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Found 5 results

  1. Introduction This topic is entered in the game play section of the forum because it not only concerns Aircraft Carrier game play but overall game play in WOWS. The vaunted WOWS "Carrier rework" has been mentioned on and off over the past two years. During that time the current state of affairs of Aircraft Carriers in WOWS has not been significantly altered by meaningful changes let alone improvements. The only two noteworthy changes with regard to Carriers that have been implemented are (1) the new Flight Modes of the USA Carriers that was introduced at the end of 2017 and (2) the vastly increased number of new ships with very powerful Anti-Aircraft setups and/or Defensive Fire AA (for example ALABAMA, MASSACHUSETTS and the five new USA light cruisers). As a result there remains a virtual absence of meaningful WOWS Carrier changes to address some of the major Carrier related issues. The vaunted WOWS "Carrier rework" will in all probability not be implemented until somewhere around late 2019 at best, in other words it is a long term event. In order to improve the Carrier game play that currently exists in the short and medium term, that is in 2018-2019, some plausible solutions can be proposed and implemented to address the most serious issues for the benefit of both the opponents and proponents of Carriers in WOWS. This topic therefore aims to offers such possible and plausible solutions for the 2018-2019 short to medium term to improve Carrier game play from the perspective of both the opponents and proponents of Carriers. The solutions proposed are intended to be ones that can/should be fairly easily implemented by WOWS Developers with a minimum of effort and all need to lie within the framework of the current Carrier and general WOWS game play and game play mechanisms. In other words, the solutions proposed in this topic are NOT intended as radical solutions which are a full departure of the current WOWS Carrier game play and current overall WOWS game play. Instead the solutions proposed want to build on the strengths and possibilities of the current WOWS Carrier game play and current overall WOWS game play. The Current Carrier Related Major Issues Proposed Short and Medium Term Carrier related Solutions The individual solutions proposed in this section are to be regarded as possible solutions for the short to medium term to improve Carrier game play from the perspective of both the opponents and proponents of Carriers. The idea is to offer solutions that should be fairly easily to implement by WOWS Developers with a minimum of effort and that lie within the overall framework of the current Carrier and general WOWS game play and game play mechanisms. As such these solutions are intended to build on the existing strengths and possibilities of the current WOWS Carrier game play and current overall WOWS game play. SPOTTING SOLUTION (Alternative A) SPOTTING SOLUTION (Alternative B) FIGHTER SOLUTION (Alternative A) FIGHTER SOLUTION (Alternative B) FIGHTER SOLUTION (Alternative C) INVISIBLE SHIP AA FIRE SOLUTION DEFENSIVE AA FIRE SOLUTION DESTROYER PROTECTION SOLUTION CRUISER AND BATTLESHIP PROTECTION SOLUTION UNIQUE AND LEGENDARY COMMANDER CARRIER SKILL SOLUTION COMMANDER CARRIER SKILL LEVEL 1 SOLUTION COMMANDER CARRIER SKILL LEVEL 2 SOLUTION PLAYER BASE EDUCATION SOLUTION TIER 5 CARRIER SOLUTION CARRIER-AA DIVISION SOLUTION NON-USA BATTLESHIP AP BOMB VULNERABILITY SOLUTION
  2. Hi! Should you show some screenshots about IJN CV captain skills and upgrades? I'd like to investigate them. I just start with Hiryu, but my captains usually wallk through all lines.
  3. Hallo liebe Käptns, Wie viele von uns wahrscheinlich schon alle wissen, gibt Wargaming wenig bzw einen feu*** Dre*** auf unsere Diskussionen im Forum. Sie treffen ihre Entscheidungen, basierend auf kalte, harte Fakten in Form von Zahlen und Statistiken. Hier finden wir Zahlen und Statistiken aus der WOWS Beta. Die Gründe, warum Wargaming die IJN CVs verändert haben: (Credits gehen an ezydomo, er hat hier großartige Arbeit geleistet! Originalthread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27867-snapshot-stats-of-the-eu-server/) Kurzversion auf Deutsch für alle: ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** IJN CVs sind mit Abstand die beste Klasse/Nation, vor den USN CVs und vor alle anderen Schiffsklassen/Nationen. Eindeutig zu sehen ab Beginn T4 bis T8 durch die roten Linien. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** Eine andere statistische Grafik (auch von ezydomo, Originalthread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/28778-the-good-the-bad-and-the-mediocre-per-tier/) X-Achse ist die Gewinnhäufigkeit. Y-Achse der durchschnittliche Schade. D.h. wenn ein Schiff in rechten oberen Quadranten sich befindet, ist es sehr gut im Vergleich zu allen anderen Schiffen. IJN Cvs, von Hosho, Zuiho, Ryujo, Hiryu bis Shokaku, sind alle rechts oben. Schaut genau nach und ihr findet sie allesamt oben rechts. Wenn sich IJN Cvs sich beschweren, dass USN CVs sie outperformen, dann fühlt euch bitte so frei und sucht nach Namen wie Langley, Bogue, Independence (Tipp: sie sind alle in dem Kreis, wo auch die meisten anderen Schiffe/Klassen sich befinden, also innerhalb der normalen Parameter sich performen. Manche sind sogar schlechter, wie die Bogue, die sich links unten befindet (d.h. Winrate niedrig, Dmg auch niedrig)) Zusammenfassung: Wargaming hat mit diesen gewonnenen Daten aus der Beta gearbeitet und haben sich entschieden, die IJN CVs anzupassen, damit sie gerade im Low-Tier Bereich nicht mehr so hervorstechen, sondern sich wie andere Schiffe schadensmäßig & siegesmäßig zu verhalten, besonders wie die USN CVs. So, nun lass uns die Flammenwerfer, Railguns, und was alles sonst noch im Arsenal ist, bereit machen, und lasst den Flame-War beginnen --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S.: Das sind allesamt nur kalte Daten Fakten. Nummer & Statistiken. Nicht beeinflusst wie bei Forendiskussionen durch die persönliche Meinungen des einen oder durch seine/ihre Lieblingsschiffe/Nationen. Viel Spaß beim interpretieren der Statistiken! P.P.S.: Buffed.de hat die Statistiken auch gut zusammengefasst und interpretiert: http://www.buffed.de/World-of-Warships-Spiel-42981/Specials/World-of-warships-statistik-overpowerd-Erfahrungspunkte-Flugzeugtraeger-1169585/ Zitat von Buffed:
  4. Hello my fellow captains, As many of you probably already knew, Wargaming doesn't care about our discussions here in forum. They make their desicions based on cold facts in form of numbers in statistics. So here they are again gentlemen, the reasons in numbers why Wargaming changed IJN CVs: (post by ezydomo, thanks for his awesome work! original thread here: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/27867-snapshot-stats-of-the-eu-server/) in short: ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** IJN CVs clearly outperforms USN CVs and every other class of ships of both nations from the beginnings on, from T4 to T8 - damage, exp, and winratewise. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************************************************************************************** based on another statistic graphic (again from ezydomo, original post here: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/28778-the-good-the-bad-and-the-mediocre-per-tier/) X-axis is the winrate, Y-axis the average dmg. So a ship is at top right, it performs very good compared with others. IJN CVs, beginning from Hosho, Zuiho, Ryujo, Hiryu, Shokaku, take a closer look and you can find them all at top right area. If IJN CVs complain about USN CVs outperform them, feel free to search for Langley, Bogue, Independence (hint: they are in the circle, where most of the other ships are and perform like them, sometimes even lower, like Bogue at bottom left) In conclusion: Wargaming took those numbers they got from Beta and decided to change IJN CVs to hopefully perform like other classes of ships and like USN CVs. Now, arm yourselves with flame-throwers, railguns, and let the flame war begin ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S.: these are cold hard facts. Numbers and statistics. Not reflected by one's personal opinion or ones favourite ship classes/nations. Have fun at interpreting those numbers.
  5. II_Nemesis_II

