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Found 2 results

  1. I really like the alternative blue perma camouflages for IJN ships that you unlock with the Yamamoto collection. Great that you added it. I apreciate your work, espacially because blue is my favorite color. But I need to pint out 2 problems I have noticed with IJN. I discovered something I would consider a bug or mistake when it comes to the Ryujo and it's perma camouflage and the diffrent hull versions of the ship, avaible as upgrades. The flight deck of the ship is only painted on the A hull and not on the B hull and C hull. So you don't get the really nice visuals on your ship with the expensive perma camo. Due to that I didn't bought it yet. I looked into the files and realized that the file for a painted flight deck on the B and C hull exists but isn't working as intended. So please look into this and see if you can fix it. Maybe check also the Hiryu, Shokaku and Taiho with their perma camouflages and diffrent hull versions. (The diffrent stats should be enough to prove that diffrent hull versions were used when looking at the perma camo) I also am disapointed that there isn't a painted flight deck for the perma camouflage of the T10 IJN CV Hakuryu. Could you please add a painted flight deck? Maybe use the painted flight deck of the Taiho perma camo as an inspiration, because the Hakuryu is a larger Taiho (when you look into the design). I know that you maybe don't want to improve the Hakuryu's perma camo right now due to the sale of the space camo, but it would be nice for all people who bought the quite expensive T10 perma camo and supported you. The next design thing I would like to adress is that we can have blue carriers now, but the planes are still green. Could you give us the option to also change the color of our aircraft to green, when we have unlocked the alternative blue perma camouflage for IJN carriers? I will give you an example of a real plane, but you could also make your own fantasy blue plane camouflage. Maybe a graphic designer who wants to be creativ could do it. Yamamoto Isoroku can provide unique abilities and turn the tide of a battle, if you can activate his skills. But he isn't any special in Operation or Clan Battles. Maybe copy his abilites and let those be activated in Operation also by certain achievements. Consider if you would like Yamamoto's unqiue skills in Clan Battles, it could make Yamato more viable in Clan Battles. But it could be to strong so maybe make unquie achivements for Clan Wars too. I would appreciate if you could make a tutorial series for customizing the game. So you could make the first episode for all the mods that are allowed and which ones aren't. Then show people how they can change the basic looks of their ships. How they can change the camouflage pattern and change the colors for certain parts of the pattern (by changing the values in the xml file). So you could make a contest for the best playermade, customized skin of a ship and add it later to the baseic game files.
  2. aleksandrov2


    I know that many things I will talk about have already been adressed in many other posts, but I am going to join them together into a singel large balance idea. First of all let me tell you that I would like to have 2 balance CV tech trees so don't start some fanboy rants, because I will suggest a nerf of your favourite OP CV. I play both CV lines and I can tell you that IJN is clearly a better one. You have more squadrons which give you more flexibility to strike from different directions, cross drop enemy ships, if enemy fighter attacks one of your torpedo bombers you still have another one which will drop without beeing paniced, even in strike configuration you still have at least 1 fighter so you can bully US strike CVs, you can attack any enemy ships, while US CVs are only really good against BBs and CVs... These are just some reasons when you have two equally skilled players, one in IJN and one in US CV, the one in IJN CV will do more damage overall. Also as far as I understand it, WG wants IJN CVs to be more jack of all trades, while US CVs should specialize in one role. Maybe this is the reason why US CVs don't get usefull balance loadouts (only exeptions are Independance and Midway). This plan proved to be disastrous, which can be seen from win rating statistics: https://eu.warships.today/vehicles It can be seen that all US CVs have worse win ratings compared with IJN CVs (only exeption is premium Saipan). This is in my opinion mainly because many US CVs use fighter loadouts which are a lot worse that strike loadouts and since you have to literaly give almost all your striking power away when you play US fighter loadout, but if you play IJN fighter loadout you still have some good strike potential, the result is lower win ratings for US CVs. The second reason is of course greater flexibility of IJN CVs and a fact that they still have at least one figter squadron even in their strike configuration. Why I say that all fighter setups are garbage (exeption is Hakuryu)? Because in mirror matchmaking where there is 1 CV on each team, the winner is a player that does more damage. If you do more damage than enemy CV, you have done your job. It is OK to play as a fighter heavy CV, because you push down the damage of enemy CV, but because AS loadouts don't have enough strike power, you still do less overall damage. If bomber heavy CV does one good strike, he has already done more damage than you will ever do in the entire match as air superiority CV. US CVs are focused more on fighters and dive bombers and IJN CVs more on torpedo bombers, so the sollution is to either rework the way dive bombers work (here is one suggestion): http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/43869-ishiros-proposition-dive-bomber-manual-rework/ or leave the current aiming system and buff the US dive bombers damage and accuracy to insanity (yes even recent buff to tier 8,9,10 US DB damage is not enough because IJN torpedo bombers still do more damage). If IJN CVs are jack of all trades, then US specialise loadouts must be competative in damage done. US fighter loadout must push down damage done by IJN CVs and also have strong dive bombers, so that they will be able to do about the same damage with their dive bombers. US strike CVs planes (dive bombers and torpedo bombers) must do more damage per bomb/torpedo because IJN CVs always have at least fighter squadrons, therefore US strike must do again about the same damage even if they are bullied by IJN fighters. Also make a game balanced in such a way that 2 IJN fighter squadrons vs 1 US fighter squadron will be about equal fight. My general suggestions are: - IJN CVs are jack of all trades and flexible - US CVs are more specialised in specific role (but can still do about the same damage as enemy IJN CV if they fight) - US CVs have always better AA defence and more hp then IJN CVs - US bombers have always more hp per plane then IJN planes and their torpedoes/bombs do more damage than IJN torpedoes/bombs - US bombers are a lot less paniced when attack by fighters or defencive AA - US CVs have always more reserves than IJN CVs So because IJN is jack of all trades, US CVs have higer survivability, better AA, their bombers are stronger and can even strike through defencive AA and always have more planes in reserve. So with that said let me write my suggestions for each tier, but bear in mind that my suggestions also include things I mentioned above, so stronger dive bombers for US CVs, more hp per US bombers.... TIER 4: TIER 5: TIER 6: TIER 7: TIER 8: TIER 9: TIER 10: So what you think about my ideas? Please write down in the comments bellow