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Found 7 results

  1. MementoMori_6030

    More historical IJN ships, please!

    I would like to see some more of the venerable IJN ships implemented here: Ise-class hybrid battleship/carrier Tone-class aviation cruiser Nagara-class light cruiser Oyodo-class light cruiser Nisshin-class seaplane tender
  2. DinJoe_EU

    Mogami build.

    In the Myoko currently. Let me explain, I'm torn on the Mogami gun options. I know that IFHE+155mm is the best choice but I'm not having plans to respec my commander for only one ship which I'm not even keeping in port. All I want out of this grind is the Zao, so that I can watch everything burn, from 18km of course. So, here's the question, should I go 155mm without IFHE or 203mm instead. Thank you.
  3. Major_Damage225

    Idea for reimplamantation of the IJN Kitakami

    Sooo it's that time of the year again where i come up with a idea to bring Kitakami back. This year the idea is simple, since we get the option for regrinding lines again, how about a posibility if one regrinds the IJN full tree again that they can aquire Kitakami? Any takers?
  4. Hello fellow captains. this thread is ported (and improved) from my thread on the german forum (https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/123362-japanische-schlachtschiffe-und-schlachtkreuzer/) Please excuse any mistakes in grammar or spelling because english is not my native language. My goal was to clean up the total mess that is called: "The IJN Battleship tech tree". A tree where you happily jump from Battleship to Battlecruiser and back. Therefore these were my goals I wanted to achieve: A new Tech Tree “Battleships” A new Tech Tree “Battlecruisers” All ships stay on their Tiers but move to their respected tree. All ships will be named correctly. That means Battleships will be named after japanese provinces and Battlecruisers will be named after mountains. I will not touch Premium Ships at all. Now for a few rules: Every ship in the new tree should make sense. It should not be straight OP (or too weak) and it should work with the other ships in the tree for a pleasant playthrough. Paperships are allowed Fantasy ships are allowed as long as they make sense and stick to the “IJN way”. Lend Lease, captured or bought ships from other nations are allowed if they make sense. So are you ready? Here we go. Overview: First let’s take a look how the Tree would look after the redesign without any changes or additions: Old Tree Battleship Tree Battlecruiser Tree Kawachi Kawachi Myogi Myogi Kongo Kongo Fuso Fuso Nagato Nagato Amagi Amagi Izumo Izumo Yamato Yamato Now let’s take a look at the same Tree but with the new ships added: Battleship Tree Battlecruiser Tree Kawachi -------------------------- Tsushima Myogi Owari Kongo Fuso Ontake Nagato Hotakadake Tosa Amagi Izumo Ryokami Yamato Fuji Battleships: T4 Tsushima (Modified Helgoland Class): Displacement: 24.700t Speed: 21knt With T4 we need our first new Battleship and we run straight into a problem. The japanese didn’t focus that much on Battleships between Kawachi and Fuso and I couldn’t find much that would fit on Tier 4. But luckily our forum user Takemikazuchi_1121 came up with a great idea: According to the Treaty of Versailles it was decided that the german Battleship SMS Oldenburg (a Helgoland Class which is effectively a better Nassau) should be surrender to the japanese. In reality the japanese never wanted the ship and sold it for scraping. In our alternativ version the IJN kept the ship, integrated it into their fleet and refited it with japanese traits. That includes a new target system for better dispersion of the guns. The gun range was increased and a catapult was mounted on one of the turrets for a seaplane. So that the ship would work as an upgraded Nassau on T4. The name of course is in honor of the famous naval battle at the Tsushima strait but it also stays true to the japanese system of Battleships carrying names of provinces. T5 Owari (Design A-55) Displacement: 27.200t Speed: 23knt At Tier 5 we need another new ship because Kongo will be moved to the Battlecruiser tree. The replacement is the Shipdesign A-55 This ship looks familiar? It looks like a Fuso? You are correct - well sort of. You see this is an early version of Fuso with 305mm guns instead of the 356mm on the “normal” Fuso. It’s also slower with a top speed of only 23 knt and with a displacement of 23.000 tonnes it’s also lighter than Fuso. T8 Tosa Displacement: 44.200t Speed: 27knt Amagi gone - hello Tosa. Both ships are very similar but Tosa is in fact the Battleship version with improved armour but also reduced speed. And that’s it already for the Battleships. Now for Part 2 Battlecruisers T6 Ontake (Design O) Displacement: 46.000t (less due to ingame changes) Speed: 37knt So T6. Let’s see what we can use here. How about the Design Projekt O: What? 18” Guns are stupid on Tier 6? You are absolutely correct, we can’t use these guns. But how about the idea that the ship was built but japan didn’t have the guns ready yet for this ship (looking at you Scharnhorst class). So lets put smaller guns on it. And there is a very japanese gun that might fit: The 41 cm/45 3rd Year Type. With only 6 of these guns I think we could make this ship fit on T6. Espacially because with these huge guns and the ludicrous speed of 37knt the armor is pretty much non existent. It might also be an option to use the crappier shells of Mutsu. T7 Hotakadake (Design Z) Displacement: 49.500 Speed: 35knt T7 also needs a new ship and here I would use Design Project Z. The ship is armed with 10x16” guns just like Amagi but with a completely different 2x 3+2 turret arrangement. Furthermore that’s a long ship. Amagi was ~250m long. That thing adds 40m for ~290m in length. And the armor is not as good as Amagi. It’s still very fast though - perfect for a Battlecruiser T9 Ryokami (Design I/J) Displacement: 50.000t (54.000t) Speed: 30knt Now let’s go crazy. The Izumo is not the best example of good WG ideas. So let me show you my not so well thought through Fan-Fiction moment. Lets meet Design Projekt I/J - because the Type 13 Design didn’t provide enough crazy ideas yet.. I just love the design of that ship. But I think we need a lot of famous russian balance for that one. T10 Fuji (Design A-140/J3) Displacement: 58.400t Speed: 28knt (maybe with an engine upgrade ~30knt) Last but not least T10 Looks like a Yamato? Look again. It might be based on the design that later became the biggest Battleship in history but this bugger is no Yamato. First you might notice that this design has 4 turrets. NO! - put your pitchforks away and calm down! These are NOT Yamato guns. They are still only 16” caliber guns and not the 18” monsters of Yamato. Also its way way way lighter with only 58.000t compared to 72.000t of Yamato. The idea in fact was to bring a true “small Yamato” as a battlecruiser and not Yoshino as a supercruiser. You tell me if I succeeded because that’s it for my idea of a double japanese Battleship/Battlecruiser line.
  5. BattleshipGunner