    Carrier setups

    Hey guys, I would like to ask which setups do you prefer on IJN carriers 6-8 tier. Balanced or pure assault? I have tried both and from my perspective the balanced one just does not cut it. Yes you are somewhat able to defend yourself and negate enemy carrier to some degree, but is it worth loosing one TB and DB squad? I think not. Then there are those battles without enemy carrier where you are just purely loosing in your power. The introduction of catapult fighters made these setups somewhat more relevant, but you need only one squadron for those, not two. If the setups would be like 1+3(TB)+2(DB) then I would be totally fine with them, but dunno if that wouldn't be considered "OP". Same goes for USN carriers. I think that their "improved" setups in the middle tiers (until Lexi) are really of a lackluster. The pure assault ones are 100% underwhelming compared to those of IJNs and they simply loose when thrown into a match with IJN, because of lower initial rush dmg potential where they get sink. And about the fighter setups I wont be even commenting on that. We all know they are completely worthless at max you can just negate some portion of enemy carrier, but when without it you are just dead weight to the team. So what I would like to see is that USN carriers get 1+1+2 setups instead of those pure assault. Right now in tier 5-7 you are just stuck with basic setups, because they are the most usable, thus you are in a disadvantage because you have one squadron less than with advanced setups and compared to IJN having 18 planes in air instead of their 24 or 20(tier 5).