however if you have Really good firepower.. Really good turn radius. i see no set back in both hindenburg or Des moines after this patch. Zao's maneuverability doesn't really help it towards other ships, only towards DD's but even then hardly anything. you can see the Stats Above on all 3 ships, Can you still SAY that Zao has really good firepower? if you can. Well i have no idea what you have been smoking. Please say no to nerf on Zao let it be heard so that wg wont make it happen!
  9. I wonder what is your opinion of living again episodes of the pacific war and the Imperial Japanese Navy in only 90-seconds micro visual story. This time is about the famous IJN ace pilot Saburo Sakai. http://remorika.com/visual-tales-of-the-pacific-war-the-legend-of-saburo-sakai/
  10. vojtaruner

    IJN Shinano

    Hello everybody, I have put together history and possible implementation of heavy aircraft carrier Shinano in World of Warships. Please keep in mind that this is just fan made side, not official news of upcoming new premium ship. Also I apologize for any grammar mistakes, english is not my native language. Shinano History: Creation Shinano was laid down on 4 May 1940 at Yokosuka Naval Arsenal as the third of Yamato class battleships. After battle of Midway in May 1942, where IJN lost 4 fleet carriers, it was desided to convert Shinano into aircraft carrier. Shinano had great armored protection and with 72 000t displacement she was the heaviest aircraft carrier in the world until post-war US aircraft carriers. She was one of two aircraft carriers with armored flight deck and large island on starboard (like Taiho). She had only one hangar. She shared great armor belt and anti-torpedo bulges of the Yamato class battleship. However her hangar sides were unarmored (for better stability). Shinano was supposted to be a heavily armored aircraft carrier with reserve aircrafts and fuel because she too slow to be a fleet carrier. Short career On 19 November 1944 she was commissioned at Yokosuka. After U.S. reconnaissance aircraft had flown over it was desided not to risk and finish fitting out Shinano and crew training in Kure. On 28 November Shinano departed with 3 destroyers (Isokaze,Yukikaze and Hamakaze). She and her escord were forced to make nighttime run because Navy General Staff could not provide air support. She carried 6 Shinyo suicide boats and 50 Ohka suicide flying bombs. At 20:48 American submarine Archerfish spotted Shinano and her escort on radar and pursued them. At 22:45 Archerfish was spotted and Shinano and her escort increased speed to outrun Archerfish. Around 23:22 Shinano was forced to reduce speed to prevent damage to the propeller shaft. At 03:15 Archerfish fired 6 torpedoes. Four of them struck Shinano. Due to inexperienced crew and not finished equipment of the ship, she was flooded and at 10:57 she capsized and sank. With her 1,435 officers, men and civilians were lost. Escort managed to rescue 1,080 men. Photo of Shinano during sea trials in Tokyo Bay Shinano in World of Warships: Class: Aircraft carrier Tier: IX I think that she could be premium ship just like Missouri or Musashi- with research prize of 750 000 XP. Tier VIII is for her too low, while tier X is too much. General characteristics: Lenght: 265,8 m Beam: 36,3 m Draught: 10,3 m Flight deck lenght: 255,9m Flight deck width: 40,1m Displacement (when fully loaded): 72 000t Maneuverability: Engine power: 111 855 kW Maximum speed: 27 knots Turning circle radius: 900m Rudder shift time: 22,4 sec. Armor and hitpoints: Hitpoints: 62 000 HP Armor: -waterline armor belt thickness: -400mm - abreast magazines -160mm - elsewhere -strake below: 200mm to 75mm (at its bottom edge) -armor deck over machinery and magazines: 100mm to 190mm -armor towards the main armor belt: 230mm (sloped) -external anti-torpedo bulges -armored fuel tanks (with concrete->prevents fumes from escaping) -armored flight deck: 80mm (some sources claim it was 75mm) Torpedo damage reduction: 41% Secondary armament: 8x2 127mm Type 89 Dual-purpose guns Anti aircraft defence: Long range (5km): 8x2 127mm Type 89 Dual-purpose guns Medium range (3km): 35x3 25mm Type 96 AA guns (some sources claim it was together 145, not 105) Short range (2km): 12x28 120mm AA rocket launchers Shinano would have better short range AA armament than Essex and Taiho but slightly worse long range armament. She would also have Defensive AA Fire ability with 1 charge and 360 sec. cooldown (same as any other tier VIII+ aircraft carrier). This way she won't be that easy to sink her in early game. Air group: Air group is the main strike force of an aircraft carrier. Shinano is not different. Fighters: Mitsubishi A7M1 -speed: 176 knots -average damage per second: 73 -loadout: 35 -hitpoints: 1,830 HP Torpedo bombers: Aichi B7A2 -speed: 156 knots -maximum torpedo damage: 8,567 HP -hitpoints: 1,950 HP Dive bombers: Aichi B7A2 -speed: 156 knots -maximum bomb damage: 4600 HP (HE bomb) -hit points: 1,860 HP I suggest that Shinano would have same planes as Taiho but instead of groups with 4 planes, she would have groups with 6 planes. However this will decrease number of air groups so istead of Taiho's 7 air groups, she would have 5. Flight control: I think that Shinano could have 2 flight mod controls. 1st flight control mod: - 1 fighter group - 2 torpedo bomber groups - 2 dive bomber groups This is for aggressive playstyle. 2nd flight control mod: - 2 fighter groups - 1 torpedo bomber group - 2 dive bomber groups This is more balanced control mod. (I was thinking about 3/1/1 flight mod but then I rejected it because it has weak anti-ship capability...) Hangar capacity: Here are things little bit difficult. Historicaly Shinano is heavy support aircraft carrier, not fleet carrier. At first Shinano had 18 planes. This was later increased to 47 planes. Let's consider that Shinano in WoWs has 47 planes. This is good for tier VI aircraft carrier (Ryujo has 48) but at tier IX it is terrible. 1st solution: I suggest that Shinano could have special consumable which will repair lost planes. Something like repair party for battleships but instead of repairing lost hitpoints it would repair aircrafts. Shinano could have 3 charges of this consumable (4 with superintendent). It would repair from 10 lost planes in hangar up to 12 planes. This gives us total number of planes that could be put into action: from 77 to 83 planes (depending how effective this consumable is used). With superintendent would be total number of planes from 87 to 95 planes. For comparison: Taiho has 83 planes and Essex has 90 planes (when fully upgraded) This is my suggestion if we want to stay historically accurate. 2nd solution: We ignore that historically Shinano had only 48 planes and simply (instead of giving Shinano special consumable) we'd calculate maximum hangar capacity. I think it could be about 96 planes because it is bigger that Essex but it can't be much higher (for balancing reasons). Concealment: Surface detectability range: 17,3km Air detectability range: 15,7km Blueprint of Shinano Summary: Shinano would be heavily armored aircraft carrier with bad concealment, bad rudder shift time and slow acceleration. On the other hand she would have great air group and large hangar capacity with decent AA defence and premium status. I will be glad if you leave your comment below. This is my first article on WoWs forum so I hope it was good enough and I hope you enjoyed it. Resourses: Informations: Book- Encyklopedie Válečných lodí od 2. světové války až po současnost, Robert Jackson, Naše Vojsko Pictures: Wikipedia-Shinano The blueprints-carriers-japan-Shinano