    CVs - IJN or USN or RN

    Are IJN CVs worth continuing? I've got the tier VI Ryujo but the rockets on it do next to none damage, AP DBs dont seem as good as HE DBs. the only good armament they have is the torpedoes. Now, I know I'm no where near ready for tier X gameplay, but does Hakuryu do well compared to Midway or Audacious?
  6. th3_m0l3

    Yoshino in der Waffenkammer

    Surprise in den Steam Update-News: Zum Glück konnte ich mich bisher nicht zwischen Jean Bart und Georgia entscheiden und habe meine Kohle sowie Coupon aufgehoben. Es wird wohl die Yoshino werden. Ich finde, der Release kam jetzt ein wenig unerwartet kurzfristig, sodass einige ihre Kohlen in der Erwartungshaltung, dass die Yoshino frühestens in ein paar Monaten kommt, schon verbraten haben.
  7. Hallöchen euch allen, nach den beiden erfoglreichen Sink the Bismarck Events, gibt es nun ein neues und zwar: Operation Ten-gō Die letzte größere Offensivaktion der Japanischen kaiserlichen Marine und auch im 2. Weltkrieg. Diese Offensive war als Entlastungsangriff gedacht, doch leider schlug sie fehl, da die japanischen Schiffe durch Luftaufklärung entdeckt wurden und ebenso durch Luftangriffe versenkt worden sind. Dies besiegelte auch das Ende der Schlachtschiffe und bestätige das die Flugzeugträger nun die Meere dominierten. Aufstellung USA: 2-3 Tier 8 Fleugzeugträger, 1x Midway 2 BB bis Tier 9 3 Schwere Kreuzer bis Tier 9 4 DD bis Tier 10 Japan: 1 Yamato 4-5 IJN Kreuzer bis Tier 9 6-7 IJN DD bis Tier 10 Map: Okinawa Ziel ist es das die Amerikaner die Yamato versenken und die Japaner versuchen dies mit letzter Anstrengung zu verhindern. Es werden 3 Runden gespielt, nach Möglichkeit sollte nach Runde 1 durchgewechselt werden, das so gut wie möglich jeder mal die US und Japanische Seite gespielt hat. Sonderpreise gibt es für Yamato und den ersten CV Abschuss und für den meissten Verursachten Schaden (Da bitte Screenshot im Discord in den dafür vorgesehenen Channel hochladen und auch die Schadenszahl als Kommentar dazuschreiben!) Natürlich werden nach der letzten Runde für alle Teilnehmer die leer ausgegangen sind noch 6x 500 Dublonen verlost und ebenso unter allen Zuschauern. Falls jemand einen Preis spenden möchte, teile dies mir bitte vorher mit, danke. Das Paswort wird zuerst im Discord bekannt gegeben, danach im Stream, sprich sollte großer Andrang herrschen, haben so die User im Discord einen kleinen Vorteil. Die Teilnehmer Zahl ist leider auf maximal 22 beschränkt. Ich freue mich auf eine rege Teilnahme! Wann und Wo das ganze Stattfindet: Freitag 28. Juni 2019 ab 22:45 Discord: https://discord.gg/rEFzwDe Stream: